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Latest News/Commentary

Latest News/Commentary:

News/Commentary Archives:

News/Commentary Archives:


For the most part, the articles/columns linked below appear in chronological order, beginning with the earliest, for each year listed. 


Dirty College Secrets
"Common Core is Dead"
K-12 Education: Patterns of Deception
Home Schooling is Not a Crime
Inside a Public School Social Justice Factory
The Attack on Academia?


Most People Don't Need College
Trump Was Right About the Govt. Schools
Obama's Failed Education Reform
K-12: Drain This Swamp
The Lunatic Left's "Education" Asylums
Senate Confirms Betsy DeVos as Educ. Secretary
Betsy DeVos vs. Education Monopolists
NYC Board of Education Orders Teachers to Bow to Transgender Nonsense
The Mob at Middlebury
Why is the NEA Funding Discrimination?
Government Going After Homeschoolers
Harvard Censures Conservative Websites
Some Liberals Now Lament the Students They Created
How To Fix American Schools
They're Coming For Your Children
School Suspends 5-Year-Old for Pretending a Stick Was a Gun
European Court to Decide if German Family Can Homeschool
Whose Unsafe on Campus?
The Battle of Berkeley
Preschool and Kindergarten Lies
Seceding From Public Education
The Cowards of Academia
"Queer Theory" Coming to Your Kids?
Pennsylvania Principal Attacks Pro-Life Teens
Campus Wars
The Feds' Role in Education is Shrinking. Finally!
Teachers Told to Use Math to Indoctrinate Kids
Liberal Academic Journal Duped by Fake Gender Paper
The True Purpose of the University
Yale Rewards Student Thugs
Punish Campus Thugs
Cowards of Academia
Title IX is Dead
Students Spoiled Stupid
School Inc.
Vocational Ed, Reborn
Colleges: Islands of Intolerance
Liberal Corruption in Education Starts Long Before College
Left-Wing Indoctrination in High Schools is Worse Than You Think
Trump's Education Dept. Takes on the Campus Rape Lie
Making Christian Education Great Again
To Defend the Government Schools, the Left Puts on the Tinfoil Hat
Confederate Jesus Coming For Public Schools!
Is a College Education Worth It?
The End of Government Schools
Public School Teachers Among the Leaders of Antifa
Betsy DeVos's Critics Rely on Junk Science and Sheer Malice
Why the Left Hates School Choice (and Betsy DeVos)
The Respectful Marxist
Choosing the Right University
College Prof: Believing in Hard Work is White Ideology
The Price of "Free" College
Reversing Gender Ideology in Schools
Higher Education: Undermining America
Cowards in the Academic Trenches
Teachers Attend LGGBDTTTIQQAAP Sensitivity Training
Too Many Americans Are Going to College
Why I Quit Teaching
Sigmund Fraud
Democrats Just Discriminated Against Homeschoolers
Education and the Leftist Creed
Educational Rot

LGBT K-12 School Proposed for Georgia
O'Keefe's Common-Core Videos Just the Beginning
America's Education Insanity
Tenured Thugs and Thieves
Colleges Fail Two-Thirds of Students
The Failures of Universal Pre-K
Dyslexia is a Myth
What Learning to Read Means
Christian Parents & Public Schools: Is Your Child Learning a False Religion?
Speaker Confronts Disrespectful Students
Ben Franklin on Common Core
The Hypocritical College Renaming Craze
The Autism Racket
Killing Knowledge in K-12
Common Core is Done
The Decline & Fall of Common Core?
A Lesson in Evil for the University of Texas
Why Humanities is More Important than Science
Homeschool for Freedom
Obama's Gender Pronoun Mandates Threaten Teachers
New Religion--"Fundamental Social Justice"--Threatens U.S. Campuses
Universities War Against the Truth
Clinton's College Plan Flunks Econ 101
Exiting the Public Schools
Why Does the Left Ignore Social Science?
The College Debt Crisis is Worse Than You Think
Teaching Tolerance
More Families Homeschool
College Campus Lunacy
LGBT Agenda Yields Exodus From Public Schooling
School Helped Trans Cult Steal Her Daughter
The Dumbing Down of College Curriculums
Corrupt Academics and the Media
An Agenda for K-12 School Reform
Effects of Family Structure on Children's Education
Mob Rule at Yale
Strong Families, Successful Schools
How Much Do Christian Kids Need a "Christian Education?"
To Help Boys at School, Strengthen the Family
The Academic Curtain
Homeschooling: Feds vs. Parents
Dumb American Youth
Homeschooling Doubles in Size
K-12 Govt. Education: Like Taking Candy from Babies
"Tolerant" Educators Exile Trump Voters from Campus
Anti-Bullying Programs Are Failing Kids
Classroom Bullying as a Progressive Virtue
The Decline and Fall of Higher Education
K-12 Schools: Occupied Territory
Common-Core Math Failing High Schoolers
The "Diversity" Fraud
Privatize Education


GOP to Overhaul "No Child Left Behind" 
More Liberal Intolerance at the University
A "Gay School" for Britain?
MS Considers "Tim Tebow Act"
UK Shuts Down Christian School
Extremism of Today's Sex-Ed
Religion in Schools
Canadian Education Minister Guilty of Child Porn
Tragic School Stories
Education Belongs to the States
Why Our Children Don't Think There Are Moral Facts
Let's Destroy Liberal Academia
Campus Left Implodes
Universities Are Failing Students
The Closing of the Campus Mind
Govt. Schools Training Kids to Reject Moral Truth
School Dress Codes Promote a "Rape Culture?!"
Liberal Re-Engineering in Big Government Preschool
How to Bring Back Traditional Education
Islam is Trending on College Campuses
Shutting Mouths and Closing Minds on Campus
School Reads Transgender Book to Kids--W/O Telling Parents
D.C. Govt. Schools Promote Gender Perversion
A Christian Govt. School Exodus?
How Liberals Have Ruined College
College Dismisses Student b/c of Homeschooling
Education Freedom = Opportunity for All
Liberal Professor Fears His Liberal Students
The Madness of Truancy Laws
Bye, Bye, American History
Obama's School Hypocrisy
Improving Black Education
How High School Nearly Ruined Me
Home School vs. Public School: How a Christian Parent Should Decide
Education Secretary Exercises School Choice (with his kids)
College Board Needs Competition
Internet is Dumbing-Down Our Kids
Academic Fascism
Be True to Your Homeschool
Again: Study Reveals Psychology is Not Science
America's Reading Crisis
Taking Christian Education Seriously
Schools Outlawing Free Thought
Bi-Lingual Education Doesn't Work
A War on College Men
The University of California: Intolerant of Truth
Brooklyn: The Capital of Liberal Hypocrisy
Parents Do Preschool Best
Homeschoolers Sue New Jersey
Degeneration of U.S. Schools
What I Saw in New York City's Schools
DOE is Now in the High School Girls' Shower
Only Conservatives Can Save American Campuses
The Mizzou Meltdown
Modern Educayshun
Yale's Idiot Children
After Yale, Mizzou, Raise the Voting Age---to 25
A Plague of Racial Hoaxes on Campus
Campus Crazies on Display Across the U.S.
A Crisis Our Universities Deserve
The Self-Destruction of the American University
The University Gone Feral
Useful Campus Idiots
The Grievance Generation
A Feminist Teacher's Lesson Plan
A New Religion on Campus
Nothing's Wrong at Wheaton
Naughty List: University Says Nativity Scenes, Mistletoe Not Inclusive


Americans: School is for Socializing
4 Moms Who Took Down Commmon Core in OK
Common Core Goes to College
Surprise!--"Drill Baby Drill" Works in Mathematics
The Battle for a Christian Education
Christian College Attacked Over LGBT Stance
American Rev. vs. French Rev.
The Faith of Our Founders
Tell the Truth About College
The Armpit of Academia
The End of Christian Education
Readin', Writin', & Social Agitatin'?
College is Not for Everyone
Open-Mindedness Study Stuns Liberal Prof.
Common Core End-Game: Social Justice
Dropout Rate to Double Under Common-Core?
In NC, Homeschoolers Outnumber Private-Schoolers
Common Core: The Government's Classroom
Christian Schools Produce Good Citizens
The Perversity of Diversity
The Liberalization of AP U.S. History
Connecticut Targets Homeschoolers
Faith-Based Schools Do Better Than Charter Schools
H.S. Sex Ed has Failed
School Laptops a Porn Gateway?
The Higher Ed Bubble Is Bursting
Mass Repeal of Common Core Looming?
U.S. Dept. of Education Pushes Transgender Agenda
Homeschoolers Less Likely to Leave the Faith


Texas is Arming Teachers
Every Idea is an Incitement
Education Does Not Increase Intelligence
Rotten to the (Common) Core
Rotten to the (Common) Core (Part 2)
1/3 of 4th Graders Functionally Illiterate
Why Homeschooling is Hip
Saving America's Public School Children
Education Spending That Isn't Smart
About Pre-K Mr. President
Shaky Science Behind Universal Pre-K
Brown Shirts at ECU
Obama Admn. Deporting Homeschoolers
A Spartan Homeschool Legacy
Homeschooling Explodes
Education Bubble has Burst
Black Education Tragedy
Everything to Ask About Common-Core
College Debt is Ruining Lives
Stop Stigmatizing Vocational Ed.
The Common Core Controversy
The College Degree Scam
Common Core Reinforces Failure
The Humanist War on Faith Schools
Common Core Standards Flunk Logic 101
Tough Teachers Get Results
The Rise of Christian Ed. in the South
College For All is Not Working
Victory for Academic Freedom






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