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Monday, January 19, 2015

Same-Sex “Marriage:” The Way Around the Death Tax

Surprise! President Obama wants to raise taxes. In addition to other increases, as part of his new budget, President Obama wants to raise the estate tax (aka the “death tax”). Americans for Tax Reform notes that the increase would be from 40% to nearly 60%. This is about a 50% increase. However, as I have noted in the past, all property left to a spouse is exempt from the estate tax.

With the perverse redefinition of marriage that liberals across the U.S. have pushed on the country—which, after the Supreme Court rules on the matter, may soon give us same-sex “marriage” as the law of the land—some interesting tax scenarios may become available for all who are willing to take advantage.

Again, as the link above indicates, I’ve already pointed all of this out, but since Obama has put the estate tax in the headlines, my “delicious scenario” deserves a rehashing:

Once the redefining of marriage is taken to its logical conclusion—unless, of course, the left wants to “discriminate” and limit the definition of “marriage”—and polygamous and incestuous relationships are given the legal protection of marriage, then a wealthy small business owner or farmer, nearing the end of his life, will be able to “marry” his son or daughter (or both!) (no matter if either party is already married) for no other reason than to avoid paying additional federal taxes. Thank you, Justice Kennedy!

For conservatives, and other Americans still capable of actually feeling shame, there will be no shame or stigma in participating in such marriages, because the relationships will have absolutely nothing to do with sex and are all about “love” (loving to stick it to the feds, that is), and “love is love,” right libs?

For liberals, whether such relationships are sexual should have no bearing. I mean, what protest can a true liberal raise against any kind of sexual relationship between consenting adults? Upon what moral standard would they rely? After all, we would not want to “demean” a couple whose “moral and sexual choices the Constitution protects.”

Also, there would be no violation of God’s law either, because as anyone who truthfully understands Scripture knows, marriage can only exist as union of one man and one woman. Thus, all that would be occurring is taking legal advantage of the folly produced by liberal logic. I suppose liberals could always change their “marriage” laws and require that same-sex “marriages” occur only with those actually engaging in homosexual activity, but that would require the government to enter the bedroom, and we know liberals don’t want that! (How wickedly ironic would that be? We go from laws against sodomy to those requiring it!)

Copyright 2015, Trevor Grant Thomas
At the Intersection of Politics, Science, Faith, and Reason.
Trevor and his wife Michelle are the authors of: Debt Free Living in a Debt Filled World

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