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Thursday, June 27, 2024

Debate Night, 2024: Trump's Real Advantage is Biden's Incompetency

"You can't fix stupid," the saying goes, but, I would add, you sure can beat it in a debate! I don't mean to imply here that Trump is going to win tonight's debate merely because Joe Biden is a not-very-smart individual, though President Biden has never been widely regarded as a particularly smart man. Recall that his 1988 presidential campaign was derailed in-part because he lied about his academic prowess/credentials. Smart people don't need to lie to try and convince you they're smart. 

What's more, Biden has had a near five decade political career to prove himself smart. It's safe to say that he's failed in that effort. Though, with democrat voters, he has proven himself electable! 

Trump is almost certain to win tonight's CNN presidential debate, not only because of Biden's mental shortcomings, but rather because of Joe Biden's repeated incompetence as a politician. And repeated incompetence simply makes one appear not very smart. Add to that Biden's age, clear frailty, and poor speech habits, and it becomes even more clear that Joe Biden seems wildly overmatched when it comes to holding his own in a debate against most any capable politician. But, back to his incompetence.

The list of Joe Biden's political incompetence is quite long, especially from his time as U.S. President. On everything from the economy and inflation to immigration policy, energy policy, foreign policy, education policy, crime, and Title IX, Joe Biden has failed to produced competent results. Thankfully, the results he has produced are quite unpopular with the American people. 

As noted recently by Gallup, immigration and economic issues (the economy in general and inflation) are the top issues when it comes to the "most important problem" facing America today. Gallup pre-debate polling released just today reveals that, by a 12 point margin (49% to 37%) Americans say they agree with Trump over Biden on "issues that matter most" to them. A headline in today's released Gallup polling tellingly declares, "Six in 10 Americans Disagree With Biden on Key Issues." 

Gallup's polling piece released today is entitled "Age, Issues Working to Trump's Advantage Pre-Debate." The "issues" aren't merely working in Trump's advantage because of the current mood of Americans, but rather, the "issues" are to Trump's advantage because Joe Biden has simply shown himself unable to produce sound results when it comes to these "issues." 

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