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For the most part, the articles/columns linked below appear in chronological order, beginning with the earliest, for each year listed. 


Settled Science Hates Pot
Single-Payer Crisis in Britain
Looks Like Obamacare is Helping to Fuel the Opioid Epidemic
Is There a Link Between Liberalism and Depression?
Obamacare's Massacre of the Innocents
Alfie Evans: Another Tragic Victim of Socialized Medicine
Alfie Evans Foreshadows a Dark American Future
What Alfie's Saga was Really All About
A Great Plan to Reduce Drug Prices
Why Are 28 Million Able-Bodied Adults on Medicaid?
As Obamacare Premiums Soar, Democrats Lie
Medicare is Broke, & Dems Want to Expand It
Return Capitalism to Healthcare
Obamacare Repeal Back From the Dead?
Obamacare is Now Optional


Obamacare: Repeal Now, Replace Later 
Republicans Have a Plan, & That Scares Democrats
How to Repeal Obamacare
Incurable Obamacare
Obamacare is Killing Rural Hospitals and Their Patients
Obamacare's 20 Million Number is Fake
The Phony "Public Health Crisis" of Gun Violence
Unraveling the Obamacare Mandate
Yes, Republicans Have a Plan for Health Reform
GOP Senators to Introduce Obamacare Alternative
Marijuana Helping (mostly liberal) Women Give Birth to Mentally Impaired Babies
Repealing and Replacing Obamacare, for Real
5 Worst Things About Obamacare
How to Replace Obamacare & Save Social Security
No, Obamacare Has Not Saved Lives
House GOP Reveals Healthcare Bill
Analyzing the GOP's Obamacare Replacement
Trump Backs Obamacare Replacement Plan
Conservative Groups Slam "Obamacare Lite"
Conservative Legislators Reveal Their Health Plan
Does Anyone Know What Insurance Is?
The Beginning of Obamacare's End
Real Healthcare Reform Will Require a Fight w/the Left
About American's "Losing" Their Health Insurance
Liberal Columnist (Unwittingly) Makes Case for Obamacare Repeal
Maddow's "Scoop" on Trump Tax Returns Falls Flat
Obamacare's Defenders Have No Idea What Insurance Is
Insurance Is NOT for Ordinary Health Care
Make Health Insurance Insurance Again
House GOP: Slow Down and Fix the Obamacare Replacement
Conservatives Trapped in the Healthcare Swamp
To Fix Healthcare, Get Govt. Out of It!
How Trump Can Fix Health Care
Trump Wants Health Care Vote Today
Trump Orders Health Care Bill Pulled
Health Care Failure An Indictment of GOP Leadership
Trump: We Learned a Lot
Dear GOP: Reboot It
Where Does Obamacare Repeal Go From Here?
The Freedom Caucus Killed Trump-Ryan Plan?
How to Reverse This Weeks' Obamacare Defeat
Political Reform Won't Fix Our Health Problems
Effort to Repeal Obamacare is Far from Dead or Over
Republicans Meet to Plot Next Attempt at Obamacare Repeal
On Obamacare, Don't Rush and Don't Give Up
Opioids and "the Good Life"
Obamacare Repeal Deal Near?
How to Cover the Sick
The Radical Transgender Agenda of the AAP
Repeal & Piecemeal: A Better Obamacare Strategy
Too Many Republicans Don't Want to Repeal Obamacare
Insuring the Uninsurable
GOP Confident They Have the Votes on Obamacare Repeal/Replace
GOP House Votes to Repeal/Replace Obamacare
Taxpayers Should Not be Forced to Pay for Anyone's Health Care
House Votes to Repeal/Replace Obamacare, Senate Should Follow
5 Takeaways from GOP's Repeal of Obamacare
Levin: "House Bill Only Repeals 10% of Obamacare"
Health Care, from the Top
Liberal Healthcare Hysteria
House GOP Moves the Ball Forward
Libs Lie About GOP Healthcare Bill & Pre-Existing Conditions
My Husband Would've Died With Obamacare
Obamacare Killed 80k in 2015
The "Right" to Health Care?
Democrats' Obamacare Lies Keep Coming
We're All Murderers Now
Cleaning Up Democrats' Healthcare Mess
Stop the "Orgy of Demagogic Stupidity:" American Health Care Act Does Not Make Rape a Pre-Existing Condition
Facts About Moms & Pre-Existing Conditions
Another Nail in the Obamacare Coffin
GOP Doublespeak on "Free Market" Health Care
Are We Ready to Pay for "Free" Health Care?
The End of the Obamacare Subsidy?
No, GOP Healthcare Bill Will Not Cause 23 Million to "Lose" Insurance
California's Looming Health Care Disaster
CA's Single-Payer Fantasy
Obamacare's Collapse Continues
Obamacare Repeal Moves Forward
Even Democrats Can't Fix Obamacare
No, RoundUp Does Not Cause Cancer (ANOTHER Left-Wing Science Scandal)
Liberals Forget How Obamacare Was Passed
Sorry Democrats: You Don't Get to Rewrite History of Obamacare Passage
Senate GOP Reveals Healthcare Bill
No, the GOP Isn't "Sabotaging" Obamacare
So, You Want a Swiss Health-Care System?
Single Payer Health Care Dies in CA
GOP Bill Isn't Great, But It's Better Than Obamacare
Facing Reality on Obamacare Repeal
CBO Scores GOP Health Bill
Let Consumers Repeal Obamacare
The CBO is Wrong---Again
Senate GOP Postpones Healthcare Vote
Using the Left's Own Standards, Obamacare is "Killing" Thousands
Obamacare's Victims Need Relief Now
Reality Isn't Fair
CBO Predictions on Senate Health Bill Are Deeply Flawed
Barbarism Isn't What It Used to Be
Americans Need Relief From Obamacare
The Left's Dangerously Stupid Health Care Rhetoric
A Truck Driver Reveals Real Problems With Obamacare
The True Meaning of Socialized Medicine
A Baby Condemned to Death by Socialized Medicine
Ted Cruz's Healthcare Solution
Obamacare is Killing People
Bernie, Why Do You Want Babies to Die?
Socialized Medicine Yanks a Baby's Life Support
Obamacare is Causing Insurers to Delay Needed Surgeries
Rand Paul's Interesting Healthcare Plan
Ted Cruz & Mike Lee Have an Rx
Junk Insurance or Junk Reporting?
Covering Pre-Existing Conditions, Driving Down Premiums
McConnell Attempts Repeal Without Replacement
Apartment Fires & Health Insurance
RINO's Killing Obamacare Repeal/Replace
Trump: We'll Let Obamacare Fail
The Senate Repeal and Replace Fiasco
Charlie Gard is the Face of Single Payer
Obamacare Betrayal by RINO Senators Means War
Trump Pressures GOP Senators on Obamacare Repeal
A Better Way to Healthcare Reform
Fixing Healthcare: The "Doc-in-a-Box" Option
The 3 C's of Eliminating Obamacare
The Truth Behind the CBO
Pence Breaks Senate Tie; Obamacare Repeal Clears Key Hurdle
The Lies of Obamacare "Fact-Checkers"
Senate Kills Clean Obamacare Repeal
McCain/Murkowski Betray Conservatives & Kill Obamacare Repeal
McCain Hugs Democrats
McCain & Murkowski Lied to Voters
Watch Hypocrites McCain & Murkowski Rail Against Obamacare
The Fat Lie on "Skinny Repeal"
These Republicans Most Responsible for Obamacare
The 7 Republican Judases in The Senate
Baby Murder Factory Celebrates Obamacare
Is a New Healthcare Bill Coming Soon?
McCain's Obamacare Vote Was Indefensible
The Lie(s) and Tragedies of Obamacare
The Lesson of Charlie Gard
There's No "Bipartisan" Fix to Obamacare
Socialized Medicine Kills
Obamacare is Uninsuring the Insured
Claire McCaskill Calls Obamacare a "Mistake"
The Inconvenient Truth on Obamacare's Premium Spiral
Single Payer: The Healthcare Unicorn
On Medicaid for All: Bernie vs. Bernie
Single-Payer Suicide: Bernie Leads Dems Off a Cliff
Senate GOP Near Votes to Replace Obamacare
How to End Obamacare in Two Pages
Latest GOP Health Plan is the Best Yet
Only One New Healthcare Proposal is "Extreme"
Why Does Jimmy Kimmel Want Americans to Suffer?
Jimmy Kimmel's Failed Test
The Single-Payer Disaster
McCain's Healthcare Betrayal is Inexcusable
States Can Fix Obamacare
There's Life After Sept. 30 for Obamacare Repeal
GOP Must Reject "Bipartisan Solution" to Obamacare
Trump Ends Obama's Contraceptive Mandate
Obama Lied. My 4th Health Plan Died.
Trump Executive Order Loosens Obamacare Rules
Trump Sticks an Executive Order in Obamacare
About Time Trump Ended Obamacare's Illegal Subsidies
Trump Faithfully Executes Unraveling Obamacare
Britain's Single Payer Disaster
Single-Payer Healthcare Kills
Obamacare Quadruples Nevada Premiums in 4 Years
Obamacare Mandate is Repealing Itself
Tax Bill Repeals Obamacare Mandate
The Beginning of the End of Obamacare
The Flu Shot is Largely Useless and Possibly Dangerous
Marijuana: Big Tobacco 2.0


Christian Alternatives to Obamacare 
Insurance Companies Losing Billions b/c of Obamacare
Incoherence & Socialism of Trumpcare
Berniecare and Sanders' Lies
Obamacare "Savings:" Paying Doctors to Deny Care
Pot = Stupid
Of Course: Obamacare Costs Rising
Obamacare's Legacy of Deception
Insurers: Obamacare Unsustainable
Most Hate Their Obamacare Plans
Surgeon General's Warning: Ecigarettes Make Leftists Crazy 
Blame the DDT Ban for Zika
The Truth About Gluten-Free Diets
Diet Dogma & The Salt Wars
Obamacare & 2016
Obamacare Mandate Fail
Large Obamacare Rate Increases Looming
Obamacare is Doomed
A Better Way on Health Care
The Genius of the GOP's Health Plan
Obamacare's Going Bust
Obamacare's Sinking Safety Net
Obamacare Continues to Spiral Down
2/3 of Obamacare Insurers Losing Money
Obamacare is Failing Exactly How Critics Said
Next President Faces Obamacare Meltdown
Obamacare Fails and Uncle Sam Wants You to Pay
Obamacare Death Spiral Returns
Obamacare's Collapse: The Weirdest Excuse Yet
Obamacare Enrollment Half of What Expected
There is No Fix for Obamacare
Obamacare's Assumptions Collapse
Lies of Obamacare, Part MMCCXXII
Dems Argue Only More Govt. Can Fix Obamacare
Hillary's Worst Health Problem: Obamacare
Obamacare in 2017: Higher Prices, Fewer Choices
Another Obamacare Exchange Near Collapse
Hillary Goes Silent on Obamacare
Enslaving Doctors
Obamacare's Meltdown Has Arrived
On Obamacare, Bill Clinton Was Right
Flu Vaccine is Likely Useless
Obama Lied, My 3rd Health Plan Just Died
Obamacare Meltdown is Worse Than We Thought
Obamacare Fails, Again
Shocker: Everything Conservatives Said About Obamacare Has Come True
Obamacare's Implosion Exposes Lies & Deceit
Lamest Excuses for Obamacare Premium Hikes
Obamacare Mess Pushing Voters to Trump
Obama Serves Up "Flaming Garbage" on Obamacare
Obamacare Unravels, Cont'd
McConnell: Yes, We Will Move Quickly to Repeal Obamacare
Putting Obamacare Out of Its Misery
Life After Obamacare
Bye-Bye Obamacare: Tom Price to Head HHS
Surgeon General Gets it Wrong on E-Cigarettes
Compromise on Obamacare Isn't Really Possible
68% of Americans Expect Trump to Repeal Obamacare
Obamacare Attempts to Force Abortion Coverage


Young Lib Supports Obamacare, but Can't Afford It 
Shunning Obamacare
Obamacare 2.0?
State of Emergency: Overcrowding in the ER
The Insane Vaccine Debate
The Insurers and Obamacare
Vaccines, Liberty, and Elite Failure
Telling the Whole Story on Vaccines
Obamacare Despair
Instead of Obamacare
No, Obamacare Isn't Working
Lies of Anti-Depression Industry Exposed
How Obamacare Fails the Poor and Middle-Class
Obamacare's 1095: A Nightmare
Myths of Dietary Dogma Exposed 
Krugman, Obamacare, and Intellectual Integrity
Life Under Obamacare
Obamacare Exchanges on Life Support
E-Cigarettes Can Save Lives and Tax Dollars
Blame Democrats for Obamacare Chaos
Obama Loves Nuns Who Love Obamacare
About the "Success" of Obamacare
Legal Marijuana and Youth: New Evidence
Of Course: Obamacare IS a Govt. Takeover
Medicaid: 50 Year-Old Flimflam
Massive Obamacare Rate Hikes Are For Real
Dispelling Obamacare Cost Saving Myths
Obamacare's Latest Victims
10 Health Risks from Smoking Pot
The Next Obamacare Shock
Jeb Bush's Smart/Conservative Obamacare Alternative
Why 6 Obamacare Insurers Collapsed
Obamacare's Premium Results
Obamacare Entering its Dreaded Death Spiral
Obamacare Calamity Can't Be Swept Under the Rug
Why Obamacare Exchanges are Failing
Marijuana vs. Alcohol & Tobacco
5 Marijuana Myths
Obamacare 3.0
Obamacare's Death Spiral, Stage 1: Denial
Obamacare is Dead
Why Obamacare Won't Be Preserved
Democrats Wanted Obamacare, Now Don't Want to Pay For It
Obamacare's Predictable Collapse
More Marijuana Madness
Doctors Can Treat Gun-Ownership, but Not Homosexuality
U.S. to Allow Homosexual Men to Donate Blood
Obamacare Lessons from UnitedHealth
The Obamacare Wolf Scratching at Your Door


Young Lib Supports Obamacare, but Can't Afford It
A Plan to Replace Obamacare
Huge Increases in Obamacare Premiums Coming
Obamacare Shackles Religious Freedom
Obamacare is Beyond Fixing
Thanks Obamacare: I Lost My Health Insurance
Individual Mandate Goes POOF
Obamacare: How Many Have Enrolled?
Obamacare's Dependency Agenda
The Real Future of Obamacare
Obamacare Debate is Far From Over
Obamacare is Still Unpopular
Are the Uninsured Getting Covered?
Jindal's Obamacare Alternative
Obamacare Will Be Replaced
Obamacare Raising Insurance Costs
Obamacare on Life Support
Obamacare Worked?
Doctor's Pocketed $77 Bil. From Medicare
Delaware's Health Premiums Up 100%
More Troubling Data for Obamacare
Vermont's Single Payer Nightmare
The Next Obamacare Disasters
Obamacare Premiums Rising
Manipulating Obamacare Stats
False Promise of Single-Payer
Obamacare Fiscal Disaster
Stealthy Obamacare Menace
Paying for Obamacare
Obamacare is Not Reducing Healthcare Spending
Massachusetts Abandoning Obamacare Website
Obamacare and the Uninsured
Obamacare Myth-Making
The Health Insurance Trap
Don't Legalize Marijuana
The VA's Lesson in Govt. Healthcare
"Just Another Obamacare Lie"
The Anti-E-Cigarette Conspiracy
Christians Fighting Obamacare
Coverup: Obamacare in the Blue States
"Most Employer-Provided Insurance Will Disappear"
Employer Mandate is Toast
Obamacare Can't Be "Fixed"

Obamacare is Hurting Millions
Obamacare is Sick
The Case for E-Cigarettes
Bigger Threat to Obamacare Looms
1.3 Million Obamacare Enrollees May be Illegals
Could This Case End Obamacare?
10 Words Will Destroy Obamacare?
Obamacare's Biggest Legal Threat
Obamacare Misses Insured Target
A Death Blow for Obamacare?
Obamacare Loses in Court
Architect Undermines Obamacare
An Obamacare Smoking Gun?
Obamacare Architect Caught in Epic Lie
Ebola Outbreak: Fear is Growing
Obamacare and a Lesson in Humility
The Sins of Psychotherapism
Obamacare's IT Disaster
More Discontent With Obamacare
Obamacare Has Not Reduced Ins. Costs
More Bad News for Obamacare
Alcohol vs. Weed
Sex Reassignment, Thanks to Obamacare
Don't Trap People in Medicaid
Medical Labs Fleecing Patients
Healthcare Costs to Rise---Again
Path to Replacing Obamacare
About Those 7.3 Million Obamacare Enrollees
A Look Behind Those Increasing Obamacare Enrollees 
Obamacare Lies
Obamacare Forces Americans to Cover Abortion
AIDS: 2% Accounts for 63%
Nations Race to Stop Ebola
Obamacare a Disaster
A Myth that Obamacare is "Working"
California's Corrupt Obamacare Exchange
Where Did Ebola Come From?
The Ebola Breaking Point
Obamacare Still Unfixable
Ebola Quarantine Objections are Idiotic
Yes, Obamacare Worsens the Deficit
Obamacare as Welfare
Obamacare Architect Admits: Deception Was Key to Passage
Obamacare's Smoking Gun
Obamacare Sold on Lies
The Road to Repealing Obamacare
Preparing for Obamacare's Collapse
Obamacare's Foundation of Lies
How To Replace Obamacare
Deductibles to Rise in 2015
Gruber and Obama's Big Lie
Chuck Schumer Speaks Truth on Obamacare
The Dems Obamacare Disaster
Again: How to Replace Obamacare
Vermont Bails on Single Payer Healthcare
A Warning for Obamacare
Obamacare Closing Free Clinics
NY Requires Medicaid to Cover Sex-Change Operations
Obamacare's Annus Horribilis
The Remorseless Laws of Economics are Killing Obamacare
How is Obamacare Doing?


Wheels Coming Off Obamacare
The Lies of Obamacare
The Fog of Obamacare
More Obamacare Consequences
A Blow to Obamacare
Stop the Obamacare Train
About Those Health Premium Increases in GA
How to Defund Obamacare
Obamacare's Desperate Defenders
Obamacare Snake-Oil
When You've Lost Wolf Blitzer
"All Out Revolt" over Obamacare is Walking Dead
Obamacare's Sticker-Shock
Obamacare Will Defund Itself
Obamacare Sticker Shock Grows
Obamacare Meets Monty Python
Have Millenials Had Enough Pain?
More Bad Obamacare News
Paltry Obamacare Enrollment Numbers
Perfect Storm of a Healthcare Disaster
How the GOP Should Fix Obamacare
Obamacare Reforms Could Doom Dems
Obamacare Isn't Fixed
Obamacare Still Isn't Fixed
Obamacare a Nightmare
Obamacare's Troubles Just Beginning
The Selling of ADD
Latest Obamacare Delay is Biggest Yet
Obamacare Unraveling
Obamacare Falling Apart
The Obamacare Generation
What to Do When Obamacare Unravels
Key to Ending Obamacare
The Case Against Obamacare, Restated




Obama Ok's Taxing Health Plans
Obamacare Opponents Compared to Terrorists
Where U.S. Health Care Rates #1
Worried Dems Huddle on Health Care
Another Rank Health Care Deal
The Health Care Bill is Dead
Top Dems: Pullback on Health Plan
What Health Care Debate is Really All About
Dems Vow to Rahm-Through Heallthcare
Someone Needs to tell Obama: Obamacare is Dead
Healthcare Summit: Chicago Style
Health Care Bill is a Failure
Health Care Deception
Dems Using Skullduggery
Health Care Math Virginia to Sue
Failure of RomneyCare
Health Care Vote Could Drag On
Dems: We'll Eliminate Private Insurance
Dems Are Doomed if Obamacare Passes
Caterpillar: Kill Obamacare
One Word: Repeal
Monstrosity Must Be Repealed
The Coming Consequences of Obamacare
States Line Up to Sue
State Lawsuits Continue
Slaying Obamacare
It's a Civil War: What We Do Now
Obamacare: Now for the Hard Part
Obamacare Debate Just Beginning
People Still Don't Like Obamacare
This Law Will Not Stand
Only Racists Oppose Obamacare
Quid Pro Quo for Obamacare Votes?
Obamacare Costs Corporations Plenty
Texas to Fight Obamacare
What Was Obamacare Really About?
Obamacare Promises Unraveling
Obamacare: States are Revolting
Obamacare Suffers Another Blow
Obamacare Lies
Judge Rules Against Obamacare
A Twisted Defense of Obamacare
Is Health Care a Right?
Palin Was Right on Death Panels


Obama's Bad Medicine
Perpetuating a Needless Stem-Cell War
Stem Cells are not just about Science
Dr. Oz Tells Oprah's Audience Embryonic Stemm Cell Research is Dead
Healthcare: Words Versus Reality
White House Straddles Health Tax Issue
Health Care Will End Obama's Honeymoon
Most Americans Happy with Current Healthcare Coverage
Alice in Medical Care I'm (not) Going to Live Forever
Chart of Dems Health Plan
Eye Popping Cost of Obamacare
Opposition to Obamacare Grows
Death of Medical Specialists
Governors Balk Over Health Bill
Democrats Divided on Healthcare
Obamacare is Reckless
Pelosi: "I have the votes." Blue Dog: No she doesn't
Take Two Aspirin and Call Me...
Obamacare in a Tactical Retreat
Care Vs. Control
Alternative to Obamacare
Truth About Obamacare
The Fatal Flaw of Obamacare
There Is No Health Care Crisis
White House to Drop Public Option?
Healthcare Rationing: Scary
Britain's No Model for U.S. Health Care
Canada's Healthcare System "Imploding."
What Are the Blue Dogs Thinking?
The Post Office Comparison
The Ugly Truth of Obamacare
Firms With Obama Ties Profit from Healthcare Push
Pull the Plug on Obamacare
Sarah and the "Death Panels"
Duke Professor Explains Health Care Bill
Obama Must Abandon Kennedy Way
No Health Ins.= $3,800 Fine
Obama's Health Care Address
Obama's Health Care Address
Rockefeller Not Voting for Baucus' Bill
Obamacare Hazardous to the Unborn?
Obamacare or Jail
Does America Need Health Care Reform
Liberals Seek Healthcare for Illegals
Health 'Reform' is Income Redistribution
Why Not Actually Reform the Health Care Industry?
Support for Obamacare at All-Time Low
Liberal Agrees: Obamacare Could Wreck Economy
Health Care Bills Would Increase Spending and Deficits
Dems Reject Antiabortion Provision in Health Bill
Senate Dem: Healthcare Bill "Confusing-Incomprehensible-Gibberish"
Liberal Lies on Health Care, Part 7
Liberal Health Care Ideas: DOA
Finance Panel Passes Health Reform
Battle Just Beginning
Finance Panel Ok's Abortion Funding
Unions Will Oppose
Laws of Universe vs. Obamacare
House/Senate Dems at Odds
Moderate House Dems Issue Warning
Dems Diverge on Public Option
Harry Reid's Train Wreck
Will: Medeia Manufacturing Return of Public Option
Dems Challenge Reid on Health Care
Pelosi "Not Happy With Me"
More Trouble For Dems
Reid Hits Roadblocks
Catholic Bishops Opposing Obamacare
Public Money Should Not Cover Abortions
Why Pelosi May Fail
GOP Victories Send Message to Dems
A Death Blow for Obamacare
House Dems Pass Obamacare
Senate: "Dead on Arrival"
"House Now Dead"
Abortion, Healthcare, and Socialism
Anticlimax in the Senate
After Vote for Debate, Dems at Odds
Splits Widen for Dems
Dems Healthcare Delusion
Obamacare Support at New Low
Abortion Showdown Looms in the Senate
Even Opposing Obamacare
Obamacare Poised for Passage
The Dems Own It
Senior House Dem: Kill the Bill
5 Reasons Obamacare May Not Pass
It's Not Over
Obamacare: Cross the River, Burn the Bridge
This "System" is Going to Run Healthcare?

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