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Monday, January 15, 2024

Fani Willis and the Corrupt Mainstream Media

Last week contained more than one terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day for Fulton County, GA District Attorney, Fani Willis. On Monday, January 8, Ashleigh Merchant, lawyer for Michael Roman, one of the 18 Trump co-defendants in The State of Georgia v. Donald J. Trump, et al, filed a “bombshell” motion alleging that Willis “improperly hired an alleged romantic partner to prosecute Donald Trump and financially benefited from their relationship.”

The “alleged romantic partner” is special prosecutor Nathan Wade. On January 9, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC) reported,

The bombshell public filing alleged that special prosecutor Nathan Wade, a private attorney, paid for lavish vacations he took with Willis using the Fulton County funds his law firm received. County records show that Wade, who has played a prominent role in the election interference case, has been paid nearly $654,000 in legal fees since January 2022. The DA authorizes his compensation…

The filing alleges that Willis and Wade have been involved in a romantic relationship that began before Wade was appointed special prosecutor. It says they traveled together to Napa Valley and Florida, and they cruised the Caribbean together using tickets Wade purchased from Norwegian and Royal Caribbean cruise lines…

Willis and Wade, the motion contends, “have been engaged in an improper, clandestine personal relationship during the pendency of this case, which has resulted in the special prosecutor, and, in turn, the district attorney, profiting significantly from this prosecution at the expense of the taxpayers.”

According to Merchant, multiple “sources close to both the special prosecutor and the district attorney have confirmed they had an ongoing, personal relationship.” Merchant’s filing also notes that Willis formally hired Wade on to her get-Trump team on November 1, 2021, just one day prior to Wade filing for divorce from his wife of 26 years. Wade’s wife, Jocelyn Wade, has also entered the legal fray against her (soon to be?) ex-husband and Fani Willis.

According to RedState, on the same day that Ashleigh Merchant filed her motion against Willis and Nathan Wade, Jocelyn Wade subpoenaed Willis to appear for a deposition in the Wade’s divorce proceedings. This whole sorry saga is a disaster for the Fulton County DA and her efforts to prosecute the former President.

Fani Willis said nothing publicly on these matters until yesterday (Sunday, January 14). Speaking at length before the congregation at Big Bethel AME Church in Atlanta, but without admitting to being in a relationship with Wade, and without mentioning him by name, Willis referred to Wade a legal “superstar” who is uniquely qualified to be on her get-Trump team. She also referred to Wade as “a great friend and a great lawyer.”

In her speech, Willis read from a letter that she claimed to have penned to God during her trying week. (Note to Ms. Willis and Big Bethel AME Church: In these situations, the proper role of the church and the individual is truth and repentance, not allowing for, and the giving of, political speeches!) Of course, in an attempt to defend herself, her office, Wade, and her get-Trump campaign, Ms. Willis also played the race card numerous times.

Whatever the whole truth here—and in the name of Jesus, may it all come into the light quickly—one of the most telling aspects of this sordid, evil affair is the inaction of the Georgia media on these matters. The AJC reported on it only after Ashleigh Merchant filed her motion on behalf of her client, Michael Roman.

Likewise, all other Atlanta and Georgia media reports on the likely corruption within Willis’s office came after Merchant’s motion. So we are to believe that, in spite of what appears to be a lengthy affair between Willis and Wade, which involved numerous trips, and in spite of the timing of the hiring of Wade by Willis which corresponded very closely to the divorce filing by Wade, nothing was known about Willis and Wade’s personal relationship?!

I mean, we’re talking sex and politics here! We’re talking national politics involving a former U.S. President who is again seeking the office, and no one was talking about Willis and Wade’s relationship?! I would like to know if Nathan Wade’s wife, Jocelyn, reached out to anyone in the Atlanta or Georgia media concerning her husband of 26 years and his relationship with Fani Willis.

Was there an effort within the Georgia media to keep the truth about Willis and Wade quiet since Willis and Wade are leading agents in the get-Trump campaign? Someone needs to investigate this matter as well. Would you be surprised to learn that we are again looking at another case of gross media malpractice in the United States?

(See this column at American Thinker.)

Copyright 2024, Trevor Grant Thomas
At the Intersection of Politics, Science, Faith, and Reason.
Trevor is the author of the 
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