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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Our Financial Story on Life Focus TV

Nearly three years ago, our family was asked to participate in a television production telling our story of debt-free living. I took the day off from teaching mathematics, and a film crew from Life Focus TV came to our home and spent most of the day with us. It was a neat experience, and we looked forward to the finished product. We had no good idea of the time frame for actual airing, and over two years later with no sign of the show, and after we started our book, we pretty much forgot about the episode.

A bit to our surprise, a friend of Michelle's contacted us today and said that she saw us on TV! It seems that the episode, "Dealing With Debt," has been out for a few months. Life Focus TV airs on a variety of Christian networks, including TBN and the Miracle Channel, as well as on PBS. Right now it seems that "Dealing With Debt" is not yet available to embed. Go here to watch it in its entirety. (We do not make a significant appearance until about 9 minutes in.)

Also, below is the video of our financial testimony that Crown Financial Ministries did several years ago (2008):

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