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Latest News/Commentary

Latest News/Commentary:

News/Commentary Archives:

News/Commentary Archives:


For the most part, the articles/columns linked below appear in chronological order, beginning with the earliest, for each year listed. 


Rose Bowl Classic: UGA Over Oklahoma
Fake News, Real Censorship
Facebook Again Censors Christians
Snow White, Sleeping Beauty Promote Sexual Assault?
Why Is Teen Vogue Sexualizing A 9-Year-Old Boy?
Twitter's Dirty Secrets Exposed


Liberals at Washington Post Push Another False Story
Media Slams "Fake News" While Peddling Left-Wing Nonsense
Trump "Lies" and Honest Journalism
The #BlackLivesMatter Torture Film
CBS Radio Tries to Reverse the Roles in Chicago Torture Case 
Racists at MTV News
Bunk From BuzzFeed
Media Turn Against Their Own Fake News Crusade
New Fox TV Show Promotes Child Abuse
The Mick: American Tragedy
Journalists Are Still Binging On Fake News
Politics Behind New York Time's Misuse of Language
Stunning Media Malpractice on Trump's Refugee Order
The Media's "Me Party"
CBS Pushes the Transgender Agenda
The Press vs. The President
Yes, Today's Mainstream Media is the Enemy of the People
Facebook Suspends Christian Mom for Quoting the Bible
News, Fake News, and Very Fake News: A Primer
Disney's "Gay" Kiss
Of Course: Media Hypocrisy in Coverage of Sessions' Testimony
AP Springs to Obama's Defense
Democrats & the Media Declared War on Trump. He's Fighting Back
Stay Outside The Shack
FISA-Gate: The NY Times Revises History
Faithless Disney, Empty Malick
The Media's Maddow Disease
Vimeo Censors Christians on Homosexuality
"It's Our Job to Tell You What to Think"
Socialism for Sports Team Owners
Mainstream Media Suddenly No Longer Interested in Obama Spy Story
CNN Covers for Democrats
Don Rickles Dies
Terror Strikes Sweden, Several Dead
Truck Plows Into Shopping Crowd
Media Bias 101
The Dopes at Snopes
Another Media Beclowning
PBS: "Learning" to Love Suicide Bombers
The Shack Movie: Heretical or Healing?
O'Reilly Out at Fox
Hypocrisy In The Anti-O'Reilly Army
O'Reilly, Ailes, and the Toxic Conservative-Celebrity Culture
How Carl Sagan Ruined Science
Behold the Celebrity Enablers of the Hell in Venezuela
The Golden Age of Phony
Fake News Poll
Disney Continues to Pervert
Dan Rather, Fake Newsman
ESPN's Radical Chic
Profiles in Media Hypocrisy
Fake News, Real Consequences
Press Salivates Over Impeachment
The Comical Social Justice Super Hero
ISIS Savages Go On Rampage in Syria. Dozens Killed or Maimed.
For the Russians Before They Were Against the Russians
Democracy Dies in Anonymous Sourcing
Media Collusion Against Trump
Leakers & Journalists Are Destroying Our Republic
YouTube Removes Pro-Life Video
The Big Money Behind Fake News
To Paint Muslims in a Positive Light, CNN Creates More Fake News

Washington Post Peddles Palestinian Propaganda
YouTube Banned Me, But Not the Imams Preaching Hate
Corruption & Collusion: Obama, Comey, and the Press
Comic Critics
Gunman Attacks GOP Members of Congress
"Are Those Republicans or Democrats?"
There to Kill as Many Republicans as Possible
More Than 50 Shots Fired
Majority Whip Steve Scalise Shot
Capitol Police Save the Day
Shooter ID'd: James T. Hodgkinson
A Bernie Sanders Supporter
Belonged to Anti-GOP Groups
"It's Time to Destroy Trump and Co."
To Avoid Culpability for Left-Wing Violence, NY Times Again Lies
Washington Post Suddenly Forgets How the "Climate of Hate" Works
Trial by Media
Fake News Tonight
The NY Times & A Tale of Two Terror Attacks
CNN Retracts Russia-Collusion Report; Reporters Resign
Mediaite's Trump Phobia
The NY Times' Fear-Mongering Propaganda
Teen Magazines Peddle Pronoun Propaganda
CNN Retraction Just the Tip of the Fake News Iceberg
Mainstream Media Wages War on the Truth
Coming Crash of the Lawless Media
What CNN's Dox Threat Says About Today's Journalism
Ted Cruz: Did CNN Break the Law?
Doin' the CNN Two-Step
The New York Times is in Trouble
Media's Mass Hysteria Over "Collusion" is Out of Control
Popular Kids Show Presents Perverse Liberal "Utopia"
Teen Vogue Promotes Sodomy to Children
CNN's Russia Obsession
ABC Smears Christians
YouTube Promotes Child Abuse
American Pravda
The Media is to Blame for the WNBA's Woes?
The Hollywood Left Has Gone Silent on Venezuela
Liberal Media Again Reveals Itself a Fraud
Acosta Pulls Media's Mask Off
CNN is Helping Rob Bell Lead People to Hell
Liberal Media Again Demonstrates Ignorance of the Bible
Google is Being Evil
The Shameful Blackout of, Thomas, Sowell, & Williams
Media Outlets Are Blatantly Lying About the Google Memo
Google & Lena Dunham: The New Thought Police
Loretta Lynch, Hillary Clinton, & the Media's Lost Credibility
It's 1984 at Google
The Post's Propaganda
Doing a Google Search for Diversity
White Supremacists Not the Only Thugs in Charlottesville
How the Liberal Media Created Charlottesville
Don't Even Think About Being Evil
Liberal Media Pleads Ignorance of the "Alt-Left"
Police Attacked in FL, PA
CNN on Antifa: Peace Via Violence
Is Google After Conservative Websites?
YouTube Censoring Christian Videos
ESPN: The Worldwide Leader in Liberal Idiocy
Hurricane Harvey Batters Texas
More Terror in Europe
Houston Heroes
Harvey Pics
Harvey: History Repeats?
Hurricane Harvey's Men, Women, and Children
The Media's Never-Ending Hunt for Right-Wing Violence
CNN Host Incites Rage at Antifa Rally
Snopes Accused of Fraud
Pro-Fatherhood Ad Banned in Australia
First Lady Hypocrisy
CNN Caves on Fake Russian News
Of Course: Mainstream Media Ignores Corruption Trial of Democrat Senator
Twitter Bans Activist Mother for Her Stand Against Perversion
Liberals Still Attacking the Redskins
Watching Irma
Irma Update
ESPN's Ugly Hypocrisy
No One Cares About the Emmy's
The NFL Faces a Potential Catastrophe
The NFL Will Regret Social Justice Antics
5 Problems With the NFL Anthem Protests
Concealed Carrier Stops Church Shooter
Puerto Rico Destroyed
In Allowing the Anthem Protests, Goodell Ignores NFL Rules
The Hypocrisy of the NFL
Classic Media Bias: Tebow vs. Kaepernick
Shooting in Vegas: 50+ Dead, 200+ Injured
Vegas Shooter ID'd: Stephen Paddock
Slow Death of the NFL?
Vegas Massacre: 58 Dead, 515 Wounded
Worst Mass Shooting in U.S. History
CBS Exec "Not Even Sympathetic" Over Vegas Massacre
Police Struggle to Find Paddock's Motive
Was Las Vegas a Jihad Attack?
Jimmy Kimmel: The Tears of a Clown
The Glass House of the NFL
Jimmy Kimmel's Clueless Condemnation
The Chilling and Mysterious Search for the Vegas Shooter's Motive
NY Times' Sad Effort to Celebrate Communism & Socialism
Dirty Harvey
Weinstein's Enablers at Risk
Twitter Blocks Pro-Lifers---Again
YouTube Restricts...Mike Rowe?!
The Harvey Weinstein Story is Worse Than You Think
Harvey Weinstein: More Proof Hollywood Hates God
Harvey Weinstein Has Destroyed Hollywood
A Long Trail of Hypocrisy in the Weinstein Scandal
NY Times is Reeling After Latest Project Veritas Video
Surprise!--Hollywood is Littered With Sexual Deviants
Hollywood's Confederacy of Cowards
NBC Went to Great Lengths to Protect Harvey Weinstein
Hollywood Sells Sex & Enables Predators
Take Back Your Diamonds, Take Back Your Pearls, What Makes You Think I Was One of Weinstein's Girls?
Weinstein & Hollywood's Diseased Culture
AP Pushes LGBT Agenda on Pronouns
Media Ignore Real Democrat Scandals
The New York Times is Not Hitler, But...
Russia-Obsessed Media Silent Over Fusion GPS
Hollywood Outraged at the Monster it Created
Several NFL Stadiums Half Empty
10 Times CNN Told Us as Apple Was a Banana
Hollywood's Long, Dark History of Sex Abuse and Forced Abortions
The Facebook Farce
This---is CNN on Drugs
More Fake News from The NY Times
Who Else Does Hollywood Know About?
Tinseltown Abides Pedophiles
Changing Hollywood's Toxic Obsession with Sex
Gunman Kills 26 Inside TX Church
Shooter ID'dDevin Patrick Kelley
In Texas, Two Very American Heroes
Dan Rather & the Corrupt Media

Justice: Teen Vogue is Going Out of Print
Hollywood and Pedophilia
The Trouble With the Wash. Post's Roy Moore Hit Piece
Hollywood Sleaze the Least Shocking Thing Ever
Message Sent: Veterans Day Boycott By NFL Fans
NYT: White People Are Violent Racists
Wash. Posts' Pretentions Just Died in the Dark
Amazon's Alexa is a Far-Left Loon
New York Times Celebrates the Sexualization of a Child
"Love Wins" Barbie Doll Pushes Homosexual Agenda
Hollywood Film Promotes Pederasty
Matt Lauer Fired for Sexual Misconduct
The NY Times Finally Admits It's Just a Democrat Super PAC
The Daily Show Exposes Elizabeth Warren
ABC & the Price of Fake News
Fusion GPS, Media in Possible Pay-to-Publish Scheme
CNN Again Caught Peddling Fake News
Our Progressive Press
Showtime vs. Christianity
The Media’s Reign of Error
On Christmas, Washington Post Tries to Discredit Jesus
Panic at the Washington Post
NY Times Hides Abortion Apologist Gloria Steinem's Defense of Bill Clinton's Sex Abuse
The Insufferable Nostalgia of a Lying Press
Denver Deputies Ambushed


Surprise: Hollywood Gets Benghazi Right
Facebook Demonstrates Gross Bias Against Israel
No Cindy Sheehan-Style Treatment from the Media for Benghazi Victim's Father
Germany on the Brink
CBS Show Mocks Christianity
What the 13 Hours Movie Teaches Us
New York Times "Conservative" Goes After Ted Cruz
13 Hours in Benghazi & C.S. Lewis
The Media Doesn't Want You to See 13 Hours
5 Lies Hollywood Teaches Young Women
CNN's Hypocrisy Exposed (Again)
Disney "Darling" Comes Out as Queer & Pro-Abortion
Twitter Police Target Conservatives
Breitbart Spokesman Resigns: Trump's Rhetoric "Dangerous..Unmistakable..Calculated..Intentional"
Michelle Malkin Blasts Drudge for Anti-Christian, Anti-Cruz Headline
More Breitbart Resignations
NFL Hypocrisy on GA's Religious Liberty Bill
Atlanta Journal-Constitution Reveals Bias on Religious Liberty
Andrew Breitbart's Legacy
Fox News is Dead to Me
Dennis Hastert Finally Faces Justice
Hollywood Hit-Job on Clarence Thomas
Singer Prince Found Dead
ESPN's Progressive Hypocrisy
Media is Whitewashing Anti-Trump Violence
Mark Levin Unloads on Fox News for Trump Coverage
Megyn Kelly Needs a Gender Lesson
Liberal Lies Feed Facebook's Censorship
Facebook--More Dangerous than the NSA
Possible Terrorism in Downed Egyptian Plane
Hating America at Google
Katie Couric's Fake Anti-Gun Documentary
Couric's Hypocrisy
Whatever Katie Couric Does, It's Not Journalism
Surprise: Libs in Media Cover for Couric
Muhammad Ali Dies
Journalism, R.I.P.
6-Day Miracle 49 Years Ago
Who Whitewashed Muhammad Ali?
NBC Falls Short on Homosexuality and Islam
AP Hides Democrat's Hatred of Blacks
Anti-Police Protest in Dallas Erupts in Violence
4 Police Officers Killed, 11 Injured
Dallas Police Release Photo of Person of Interest
Five Dallas Police Officers Dead
The War on Cops Comes to Dallas
War Has Been Declared on U.S. Police
Denial Dies in Dallas
Dallas Victims
The Huffington Post Has Lost Its Mind
3 Police Officers Killed in Baton Rouge
Baton Rouge Cop Killer ID: Gavin Long
Was a Nation of Islam Member
Baton Rouge Sheriff: If We Don't Heal Hearts We Will Perish
Ailes Out at Fox
Munich Terrorist Kills 9 in Mall Attack
Targeted Children
Killer Was 18 Year-Old German-Iranian
Media Loves Gold Star Families...When They Help Democrats
The Summer Olympics Are a Farce
The Cultural Marxism of Rio's Opening Ceremonies
Country Music is Distorting Christianity
Louisiana Suffers, Louisiana Shines
U.S. Woman Shooter Makes Olympic History, Media & Sponsors Ignore
Clinton Media's Manufactured Reality
10 Facts On the History of Ben-Hur
Please Watch Less ESPN
CNN's Deplorable Smear of Pence
Obama's Colossal Email Lie the Final Test for Tarnished Media
Entertainment as Indoctrination
Rolling Stone Pays for its Lies
NBA Joins NFL in Driving Away Trump Voters
"Fake News" is a Media False Narrative
Media Malpractice & the 2016 Election
Is All News "Fake News?"
How Journalism Turns Into Propaganda
Fidel Castro Dies
Kaepernick defends Castro
After Trump's Win, Media Continues to Lurch Left
The Fake News Fake Story
BuzzFeed Wants to Destroy Chip and Joanna Gaines b/c of their Faith
Trump's Chumps: The Hysterical Media
Fire Kills Dozens in Oakland Warehouse Party
The New Age of Propaganda
Washington Post: "Fake News" Hypocrites
The Washington Posts' Fake Election News
How Fake News Becomes the Narrative: "Russia Hacked the Election"
Yasmin Seweid's Lies Reveals "Fake News" Hypocrisy
Fake News in the Eye of the Beholder
Castro's Enablers Now Concerned About "Fake News"
Fake News, the New York Times Way
"Fake News" is a Legacy Media Shakedown
Repent, Wicked White Guys
George Michael Dead
Carrie Fisher Dies
Facebook’s Snopes Fact-checkers: A Prostitute, a Dominatrix, an Accused Embezzler
Charlie Sheen Wants God to Kill Trump
Dozens Killed in Terror Attack in Istanbul
Gunman on the Loose

Fake Fretting About "Fake News" at The New York Times


How Sharpton Gets Paid to Not Cry "Racism"
13 Egyptian Christians Kidnapped
TV Revolution? Streaming Content (Including ESPN)
Atlanta Fire Chief Fired for Opposing Homosexuality
Islamists Attack French Newspaper
Islamists Still Loose in Paris
"Political Correctness is Killing Us"
The Folly of "Fundamentalism"
Paris Manhunt Continues
France Has Coddled Terrorists
Don't Blame "Extremism"
Radical Muslims Murder, Radical Liberals Go Mad
Don't Call Them "Animals"
Atlanta Fire Chief Update
Islamists Slaughter Civilians in Nigeria
NYT: "Je Suis Charlie Homo"
The Paris Trojan Horse
Stunning: NYT Anti-Christian Bias in Atl. Fire Chief Story
Fox's Bret Baier Biased on Homosexuality?
NY Times Wages War on Christianity
There Are No-Go Zones in France
Time Mag's Marriage Propaganda
CNN's Anderson Cooper Upset Over "Gay Agenda" Column
One of ISIS Japanese Prisoners is a Christian
Dueling Christian Quarterbacks
Why the Left Hates American Sniper
No-Go Subjects
Atlanta is Burning
Line for Ferguson Apologies Forms to the Left
Hollywood Celebrates Rape
Are "No-Go" Zones a Myth?
This Muslim Sharia Event Draws No Liberal Protests
Liberal Publication Vox: Islam is Not More Violent
3 Worst Super Bowl Ads
Surprise!--Katy Perry Promotes Lesbianism
Barbaric: ISIS Executes Pilot by Burning Alive
Liberty and the Atlanta Fire Chief
An NBC News-Wide Scandal
ISIS Crucifying/Burying Alive Iraqi Children
50 Shades of Defilement
Why is Mainstream Media Defending Williams?
Sharia Law in TX?
The Sex Crazies at Cosmo
Demons at the Grammys
"50 Shades": More Evidence of Our Damaged Society
Hating the Duggars
50 Shades of Dark
The Science Questions Reporters Should Ask
CNN Anchor (Cuomo) Reveals Constitutional Ignorance
How John Stewart's Lies Brainwashed a Generation
Why "50 Shades of Grey" is More Dangerous than ISIS
50 Shades of Shame
Fired Atl. Fire Chief Files Lawsuit
Giuliani and the One-Way Taboo
How the Political Media Loathes Christianity
ISIS Executes Women for Refusing to Marry Fighters
Pastor Speaks the Truth on CNN
Genocide in Sudan
UK University Produced "Jihadi John"
Ben Carson Defends His Faith on CNN
Blogger Mom Poisoned Her Son 
Clinton, Michael Brown, the Media & the Truth
A Unifying Theory of Media Scandal Coverage
The Injustice Uncovered in Ferguson Wasn't Racism
When Two Boys Kissed on "Family" TV
Ferguson, Lies and Statistics
Ferguson Officers Shot
A Look at the Rise of Doomsday Preppers
Racism and Lies in Ferguson
Blocked: Facebook Deems Christian Ad "Offensive"
ISIS Slaughter in Tunisia
A Very Christian Cinderella
More ISIS Slaughter
Don't Weep for Monica Lewinsky
NBC is Still Attacking Netanyahu
The NY Times Should Stop Writing About Science
Media Denies the Need for Balance on Climate Change
Germanwings Crash a Tragic Mystery
Bergdahl Charged With Desertion
Germanwings Co-Pilot Deliberately Crashed
Lewinsky Lectures America
Media "Eager to Deceive" on Religious Liberty
Whining Celebrity Fools on Religious Freedom
Islamists Slaughter Dozens at Kenyan University
Rolling Stone Retracts Rape Story
Rolling Stone and the Culture of Lying
Lib Media: "Fake but Accurate"
There's No Crying in Journalism!
NY Times Plays the Race Card and Rewrites History
10 ISIS Men Rape 9 Year-Old Girl
ISIS Fills Mass Graves
Gwyneth Paltrow's Poverty Voyeurism
Islamists Kidnap Thousands of Women & Girls
Raising ISIS Awareness
NBC Ignores Clinton Foundation Controversy
Cosmo Uses Porn to Target Teen Girls
Judith Miller Recants Scooter Libby Testimony--Where's the Media 
More Mass Beheadings by ISIS
ISIS Suicide Bomber in Afghanistan
Black Protesters Riot in Baltimore 
ABC Promotes Perversion to Kids
Baltimore Mayor "Gave Space" to Violent Mobs?!
Baltimore Burns
National Guard Deployed in Baltimore
Protesting Violence with Violence
Lawbreakers of Baltimore & Ferguson
Baltimore Police Face Charges
Avengers Review
Thugs and Riots, in Black and White
More ISIS Mass Murder
ISIS Terror in Texas
Amtrak Disaster in Philadelphia
Drawing Mohammed: Quit Pretending
Stephanopoulos's Credibility is Gone
Donation Issue Snowballing for ABC News
U.S. Commandos Kill ISIS Leader
Stephanopoulos Has to Go
Deadly Biker Gang Shootout in TX
MSNBC's New Low
Again: Muslims Massacre Christians
Huckabee Defends the Duggars
Memorial Day Letter
Memorial Day & Democracy of the Dead
V. P. Biden's Son Dies
Bruce Jenner: Celebrating Confusion
ABC Glorifies Gender Lies
Why I'm For the Duggars
Older Jenner Children Refuse to Participate in the TV Circus
Noah Galloway vs. Bruce Jenner
American Pharoah Wins Triple Crown
On Rubio, NY Times' Again Demonstrates Absurd Bias 
Epic Rant on McKinney Cop
Florida Principal Fired for Defending Texas Cop
The Faith of Stephen Curry
God and the Golden State Warriors
Deadly Mass Shooting in South Carolina
Dolezal: America's Newest "Victim"
Charleston Church Shooter ID'd: Dylann Roof
Killed Nine
Roof Had an Arrest Record
Arrested for Trespassing
Roof's Facebook Page
Roof Captured
1/3 of Roof's Facebook Friends Were Black
Mass Killings Aren't Rare in Other Countries
Dylann Roof's Disturbing Manifesto
Tylenol Goes Gay
Salon and Liberal Hypocrisy

ISIS Crucifies Children
American Thinker to Blame for Charleston?
What Charleston Reveals About Race
Terror in Tunisia
Beheading in France
TLC Touts Gender-Benders
BuzzFeed's Marriage Struggles
PBS Promoting Perversion
Today in Fake Hate Crimes
ISIS Crucifies/Cuts Off Limbs
TLC Cancels the Duggars
TN Gunman Blogged About Islam
Christian Bakers & Media Lies
The Chattanooga Shooter Appears to be a Jihadist
White House Visits Reveal: Jon Stewart is a Political Hack
John Stewart Was a Good Liar
Ex-Victoria's Secret Model Exposes the Media's Sexualized Agenda
ISIS Kidnaps 100+ Christian Families
Ferguson on Fire Again
Ferguson Mob Shuts Down I-70
ISIS Massacres Thousands of Iraqi Civilians, Christians Flee
Not News: Two White Cops Killed by Blacks
Megyn Kelly's Loaded Same-Sex "Marriage" Question (& the Pandering Answer)
ISIS Profits From Rape & Slavery
ISIS Repeatedly Raped U.S. Hostage
Hollywood Star Takes a Christian Stand
Modern Day Slavery
ISIS Conducts a Real War on Women
Wikipedia's Science Propaganda 
Josh Duggar Admits to Cheating
Media is Shamefully Silent on Most Shocking Planned Parenthood Video Yet
Genocide in the Middle East
Reporter Killed on Live TV
David Barton: Kim Davis Shouldn't be in Jail
Why Isn't D.C. Police Chief In Jail?
Kim Davis Freed
5 Surprising Facts on Kim Davis
The Truth About Mass Incarceration
Cosmopolitan Magazine Pushes Sexual Exploitation
Our Culture Makes a Virtue out of Victimhood
Factitious "Fact-Checking"
The Media and Muslims
College Shooting in Oregon
10 Dead at Oregon College Shooting
Heroes Among Us
Umpqua Tragedy
Mainstream Media is Propaganda
Terror Rocks Turkey
Dan Rather's Big Lie Hits the Big Screen
CNN's Debate Double Standard
Exposed: Media Bias Against Israel
Media Deception on Obamacare's Medicaid Expansion
No Surprise: CNN's Biased Reporting on Planned Parenthood Videos
"Crock Boy" Owned the Media
Pakistani Earthquake Kills 200
ISIS Claims Responsibility for Downed Russian Plane
Media Bias Wicked & Widespread
Media's Double Standard Over Rubio's Wealth
No Surprise: Politico Slanders Ben Carson
Liberal Media Tries to Destroy Ben Carson
Ben Carson vs. CNN
Politico Admits Fabricating Hit-Piece on Ben Carson
Politico's Friday Fabrications
Mizzou Hunger-Striker the Privileged Son of a Millionaire
The Trumbo Dumbo
Charlie Sheen Presents the Church With an Opportunity
Mass Shooting in California
The "Post-Truth" Media
New York Times Epic Gun Fail
The "God Isn't Fixing This" Liberal Media
Pearl Harbor Remembered
The Dishonest Attack on Justice Scalia


Washington Post Perpetuates Left-Wing Fraud
Hundreds Missing in WA Mudslide
Networks Promoting Gay Agenda
Kudos to Kobe
The War on Hobby Lobby
Noah Film: "Unbiblical Fantasy"
Much ado about Noah
Another Fort Hood Shooting
Mozilla CEO--Supporter of Biblical Marriage--Forced to Resign
71 Killed in Nigerian Bombing
Bubba's Passions: Golf and The Gospel
New Study on the Dangers of Pot Use
A Nation of Narcissists
Nigerian War on Women
Deadly Tornadoes in AR and OK
Data Journalism Detached From Reality
HuffPo, PBS Ask: "What About Homophobic NBA Owners?"
HGTV Drops Christian Brothers
The Serial Killer Hollywood Won't Touch
ESPN's Michael Sam Coverage Reveals Political Agenda
Media Yawns at Hollywood Child Abuse
NFL's Inexcusable Lack of Compassion for Michael Sam
SunTrust Banks Drop Benham Brothers
Russian Missile Downed Plane
Hundreds Dying in Gaza
Gaza, Russia, and the Media
Lerner Hard-Drive Only "Scratched"
Premonition?: Young Boy Feared Crash of MH17
Newspaper Editor Fired for Criticizing Gay Propaganda
Israeli Ambassador Schools CNN
NY Giants' David Tyree Supports Biblical Marriage
NYT Reporter: Time to "Stamp...Out, Ruthlessly" Pro-Family Speech
Stoned Crazy  at the NY Times
Tony Dungy "Worst Person in the World?!"
Whatever Happened to Cynthia McKinney
GA High School Battles Atheists
Sharpton's Search for Relevance
Stunning Death of Robin Williams
Ferguson on Fire: Can We Add "Don't Loot" to "Don't Shoot?"
Must We Have a Dead White Kid?
Worship Singer/Songwriter Comes Out as Gay
Rage in Ferguson Continues
Michael Brown Was Shot Six Times
Ferguson: Demilitarizing Cops Didn't Work
Ferguson Facts and Factors
The Media, Bullets, and Ear-Plugs
What Black Men Really Have to Fear
Black Men in the Crosshairs
ISIS Beheads American
The Race to be Wrong in Ferguson
Ferguson Feeding Frenzy
"No Justice, No Peace," then Riots
It's Easy Not to Get Shot by Cops
The Media and the Mob
Israel Under Siege: A Diary
Beaten to Death at McDonalds
No Facts, No Peace
Al Sharpton, Mr. Respectable
Al Gore vs. Al Jazeera vs. the Truth
Holder Fans Ferguson Flames
ISIS Kills 5-Year Old Boy from Christian Family
Barbarism Endures
British Ex-Rapper Beheaded James Foley
Why Comedians Shield Obama
Be Careful With Your Ice Bucket Challenge Donations
Memorial to Communism's 100 Million Dead
Ferguson: Life in the Promised Land
ISIS Waging Sexual Jihad
The Hypocrisy of the Burger King Move
Hypocrisy of Hollywood's Violence Profiteers
Michael Sam Released
Who Gets Shot in America
Streets of San Francisco
Irrefutable: Israel's Case for Legitimacy
Ebola Outbreak Worsens
Major Networks Sponsor Gay Journalists' Convention
Truett Cathy Remembered
9/11: A Day to be Proud
Indoctrination by ESPN
ISIS Beheads Another
After Incident, Ray Rice, Wife Reportedly Gave Their Lives to Christ 
Jim Wallis: America Created ISIS
Two Cheers for Constitution Day!
Don't Blame the NFL
Media Ignores Lies on Obamacare and Abortion
The NFL Doesn't Have a Domestic Violence Problem
Media's Absurd NFL Hysteria
Scots Reject Independence
The Rape Epidemic is Fiction
Dinesh D'Souza Sentenced to 5 Yrs. Probation
When Journalists Commit Domestic Violence
Waitress Donates Generous Tip from Rush Limbaugh to Abortion Group
Sandy Hook Commission Blames Homeschooling
Wikipedia Trying to Ban Conservative Site
"Left Behind" Movie Review
The Daily Show Lies "All the Time"
MSNBC Politicizes Ebola
Ben Affleck's Islam Problem
Ben Affleck's Islamophilia
T-Shirt Co. Refuses to Print Gay-Pride Shirts
Rise of the Professional Slut
Goodbye, Columbus
Another Positive Ebola Test
Anti-Cop Hysteria in St. Louis
Homosexual Propaganda from CBS
The Ferguson Farce
Predatory Journalism
Darren Wilson Likely Innocent
ISIS Continues Murderous Spree
The Media's Predictable Pivot
High Cost of Freedom
Behind the "Don't Shoot" Coalition in Ferguson
Duck Dynasty Family "Homophobic?"
Michael Moore Defends Islam
Palestinian Terrorists Attack Synagogue
Freezing In All 50 States
Ken Ham on the Accuracy of "Exodus"
Ferguson Needs Facts
Tech: Best Black Friday Deals So Far
Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson Not Indicted
"Hands-Up, Don't Shoot" Narrative Dismantled
20 Ways Media Misreads Benghazi Report
Ferguson Burns
Gunfire, Looting Rampant
Grand Jury Transcripts
"Justice Was Served"
We Have a Moral Divide, Not a Racial One
Darren Wilson Speaks
Ferguson Grand Jury Got It Right
The Media and Lerner's Emails
The Ferguson Fraud
Alveda King: "America, We Are Better Than This!"
Privileged Liberals (Like Ezra Klein) "Explain" the News
New Black Panthers Plotted to Kill Ferguson Prosecutor
"Hands Up, Don't Shoot" A Lie for the Ages
Ferguson: A Culture of Lies
Media Protects Gay Rapists
NFL's (and UGA Bulldog) Ben Watson on Ferguson: "It's Not a Skin Problem. It's a Sin Problem."
Ferguson Protests: The "Obama Riots"
Myth: White Cops Kill Black Kids
Pharrell Williams: Michael Brown "Asking For Trouble"
CNN is Lying About Ferguson Protests
Finding Meaning in Ferguson
Opinions vs. Facts
ISIS Beheads Christian Children
The Ferguson Charade
"Hands Up, Don't Shoot" Likened to Nazi Propaganda
Media Ignores Homosexual Sex Predator
Why So Many Hate the Media
Eric Garner and Justice
The Facts of the Eris Garner Case
From Kiev to Ferguson: Living in Harmony
Candy Crowley Out at CNN
South Korea Builds Giant Christmas Tree on Border with the North
White Cops Aren't Victimizing Black Youths
Rolling Stone, Rape Apologists
Who's Killing Black Americans?
Dreaming of a "White Christmas?" That's Racist
Medical Perspective on the Garner Tragedy
Selective Outrage on Rape
Lena Dunham's Assault on Humanity
Rape and the Media
Slaughtered "Sons of Anarchy"
Islamists Slaughter School Children
Black Protest Isn't Black Progress
Sony Hack Just the Beginning?
Sony Hack Fallout
Hilarious: Bubba Watson's Christmas Rap
Retaliation: 2 NYC Cops Executed
Protesters Get Their Wish: Dead Cops 
Police Unions Declare War on de Blasio
As Cops Die, Racism Narrative Unravels
NY Cops Turn on Mayor
Stop Demonizing the Police
Slain Officer Was Chaplain in Training
Media Now Pushing Polyamory
De Blasio's Bloody Hands
Anti-Cop Protesters Invoke Words of Cop Killer
Tragic: Pastor Kills 14-Y-O Intruder
Who's To Blame for NYPD Murders?
Stop Lying About the Police
AirAsia Flight Missing
Surprise: CNN's Scandal Hypocrisy
Newsweek Ignorant on Christianity
Tylenol Uses Lesbians in "Family" Commercial





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