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Latest News/Commentary:

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For the most part, the articles/columns linked below appear in chronological order, beginning with the earliest, for each year listed. 


What Do the Evolutionists Have to Hide?
Disproven Evolutionary Bunk Lives On
New DNA Research Contradicts Evolution Dogma... ...Supports the Biblical Model of Creation


Scientific Case Against Evolution
Fast Evolution Confirms Creation
Are We 99% Chimps?
New Film: Is Genesis History?
Talking Trees
What Your Biology Teacher Didn't Tell You About Charles Darwin
DNA: Chimps vs. Humans
The Octopus Outsmarts Darwin Again
How Darwin Changed America
Luther & Biblical Creation
Rejecting Evolution
What Creation Reveals About God

Adam + Eve = All Skin Tones
Answers in Genesis Wins Discrimination Suit
The State and "The Church of Evolution"
Can Darwinian Evolution Explain Christian Charity?
New Research: Human Hand Was Designed by a "Creator"
Scientific Paper Reveals Secular Intolerance
Change Yes, Evolution No
Dinosaurs Among Us...
Video: Evolution in 90 Seconds
Explaining the Existence of Life
Is the Earth Flat?
On the Age of the Universe
"Brilliant" Evolutionists: Sea Worm is "Man's Ancestor"
The Miracle of the Seeing Eye
New Fossil Challenges Darwinian Evolutionary View
The False Gospel of Darwinism
Responding to Theistic Evolution


The Real War on Science
Answers in Genesis Files Discrimination Suit

State of the Ark Park
Creation Care is Not a Climate Issue
"Evolution Sunday" vs. "Creation Sunday"
Richard Dawkins and 'Mr. Deity'
Darwin Day in America
Big Bang Blunder
Evolution & Political Bullying
The Campaign to Embarrass Christians into Accepting Darwinism
Twins Provide Amazing Proof of Creation
New Idaho Museum to Present "Overwhelming Evidence for Creation"
Evolution Lie: Famous "Ape-Man" is Part Baboon
Evolutionary Intolerance
Myths Dressed as Science
Evolution (Not Creation) Is a God of the Gaps
Father Sues School for Teaching His Daughter the "Religion" of Evolution
Ken Ham Corrects Astronaut on Evolution
Preserved Dinosaur Blood Found
Does Evolution Have a Chance?
Genetics Confirms the Reality of Adam & Eve
Jesus Lizard Tramples Evolution
If Evolution Were True...
Creation: A Tale of Two Secular Museums
Is Evolution Just a Shell Game?
Young Earth vs. Old
No Evidence Humans Evolved
Did Something Come From Nothing?
Anybody Out There?
Geology of a Claimed "Missing Link"
Lessons From Back to the Future
Evolution and the Information Enigma
Anthropological Evidence for Adam & Eve
Unlocking Evolution
Dinosaur Extinction
Lucy: The Always Missing "Missing Link"
Well-Preserved Embryo Fossils Startle Evolutionists






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