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Tuesday, August 31, 2021

"Team Reality Knows That Mostly the Virus is Gonna Virus"

A GREAT summary of where we stand with the Wuhan Virus. Courtesy of "TheBigFish," this is taken completely from the top comment on Charles C. W. Cooke's recent column at National Review, "The Bitter Truth: There’s Still No Rhyme or Reason to COVID-19."

1. We know that lockdown severity does not correlate with C19 mortality but leaves extra ACM ["all cause mortality"] for most countries. So lock downs are a net harm.

2. Mask mandates do not correlate with cases, hospitalizations, or deaths. The best quality studies prior to the issue being politicized showed little to no effect in curbing transmission. Both the CDC and WHO made that conclusion. The only papers/studies that support mask efficacy are lab experiments/simulations.

3. Kids less than about 17 have very low risk [from] C19, so low that vaccines for them carry more risk of hospitalization (per the CDC). There is no need at all to vaccinate them.

4. Elderly and high risk folks seem to be benefiting from the vaccines. It would be in their best interest to get vaccinated.

5. Ignoring natural immunity is one of the greatest sins by the public health institutions. NI is objectively better in every metric than immunity acquired by vaccination. Attempting to force this part of the population (~130m Americans) to vaccinate is madness. It wastes vaccine doses and adds a small amount of extra risk.

6. Seasonality is constantly being ignored by the "experts" but is one of the primary drivers of the timing of each surge.

7. Schools in Europe typically do not require kids to mask while at the same time the school systems have very low transmission rates. In Sweden, teachers had the lowest infection rate (last summer) of any identifiable profession in Sweden.

8. Sweden did it right. Their ACM for 20/21 is lower than their running 5 year average.

1-8 are undeniable true. Yet Team Apocalypse continues to engage stupid unproductive virtue signaling and abject superstition. The whole thing is crazy.

One thing I would correct: the "whole thing" isn't "crazy," it's EVIL! 

Trevor Grant Thomas
At the Intersection of Politics, Science, Faith, and Reason.
Trevor is the author of the The Miracle and Magnificence of America

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