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For the most part, the articles/columns linked below appear in chronological order, beginning with the earliest, for each year listed. 


Licensing Is a Racket
‘Mindfulness’: Corporate America’s New Gospel
Liberal California is the Poverty Capital of the U.S.
U.S. Economy is Roaring Back Under Trump
On Spending, There is No Conservative Party
Dear GOP: Big Budgets = Big Government
Where Are the Fiscal Hawks in D.C.?
Republican Embarrassment on Spending and Debt
Drowning in Debt
Obama's Debt & Deficit Legacy
Blockbuster: February Jobs Report
Which States Are Best at Managing Debt?
Spending Bill is a Disgrace
Spending Bill a Bundle of Broken Promises
Millionaire Poverty Pimps Fight "Income Inequality"
Poisonous Taxes
Remember the Deficit?
Republicans Accelerate America’s Rush toward Bankruptcy
Entitlements: Moral Bankruptcy Fuels Fiscal Bankruptcy
The Trillion-Dollar Myth
Unemployment Hits Lowest Rate in 18 Years
Time to Draw a Line on Food Stamps
Jobless in Seattle
Free Markets, Free People
Why Capitalism Is Morally Superior to Socialism
Jobs Report Is Great News for Everyone - Except Democrats
Socialism Begets Socialists
How Liberals Ruined Social Security
Consumer Confidence Soars


The Social Security Shell Game
Savings: The Socialism Antidote
America's Predictable Tsunami of Pension Problems
Half of America Can't Write a $500 Check
Trump's Budget: Plenty to Shout About
Venezuela: Socialism's House of Horrors
In 24 States Over Half of Babies Born on Medicaid
Your Choice: Welfare or Prosperity?
God & Food Stamps
Half of U.S. Working Families Live Paycheck to Paycheck
Beware the "Universal Basic Income"
End the Income Tax
Trump Presents Sweeping Tax Reform Plan
The Colossal Hoax of Organic Agriculture
"Tax Cuts for the Rich"?
Entitlement Reform At Last
Rein In Farm Handouts
The Best Budget Since Reagan
American Retail's Furious Decline
About Half of Americans Die Nearly Broke
Liberal-led Illinois Has Lowest Bond Rating Ever for a U.S. State
Liberal-led Connecticut About to Go Belly-Up
Duh: How to Reduce Food Stamp Recipients
Liberal Job-Killing Soda Tax
The Paternalism of Paid Parental Leave
Trump & Welfare Reform
Breaking the Bonds of Welfare
End the War on Work
Magical Thinking on Minimum Wage
The Cost of Medicaid
Of Course: Massive Fraud in the Obamaphone Program
Potential State Govt. Shutdowns
No Surprise: GOP-Led States in Better Fiscal Shape Than Democrat-Led States
Hype and Hyperbole About Trump's Budget
Social Security Slouches Towards Insolvency
Poverty Pimps Enrich Themselves
Democrats Declare: "Old Fashioned Capitalism Has Broken Down"
Crony Capitalism vs. the Real Thing
Socialism Deniers and the "Better Deal"
Liberal Connecticut is Circling the Financial Drain
Cheer the Industrial Revolution
America Headed for It's Most Avoidable Crisis Ever
The Left's Brutal Economic Failures
Breaking the Bonds of Welfare
The Debt Threat
$20 Trillion Debt 228 Years in the Making
The National Debt: A Real Horror Story
The Welfare State's Legacy
Trump Proposes Most Sweeping Tax Reform in Decades
Trump's Tax Plan
Rush: Trump Tax Plan "Populist" Class Envy
Trump's Incentive-Based Tax Plan
Trump's Giant, Beautiful, Simple Tax Cut
Entitled Nation
An America First Tax Plan
GOP Tax Plan Revealed
Many Positives in the GOP Tax Plan
Venezuela Defaults on its Debt
Senate Passes Tax Reform
Hard Stuff Remains on Tax Reform
"Evil Tax Cuts?" No, Just Blue-State Panic
Unhinged Spending — DC's Canary in the Coal Mine
The GOP Tax Bill Finalized
GOP on the Brink of Historic Tax Reform
A Solid Accomplishment on Taxes
No Excuses to Stand Against Trump Tax Cuts
Tax Reform & "The Rich"
Even Leftists Are Acknowledging the Tax Cuts
Senate Passes Sweeping Tax Reform Bill
Tax Reform Bill Heads to Pres. Trump's Desk
Economic Confidence Soars
How Tax Bill Helps the Middle Class
Blue-State Scrooges
Taxes & the Vindictive Nature of the Left
Ownership Isn't Theft
Winning on Taxes
Democrat's Are Deceived About Tax Reform's Popularity
Tax Reform Heads to High-Tax Liberal States?
Witness Democrat's Deficit Hypocrisy
Americans Flee High-Tax Blue States
Be Reminded: Social Security is Broken (and Broke)

Powerball Preys on the Poor
Bill Clinton Indicts Obamanomics
What's Wrong with Playing the Lottery?
Powerball's Biggest Winner: Government
The State of Savings in an Age of Excess
Another Global Financial Meltdown?
Scary Pension Math
The Fed Caused the Recession
The Dangerous Deficits No One's Talking About
Obama Misled Congress on Debt Limit
Federal Deficit: $19 Trillion & Counting
Obama's Unemployment Sleight of Hand
Obama's Dismal Fiscal Legacy
Socialized Home Ownership is Now the American Dream
America's Federal Debt Explosion
How Liberals Help Drive Income Inequality
Another Recession?
The Math of the War on Poverty
Socialism: Worshiping the God of Government
California's Building a Wall... of Debt
Americans Love Our Stuff, but Hate Those Producing It
Free Trade: Myths & Realities
Socialism, Capitalism, and the Church
Open Trade Cures Poverty
The Trade Deficit Myth
Sorry, but the Real Unemployment Rate is 9.8%
Trump's Ridiculous Boast on Eliminating Debt
The Auto Loan Bubble is Looming
Deeply Flawed Arguments Against Free Trade
Complex Tax Code is Crippling the U.S.
The Myth of "Equal Pay Day"
Equal Nonsense Day
Minimum Wage, Maximum Ignorance
The United States of Insolvency
Rethinking Tax Reform
Income Tax: Immoral & Unconstitutional
A Lesson in Hospital Economics
The Secret Financial Shame of Americans
Nobody Owes You a Job
How to "Fix" Social Security by Not Fixing It
Working Class Meltdown
Ending Welfare as We Know It
Economic Performance: Democrat vs. Republican
Honesty on Pension Debt: It's Now or Never
Don't be a Sucker for Socialism
Voodoo Economics
College Debt Crisis is Worse Than You Think
Socialism for the Uninformed
The IRS and Government-Orchestrated Theft
The Right to Work
On "Inequality"
Men at Work...or Not
Obamanomics: RIP
Keeping the Poor Impoverished
America's Work Problem
Hillary's Recession
Seattle Raising Minimum Wage had Predictable Effect
Welfare is the New Work
Why This Recovery is So Lousy
Remember: Corporations Are Us
Forget Everything You Were Told About Poverty
In Illinois, the "Blue-State Model" Rolls Towards Bankruptcy
Hillary's Disastrous Economics Plan
Welfare in Perspective
$1 Trillion Auto Loan Bubble is Bursting
The Experiment: Capitalism vs. Socialism
Clinton's Economic Plan is Trickle-Down Govt.
7 in 10 Americans Have Less Than $1,000 in Savings
State Govt. Pension Crisis: You Will Be Made to Care
The Impending State Pension Disaster
The National Debt in Two Charts
Best Ways to Help the Poor
Be Thankful for the Miracle of Free Markets
Amazon Shows the Futility of Minimum Wage Increases
How Casinos Enable Gambling Addicts
Blue States Have the Most Pension Debt
As Jobs Vanish, Disability Claims Appear


The Global Reduction in Poverty 
Dishonesty on Income Inequality
Raise the Gas Tax?
Disability Ins. Hitting the Wall
Why Wages Lag
The Entitlement Epidemic
A Grim Warning on U.S. Debt
Study on Food Stamp Purchases
Obama's Budget: "Envy Economics"
Government Debt on the Road to Ruin
The Great Debt Debate
Attn. Libs: Govt. Dependency Kills Jobs
Married to the Welfare State
The Truth about "Wage Stagnation"
USDA Brags: 1 in 4 Americans "Rely" on Food Assistance
The Social Security Lie
The Federal Debt is Worse Than You Think
Explaining the Student Loan Mess
Flat Tax Makes a Comeback
The Flat Tax is Back
Shalom in the Marketplace
Carson Promotes Flat Tax
Enron Accounting at Social Security
End Payday Lending
Minimum Wage Roulette
Obama Economy Contracts
Minimum Wage, Maximum Stupidity
Coming Pension Tidal Wave
U.S. Debt Picture Has Worsened
Hillary's Massive Obamacare Taxes
Greece's Impending Crash
More Work, Less Welfare
Paul's Flat & Fair Tax
Social Security's Impending Doom
The Next Financial Crisis?
The Debt is Still a Major Threat
Americans Losing Sleep Over Money
Greece Hits Self-Destruct Button
Greece: Big Loser is Socialism
Beggars & Choosers
Chicago: Another City Run By Liberals in Financial Ruin
Socialism: RIP
Rich States vs. Poor States
The Debt Threat
Socialism vs. Capitalism Debate
Experimenting With Failed Socialism, Again
The Minimum Wage Con
More Homeowners Drowning in Debt
Lower Interest Rates Are the Problem
The Cause of Income Inequality
This Housing Bubble Will End Badly Too
Medicare Devours the Federal Government
Four Myths About Social Security
American Economy Blues?
"Why I Can't Get a Mortgage"
Two Cheers for Ignorance
The Redistribution Fallacy
Global Markets Melting Down
Record 94 Million Americans Not in the Work Force
Fed Up With Obama's Economy
Minimum Wage Hangover
A Blueprint for Congressional Fiscal Action
Student Loan Scandal
Redistribution: The Unconquerable Delusion
Wage Gap Myth Won't Die
If You Tax Them, They Will Go
When Pensions Implode
Santorum's 20/20 Flat Tax
Gambling is a Justice Issue
$18 Trillion Problem Hillary, Bernie Ignored
Liberals' Social Security Delusion
Bankruptcy is Our Only Hope
Truth & Inequality
Another Financial Crisis Looming?
Clinton & Sanders vs. Capitalism
Profit is the Purpose of Business?
The Easy Way to Entitlement Reform
Kansas' Historic Tax Cuts Set the Example
A Simple Flat Tax for Economic Growth
Near Debt Experience
North Carolina's New Welfare Rules Causing a Stir
Carson/Cruz on the Bible & Taxes
Something You Should be Thankful For: Your Work
Why So Many Poverty Programs Fail
Why Education Doesn't Fix Poverty
The Economy is Weaker Than You Think
The High Cost of Corporate Tax Stupidity
This is Real Tax Reform
America's Stubborn Poverty
Puerto Rico's Debt Crisis Takes a New Turn


Remove the Workplace Welfare State
Jobs Report: A Note of Caution
CBO: Debt Levels Unsustainable
Inflation is Real
Detroit's Lesson: Water Isn't "Free"
Ryan's Plan to Cut Poverty
Let the Young Opt Out of Social Security
The Virus of Poverty Culture
Real Unemployment is at 18%
4 Steps to End Poverty
MN Cafe Charges Min. Wage Fee
Exporting Welfare
Is New York the Next Detroit?
What Creates Wealth?
A Better Way On Poverty
Obama Bank Shakedown
Food Stamp Fraud is Out Of Control
Bring Back Welfare Stigma
America's Real Ice-Bucket Challenge
A 60% Market Correction?
"Warren Buffet Betrays America"
Capitalism and the Common Good
The Job Recovery Myth
The Way to Combat Poverty
America's Poor Heavily in Debt
Curing Poverty Isn't Simple
Losing the War on Poverty
Victims of Obamanomics
The Wage Stagnation Myth
The Tax Code IS Public Policy
A Staggering Loss of Black Wealth
Minimum Wage, Maximum Damage
Our Giant Welfare State
The Immorality of Predatory Lending
Capitalism Feeds the World
Lower Oil, King Dollar: Great!
Congress Passes $1.1 Trillion Spending Bill
Public Pensions: America's Greece?
The Coming Pension Meltdown
The Pension Crisis Next Door



The Income Inequality Myth
Isn't a Bainful Turnaround What America Needs?
The Tax Rate Scandal
Ryan Dismantles Obama's Budget
The Budget of a Leftist
The Real "Entitlement Mentality" that is Bankrupting Us
California's Greek Tragedy
Ryan Plan Only Game in Town
A Tale of Two Budgets
U.S. Insolvency Drawing Near
A Blank Check for Government
A Fool to Buy the Buffet Rule
Causes of the Crisis
Europe Runs Out of Other People's Money
Two Kind of Austerity
Big Govt. Experiment has Failed
Gospel According to Barack
Last Year's Deficit Actually $5 Trillion
About the Idea that Obama's Spending has been Tame
Which President Is the Biggest Spender of All?
Romney's Fiscal Successes
America's Welfare Queen
Free Phones Costing Taxpayers Billions
The Rise of Food Stamp Nation
It's the Overspending, Stupid
Some CA Cities "May Cease to Exist"
California, Look to Wisconsin
Bankruptcy Dominoes Fall in CA
The Entitled Generation
Mayhem at GM
No, We're Not Better Off
Bankrupt California now a One-Party State
Obama's Unsustainable Spending
It's the Welfare State, Stupid
Killing the Goose
What the Fiscal Cliff Debate is Really About
The Real Problem is Entitlements
Spending, Not Revenue, is the Problem
New Mich. Law Creates Jobs, Growth
Public Support of Tax Increases a Myth
It's the Spending, Stupid!


Can the Spending be Stopped?
Obama's Budget Increases Debt by Trillions
Wisconsin Protests Not About Budget? Well, Yes
Collective Bargaining in Public Sector
Oh, to be a Teacher in Milwaukee!
Uncivil Unions
Wash. Needs Balanced Budget Amend.
A Federal Deficit Record
Chevy Volt: Junk Steel
It's Time to Curb Welfare Growth
Spreading Wealth the Right Way
Biofuels Push Explodes Food Prices
Reaganomics vs. Obamanomics
Why Budgets Are Busted
Golden State Blues
U.S. Postal Service Nears Collapse
A World of Finanial Ruin
The Texas vs. California Example
GOP Led States Balancing Budgets With Cuts
Mitch McConnell's Brilliant Maneuver
McConnell Schools Obama on Debt
Tension Between Obama and Dems
The $.5 Trillion Plan
GOP Rallying Behind Boehner Plan
Boehner Plan 3.0 Appears to Have Votes
House Passes Debt Deal
Senate Passes/Obama Signs
Euro's "Rearranging the Deck Chairs"
Obama's Two Financial Crises
The Welfare Riots
Riots Spawned by Liberal Dogma
London Mobs Created by the Welfare State
Don't Mess With (the) Texas (Economic Record)
The Texas "Miracle" is No Myth
Poor in America
The Euro Disaster
Obamanomics vs. Reaganomics
"I'm Depraved 'cause I'm Deprived"
Welfare State: "Too Many Takers"
Matthews Agrees: SS is a Ponzi Scheme
Ponzi! Ponzi! Ponzi!
Inside the Entitlement Generation
Poverty in America?
The Welfare State's Reckoning



Obama: 'Only Government can lift us from Recession'
Stimulus Bill: You Won't Believe What's In It
Economy Shrinking, but Not Like '82
Taxes Require a Goal Besides Spending Them
Isn't Paying Taxes Our Patriotic Duty?
Taxes Problems Torpedo Two Big Obama Nominations
The Stimulus Bill is a Bomb
Stimulus Deal Reached
Inhofe: 'Bill is 93% spending and only 7% stimulation'
SC Gov: A Problem Created by Debt will not be Solved by Debt
GOP was Right to Vote Against the Stimulus
It's a Recession Not a 'Catastrophe'
The Stimulus Bill is Even Worse Than You Think
GOP was Right to Vote Against the Stimulus
House Passes Obama's 'Stimulus'; No GOP Support, 7 Dems Vote No
Video: 'Not One Member has Read this Bill'
Congress Passes Stimulus
'Congress Just Made a Terrible Mistake'
The Rush to Stimulate
Reaganomics vs. Obamanomics
California is Going Out of Business
Stocks Hate Obamanomics
Obama moves toward 'Swedish Model' for Banks
Slow Drip of Financial Ruin
A Short History on the National Debt
Assessing the President's Mortgage-Relief Plan
CNBC Reporter: 'People Don't Want to Pay Their Neighbor's Mortgage'
Upside Down Economics
The Age of Irresponsibility
Bailouts Increase as do Doubts
Governors vs. Congress Spend, Spend, Spend
Clark Howard's Take on the Stimulus
Obama's Budget Will Expand Government Permanently
Waging War on Prosperity
As Dow keeps Dropping, Obama running out of people to Blame
Democratic Senator: Vote 'No' on Spending Bill
FDIC could be Insolvent by Year's End
Image of a Trillion Dollars
Economists give Obama, Geithner Low Grades
The Economy: Just Blame Bush?
S.C. Governor: U.S. Facing Economic Collapse
The Brokest Generation
Senator Gregg: Obama Budget will Bankrupt U.S.
Gov. Sanford: Why We Don't Want 'Stimulus'
Death Tax Killing 5th Generation Rancher
On Spending and the Deficit, McCain Was Right
It's the Economy Stupid, Part 2
Why the Bank Bailout is Unconstitutional
Who Pays Taxes
Who's REALLY to Blame for the Subprime Mess?
Everyone Should Pay Income Taxes
The Public is Sick of Govt's Wasteful Spending
Obama's Budget Follies
Obama States Have Lost the Most Jobs
American Capitalism Gone With a Whimper
The Failure of Obamanomics
California's Nightmare Will Kill Obamanomics
The Stimulus: Anatomy of a Failure
Half of Homes Underwater 2011
U.S. Drowning in Debt
Obama to Spend $10 Trillion on Welfare
It's the Spending, Stupid
Unemployment Highest in 26 Years
The Bondage of Debt

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