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For the most part, the articles/columns linked below appear in chronological order, beginning with the earliest, for each year listed. 


Trump: No Wall, No DACA
DACA & Judicial Anarchy
Importing the Sh**hole
All Different Types of "Holes"
What the "Dreamer" Fight is Really About
Make Immigration Great Again
The Left's Dirty Little Secret--Cleaned by Rosa!
The Democrats' DACA Duplicity and Deceit
Immigration Enforcement, Without Apology
Study: Illegal Immigration is an Economic Bludgeon
California DA Threatens State Businesses Who Obey Immigration Laws
New CA Law to Automatically Register Illegals to Vote
The Great Sh--Hole Hypocrisy
The New Occupation of Europe
3 Ways to End the DACA Nightmare
The White House's Welcome Proposal on Immigration
Immigration Lies and Hypocrisy
Watch Dems Devolve From Border Hawks to Amnesty Doves
The Biblical Response to Illegal Immigration
Liberal Blindness on Immigration
Defending Borders & Godly Nationalisms
The Left Calls for Abolishing ICE
Anti-Sanctuary Movement Spreading in CA
Immigration, Families, and Jesus
Trump May Use Defense Budget Funds to Build the Border Wall
380 U.S. Sheriffs Write to Congress Demanding Action on Illegal Immigration
Border Patrol: Walls Work
Trump: "No More DACA Deal"
Caravan? What Caravan?
Trump Wants Troops on the Border
Caravans, Churches and Criminal Sanctuaries
Democrat's Goal: Make Illegals a Legal Voting Block
Trump Orders the End to "Catch and Release" Program for Illegal Aliens
Defending Borders, Except Our Own
John Kelly Tells Immigration Truths, & the Left Goes Nuts
The Great German Meltdown
The Truth About Separating Illegal Alien Kids and Their Parents
Family Hysteria at the Border
One in Five in U.S. Federal Prison Are Illegal Aliens


The Showdown Over Sanctuary Cities
Trump's Radical Immigration Plan: Enforce the Law
What a Wall Says to the World
Trump's Executive Order on Refugees--Separating Fact from Hysteria
Judge Blocks Trump Order on Refugees
Trump's Exclusion of Aliens from Specific Countries is Legal
Trump's Immigration Order: Myths & Realities
Trump's Order on Refugees: Mostly Right on the Substance; Mostly Wrong on the Rollout
A Sensible Pause in U.S. Entry Policies
Judge Stays Trump Order on Immigration
Tough Love, Texas Style
Justice Dept. Demolishes Case Against Trump Refugee Order
Trump's Immigration Order is Completely Legal
Noted Evangelicals Denounce Trump Refugee Order in Full-Page Ad
Trump's Disastrous Travel Moratorium
Some Walls Work
The Truth About Deportations
75% of Illegal Immigrants Arrested Have Criminal Records
Illegals Across U.S. Fired for Skipping Work on "Day Without Immigrants"
Yes, Sweden Has an Refugee Problem
Trump & Immigration: The Rule of Law Has Returned
What's Up With Sweden & Rape
A Nation of Immigrants--Only If They Assimilate
Trump Issues New Immigration Order
The Travel-Ban Do-Over
Trump IS the Wall
Trump's VOICE Against Sanctuary Cities
Are Sanctuary Cities Safer?
Travel Ban is About Vetting
Prosecute the Sanctuary Secessionists
Liberal Judges Gone Crazy on Immigration
Liberals Prefer Illegal Aliens Over Your Kids
Sessions Targets Sanctuary Cities
Sanctuary Cities Find No Refuge in the Law
DOJ Sends Warning Letter to "Sanctuary" Cities
Not Building a Wall IS a Government Shutdown
The Suicide of Europe
Texas Bans Sanctuary Cities
U.S. Senators to Sanctuary Cities: Obey the Law, or Pay for the Wall
Border Wall Work Moves Forward
All We Need is Love...& Deportations
Unmaking England
Southern Border is Being Secured
EU Committing Suicide by "Diversity"
The Looming Venezuelan Refugee Crisis
Immigration Lawlessness Kills
The Cotton/Perdue Immigration Plan is a Great Start
An America First Immigration Policy
Trump Expected to End DACA--& He Should
To End DACA, Follow the Constitution
The DACA Canards
Please Don't Complain About Deporting Children if You Support Murdering Them
Rescinding DACA is the Right Thing to Do
President Trump Gets DACA Right
The Limbaugh Compromise: Build the Wall, Keep the DREAMers
Feinstein Admits: DACA on "Shaky Legal Ground"
Requiem For a DREAM Act

No Such Thing as a "Deserving DREAMer"
Dems' DACA Dishonesty
No Amnesty is Good Amnesty
Time to End Birthright Citizenship
Trump's Latest Travel Order is Common Sense
Trump Finally Gets His "Travel Ban" Victory
Illegals--American Dream Killers
Yes, Walls Are Needed, and They Are Everywhere
San Francisco's Shame
Sanctuary City Politics Killed Kate Steinle
Supreme Court Permits Full Enforcement of Travel Ban


Why Democrats Fight Assimilation
How America can Learn from Europe's Implosion
The Weirdness of Illegal Immigration
"Make America Mexico Again:" Why Americans Are Fed Up With Illegals
Clinton vs. Trump on Immigration
Walls & Immigration--Ancient & Modern
Liberal Writer Visits the Border, Comes Back Supporting a Wall
Immigration Without Assimilation is Annihilation
Supreme Court Blocks Obama on Immigration Amnesty
"Religious Tests" in Immigration are Constitutional
The Immigrant's Dilemma
Of Course There Should be an Ideological Test in Immigration
Has Trump Blown it on Immigration?
Limbaugh Laughs at Trump's Immigration Amnesty Converts
Hooray for Borders
Leftists Redefine "Illegal"
The Invasion of Buffalo
The Democrats' First-Grade Refugee Policy
Hillary & "Undocumented" Aliens
Amnesty Would Cost Taxpayers Trillions
Sanctuary Cities a Losing Bet for Democrats


Judge Blocks Obama on Immigration
Immigration and the End of the Rule of Law
Our Immigration Policy Leads to Chaos
Hillary vs. Hillary on Immigration
Traitor Cities
Immigration Policy, Mexican Style
The Lunacy of Sanctuary Cities
"Charge Mexico $100,000 for Every Illegal Alien"
The Sanctuary Country
We Need Less Immigration, More Assimilation
Halt Muslim Immigration?
"Immigrant:" The New N-Word
Immigration: The Issue of the Century
A Winning Immigration Solution
14th Amend. Does NOT Guarantee Citizenship to Children of Illegals
Immigration Excuses
The Very Real Costs of Birthright Citizenship
America's Sanctuary City Nightmare
What About the Dem's Immigration Problems?
Bush Wrong on "Anchor Babies"
"Anchor Baby" & "Illegal" are Not Insults
The Invaders: A Parable
Immigration: The Refugee Scam
Dis-Integrating America
More Than Half of Immigrants on Welfare
European Migrant Crisis Reaches "Biblical Proportions"
The Past and Future of the Refugee Crisis
Migrant Conquest of Europe
Refugee Crisis Exposing Europe's Folly
Europe's Migrant Crisis: Muslim History vs. Western Fantasy
Multiculturalism vs. Assimilation
Unlock 'Em Up?
Are Sanctuary Cities the New Confederacy?
Europe a Continent Under Siege
Christianity and the Death of Europe
How to Think About the Refugee Question
Where Are the Christian Refugees?
The End of Europe
"Screening" of Syrian Refugees a Joke
Obama Importing Muslims, Deporting Christians
The Ridiculous Refugee Debate
The Immigrate Debate We Should Be Having
Conservative Case for Temporarily Halting All U.S. Immigration


How Liberals Will Repay the Catholic Church on Immigration
Unenforced Law Driving Border Crisis
Crisis at the Border: When "Compassion" Causes Suffering
Moral Crisis at the Border
Immigration No-Brainer
The Crisis on the Border
How to Think About Immigration
Pastor on Immigration: Building a Fence is "Compassionate"
Pastor vs. Pastor on the Border
Report: "Vast Majority" of Asylum Requests Granted
Why Border Kids are Coming
Bordering on Madness
Country Without Borders
11-Point Immigration Plan
Why Obama's Amnesty Must Be Stopped
Border Security is National Security
Our Immigration System Isn't Broken
30% of CA Kids Illegal or Don't Speak English
Obama: Unilateral Amnesty "Soon"
To Stop Amnesty, Repeal the 22nd Amendment
Obama Just Killed Immigration Reform
Obama Gives Fraud-Ridden Benefits to Illegals







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