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Friday, May 26, 2017

“Transgender” Tragedy and Media Malpractice

For those whose thinking has been slowed or hindered by liberalism: It turns out that mutilating your body in order to satisfy some demented desire to change your sex simply because you feel like it can have deadly consequences.

Recently in my home state of Georgia, a 25-year-old woman—Rebeccah Feldhaus—who was in the process of “transitioning” to a man—which is, of course, impossible—died of sepsis after complications from a hysterectomy. According to the Augusta Chronicle, Feldhaus’ hysterectomy was necessary to treat her polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

Among other things, PCOS often results in extra facial and body hair, acne, and infertility. According to WebMD, PCOS typically occurs when women’s ovaries produce excess amounts of androgens (male sex hormones). Of course, Miss Feldhaus had elevated levels of androgen—along with the typical complications that arise from excess androgen that led to the necessity for surgery—because she was receiving testosterone (a type of androgen) shots in order to aid in her “transition” to becoming a man.

In other words, Feldhaus wasn’t having her uterus removed simply as a means of female to male “sex reassignment surgery”—which is typical in such a surgery. Her procedure was medically necessary because of how she was mistreating her body in order to satisfy her delusions that she was a man. As I’ve noted before, the complications Feldhaus experienced are not at all uncommon.

Athletes—especially female—of the once dominant, but now non-existent East German Olympic team, paid a terrible price for the widespread and frequent use of performance enhancing drugs—mostly synthetic testosterone. As The Daily Mirror reported in 2015,
The stars of yesterday suffered severe depression, heart conditions, degenerative bone disease and infertility. Some even changed sex because of the drugs. Many spiraled into drink and drug addictions, unable to find work.
Shot putter Heidi Krieger suffered the loss of her femininity. She had a “sex-change” operation (again, impossible) and now lives her life pretending she’s a man, “teaching youngsters the dangers of pumping steroids in a bid for sporting glory.” Concerned that the current situation with Olympic athletes in Russia mirrors that of East Germany, Ines Geipel, 55, a 1980s East German champion sprinter, warns:
It is more than 25 years ago now and yet there are so many parallels with the Russian situation and ours. It is about a state-controlled abuse. 
It carried on until 1989. We are probably talking about 10 to 15,000 athletes in total. We saw kids as young as eight being doped. They were guinea pigs and we have seen the health impact down the generations, passed from grandfather to grandchild. 
The bodies are broken, and so are the souls. Naturally there was great gynaecological damage because the women were taking men’s hormones. We have seen still births, infertility, disabled children born to former athletes.
In spite of what sound science and, what used to be good common sense, reveals, in today’s “mixed up, muddled up, shook up world,” humans who mutilate their bodies in a desperate desire to achieve the impossible are rarely presented with facts, correction, and redirection. Instead, they are celebrated as “brave” and encouraged to “be who you are.” Tragically, this was certainly the case with Miss Feldhaus.

Feldhaus—an Augusta University student, Army reservist, and board member of the homosexual and transgender advocacy group Georgia Equality—first made headlines in Georgia last year when a state Superior Court Judge denied her request for a name change. Naturally, the mainstream media and social media jumped all over such blatant “discrimination.” Since she first made news, the Atlanta-Journal Constitution (AJC)—the largest newspaper in Georgia—has run multiple favorable articles on behalf of Feldhaus and the perverse transgender cause.

One story went so far as to glowingly highlight children as young as three years old whose “bodies don’t match their gender identity” and whose parents have chosen to indulge childhood—and childish—fantasies. And “indulge” includes putting kids as young as 12—with additional discussion on beginning as early as 9—on powerful “puberty blockers.” Even the transgender-apologetic article admits, there is “scarce” data on the use of such blockers, but no caution is urged.

The article also mentioned a St. Louis family who indulged their seven-year-old daughter’s desire to begin puberty blockers “when the time came.” According to the piece, when the girl (of course, the article says “boy”) turned 11 last year, “a pediatric endocrinologist prescribed the sex hormone suppressor Eligard, an injection that he [she—because, if she was indeed a “he” then “he” wouldn’t need such drugs] receives every four months.”

The piece goes on to lament how difficult it is to get insurance companies to pay for such treatments. Pro-perversion lawyers, lawmakers, and judges are lining up to put an end to this “discrimination” as well. This LGBT health insurance madness has gone so far that we now have homosexual couples demanding infertility coverage—because, you know, no matter how often they try, two men “mating” or two women “mating” just can’t seem to make a baby!

Instead of reporting this madness for what it is, and ignoring all sound science and morality, the media is helping to spread virtually every absurd idea spawned by the LGBT agenda—even as people are dying. When Miss Feldhaus died, the AJC report on her death was suspiciously silent about the details of her death. A subsequent article mentioned the hysterectomy in the following sentence:
Feldhaus had a hysterectomy, WRDW-TV reported, and a few days later went into septic shock and lost oxygen to his brain.
Did you catch that? It was “his” “hysterectomy.” In an article about a human being dying as the result of complications from a hysterectomy, a major media outlet in the United States—the envy of the world when it comes to science, information, and education—used a male noun or pronoun to describe said human being ten times! Forget the malpractice involved by not discussing the dangers of Feldhaus’ lifestyle choices that led to her death, how about at least not medically contradicting a procedure that’s been around for a century-and-a-half, and is “the most common non–pregnancy-related major surgery performed on women in the United States?”

Yet, this is where we are with the media (another reason to “Impeach the Left-Wing Media”) and the LGBT agenda. Even in the face of disease and death, even with the lives of children at stake, we can’t get the truth. This is what Miss Feldhaus deserved. This is what she needed. And if she had been told the truth, maybe, just maybe, she would be alive today.

(See this column at American Thinker.)

Trevor Grant Thomas
At the Intersection of Politics, Science, Faith, and Reason.
Trevor is the author of the The Miracle and Magnificence of America

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