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Monday, June 11, 2018

A Near-100% Guarantee on Preventing STDs

Despite being sexually active for over two decades,—I know, “TMI,” but you can hardly discuss sex and not have a little “TMI”—my wife and I have never spent even five seconds worrying about, or one dime preventing or treating an STD. This is chiefly due to the fact that our sexual activity exactly corresponds to our marriage years. We’re teaching our four children—ages 9, 12, 14, and 16—that if they conduct themselves similarly, they too will never have to ponder preventing or treating an STD.

For us, “conducting themselves similarly” means adhering to what God has said about sexual behavior. Namely, that the only rightful place for sex is within marriage. And marriage (How tragic that this even has to be said!) is ONLY the lifetime union of one man and one woman. That either of these statements is shocking or controversial—or even revealing—only goes to show how corrupt our culture has become when it comes to sexual morality.

Among other tragic outcomes, this corruption has led to an STD epidemic in the U.S. As I noted recently (more than once), according to The New York Times, a shocking 110 million Americans—more than one-third of our population—has an STD. A recent Drudge headline declared “STDs run rampant in USA.” The headline linked to a piece that reported on the “incredibly alarming numbers” of STDs in California.

Those were not the words of a reporter, but of Heidi Bauer, chief of the STD control branch of the California Department of Public Health. She added that the STD numbers in California amounted to “an epidemic.” Of course, Bauer’s solutions to their STD problem are the typical liberal California claptrap—i.e. condoms and cash.

According to Dr. Bauer—as is virtually always the case in these sad situations with those corrupted by liberalism—the solution to what ails us involves more money and bigger government. Along with blaming a lack of funding for public health programs for California’s rise in STDs, Dr. Bauer also blamed “the funneling of patients away from public health services toward primary care physicians.”

Of course, teaching kids the proper use of a condom is standard operating procedure for liberals when it involves anything dangerous in the sexual realm. According to The Daily Californian,
The STD Control Branch is approaching intervention through three different avenues: mandating sexual education in public schools, working with medical providers to ensure comprehensive STI testing and encouraging local health departments to ensure treatment for patients who test positive, according to Bauer.
The type of sex education The People’s Republic of Kalifornia would like to “mandate”—among other perverse things—provides a “sexual health toolkit” that is funded in part by the George Soros-connected Tides Center. According to Life Site News, this “toolkit”—among many other perverse things—“offers kids tips on using sex toys and anal lubricant. It defines ‘anal intercourse, ‘phone sex,’ and more as ‘common sexual behaviors’” and even has a section entitled “Wetter Makes It Better.”

In line with those who believe we have the right to rule our own world, the toolkit—or more aptly, “foolkit”—also tell kids that they may “[Have] Sex on Your Own Terms.” To clarify what this means, youngsters are provided with a “Relationship Bill of Rights.” This tells kids—kids!—that they have the “right” to:
  • Trust my feelings. 
  • Be with who I want, when I want, and how I want. 
  • Have sex when my partner AND I both want to. 
Is there any doubt that California’s—as well as the rest of America’s—STD epidemic is the result of such immoral information? Dr. Bauer also ignorantly concluded that California’s STD epidemic is “not confined to any particular group,” and she emphasized that the increases are across the board.

I can almost guarantee you that this is not true. As is the case across the rest of the world, there’s one group of Californians that are virtually STD free: monogamous, married (again: one man and one woman), early-committed Christians. In other words, those who decided—almost certainly because this was taught to them and modeled for them by their loving parents (a mother and a father)—prior to, or early in their teenage years, to follow Jesus and adhere to His teachings on sex.

This means celibacy unless married, and once married, complete sexual faithfulness to one’s spouse. If you live your life in such a way, it is nearly impossible to get an STD. This is not an easy path—especially in our sex-saturated culture—but as you’ve often heard, few things worthwhile are easy.

An STD-free life is just another peaceful and healthy benefit of the Christian lifestyle. And yes, Christians are generally healthier. This is a guiding principle behind the increasingly popular and growing number of Christian-based health insurance alternatives. These “health-care sharing groups” (my wife’s sister and her husband recently joined one) are marketed to “committed Christians” who must commit to, among other wise things, refraining from homosexual activity and extramarital sex.

As the left continues to force its immorality on the rest of us, don’t be surprised to see these types of healthcare alternatives grow even more popular. Thus, as almost always is the case in these situations, don’t be a bit surprised to see the left target these organizations. After all, remember, part of the goal of the left is complete acceptance of their perverse sexual agenda and vengeance upon all of those who resist.

Of course, one can be celibate, faithfully monogamous, STD-free, and otherwise healthy without being a Christian. However, outside of a faithful walk with our Creator, the immoral and dangerous sexual lifestyle of those corrupted by liberalism looms as a nearly irresistible temptation. In addition, no moral code has proved better than Christianity at producing a healthy, productive, responsible, and moral individual and society.

(See this column at American Thinker and The Black Sphere.)

Copyright 2018, Trevor Grant Thomas
At the Intersection of Politics, Science, Faith, and Reason.
Trevor is the author of the The Miracle and Magnificence of America

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