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Friday, May 29, 2015

National Scouting Leadership: Physically Ignorant, Mentally Lazy, and Morally Lost

The plague continues to spread. Whether the church, para-church organizations, the government, schools, corporations, small businesses, and even blood banks, the plague of liberalism seems to know no bounds. Because of their desire (again) to compromise with God-given absolute moral standards on sexuality, the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts are now the latest to go further down the wide path of destruction paved by modern liberalism.

The Girl Scouts of America recently announced a policy shift and will start allowing gender-confused boys into their ranks. The FAQ section of the Girl Scouts’ website reads, “Girl Scouts is proud to be the premiere leadership organization for girls in the country. Placement of [gender-confused] youth is handled on a case-by-case basis, with the welfare and best interests of the child and the members of the troop/group in question a top priority. That said, if the child is recognized by the family and school/community as a girl and lives culturally as a girl, then Girl Scouts is an organization that can serve [him] in a setting that is both emotionally and physically safe.”

Interestingly, after their surrender to the liberal sexual agenda nearly two years ago that allowed for homosexual members, I thought that the Boy Scouts next would capitulate when it comes to the gender-confused. Not wanting to let the boys outdo them, and showing themselves to be fine feminazi role models for today’s young females, the adults who lead the Girl Scouts beat the Boy Scouts to the punch!

Rather than delve into gender perverseness, it seems the Boy Scouts are still hung up on homosexuality. So much so that Boy Scouts of America (BSA) president Robert Gates recently announced that the BSA’s longstanding ban on homosexual scout leaders is now in question. Noting the “open defiance” that exists with some Boy Scout councils across the U.S. when it comes to “current membership policy,” Gates said that such issues could no longer be “ignored.”

He also noted the “social, political, and ‘juridicial’ changes taking place in our country.” Gates reminded listeners of the debates raging in the U.S. over “discrimination” based on “sexual orientation,” and rightly expressed fear that U.S. courts would force a change (full-on acceptance of all things homosexual) on the Boy Scouts.

So what’s Gates’ solution? Sounding much like the modern champion of “tolerance” that he is, Gates began, “We must deal with the world as it is, not as we might wish it would be.” He then offered a policy “that accepts and respects our different perspectives and beliefs, allows religious organizations—based on First Amendment protections of religious freedom—to establish their own standards for adult leaders, and preserves the Boy Scouts of America now and forever.”

Ahh, the sweet smell of compromise. Given Gates’ previous desire to allow homosexual scout leaders, preceded by his efforts to end “don’t ask, don’t tell” in the U.S. military, his recent comments come as little surprise. It’s almost as if Gates was placed in his position as president of Boy Scouts of America in order to lead the Scouts down the same path that he took our military.

Of course this is what happens when a man without (or with few) convictions is faced with making a moral decision that many will dislike. Simply put, when it comes to defending the truth on sexuality, Gates’ heart and mind are simply not in the fight.

It’s a shame, because more than ever before, America’s youth need the direction of pure hearts and sound minds when it comes matters of sexuality. For example, it would be wonderful if the Boys Scouts took the opportunity to teach young boys about the “born that way” myth. In spite of the popular meme perpetuated by the homosexual agenda, no one is “born gay.” This myth is so powerful that it has deceived even well-meaning conservatives like Ben Carson and Marco Rubio.

Since the Scout motto says, “On my honor, I will do my best…to keep myself physically strong,” it would also be nice if Boy Scout leadership told the truth on the tremendous health dangers associated with sexual immorality. This is especially the case for those involved in a homosexual lifestyle.

There are abundant data that reveal the dangers of a homosexual lifestyle. Even government health organizations who’ve fully bought into the homosexual agenda can’t deny the sad and sobering statistics when it comes to homosexuality. As the CDC notes, when compared to the general population, LGBT individuals are more likely to:

  • Use alcohol and drugs
  • Have higher rates of substance abuse
  • Continue heavy drinking later in life

Men who have sex with men account for 75% of primary and secondary syphilis cases in the U.S. and are 17 times more likely to develop anal cancer than are heterosexual men. Though homosexuals make up only about 2% of the population, homosexual men account for about two-thirds of all new HIV infections.

The Canadian healthcare system notes that the life expectancy of homosexual men is 20 years less than the average. In addition, gays, lesbians, and bisexuals in Canada:

  • Commit suicide at rates from 2 to 13.9 times more often than average
  • Have smoking rates 1.3 to 3 times higher than average
  • Have rates of alcoholism 1.4 to 7 times higher than average
  • Have rates of illicit drug use 1.6 to 19 times higher than average
  • Show rates of depression 1.8 to 3 times higher than average 
  • Gay and bisexual men comprise 76.1% of AIDS cases 
  • Gay and bisexual men comprise 54% of new HIV infections each year

If they are committed to the truth, Scouting organizations should also reveal to young boys and girls that, though they may experience same-sex attractions, they are not doomed to the devastation that comes from living a homosexual lifestyle. In other words, it is possible to come out of the homosexual lifestyle. In spite of the recent best efforts of liberals to suppress the truth—going so far as to make it illegalconversion therapy works.

Any organization committed to helping young boys maintain a “physically strong,” and “mentally awake” lifestyle, or committed to helping young girls “respect” themselves and to be “Courageous and Strong,” should certainly make our youth aware of the dangers of a homosexual lifestyle.

Gates is right about one thing: these issues can’t be ignored. However, instead of fighting for what’s right, the former Secretary of Defense has surrendered on one of the most important moral battles of our time. How tragic that two of the oldest and most premiere youth organizations in the U.S. have taken the wide road that leads to destruction when it comes to these important truths.

(See this column on American Thinker.)

Copyright 2015, Trevor Grant Thomas
At the Intersection of Politics, Science, Faith, and Reason.
Trevor and his wife Michelle are the authors of: Debt Free Living in a Debt Filled World


  1. Quote:
    "In other words, it is possible to come out of the homosexual lifestyle. In spite of the recent best efforts of liberals to suppress the truth -going so far as to make it illegal -conversion therapy works."

    Pardon me for asking the obvious questions you have left unanswered: IF conversion therapy works, then it follows that an organization could theoretically apply sufficient brainwashing and physical coercion to make (oh, say for instance) Trevor Thomas become gay, experience same-sex attractions, and become an adherent to the homosexual lifestyle. In fact, if conversion therapy works, it could theoretically be applied to make Mr. Thomas become an atheist and deny Christ.

    Or, if Mr. Thomas insists that this could never happen to him, then conversion therapy doesn't really work at all. Instead, people who are predisposed to same-sex attractions may attempt to behave in a manner that does not disappoint their parents or damage their relations with family. In that case, it was never the therapy that worked, it was empathy and concern for others that caused the individual to become what we will call a crypto-homosexual, -in other words a secretly gay individual who returns to the closet.

    This would be no different than the term crypto-Jew or crypto-Judaism, -which developed as a result of attempts to force religious conversions upon followers of the Jewish faith in Europe during the middle ages. Of course, I can imagine how wrong Trevor would say those misguided attempts were and how great the resulting damage was.

    Let me recommend a story for you (also a film): Quitters Inc. -by Stephen King. "Quitters, Inc." is a short story written by Stephen King, originally published in his 1978 collection Night Shift. The story is also adapted into the King anthology movie "Cat's Eye". Enjoy.

  2. A very simple question for all of those who deny that conversion therapy works: What do you say to the countless number of people who came out of the homosexual lifestyle? See: Setting the Record Straight on Gay Conversion Therapy

  3. Nice job ducking logical questions and rational argument.

    And your link to quote "proof" is an article by a professed former gay who is married and has kids? I say good for him, but I'll add that any gay can become married to the opposite sex and have children. Plenty do strive to create the appearance of normalcy.

    You have ignored my question regarding whether you could be "converted" to atheism. -After all, you say conversion therapy works. You also ignored my comparison of gay conversion therapy to forced conversion of Jews to Christianity during the middle ages.

    The fundamental question I have for you is would you support conversion therapy directed against Jewish minors to convert them to Christianity against their will?

  4. Your analogy is anything but "logical." There's no comparison when it comes to matters of eternal faith and ones sexual desires. You may as well asked if I could be "converted" to a toad. (And of course, "conversion therapy" refers specifically to those struggling with homosexual desires.)

    A more proper analogy would be one that dealt with a person's appetite for food. Just because we desire to eat something doesn't mean that we should. Many people in our culture, especially liberals, seem to have a good grasp on this. Yet, when it comes to ones sexual appetite, far too many liberals seem to want no restrictions whatsoever.

    And no, forced "conversion" to another religion is nonsense. Faith is a matter of the heart (whether a minor or not). And no one is talking about "forced" conversion when it comes to homosexual desires. We are talking about people who are SEEKING such help.

  5. "There's no comparison when it comes to matters of eternal faith and ones sexual desires."

    But Trevor, EVERYTHING you preach about sexual behavior comes from your professed faith. So the comparison is quite valid.

    "You may as well asked if I could be "converted" to a toad."

    No need. I think you're already there. Perhaps the proper word is toady, -as in a sycophant. A person with an excessive, pathetic allegiance to an organization or person. As in "boot licking toady".

    "(And of course, "conversion therapy" refers specifically to those struggling with homosexual desires.)"

    Look, if a struggling adult comes and knocks on your organization's door to get some therapy, I say fine. However, there are (and should be) limits on psychoactive therapy applied to minor children who by definition have NOT reached the legal age of majority.

    After all, I don't think you would want the shoe on the other foot when it comes to "conversion therapy". For instance, I'm fairly sure you wouldn't defend the right of an organization to apply "pro-gay conversion therapy" to a struggling minor. After all, if this therapy works in one direction (as you claim), it should theoretically work in reverse too. So what we really have here is just another form of religious hypocrisy.

    "Just because we desire to eat something doesn't mean that we should."

    Stop talking dirty.

    Seriously, I'd say your analogy is in error. There is no fundamental alternative to eating food. Choosing to go without food is not a real choice at all. Go without food and you will die.

    More properly, the aspect you speak of is frequency or volume. IE: Is it a little or a lot? How much appetite does one have to eat food?

    For instance, if a male is sexually attracted to the opposite sex, does he have urges for constant sex? This is frequency, or volume, or appetite. Choosing not to act on every urge is not the same as choosing to never act on any of them. Or... does he have sexual attractions to more than one female? The decision to pursue sexual relations with multiple females is also related to appetite.

    "We are talking about people who are SEEKING such help."

    You forgot to say minors. Remember, during the 1950's there was an accepted practice of medical sterilization of minor females without their explicit informed consent. This procedure was done to many females deemed to be mentally incompetent or retarded. Since the minor child had not attained the age of majority, such an informed decision on the part of the child was not legally possible. This is the slippery slope you are on here.

    "Faith is a matter of the heart..."

    Faith is a matter of the mind, the spirit, and the soul. Desire is a matter of the heart.