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Latest News/Commentary

Latest News/Commentary:

News/Commentary Archives:

News/Commentary Archives (for the current year; links to previous years archives at the bottom of each page)---PLUS: Trevor's Columns Archived (page linked at the bottom of the table below):

Trevor's Column Archives by Topic (The only place on the internet--including on this site--where my columns are arranged by topic.)

My columns are arranged chronologically--beginning with the earliest--in each of the topics below. 


Clarifying the Stem Cell Debate
The Gainesville Care Center
None So Blind...
Abortion and the Death Penalty
The Greatest Civil Rights Battle of All Time
Moral High-Ground Proves to be a Slippery Slope for Pro-Abortionists
Efforts to Defund Planned Parenthood Must Continue
Komen Suffers Pro-Abortion Extortion
On Obama and Abortion: Why is the Catholic Church Surprised
People Killing People
What Gave Us Gosnell
Abortion and Homosexuality Are Uniquely Heinous
"Emily Giveth, Emily Taketh Away"
Elaine Benes (of Seinfeld) Got Abortion "Rights" Right

America/American History:

The Faith of the Founders
The Constitution and the Commandments
Independence Day: July 2 or July 4?
Is America a Christian Nation?
Is America a Christian Nation? (A Response to Rick Bellows)
Founders Understood the Nature of Man
The Cornerstone of Liberty
My Opening Statement at the Gainesville College Forum on : "What Role Should Religion Play in Government?"
A (not so) Brief History of the Gun
The Friars and the Jesuits help lay the Foundation [An (unedited) excerpt from our next book--title withheld (for now!)]
America's First "Great Awakening" (Another [unedited] excerpt from our next book)
Jonathan Cahn Warns: America is at War with Her Foundations (video included)
God's Invisible Hand at the Battle of Long Island
The Roots of American Prosperity
A (not so) Brief History of the Gun (Redux)
Revival Sparked the Revolution (taken from The Miracle and Magnificence of America)
Christopher Columbus Deserves His Holiday (taken from The Miracle and Magnificence of America)
A History of Thanksgiving (taken from The Miracle and Magnificence of America)
The Sermon That Helped Ratify the U.S. Constitution (taken from The Miracle and Magnificence of America)
Be Thankful for the Puritans (taken from The Miracle and Magnificence of America)
The Sermon That Helped Ratify the U.S. Constitution (taken from The Miracle and Magnificence of America)


The True "Spirit of Christmas"
Prayers and Thanksgiving (Thanksgiving Column)
The Truth of Christmas
"Peace" Has Been Hijacked
The Resurrection
The Compelling Issue in the City of Man
A Christian Response to Whoever Wins the Presidency
Remember to Thank God (Thanksgiving Column)
Justified War
Good Tidings of Great Joy (Christmas Column)
Catholic Bishops' Tardy on FOCA Outrage
Nice People or a New Creation?
Politics, Science, and Faith
Adultery and the Christian Conservative
The Flood
Something About Christmas Time
Brit Hume Was Right
Are You a Grapefruit or Chocolate Milk Christian?
The Resurrection
Dealing with Imperfection
Whose Slave Are You?
The Fruit of Islam
Giving Thanks
His Peace
The Will to Love
The Science vs. Religion Myth
Christian Giving
Resurrection Sunday (2012)
Islam Deserves Its Scorn
Introducing "Choices Care Pregnancy Center"
Confronting Christmas
Scratching Those "Itching Ears"
Supernaturally Biased
Writing Our Own Moral Code
Radical Christianity vs. Radical Islam
The Most Dangerous Place in America
When Will the Catholic Church Learn?
Confronting Christmas
There's Nothing Wrong in Kansas (But is there something wrong with Andy Stanley?)
The Wonderful Cross!
Close Your Mind
Fear Not the "Fiery Furnace"
Gallup Reveals the Obvious: Our Moral Collapse Continues
America: I Wish She Were Hot or Cold
God's Not That Concerned With Your Happiness
Hundreds of Marines in Worship
The Cost of Crossing the Devoted
The Truth is Always "Offensive"
Andy Stanley Still Sending Mixed Messages on Marriage
How to Kill Christianity
Same-Sex "Marriage" and the Catholic Church
Tim Keller Reviews Matthew Vines' & Ken Wilson's Pro-Homosexual/Same-Sex Marriage Books
The Dreadful Duty of Forgiveness
Josh Duggar is Not Our Standard
Everybody Wants to Rule Their World
Islam, Christianity, and Electoral "Discrimination"
Where Are the Christian Celebrities on Marriage?
Straining Out Christian Gnats and Swallowing Islamic Camels
To Really "Fix Things" We Must Pray
We've All Waged a "War on Christmas"
The World's Greatest Gift Meets Humanities Most Desperate Need
It's Time for Christians to Go to Jail Over Marriage
"Live Free, Live True"
Writing Our Own Moral Code (Redux)
Ignorance and Hypocrisy Abound Over Georgia's Religious Liberty Bill
The Impact of the Empty Tomb
The "Bigger Problems" of Georgia Governor Nathan Deal
Apart From Jesus, We're Always in Danger
Johnny Needs Jesus
The Law is Dying because Morality is Dying
On Gender and Marriage, Where's the FCA?
Rosaria Butterfield Responds to Jen Hatmaker on the Church and Homosexuality
Jen Hatmaker's Husband Doubles Down on Their Heretical Views on Marriage and Sexuality
Giving Thanks (Taken from The Miracle and Magnificence of America)
Forget "Fake News," Our Real Problem is Fake Christianity
God's Greatest Gift Meets Humanity's Most Desperate Need
Why is Israel So Hated?
"The Most Excellent Way"
Milo Needs "Moral Chains"
UW-Madison Students Display Stunning Duplicity Towards Christians
The Power of the Resurrection
To Understand Jesus' Life, Death, and Resurrection, We Must Understand Sin
Colin Kaepernick Needs the Truth
Why the God-Haters Hate Israel
"The Rightful King Has Landed"
Christianity Was (and is) Right About Sex and Marriage
Happy Valentine's Day! And Now: "The Most Excellent Way"
Stop Mistaking Evil for Mental Illness
Another School Shooting: Why and What Should We Do?
Whose Truth? Whose Morality?
Sex: The Supreme Issue in the City of Man
Liberals Long Ago Abandoned the Idea that “Truth is Truth”
The Church, Sexual Immorality, and Fake Christianity
Lauren Daigle: Tell the Truth on Homosexuality
Christmas: The Cure for Loneliness
Truth-Loving Methodists Win a Major Battle (but the War Rages On)
"Ancient Principles" Birthed the Greatest Nation the World Has Ever Known
Moral Relativism, the NBA, Pickens County, GA, et al
It's Time for More Christians to Get "Sexually Explicit"
God's Anointed Leader Isn't Always Who We Expect
Like Roe, Obergefell Needs to Go


Removing "Evolution" from Georgia's Curriculum
Clearly Creation
The Creation Museum
Which Came First, the T-Rex or the Chicken?
Scharnagel Response
Get Ready for "Evolution Weekend"
Let's Be Clear About Evolution
Darwinian Evolution is Not Compatible with Scripture
Here I Go Again: Correcting a Darwinist (Scharnagel)
Debating Evolution (A Preview of Ken Ham vs. Bill Nye)
A Defense of "Creationism"
Answering the Evolution Question
Debating the "Undebatable"
If Your Church is Celebrating Darwin, Leave (and Don't Come Back)


Sweet Land of Generosity
What You Own vs. What You Owe
Budgeting and Stewardship
Too Many Taxes
There's Nothing "Logical" About Continuing SPLOST
How Do We Fix This Financial Mess?
"All the Gold in California"
Feds Should Heed the Lessons of GM and Chrysler
Resetting Georgia's Budget Cycle
Living Debt Free
The Science of Couponing
The Fate of the Welfare State
How Much is Enough?
Facing the New "Red Menace"
Socialism Breeds Tyranny and Disparity
George Washington Was a One-Percenter
Our Entitlement Addiction
No Such Thing as a Free Lunch
Walmart's (and America's) Lesson in Greed
Want to be a Slave to Debt? Vote for Big Government
Our Financial Story on Life Focus TV
“Drive-By” Default: Lee Siegel’s Financial Advice Should Come as No Surprise
A Reminder: Fiscal Conservatism Works
Larry Burkett Was Right--About A Lot of Things
Why This Middle-Income American Family Doesn't Need a Wuhan Virus Bailout
Jorge Soler, Aaron Rodgers, and California Football: More Foolish Examples of Widespread COVID-19 Testing
NEVER Forget the COVID Fanatics and Their Hatred for the Unvaccinated

Homosexuality (LGBT Agenda):

The Truth About Homosexuality (Updated: 4/24/15)
What Angelina Jolie Teaches Us On Sexuality
The Dumbest Word in the English Language (2009)
The Dumbest Word in the English Language (2012)
Liberal Morality in Action
The Boy Scouts' Next Capitulation
Abortion and Homosexuality Are Uniquely Heinous
From Immoral to Disorder to Celebration (The Transexual Lie)
What's Wrong With Incest?
So You Know a Gay Person?
Savage is as Savage Does
Revenge of the Gays
Some Inconvenient and Uncomfortable Truths on Homosexuality
David Brooks Wants Us to Honor Homosexuality
Surprise!--(hear sarcasm)--LGBT "Anti-Bullying" Conference Presents Perverse Content to Teens
National Scouting Leadership: Physically Ignorant, Mentally Lazy, and Morally Lost
"Dude (Bruce Jenner) Looks Like a Lady!"
Georgia's Governor Nathan Deal Sides with the Sodomites
See More of What the Homosexual Agenda Has Wrought
Travel Bans, Bathroom Trans--More Liberal Madness
Target Will--Eventually--Become a Target
Bathroom Madness a Natural Consequence of Liberalism
Will Further Perversions of Title IX Ruin Women's Athletics?
Target Declares Itself "Committed to the Complete Overhaul of American Society as it Pertains to Sex"
New National Health Institute Survey Reveals: Those Engaging in Homosexuality Report More Health Problems
Beware the Homosexual Enablers
Recent Study Reveals Significant Health Disparities for Homosexual Teens
On Transgenders, the Boy Scouts Did What I Predicted They Would
Racists and Transgender Apologists Both Reject Basic Biology
I Told You Testosterone Would Make Women's Sports More Interesting
Is Roy Williams' UNC Degree in Bullsh*t?
Klinger Gets His Wish: U.S. Military Bans the Gender Deluded
Gender Debate Reveals Again Why the Left Must be Defeated
Why Does the Little League World Series Discriminate?
The Truth Behind the Deaths of Transgenders
Chicken Fried Hate
The Wicked Gender-Deluded Mob Must Be Defeated
Democrats in Dogface
The "Transgender" Endgame
Leftists Are For Illegal Immigration...Until They're Asked to Take Them Into Their Homes!


Marriage Under Fire
The Sad State of Marriage
Our Nation's Greatest Asset
Why Not Polygamy?
"California Dreamin'"
Same-Sex "Marriage" Meets Defeat Again
Tiger Woods: "Man-Caused Disaster"
Gay Marriage: The End Game
The Sad Consequences of "Shacking Up"
The War on the Family Rages On
More Consequences of Redefining Marriage
North Carolina Poised to Protect Marriage
To Define Marriage, We Must Discriminate
Home Depot, JC Penney, Target on the Wrong Side of the Marriage Debate
The Dangers of Homosexual Parenting
Corporate Fallout in the Marriage War
The Pagan Roots of Same-Sex Marriage (Yesterday's Pagans are Today's Liberals!)
How the Founders Would View Same-Sex Marriage
Where is Daddy?
The Gay "Marriage" Charade
Too Many Trayvons
On Parenting and Family, Bill O’Reilly Should Tell the Complete Story
Polygamy and the Left
Why We're Raising "Duck Dynasty" Boys and Not "Pajama Boys"
Same-Sex "Marriage":Paganism, the Founders, and Natural Law
Conviction Friction
Dealing With a "Rape Culture"
Close Your Mind
Another Mass Murderer Obsessed with Sex (Updated)
Some Inconvenient Truths About American Mass Murderers
More Transgender Madness
Same-Sex Marriage ("Gay Marriage" for most liberals) Explained
Marriage Commitment Challenge
How the NFL Should Fight Domestic Violence
Again: More Tragedy Wrought by Same-Sex "Marriage"
Black on Black Genocide in America
Tyler Perry Betrays His Faith and His Message
"The Porn Myth"
Are You Judging Me, Dolly Parton?
Marriage: "What Must We Do?"
Jolie, Pitt, and Gender Madness
Same-Sex "Marriage:" The Way Around the Death Tax
What's Wrong With Incest? (Redux)
Richard Sherman, Be There For Your Son: Marry His Mother
Neal Boortz is (Still) an Idiot on the Moral Issues
For Children, "Two Parents" is Not Enough
The Left’s Cries of “Discrimination” on Marriage Ring Hollow
On Marriage: Never Give In. Never, Never, Never...
On Marriage, America's Left Should Heed the Irish
The Irish Reveal the True Motives Behind Same-Sex "Marriage"
Another Mass Murderer From a Broken Home
The U.S. Supreme Court Abandons the Eternal Truth on Marriage
Marriage, Where Do We Go From Here?
Ashley Madison and Me
We Have a "War on Cops" because of the War on the Family
The Fatherless Effect
NBA Players Should Boycott Their All-Star Game
Does the NBA Reject the Use of "Boys" and "Girls"?
Donald Trump and Dwayne Wade Are Both Wrong--and Colin Kaepernick is Foolishly Ignorant
Same-Sex "Marriage" Was Doomed Long Before President-Elect Donald Trump
Fighting the Battle that BuzzFeed Insists We Fight
Sir Elton Sic'd the "Sheriff" on Me
National Geographic Promotes Child Abuse
Hey Ashton Kutcher: Tell the Whole Truth about Sexual Immorality
Will Liberals Stand for the "Right" to Plantation Weddings
We're Raising Our Boys to be "Dangerous" Men
A Clash of Cultures: The Bourgeois vs. the Burning Man
Hugh Hefner's Real Legacy: Disease, Death, and Despair
A Near 100% Guarantee on Preventing STDs
The Marriage "Precedent"
The Price of Porn: It's Probably Higher Than You Think
"Pride" Goes Before Destruction
Sorry Ladies; It's Just Biology, Psychology, and Economics
Housewives: "Dependent Creatures"! "Parasites"!
On Gabrielle Petito’s Tragic Death: An Important Lesson
Hey Ted Liu: In the Marriage Debate, Better Tears Now Than Tears Later


Michael Vick in Perspective
Where's the Outrage for Travis Henry?
Mahoney Scandal Reveals Media Bias
Local Liberal Media Bias on Romney's Taxes
BET is Part of the Problem
Boycott Mike Lupica?
Liberal Cohen Critics’ Disdain Misdirected
On Social Issues, Neal Boortz is Lost
The New York Times (of course) "Blows" It Again
Yes A.J., the Grammy's Were Demonic
Rolling Stone, et al Bemoan the Culture They Helped Create
Boycott ABC's "Famliy" Network (As It Promotes Child Homosexuality)
A Pretender Tells the Truth on Pop-Music Prostitutes
The Liberal Media Slanders Manny Pacquiao
Matt Drudge Pimps Anti-Cruz Propaganda
Katie Couric Reminds Us: NEVER Trust the Liberal Media
The Taxing Moral Waxing of Hollywood Hypocrites
Impeach the Left-Wing Media!
"Transgender" Tragedy and Media Malpractice
The Speech Oprah Should've Given
Barr and Bee: What Do They Really Represent?
♪If You Believe We Put a Man on the Moon♪…Don’t Go See First Man
Georgia Media Engages in Polling Propaganda
Hollywood: Do You Know Why You're in Georgia?
Who Will Hollywood Heed: Alyssa Milano or Chief Executives?
If Only We Could Impeach the Left-Wing Media
Donald Trump vs the Lying Left-Wing Media
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Peddles Pro-Trans Propaganda

National Defense:

Obama Rode Bush's Cottails to Bin Laden
Arabs Spring While Freedom Fails
The World Again Taught a Hard Lesson on Islam and Liberalism
Radical Islam Again Terrorizes America
Mateen's Motivations, in His Own Words
Benghazi is What Happens When the Liberal Narrative on Islam Prevails
BREAKING: U.S. Military Now to Allow the Service of Big Red Birds with Fuzzy Pink Feet


Abolish the Electoral College?
Bust the Filibustering
The Case for John McCain
The New York Times' Effect on McCain
Three Reasons to Vote for John McCain
Brief Presidential Resumes
2nd Amendment Victory
The Born Again Vote
Obama and the "Least of These"
When Liberals' Attack
McCain's Brilliant Choice
Obama Helps to Pass Prop 8
Cell Phone Ban Unnecessary
Stimulating What?
Obama's "Change" Doesn't Equal Progress
The TEA (Party) was "Sweet"
Liberal Hypocrisy is Nearly "Torture"
Michael Vick vs. Dante Stallworth (or Dog Killer vs. Man Killer)
Stallworth Gets 30 Days
Donte Stallworth Suspended
Govern the Least
Who's Laughing Now?
Surprise!--Obama's a Radical!
Obama Wins the Nobel Peace Prize?!
"Poisoned by These Fairy Tales"
On Massachusetts and Haiti
Liberals and the "Least of These"
Democrats and Wall Street
"Demonizing" Democrats
Bush Derangement Syndrome vs. the Obama Hate Machine
Jared Loughner: A Product of Progressive Values
More Tragic Results of "Progressive" Values
"Every Form of Refuge Has Its Price"
Are We Too Fat or Too Hungry
Good Samaritans or Bad Government?
TEA Party vs. Occupy Wall Street
Obama: The Occupier in Chief
Newt's Past Doesn't Disqualify Him
More Liberal Hypocrisy on Display
Social Issues are Really Moral Issues
Julia: Obama's Entitlement Darling
Barack Obama: The Original Birther
Barack's Candy Mountains
Conservatives Are Happier Than Liberals
Vote No on the T-SPLOST
About Those Chicago Values
Constitutional Chaos From the Left
Liberals and the Politicization of Rape
The Party of the Godless
What Libertarians (Like John Stossel) Get Wrong
On Last Night's Debate: The Empty Chair Showed Up
The Clear Moral Choice
Predicting the Presidential Election
Americans Choose More Government, Less God
Learning the Hard Way
Answering Liberal's "Gotcha" Questions
Beware Technocracy: The Allure and Danger of Scientism
Legislating Morality
Living With Liberalism: Gays, Graduations, and Swedish Meatheads
Big Govt. Can't Fix Immorality
If You Want to be Governed by the Sodomites, Then Keep Voting for Liberals
Meet Today’s Liberals (and the political party that they own)
Tit for Tat on Preferred Legislation
Putin's Right: There's Nothing Exceptional About Obama's America
Making a god of Government
Why Big Government Can't Do Charity
The Laughable Liberal "Moral Imperative"
President Obama, Meet Lucy (a "Welfare Queen")
Liberals Prefer the Land of Make Believe
A Message to Millennials
"Moral Monday" Morons
The Fruit of Liberalism
The Games Democrats Must Play
Injured Fed-Ex Security Guard Was Unarmed
The Devil and the Democrat Party
You Keep Our Deserter, We'll Keep Your Terrorist
Liberals Wage War on the Redskins
Liberal Lies Follow Hobby Lobby Ruling
Liberals and "The Least of These"
Ferguson, MO: More Tragic Fruit of Liberalism
Forget the Facts in Ferguson: Libs Want an Indictment
When Voting, Remember the Federal Judiciary (updated)
Liberals Wage War on the Truth
Skimpy School Lunch Outrage Misguided
Desperate Georgia Democrats Look to Ferguson Fiction (Updated at the end.)
Desperate Democrats Again Look to the Climate
Preachers and Politics: An American Tradition
Ferguson Again Erupts With Liberalism
Liberals Again Prefer Fantasy to Fact
For Liberalism It's Always About "The Narrative"
Left-Wing Lynch Mob Claim Officers Ramos and Liu
The Cost of Crossing the Devoted
GA Democrat David Scott is a Food Stamp Fool
Two Shades of Dismay: The Perverse Bondage Wrought by Liberalism and Islam
Marco Rubio is Sounding Weak on Marriage
Fueled by Liberalism, Baltimore Erupts
You Want Better Government? Embrace the Biblical Family Model
Liberalism's Struggle Against Reality
I'm Now Married to an African-American
If You're a "Social Liberal," You're a Liberal
The Confederate Flag and the Liberal Mob
Liberal Lessons on the Redskins (and the like)
Liberalism is ALWAYS Ugly
Get'cha Honey for Nothin', Get'cha Chips for Free (I Want My, I Want My, I Want My EBT!)
Another Mass Shooting and Obama Want to "Politicize" It, So...
Guns Don't Kill People, Liberalism Does
Hillary Clinton and "Black Lives Matter" Deserve One Another
A Good Election Night for Conservatives
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is Bad for All Americans
Hillary Clinton (again) Disqualifies Herself as Commander-in-Chief
Woe to You, President Obama
America Shouldn't Gamble With Donald Trump
New Hampshire Vote Totals Look Troubling for Democrats
God, Conservatism, and Donald Trump
Should Cruz/Rubio Go Third Party?
Georgia's Governor Nathan Deal Caves on Religious Liberty
In the Georgia District Conventions, Trump Got Exactly What the Electorate Wanted
Make America Good Again
Liberals Fiddle While Black Communities Burn
Does Omar Mateen Fit Into Hillary's "Basket of Deplorables?"
Powerful New Ad Highlights Democrats' Abortion Extremism?
Forget Tawdry Trump or Lyin' Hillary, Vote for the Party Platform
Crooked Hillary Resurrected
Trump Wins!!!
Across America, the GOP Dominates
A Short Primer on the Electoral College
As the Modern Left Demonstrates, Evil Craves the Darkness
The Stunning Deceit and Ignorance of the "Champions of Science"
Dear Cornell West: Pity the Sad, Sorry, and Sick Fruit of Liberalism
"Feminist" Fools: Nasty is As Nasty Does
The Moronic Madness of "Moral Mondays"
Dear GOP: Stand Strong Against the Immorality and Lunacy of the Left
Children Have the "Right" to Weapons of Mass Imagination
Liberals, Scientism, and the Politics of Pleasure
Andrew Sullivan: Defining Decency Down
More Sad, Disgusting, Rotten Fruit of Liberalism
Lying Jon Ossoff is Unfit for Office
Zuckerberg vs. Zuckerberg
Nancy Pelosi: Hypocrite Extraordinaire
Guns Don't Kill People: Liberalism and Radical Islam Do
Violent Liberalism Strikes Again
The Vile, Crazy Left
Sorry Mr. Pitts, but Liberalism is Beyond "Silly"
On Presidents' Condemning Racial Violence, Some Perspective
Yes, By All Means, Let's Ban the Democrat(ic) Party
Why Evangelicals--Like Me--Voted for Donald Trump, and Continue to Support Him
Kaepernickitis is Rooted in Lies
Harvey Weistein Proves Why the Left Really Hates Trump
What is "Sacred" to the Modern Left?
It's the Worldview, Stupid
Liberals Wrote the Book on Sexual Immorality
How do Liberals Flunk Science? Let Us Count the Ways.
Godlessness, Leftism, and the World's Crapholes
It's the Worldview, Stupid (Redux)
U.S. Counties and Murder
Guns and Murder (by County)
Guns and Murder (by State)
Guns, Men, and Murder (the Data)
Virginia Lawmaker Gets it Right on Guns and Gun Violence
To My--and All Other--Students: A Lesson on the Modern Left
Yes--and Of Course--Children Prefer Liberalism
On Liberals and the 2nd Amendment: Why Repeal What You Already Ignore?
What--and When--Will be the Next Chappaquiddick?
Liberals Lust for Their Own "Infinity Stones"
Again: They Kneel for a LIE!
The Ignorant, Godless Left Can't Help Themselves
The Left Should Avoid Any and All Debates Concerning "The Children"
I Told You the GOP Would Save Money on Midterm Ads
Libertarians (Like John Stossel) Need to Stand for the Truth on Marriage
What About Jerry Jones' "Free Speech Rights?"
Kavanaugh and Pence Prove: Liberals Don't Care About Character
We're Not Battling "Craziness." We're Battling Evil.
Today's Democrats: Anti-Christian, Anti-Israel, Anti-God
The Safest Bet: Assume the Left is Lying
Fake Hate, Fake Collusion: All in the Name of Destroying the Trump Presidency
Battleground House Democrats and Impeachment
Remember: Democrats Didn't Take the House by Promising Impeachment
Democrats and the Mueller Report: Remember What They Said
"Seattle is Dying" because Liberalism is Killing It
Guess What's Worse Than "Creepy Uncle Joe"
Why This White Woman Voted for Brian Kemp
With Abortion and Socialism, Democrats Are Peddling Slavery Again
Democrats: The "Post-Truth" Party
Our So-Called "Rights" Are Expensive!
The Moon Race: Godless Socialism vs. Faithful Americanism
The Left's War on Women
The Bible's Deborah vs. the Democrat's "Squad"
Baltimore Needs Revival, Not More "Reparations"
Rejection of Moral Absolutes Continues to Plague the Modern Left
Anti-Gun Laws Will Never Solve Gun Violence in America
Foolish Liberals Accuse Army, Navy Cadets of Flashing "Racist" Hand Signs
Remember: Pay Little to No Attention to Current National General Election Presidential Polls
God's Anointed Leader Isn't Always Who We Expect
The Democrats Deserve Bernie
Why Doug Collins Needs to Win the Georgia Senate Race
Don't Look for Moderates in a Mob
The Wuhan Virus Reminds: Liberalism is Bad for Your Health
The Wuhan Virus Reminds Us: Beware Scientism and the Technocrats
Distancing Drivel, Shelter-Skelter, and Vaccine Voodoo
Americans--Especially Liberals--Getting Important Lessons from the Wuhan Virus
Hate-Crime Hysteria in Georgia

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