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Sunday, January 19, 2014

The New York Times (of course) "Blows" It Again

In typical morally ignorant liberal fashion, Charles Blow of The New York Times editorialized recently that when it comes to out-of-wedlock births (or “unintended pregnancies” as Blow puts it), “sex is not our problem.” Actually, though quite accidentally, Blow is right. When it comes to out-of-wedlock births, as Uncle Si would put it, sex isn’t our problem, sin is our problem.

That’s right. America’s favorite duck hunting uncle better understands what really plagues our nation than the editorial writers of the nation’s “newspaper of record.” Yeah, I know, Silas was talking about guns, but you get the idea—unless you’re a liberal.

Blow thinks that the problem of out-of-wedlock births is not as “black-and-white” as many claim. Of course he would think this, because “black-and-white” sounds too much like sin, and for a liberal, things simply can’t be about sin.

Blow declares that “We can’t look longingly at the halcyon ideals of yore, where marriage held more primacy and premarital sex was considered more depraved. Those days are gone.” By “halcyon ideals of yore” Blow means ideals rooted in Christian morality. They are disappearing as a result of the efforts of Blow and his liberal friends.

Certainly in much of the U.S.—especially in the circles where Blow and his ilk run—the days of where sin is called sin are gone. Most of today’s liberals, at least those who craft and coach modern progressivism, are little more than present-day pagans. They are fulfilling well what occultist, bisexual, and habitual drug user Aleister Crowley described as the creed of modern paganism: “Do What Thou Wilt.”

Much to the thrill of today’s liberal, the great lure of paganism is that the moral demands are few. Such demands are decided by each individual, and thus we have the chaos that stems from moral relativism. What was once deemed shameful is now celebrated. Tragically, the secularism that is the fruit of modern liberalism has given us a culture that is bereft of shame.  

In addition, what was once immoral and even illegal is redefined as a "right." Thus, abortion is declared a “right;” marriage is a “right” defined by the two (or more) people claiming it; pornography is a matter of “rights;” and, of course, sex between consenting adults is always “right.”

Speaking of sex and sounding like a good (and articulate) pagan, Blow writes that, “Most think young people should delay sexual activity until they are mentally and emotionally capable of reasonably consenting and comprehending the consequences.” He later adds that, “We could…begin teaching young people to value themselves in a way that contextualizes the initiation of sexual activity as a thing fully within their control and not so easily manipulated by peer and societal pressures.”

Finally Blow declares, “Everyone can be affirmed, though, in the fact that they must love themselves enough emotionally to be in control of whom they allow to love them physically, and when.” In other words, as long as one is mentally and emotionally mature, and if we value and love ourselves enough, “Do What Thou Wilt.”

Of course, Blow would not be a very good modern liberal, if, as part of his solution to the significant number of out-of-wedlock births, he failed to mention abortion. He doesn’t disappoint. He laments that “more abortion restrictions were enacted in the last three years than in the previous decade.” And just as reliable as rain in a hurricane, Blow offers up “prophylactics and contraceptives” as a way to curb out-of-wedlock births.

Also, the home and our schools must provide “thorough and unimpeded sex education…about how to engage in sex safely and responsibly.” And don’t worry, today’s liberalism will provide us with the necessary curriculum to accomplish this.

Isn’t it comforting when liberals start telling us what we “must provide” in our homes—especially when it concerns our children? I mean, it’s almost as if liberals are telling us what doctors we have to use, and when we can use them. After all, it’s not as if liberals are going to be data mining our children in the public schools to find out what is going on at home, right?

Continuing his pagan ramblings, Blow goes on to say that we “must respect all family structures (but not polygamy, right libs?)” and that we should avoid “sex shaming” that “inflames the pathology of patriarchy in our culture.” Because, you know, calling sex outside of (biblical—how sad it is that I must clarify here!) marriage sin is all about men oppressing women.

Like so many liberals who peddle their supposed “wisdom” in the pages of the NYT, Blow is a fool. And I mean a fool in the Old Testament book of Proverbs sense of the word. In this sense, liberals like Blow are not feebleminded idiots; instead, they are morally corrupt and despise true wisdom. Being wise in their own eyes, they have rebelled against God and His Word.

Such liberals have knowledge, and they crave power to put it into practice. Sadly, too many Americans have given them this opportunity. Thus, many of us have learned the hard way that, “Knowledge is a deadly friend, when no one sets the rules. The fate of all mankind I see is in the hands of fools.”

Copyright 2014, Trevor Grant Thomas
At the Intersection of Politics, Science, Faith, and Reason.
Trevor and his wife Michelle are the authors of: Debt Free Living in a Debt Filled World

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