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Thursday, July 6, 2023

Why is the “Pride” Movement Filled With So Many Perverts?

So we are finally done with another “Pride Month,” though if Richard Levine had his way, it would continue through the summer. Alas, the “Pride” movement will likely last until the end of time, when all things will be made right, and then every vestige of “Pride”—along with all other evil—will be swept away. Until then, we must faithfully endure “Pride” and all its perversions.

Pride 2023 seems to have been particularly perverse. In spite of their many recent “victories”—a legal redefinition of the oldest institution in the history of humanity, a corporate culture that embraces, promotes, and celebrates virtually every evil aspect of the LGBT agenda, an academic culture that does the same, and so on—it’s as if those who’ve abandoned the truth on sex simply don’t know when or how to stop.

This is completely unsurprising. As Dr. Jeffrey Satinover notes in his excellent book, Homosexuality and the Politics of Truth,

[A]nother defining feature of homosexuality is the broad range of sexual appetites and behaviors that appear when people do not conform themselves to a code of behavior. Indeed, once people begin to “walk on the wild side,” they have effectively broken one of society’s strongest taboos. Other taboos then fall away easily and rapidly. For homosexual apologists, this feature of the gay lifestyle is not so much a mark of enslavement to sexuality as a sign of homosexuals’ greater freedom from arbitrary and stifling social inhibitions, sexual and otherwise.

Taboos falling away “easily and rapidly” seem to apply to cultures as well as individuals. Consider that, in the United States, once laws against homosexual behavior were declared unconstitutional (Lawrence v. Texas, 2003), in barely a generation we’ve gone from homosexual behavior being widely (and rightly) seen as immoral and unhealthy, and thus illegal, to a widespread acceptance of homosexual behavior, to debating what is marriage—with the vast majority of U.S. states and the population at-large then embracing the biblical view of marriage—to (via a 5-4 SCOTUS judicial fiat) a legal redefinition of marriage (giving us same-sex “marriage”), to debating what is a male and what is a female, to a widespread acceptance—including within the established medical community!—of the absurd and evil notion that one can change one’s sex through merely declaring such (sometimes combined with drugs and surgery), to laws and edicts that enforce this evil absurdity, to allowing children to embrace and participate in this evil absurdity!

In other words, in barely a generation we’ve gone from “Stay out of our bedroom!” to boys taking trophies from girls (As I warned!), government schools secretly “transitioning” children, children being hauled to Drag Queen Story Hour and Pride parades by their foolishly woke parents, the attempted normalization of pedophilia, and the like. All of this is because “Stay out of our bedroom!” has never really been the end game for the LGBT agenda. After all, live and let live is not a hallmark of the LGBT agenda, and they are extreme “mind your own business” hypocrites.

As was the case in the marriage debate, the LGBT war on sex (“gender”) is simply another opportunity for those who want to rule their own world to thumb their noses at the laws of the Law Giver. The legalization of same-sex “marriage” was never really only about giving homosexuals the opportunity to “marry.” It was also always about sticking it to Christians and Christianity. In other words, as was the case with same-sex “marriage,” “transgenderism” is a war against the truth.

The LGBT agenda has always been about “progressing” towards a culture where the Laws of God—especially in the sexually realm—are at least ignored, and ideally formally abandoned and replaced with the laws and “morals” of rebellious humans. This “progression” seemingly has no end, thus the perversions of what is good and right continue to grow into what is more and more perverse.

As noted above, we are now facing those who wish to normalize pedophilia. As John Hinderacker recently noted at Powerline, Democrats in Minnesota have now officially come out “in defense of pedophilia as a matter of law.” Mr. Hinderacker notes,

Minnesota’s crazed DFL [Democrat] majorities have passed one extreme measure after another this session, but this one breaks new ground in service of pedophilia. The bill is HF 1655, sponsored by a man pretending to be a woman named Leigh Finke…Finke’s bill is called the “Take Pride Act.” We might re-name it the “Take Pride in Abuse of Children Act.”

…Now note what Mr. Finke’s bill does: Along with creating all kinds of legal rights on behalf of transgenders, it changes the definition of “Sexual orientation” by deleting the exclusion of pederasty from the definition.

…The result of this amendment is that all of the special legal protections now given to homosexuals in health care, welfare, employment, housing, education and much else will benefit pederasts.

Tragically, Minnesota is not alone in this evil pursuit. As David Strom reports at HotAir,

It turns out that Minnesota isn’t the only state where the Democrats are determined to normalize pedophilia. Connecticut, too, is taking steps to redefine its Human Rights laws to eliminate restrictions on the definition of “sexual orientation” to include paraphilias that are so offensive that legislators specifically banned their consideration for inclusion in protected classes.

…As with Minnesota, the changes do not legalize pedophilic acts–it is, thankfully, going to remain illegal for adults to rape children. However, being a “Minor Attracted Person” is no longer sufficient to exclude you from polite society, and may even entitle one to special protections from the state.

The perversions of the LGBT agenda truly know no bounds. If we continue down this path of sexual rebellion, the perversions will continue to shock us, though they shouldn’t surprise those who know the truth.

Copyright 2023, Trevor Grant Thomas
At the Intersection of Politics, Science, Faith, and Reason.
Trevor is the author of the 
The Miracle and Magnificence of America

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