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Latest News/Commentary

Latest News/Commentary:

News/Commentary Archives:

News/Commentary Archives:


For the most part, the articles/columns linked below appear in chronological order, beginning with the earliest, for each year listed. 


Feinstein: No Evidence of Russian Collusion in 2016 Election
GOP Wins MT Special Election
Democrats vs. "Deplorables" in GA's 6th District
Handel vs Ossoff Election Results
More Detailed Results Here
Handel Over Ossoff: GOP Wins in Georgia
In a Bad GOP District for Trump, Karen Handel Persisted
GOP Wins in South Carolina
Hollywood a YUUUGE Loser in GA 6th
Some People Hate Trump. More People Hate Liberalism.
5 Takeaways From Tuesday's Special Elections
Looks Like Non-Citizens Did Indeed Cost Trump the Popular Vote
Young Voters for Old Socialists
Pelosi Progressives--A Winning Formula for the GOP
Judge Roy Moore is Resonating
Did Vote Fraud Tip New Hampshire to Clinton?
Roy Moore Wins in Alabama

GOP Wipeout in Virginia
Virginians Elect the Mentally Ill
5 Takeaways From Dems VA Election Sweep
Larry Sabato is Right About VA
The Real Scandal in the Alabama Senate Race
Latest AL Senate Poll: Roy Moore Up 10
Are You Sure About Roy Moore, or Do You Just Hate Him?
Ted Cruz Rescinds Roy Moore Endorsement
Roy Moore Up in Latest Polls
Several Polls Show Roy Moore Leading
Should a Christian Vote for Roy Moore?
No One Ever Drowned in Roy Moore's Car
Jones Over Moore in AL Senate Race
GOP Senate Majority Down to 1
An Avoidable Disaster for the GOP
Let's Liberate Blacks From Left-Wing Politics
Roy Moore's Stunning Loss: The Numbers Thank Mitch McConnell for Doug Jones' Victory
What the Defeat of Roy Moore Does NOT Prove


Bill Plays, Hillary Pays
Terrorist Trump Video Emerges
Sanctuary Cities Threaten Democrats
For Hillary, Bill Quickly Goes from Asset to Liability
Hillary's Coming Legal Crisis
Hillary's Problems Grow
Mark Levin Declares War on Donald Trump?
GOP Debate: Who Won?
Cruz Scores Against Trump
13 Hours a Big Problem for Hillary
Trump Demonstrates His "New York Values"
Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, and New York Values
Is Donald Trump a Double-Minded Man?
Hillary Doesn't Want You to See 13 Hours
It's "New York Values" vs. "Duck Dynasty Values"
The Truth About Trump
The Religion of Donald Trump
Palin Endorses Trump
Bernie Sander's $19.6 Trillion in Tax Hikes
Hillary Clinton is in Big Trouble
When Trump Loved Obama
The Death of the Tea Party?
Trump's Heresy at Liberty
Rubio Smartly Answers an Atheist in Iowa
If You Vote For a Godless Man (or Woman), You're Asking for Tyranny
The Conservative Case Against Donald Trump
Clinton's Email Scandal Worsens
The Case for Ted Cruz
Sarah is from Alaska, Trump is from Mars
Where's the Evidence of Trump's Conservatism?
The Real Ted Cruz
On Trump's New York Values, Cruz is Right
Trump & the Conservative Intelligentsia
Trump Supporters and "Victim Syndrome"
Hillary's Email Scandal Appears Gravely Criminal
Ace of Spades: Here's Why I Oppose Rubio
Jerry Falwell Jr.: Why I Endorsed Trump
Regrets, Clinton Style
Donald Trump: Thin-Skinned Tyrant
Rep. Issa: FBI Wants to Indict Hillary and Huma
Christian Leaders Reveal Why They're Backing Ted Cruz
Grow Up Trump!
Christian College President Rebuffs Trump
Funny (If it Wasn't Real) Video: Trump Debates Trump
Pastors/Evangelical Leaders Endorse Rubio
Trump: In His Own (Liberal) Words
Largest TEA Party Group Backs Cruz
Cruz Wins Iowa; Trump Nips Rubio for 2nd
Clinton, Sanders Too Close to Call
Huckabee Drops Out
Iowa Caucus Winners and Losers
Historic "Enthusiasm Gap" Favors GOP
Rush: Rubio's a "Legitimate, Full-Throated Conservative"
Santorum Endorses Rubio
The "Establishment" Nonsense
The Implosion of the Democrats Has Begun
Donald Trump: "Biblically-Illiterate Strip Club Owner"
Clinton: Wall Street's Sugar-Mama
Millennials Heed the Siren Call of Socialism
Cruz, Rubio Attacked for being too Pro-Life
Cruz Again Proves Presidential
Rubio's No Robot
Chris Christie's Liberal Record
Staffer Admits: Bernie's a Communist
Trump Decisively Wins NH
Sanders Crushes Clinton
Winners and Losers in New Hampshire
Socialists Sweep New Hampshire
Leading Pro-Life Women Warn Against Trump
Was Trump Really Against the Iraq War?
Trump: Code Pink Republican
Bernie Sander's Life as a Bum
Trump & Sanders: Magic Sells
Trump Lied. Will His Candidacy Die?
Bush & WMD's: Trump's Absurd Accusations
Secularism vs. Christianity in the GOP
Trump, Lies, and Bankruptcy
Panic Time for the Democrat Establishment
Thomas Sowell Endorses Ted Cruz
The Lure of Socialism
Donald Trump's Oblivious Followers
How to Stop Donald Trump
Nikki Haley Endorses Rubio
As the Culture Breaks, Trump & Sanders Rise
Campaign Creeps
New National Poll: Cruz Leads Trump
Trump Stiffs the "Ordinary Joe"
The Rush Endorsement
The Founders Warned Us About Trump
Hillary's Ugly Racist & Sexist Campaign
Trump's Felonious Friends
Judging the Christianity of Donald Trump
Trump Lies, History Dies
Republican Self-Sabotage
Trump Wins SC
Rubio, Cruz Finish 2nd/3rd
Clinton Wins NV
Democrat Turnout Lags Again
Nobody's Inevitable After South Carolina
Republicans Shatters Turnout Record in SC
Turning Against Trump
To Stop Trump (and Hillary): A Cruz, Rubio Compact
Trump's Yuuge Lies
Are Kasich & Carson Endangering America?
Trump Dominates in Nevada
Carson Stalled
Hookers for Hillary
Rubio-Cruz Ticket Only Way to Stop Trump?
Gullible Americans
Message to Black Christians: Voting for Hillary is a "Grave Sin"
Trump and the Culture War
The Persistent Myths of Donald Trump
Is Trump a Hypocrite on Immigration?
Kasich to Christians: Time to "Move-On" Over Same-Sex "Marriage"
What is Trump Offering?
GOP Debate: Rubio, Cruz Go After Trump
3 Questions for Trump Supporters
Trump's Secret Weapon
Max Lucado: Does Trump Pass the Decency Test?
Finally, Rubio Gets the Best of Trump
Chris Christie Endorses Trump
"Cultural Evangelicals" Support Trump
Cooling Down Trump
Bill Clinton Snaps at Veteran
Hillary Easily Wins South Carolina
The Trump University Scam
Romney Entering the Race?
40 Reasons Not to Vote for Trump
Trump Supporters: You're Being Duped!
The Long List of Donald Trump's Business Failures
What Evangelical Support of Trump Reveals
Hewitt: Of Course Trump is Better than Clinton
Potential Hillary Indictment Clouds the Dems Nomination
Donald Trump is a Scam
The Trumpster Fire
A Casino Tycoon for President?
Why We Believe in Ted Cruz
How to Fight Trump
Exploring Trumpism
How Bad a Candidate is Hillary?
"Welcome to Europe"
Super Tuesday Winners & Losers
Super Tuesday Results
GOP Delegate Count
5 Reasons Trump is Weaker than He Looks
U.S. is on the Road to Declinistan
Trump Nomination or Contested Convention?
Cruz is the Alternative to Trump
Carson Drops Out
To Win, Cruz and Rubio Need to Unite
When Does Hillary Get to Play the "Disavow Game?"
Hillary's Legal Woes Aren't Going Away
Good News for the Cruz Camp
Trump Is the 3rd Party Candidate
Trump Put on Defense in Latest GOP Debate
Cruz Shines at Debate
Rush: Cruz Won Troubling Debate
A Guide to Today's Electoral Contests
Cruz Wins CPAC Poll
A Big Night for Ted Cruz
A Bad Night for Rubio
KS, ME, KY, LA Election Results
GOP Delegate Count
True Pro-Lifers Don't Praise Planned Parenthood
Looking Like a Cruz vs. Trump Showdown
Dem Turnout & Voter ID: The Dirty Secret
Trump Nation's Capitulation
The Myth of Evangelical Trump Voters
Trump: Haven't We Seen His Like Before?
Trump's Authoritarianism
Mississippi Gov. Endorses Cruz
If God Had Coffee with Donald Trump
Dems Should Worry About Their Own Authoritarianism
Sanders Stuns Clinton in Michigan
GOP Race: Trump Wins 3 States, Cruz 1
Dear GOP: Unite Behind Cruz or Deserve Your Fate
Fiorina Endorses Cruz
Marco Rubio's Sinking Ship
The Real Ted Cruz
Sen. Mike Lee Endorses Cruz
Trump Campaign Manager Assaults Reporter
A Civil GOP Debate
Gary Kasparov to Bernie Sanders: Don't Lecture Me About Socialism
Why I Will Never Vote for Donald Trump
National Review Endorses Cruz
Dr. Carson's Disgrace
The Foolish, Undying Affection for Trump
Trump the RINO
The Thuggishness of the Trump Campaign
Cruz Easily Wins Wyoming
Horror Show: The Media's Embrace of Trump
Liberal Thugs Will Only Help Trump
Ted Cruz "Walks the Walk" on Conservatism
Donald Trump Didn't Start the Divisive Rhetoric
Rush, Breitbart, Trump, and the Republican Reconquista
GOP Delegate Count
Election Results
It's Down to Trump & Cruz
Only Cruz Can Stop Trump
Trump Supporters are the Real RINOs
Lindsey Graham Endorses Cruz
Conservative Forces Organize Against Trump
The Election Doesn't Matter, America is Already Dead
Rubio Signals Support for Cruz
The Jester Who Would be King
Soros & His Liberal Surrogates Support Kasich
Romney to Vote for Cruz
Cruz Can Beat Trump
The Case for Trump + Cruz
Trump & the GOP Establishment
Rush: Ted Cruz Can Still Win
David Brooks Trump Attack Goes for Obama As Well
John Kasich Has a Religious Freedom Problem
Kasich's Utterly Bizarre Campaign
Trump Wins Arizona, Cruz Wins Utah
Kasich Loses to Rubio's Ghost in Arizona
The Insane Campaign of John Kasich
Latest Fox National Poll: Trump, Cruz Nearly Even
Trump is Not Pro-Family
Ted Cruz is Religious Liberty's Only Hope
Contested Convention Favors Cruz
Trump's No Reagan
Would President Trump Dump Melania?
Bernie's 3-State Rout of Hillary
Donald Trump's Useful Idiots
Scott Walker Endorses Ted Cruz
Judge Trump by the Company He Keeps
Trump Again Proves His Ignorance of Limited Govt.
For Cruz to Ensure Nomination: Pick Kasich for VP
Trump & the Death of Reason
Trump is no Pro-Lifer
Trump, Master Seducer
Hillary's Delusional Media Courtiers
Why the Anger? Failure of Obamanomics
Dumping Trump
Where is Marco Rubio?
Most Women Don't Like Hillary
Trump is Toast and Good Riddance
Dangerous Donald Trump
Cruz Easily Wins Wisconsin
Wisconsin a Turning Point for Cruz?
Cruz Takes Lead in Reuters Polling Average
Why Fear a Brokered Convention?
Contested Convention vs. Brokered Convention
The Kasich Campaign Panics
Remember: Most Republicans Have Voted Against Trump
While Trump Whines, Cruz is Surging by Design
Civil War in the Trump Camp
Trump and "Fairness"
"Inexcusable" for Evangelical Leaders to Support Trump
Trump Worship
It's Ted Cruz or Bust
Single Tweet Sums Up Trump Campaign
Cruz Bags Colorado Delegates
Ted Cruz is the Real Front Runner
Trump and "New York Values"
Scenes from a Political Revolution: Colorado Style
Cruz Has Already Won the GOP Nomination
Cruz's Colorado Sweep Inflames the Trumpkins
Rush: Ted Cruz Isn't Cheating, He's Winning
Trump's Weak Ground Game is His Fault
Cruz Racking Up Favorable Delegates
Rubio: Only Conservative Left is Cruz
Trump's Virtual Lynch Mob
The Delusional, Destructive John Kasich
The Mythical "Voterless Election"
Bernie Sanders' Moral Narcissism
"Eye for an Eye" Shows Trump Needs the Gospel
Donald Trump's Prosperity Preachers
Donald Trump's Family Values
Trump's "Voterless Election" Myth
Trump Sweeps New York
Cruz Going All-In on Indiana
The Facts on the GOP Convention
Rush: Trump's Waffling is Confounding
The (Continuous) Gift of Trump's Ramshackle Campaign
Trump Bandwagon is Rolling Towards a Cliff
Trump Says He'll "Absolutely" Change GOP's Pro-Life Platform
Trump Isn't Politically Incorrect, He's Just Wrong
Trump Goes Trans
See: Amazing New Ted Cruz Ad
Bernie Sander's Radical Past (the search for his grandfather)
In Effort to Stop Trump, Cruz & Kasich Strike Deal
Trump Criticizes Cruz/Kasich Deal
Cruz Promises to End the War on Coal
Conservatives for Trump?
Let the Convention Do Its Job
Trump Adopts Cruz's Delegate Strategy?
Cruz-Kasich Deal Faltering?
Trump, Clinton Roll in I-95 Primaries
Trump is Nowhere Near the "Presumptive Nominee"
GOP Race Still Down to Indiana & California
Spinning Trump's Defeat
Cruz to Name Fiorina Running Mate
Trump's 3 "YUGE" Lies About Ted Cruz
Rush Limbaugh: Ted Cruz Just Got a Great Endorsement
Coulter vs. Coulter
The World According to Trump
Who's the Establishment Candidate?
Latest Indiana Poll: Cruz Has Double-Digit Lead
Elect Trump & You Elect the Problem
Indiana: Why Cruz Takes the Lead
The Art of the Con: The Trump University Fraud Case
Former CA Governor Endorses Ted Cruz
Donald Trump's Feast of Incoherence
Cruz: Trump "The Biggest Fraud in the History of Electoral Politics"
When Bible-Quoting "Trumpists" Curse Me
Trump's Nomination and the Decaying of the Republican Party
Donald Trump is a Liar, and He's Lying to You
The Democrats Are in Disarray
Sanders Upsets Clinton in Indiana
The Democrats Are in Disarray
Trump Easily Wins Indiana
What Now for #NeverTrump?
Cruz Suspends Campaign
Trump and His Supporters Insult Our Intelligence
It's Trump. Get Over It.
Jindal: My Vote's for Trump
Clinton vs. Trump is God's Judgment
Biden-Warren 2016?
Goodbye Republican Party, And Good Riddance
What Now, Conservatives?
True True Conservatism
Get Over What about Trump, Exactly?
Trump's Establishment Yes Men
Speaker Paul Ryan Not Ready to Endorse Trump
Trump's Hollow Crown
"Trumpocalypse" Was Predicted 30 Years Ago
Neither Clinton Nor Trump
Untrustworthy: 13-Minute Video Captures Hillary's Lies
#NeverTrump & #NeverHillary
Sowell: Trump an "Unmitigated Disaster"
Voting for the Rodeo Clown
Trump Lashes Out at Southern Baptist Convention's Russell Moore
The Scariest Reason Trump Won
Cruz Re-Opens Door to Challenge Trump
A Trump Landslide in November?
Of Course Trump Can Win
15 Reasons Trump is a Liberal (& a Loon)
Trump, Ryan Meeting Goes Well
Should Christians Vote for Trump?
Why "Never Hillary" Trumps "Never Trump"
Trump's the Anti-Reagan
Trump or Clinton--A Hobson's Choice?
Rush: Cutting Through the Noise on Trump vs. Clinton
The Hillary Clinton Myth
Bernie Sander's Wife Closes a College
Hillary's Viral Nightmare: Thirteen Minutes of Lying
Trump Unveils His List of Potential Supreme Court Judges
What if Clinton Gets Indicted?
5 Reasons Hillary Isn't Fit to be President
The Ballad of Trump
Donald Trump and the "F-Word"
Trump Now Leads Clinton in RCP National Avg.
Voters Cry Out for Another Choice for President
Engineering Better Voters (It' Impossible)
Ryan Ready to Endorse Trump?
Santorum Endorses Trump
Trump's Secret Weapon is Hillary
Socialist Bernie Sanders Can't Explain Venezuela
Hillary Clinton--Career Criminal
Yes, Hillary Was An Enabler
Rubio's Downfall
Will Cruz Endorse Trump?
Trump's Intellectuals
The 2 Most Unpopular Presidential Candidates
Vet Charities Just Now Receive Their Check From Trump
Hillary's George Constanza Defense
David French for President?
Paul Ryan Endorses Trump
Trump Haters and Anti-Americanism
Hillary's Goons
Anti-Trump Riots Planned and Funded by the Left
Trump: The Tar Baby Nominee
Clinton Clinches Democrat Nomination
Trump and the Down Ballot
Trump's Answer for "Who Do You Say Jesus Is?"
Google Prefers Hillary
Bernie's Army of Freeloaders
One Giant Leap for Clinton-kind
Rubio's Running
Trump Fires Campaign Manager
The Trump Nuclear Bomb
Trump Has a Playboy Hanging on His Wall
Illegal Immigrant Tries to Kill Trump
Ten Reflections on Trump's Meeting with Evangelicals
Rush: Trump Tells the Truth About Hillary
From "Never Trump" to "Maybe Trump"
Blue-Collar Heroes Laud Trump
Hillary Clinton is Unfit to Handle Classified Information
Large and Growing Number of Voters Don't Trust Clinton
Trump Picks Pence for VP
Pence a Good Match for Trump
Conservative Leaders Praise Pence Pick
Trump-Pence is a Winner for the GOP
With Pence, Trump Makes a Governing Choice
Tony Perkins on the GOP Platform
The Trump-Proof Convention Message
Trump's Best Path to Victory
Cruz Snubs Trump
Cruz Played His Role
Pence Gives Rousing Speech
Trump to Disaffected Americans: I am Your Voice
GOP's "Come to Trump" Moment
Text of Trump's Speech
Clinton Picks Senator Kaine for VP
Trump Must Pledge to Implement the GOP Platform
The Clinton Crime Family Tried to Bury Bernie
Trump Gets Big Bounce Out of Convention
Jeers for Pelosi, Cheers for Sanders in Ominous Start to the Democrat Convention
Sodom & Gomorrah, Trump & Clinton
Black Votes Matter
No Visible American Flags at DNC on Day 1
Meet the "New" Hillary Clinton
LOL at the DNC
From #NeverTrump to #NeverClinton
Dem Convention is the Victim Group Olympics
Clinton's Night Marred by Contradiction and Dissent
What's the Case for Hillary?
Clinton Campaign Hacked
The Agony of Hillary
"Forward" to a Dark Place
What if an Anti-American Cult had a Convention?
Lost in Democrats' Fantasy Land
Yes We Khan!
Why Can't Hillary Stop Lying?
What Sacrifices has Hillary Clinton Made?
Trump and the God Vote
The Duck Dynasty vs. Lena Dunham Election
Trump Endorses Paul Ryan
25 Reasons Not to Vote for Hillary
Hillary's Health Becoming an Issue
Hillary's History vs. Trump's Words
This Election Reveals: God's Judging America
The AP Campaigns for Hillary
Hillary Clinton: Truth Arsonist
Hillary Generously Donated to Her Favorite Charity: Herself
"Of Two Evils, Choose Neither?"
The Morality of Voting for Trump
Clinton's Crumbling Foundations
All the Issues Favor Trump
It's the Ideology, Stupid
A Turning Point in Trump's Campaign?
Trump 1.0, 2.0, 3.0,...
Americans Affirm Voter ID Laws
Hillary's Sick
Liberals Freaking Out Over Matt Lauer's Questions to Hillary
Impeach Hillary Now
"Make America Great Again" is (Wait for It) Racist
Hillary Again Falls Ill
Hillary's Health No Longer a Matter of Conspiracy
Hillary's Real Sickness is Not Physical
Hillary & the Homophobes
Governing the Deplorables
Benghazi Station Chief: Hillary's a Liar
Hillary's Not Even a Competent Liar
Tell Us Hillary: What Percent of Muslims Are "Deplorable?"
Hillary's Campaign is Stealing from Her Poorest Donors
Latest Polls: Minorities Abandoning Hillary
Clinton's Birther Problem
Clinton's Samantha Bee Problem
Who's the Treasonous Candidate?
Democrats Assault the Rule of Law, Not Trump
Witless Hollywood Clowns Peddle Democrat Propaganda
Ted Cruz Endorses Trump
Cruz Explains
Eugenic Hillary's Pitch to the Disabled
First Debate: Clinton Not Good Enough
First Debate: Trump's Missed Opportunities
8 Things to Remember About the Clinton-Trump Debate
Grading the First Debate
The Aborted Birther
Hillary's Talk of "Implicit Bias" Should Scare You
Hillary Clinton and the Rodeo Queens
Trump's Secret Weapon: The Conservative Agenda
Non-Citizens Are Voting (1,000 in VA)
FBI Destroyed Evidence to Help Hillary
To NeverTrumpers: The Case for Donald Trump
VP Debate: Pence Gives GOP a Boost
Kaine Often Interrupts Pence
Mike Pence: A Big Reason to Vote Trump
Halloween Prequel: Democrats Register the Dead
Hilarious: Everyday People Respond to Hollywood Actors' Election Plea
Perfect Pence
Trashy Audio Emerges From Trump's Past; More Hidden Hillary Emails Released
The Trump Video
Quit Now, Trump
Trump's Dirty Talk vs. Hillary's Corruption
Is Trump a Goner?

No, Trump Isn't Done
Multiple Calls For Trump to Drop Out
Trump's Apology
Leaks Should Derail Hillary
America, You Have No Right to Judge Donald Trump
Hillary Playing the Prude is the Height of Hypocrisy
Trump Pounces on Clinton in Bruising Debate
Trump Bounces Back
Nobody Left to Like
The Bonfire of the Hypocrisies
Nobody Left to Like
The Real Deplorables
Should Christians Vote for Trump?
At Stake: The Constitution
Vote Fraud is Real Enough to Tip an Election
The Presidential Candidates We Deserve
Gropers and Rapists for Hillary
Trash Talk and the White House
The Moral Bankruptcy Race
Two Unfit Candidates
Trumped-Up Outrage
In Attacking Trump, Democrats Expose Themselves
Trump vs. Hillary: Embarrassment vs. Evil
The Case for Trump
Trump's Misdemeanors vs. Clinton's Felonies
Trump & Hollywood Hypocrisy
Hillary Clinton: Devil's Advocate
The Ignorance of White Women With College Degrees
8 Times Liberals Claimed an Election was Stolen
Hillary's Most Outrageous Lies from the Last Debate
Don't Blame #NeverTrump
Trump is the Only Pro-Life Choice
Hillary's Answer on Abortion Proves Why She's "Nasty"
Secret Service Also Considered Her Nasty
Gore, Trump, & Liberal Hypocrisy
The Tragedy of Trump
What Trump Got Right
Who's the Real Nut Here?
Dr. Michael Brown: Why I'll Vote for Donald Trump
Breitbart Worked With Democrats During GOP Primary
Again, the Left Risks its Credibility for a Clinton
Do We Want a Criminal in the White House?
Longtime Clintonite Withdraws Support for Hillary
Clinton Has Herself to Blame for Crumbling Campaign
Democrats Own Hillary's Troubles
Democrats Asked for This
Where's Huma?
Liberals:You Can't Lecture About Trump When You Nominated a Depraved Crook
A Call for #NeverHillary
Clinton Sycophants Blinded by the Light
I'm a Woman Voting for Trump & It's Not Even Close
Only One Candidate is Under Investigation by the FBI
President Obama Promotes Voter Fraud
Voting Does Not Complete Your Civic Duty
The Election Fables of 2016
Painful Choices

NY Times: 95%-plus Chance Its Trump
FiveThirtyEight: 93% Trump Wins
Real Clear Politics: Trump Wins!
Donald Trump's Triumph
The New Republican Party
Clinton Cowers: Skips Her Concession Speech
Students Riot Over Trump Win
Trump Blasts the Blue Wall, Wins the White House
Trump Wins, Time to End GOP Civil War
GOP Keeps Complete Control of Congress
Lefty Celebs Freak Out Over Trump's Win
How Trump Pulled It Off
Exit Poll Analysis
Trump 2016 Would've Beaten Obama 2012
Donald Trump's Minority Voters
Congrats, America
Pro-Abortion Leader Weeps for Hillary
Radical Social Agenda Cost the Democrats
Election Brings Moment of Reckoning for Democrats
Liberals Across the U.S. Throw Their Own "Trumpertantrum"
Hate in the Time of Tantrums
Religious Right Resurrected!
Decimation of the Democratic Party, Visualized
Liberals Remind Us Why We Oppose Them
Why Trump Won
Violence & Riots in "Obama's America"
Obama's Main Legacy: The Collapse of the Democrat Party
Hillary Clinton Lost b/c She's Hillary Clinton
Post-Election Hate is a Mirage
"I Won"
Democrats: Vicious, Violent, Anti-Democratic
Obama's Legacy About to be Erased
Democrats Won't Autopsy Their Own Corpse
Long Live the Electoral College
"Adults Are Back in the White House"
Hillary Voters: The Minority in 37 States
Democrat Legislative Losses Unprecedented Under Obama
The Never-Ending Story of Election Recounts
Marriage, Single Parents, and the  2016 Election
GOP Wins Senate Runoff in Louisiana
Liberals Dream of Election Do-Over
Rampant Voter Fraud in Detroit?
Russia Didn't Elect Trump, America Did
The Excellent Electoral College
Election Fraud Nonsense


Romney Out
Liberal Attacks are Helping Scott Walker
Breathtaking Victory for Netanyahu
Ted Cruz Announces for President
Rand is Running
5 Things Every Christian Should Know About Hillary Clinton
Rubio & Hillary are In
5 Facts About Rubio's Faith
7 Reasons NOT to Vote for Hillary
The Creepiness of Hillary's Run
Should Obama Voters Repent?
The 5 Koch Candidates
Biblical Values--Or Vegas Values?
Yes, Voter Fraud Happens
O'Malley Announces White House Bid
6 Faith Facts on Rick Perry
Democrat Fingerprints on NY Times' Rubio Hit-Piece
NY Times Ignored Obama's Unpaid Tickets
Clinton's Faux War on Voting Rights
Liberals Fear Marco Rubio
Rubio Envy
Why is Ben Carson Rising?
Scott Walker's Fiscal Record
Donald Trump and the WHINOS
Scott Walker Makes it Official
5 Faith Facts on Scott Walker
The Trump Implosion
Trump & McCain: A Teachable Moment
5 Faith Facts on John Kasich
State of the Republican Race
Trump's an Idiot and a Fool
Could Trump Win?
God & Donald Trump
Jeb Bush Tied to Planned Parenthood?
7 Questions for GOP Candidates
GOP Debate Report Card
The Debate: No Big Story
Did Bill Clinton Call and Encourage Trump to Run?
Rush's Debate Thoughts
Carly Fiorina on Hillary's Lies
Donald Trump, Paris Hilton and the American Id
It's Likely to End Badly With Trump
Whining Isn't Winning
Mo Money, Mo Politics
Trump Isn't the Cure
Trump and Sanders are Only Symptoms
Carson Inconsistent on Life?
What's Trump's Moral Compass?
Ask Hillary the God Question
Hillary Dropping in Swing State Polls
Hillary's Qualifications
The Birds Circling Over Hillary Clinton
An Open Letter to Donald Trump
Trump & the Fate of the GOP
Ben Carson: The Superior Outsider
Hillary: Nominee or Indictee?
Why Are Evangelicals Supporting Trump?
Shock Poll: Sanders Leads Clinton in Iowa
Carson Leads Clinton in Latest Poll
Bush Leads as Well
The Age of the No-Information Voter
Clinton Campaign Should Start Panicking
Rick Perry's Out
Fiorina Hammers Trump in Debate
Evangelicals Shouldn't Support Trump
Carly Fiorina Brilliantly Handled the Abortion Issue
Trump and Liberal Hypocrisy
Conservative Case Against Fiorina
Biden's Obama Problem
The Question No Candidate Will Answer
The Fall of Scott Walker
Why Liberals Should Love Donald Trump
Hillary Clinton's Empire of Dirt
On Islam, Carson's Right
Does the Faith of Our President Matter?
Ted Cruz Wins Values Voter Straw Poll
Trump's Pitiful Answers on the Bible
Carson Raises $20 million
Ben Carson on Evolution
Carson Declares War on the Press
Why Ben Carson Scares the Media
Left Really Hates Ben Carson
Democrat Debate: Thieves, Liars, and Idiots
Insurrection Erupts at the DNC
Biden Not Running
Bad News for Democrats: Clinton is Inevitable
Why Ben Carson Can Win
At Debate, Rubio & Cruz Shine
Cruz Eviscerates CNBC Moderators
CNBC & Bush Commit Debate Suicide
Debate 3: Ted Cruz Changes the Game
Carson vs. Obama
Misunderstanding Ben Carson
Bye, Jeb
LGBT "Rights" Lose Big in Houston
Republican Wins KY Governor's Race in a Rout
Gov. Bryant (R) Easily Wins Re-election in MS
Ben Carson: "Why I Have the Experience to be President"
Social "Justice" Bullies Lose
From Houston, Signs of How Dems Are Bound to Fracture
Ben Carson and the Pyramids of Egypt
Michael Brown Endorses Ted Cruz
Carson: Why Wasn't Media So Interested in Obama's Past?
Pandering to Illegals Won't Save Bush, Kasich
Ted Cruz is For Real
Ben Carson Speaks to Liberty University
Democrat Debate: Incoherent on ISIS
Hillary Clinton's Million Little Lies
Marco Rubio's Detailed Faith Confession
The Conservative Case for Ted Cruz
National Organization for Marriage Endorses Ted Cruz
The Trump Cult of Personality and Its Conservative Media Enablers
Hating Trump
Trump's Lesson for the GOP
Trump is Following Obama's Script
More Faith Leaders Endorse Cruz
Examining Trump's Policies
Trump's Cult of Personality is Corrupting Conservatism
Ted Cruz Surges in Iowa
Is Trump a Democrat?
Report: Dozens of Conservative Activists Plan to Endorse Cruz
Ted Cruz's Foreign Policy Triumph
James Dobson Endorses Ted Cruz
Ted Cruz is No "Isolationist"
The Democrats Theme for 2016 is Totalitarianism
Hillary's Insane Lie about Trump
Cruz vs. Rubio
Gowdy Endorses Rubio
Clinton's Sexism Charges Ring Hollow


Perdue Wins GA Runoff
Senate Forecast: GOP Has 86% Chance 
Dems Fear Turnout Debacle
The Country of the Blind
GOP Senate Takeover "More and More Assured"
Zell Miller Endorses Nunn-(d) & Deal-(r)
Dueling Poll Results in GA
How to Keep Libertarians from Robbing Republicans
2008: The Madness that Got Obama Elected
Democrats Pin Hopes on Voter Amnesia
Poll Offers Brutal News for Democrats
Democrats in Desperation
How to Tell if You're Too Stupid to Vote
GOP Must Not "Play Defense" on the "Moral  Issues"
Liberal Doves Run as Hawks
Amazing Election Ad Aimed at LA Blacks
60% of Voters: Repeal Obamacare
Why Winning the Senate Matters
GOP 2016: What about Bobby Jindal?
Watch as a Dem Tries to Run From Obama
Obama Voters Reveal Regrets
Elbert Guillory: Dem Nightmare
Nunn Mum on Voting for Obama
Latest Election Polls
Voters Experience "Obamanesia"
Latest Polls
Obamacare Sinking Senate Dems
Poll: Women Support GOP
2016: Prepare for Scott Walker
Democrats in Disarray
GOP Pulling Away
House Dems Fret Massive Losses
Harry Reid Doomed Dem Senators
Voter ID Myth Crashes
The Wendy Davis Campaign Implodes
Time for Libertarians to Vote Republican
A Referendum on Competence
Final Election Push
Desperate Dems Deal the Race Card
Punish Dems for Enabling Obama
Why Blacks Vote Overwhelmingly for Democrats
Facing Defeat, Dems Retreat Into Fantasy
Voter Fraud and Voter I.D.
Lena Dunham Shouldn't be Allowed to Vote
Is Voting Enough?
NY Times Wants to Cancel the Midterms
GOP Tsunami
Voter's Verdict Explodes Democrat Myths
A Harsh Referendum on Obama
A Stunning Tidal Wave of Change
A Referendum on Obama
Climate Change? An Issue for Election Losers
What Elections Reveal About Us
Evangelicals Fueled the GOP Wave
Why Voters Hate the Obama Economy
Why the Democrats Lost
GOP Controls 66 of 99 State Legislative Houses
When NAACP is on the Wrong Side of Civil Rights
In Defeat, Obama Claims a Mandate
A Bad Omen for the Dems' Future
The Polls vs. Election Results
"War on Women" a Disaster for Democrats
Conservative Revolution in the States
Pelosi Denies "Wave" Election
Outside Groups Abandon Landrieu
Stupid Is As Stupid Votes?
Michigan Demonstrates Why Elections Matter
Dems War on Energy Dooms Landrieu
Congress Needs Term Limits
Landrieu Loses Big in Louisiana
Good Riddance
Why the Democrats Lost the South



Three Lessons From Iowa
Rush: This Race is Far From Over
The Stephanopoulos Standard
Romney Doesn't Need to Apologize for Bain Career
Romney Wins NH Primary
Huntsman Out, Endorses Romney
Evangelicals Support Santorum
Perry Out, Endorses Newt
Gingrich Wins SC
Why Gingrich Won and Romney Lost
Why is the Establishment so Worried?
Rush Defends Newt
Attacks Against Gingrich "Obscene"
We Should Hate Newt for This?
Is Anybody Serious?
Elliot Abrams Caught Misleading on Newt
GOP Primary Doesn't Matter: Obama's Done
Romney Easily Wins FL
Obama is Unelectable
The Truth About "Electability"
Coulter, Romneycare, and the GOP Crackup
Levin Rebuts Coulter on Romneycare
Santorum Sweeps 3
Obama Will Lose
Sex, Lies, and Santorum
Super Tuesday: Romney Leads, Santorum Strong
Southern Sweep for Santorum
'Ten Commandments Judge' Poised for Return
Obama's Bad Election Night
Wisconsin Recall: Walker Dominates, Labor Falters
Romney's High School Past vs. Obama's
Romney Hit Piece Implodes
Romney Should Win in a Landslide
A Historic Sweep for the GOP?
Obama: "Born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii" 
Judge Uphold's PA Voter ID Law
Voters Back ID Laws
DNC Becoming Giant Pro-Abortion Rally
GOP Nominates Romney
Ann Romney's Speech
Chris Christy's Speech
Devastating Abortion Ad Against Obama
2012 Election: The Great American Worldview Test
Presidential Polls Misleading
The Particulars of Polls
Left Not Impressed With Obama's Debate Performance
Obama Has To Defend His Record
Romney Dominates
Obama's the One in Trouble
Biden Bombed
Ghosts of Al Gore Will Haunt Biden
"It's OK for a Christian to Vote for a Mormon"
"Black Christians: Shame! Shame! Shame!"
Reality Is Why Obama Is In Big Trouble
Don't Be Fooled, Debate Helped Romney
More Women Choosing Romney
Only GOP Gaffes Dominate Presidential Coverage
Team Obama Sees the Writing on the Wall
Watching the Collapse of the Obama Campaign
Election Projection: Romney 52%, Obama 47%
Gallup: Romney up 52-45% Among Early Voters
Why Romney Will Win
Romney's Quiet Rise
The Problem With Obama's "Revenge"
Internal Polls Show Romney Lead
Race Favors Romney
Obama on Empty
Pennsylvania in Play
Four Reasons Romney Will Win
Four More Years
Status Quo Holds
Romney Supporters Struggle to Explain Defeat
Lessons of the 2012 Election
Jindal: How the GOP Wins
Yes, Romney Was The Problem
Learning From the Election





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