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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Lying Jon Ossoff is Unfit for Office

The most expensive congressional race in U.S. history has again dispelled the myth that conservatives are the aggressors in the moral wars that plague our politics. As Kyle Wingfield of the Atlanta-Journal Constitution recently pointed out, in the race to replace Tom Price in Georgia’s 6th congressional district, it was only a matter of time before Jon Ossoff went after Karen Handel for her brief experience at the Susan G. Komen organization. And like almost every other liberal when it comes to matters involving abortion, Ossoff lied.

The ad uses an OB-GYN corrupted by liberalism—Mindy Fine from Cobb County, Georgia —who falsely claims that Handel “cut off funding for Planned Parenthood cancer screenings when she was an executive at Susann G. Komen.” Fine goes on to say that Handel’s actions in her short stint at the cancer charity as “unforgivable.”

Fine is referencing a much-publicized incident that occurred in early 2012. At that time, Handel—fresh off a failed run for governor of Georgia—was Komen’s newly hired Senior Vice President for Public Policy. In late January of 2012, Komen, the largest breast cancer organization in the U.S., announced that they would not be renewing financial grants to Planned Parenthood. At the time, Komen claimed this was the result of Planned Parenthood being under congressional investigation.

Of course, as they so often do when they sense their “sacred” sacrament of abortion under attack, liberals across the U.S. went full-on donkey-dung crazy (and as I noted at the time, Komen later caved). Most of the blame for ending the grants was laid at the feet of Handel. Article after article, column after column (interesting experiment: do a “custom range” Google search for Karen Handel and Komen for early 2012 and note the liberal outlets that show up) claimed that Handel and Komen were pulling funds that provided tens-of-thousands of “clinical breast exams to low-income and uninsured women.”

Claims of “clinical breast exams” and “cancer screenings” often lead to the oft-repeated lie that Planned Parenthood performs mammograms. This is a lie that refuses to die. President Obama himself repeated the lie on national TV in late 2012. After repeated debunkings by the likes of even the liberals at the Washington Post (and by Handel herself), liberals today, such as those at MSNBC and Senator Chuck Schumer, continue to repeat the lie that Planned Parenthood performs mammograms. As his campaign openly supports the mission of Planned Parenthood, almost certainly the Ossoff campaign is hoping to perpetuate this lie.

In addition, according to various sources, including Handel’s book on the incident, the decision to “cut off funding” of Planned Parenthood was far from Handel’s alone—as the Ossoff ad implies—and had been in the works for years. Komen’s CEO at the time, Nancy Brinker, said, “Karen did not have anything to do with this decision. This was decided by the board level and by our mission.” The Atlanta-Journal Constitution article referenced by the “Unforgivable” ad mentions only internet “speculation” that Handel was even involved in the Komen decision to pull Planned Parenthood grants.

Ossoff’s Handel-Komen lies come on the heels of his national security credential lies. As The Washington Free Beacon noted back in March of this year, “After claiming for months he had five years of experience as a congressional national security staffer with top-secret clearance, Georgia Democrat Jon Ossoff has now admitted that he had clearance for just five months.” This lie helped carry Ossoff into his June 20 runoff with Handel.

In addition to his lies, Ossoff also seems to have an issue with commitment. As folks down here in Georgia put it, Ossoff is “shacked-up” with his girlfriend of 12 years. He told CNN, “I've been living with Alicia, my girlfriend of 12 years, down by Emory University where she's a full-time medical student. ... I want to support her in her career and do right by her.” Of course, “doing right by her” would mean marrying her, but again we see, liberals have long had a hard time discerning what is “doing right.”

As I noted a half-dozen years ago, corrupted by the “values” of modern liberalism, the current generation in America is shunning marriage for cohabitation at an unprecedented rate. As sound morality as long taught us—which Mr. Ossoff seems blind to—such irresponsible and selfish behavior by adults is disastrous for children.

According to a recent study by the Brookings Institution, “U.S. children born to cohabiting parents are twice as likely to see their parents’ relationship end compared to children born to married parents.” According to Fourth National Incidence Study of Child Abuse and Neglect, children who live with their cohabitating biological parents are more than four times more likely to be sexually, physically, or emotionally abused and they are three times more likely to be physically, emotionally, or educationally neglected than children living with their married biological parents.

Unsurprisingly, Ossoff’s “Priorities” page on his campaign website makes little, if any, mention of marriage, families, or children, but he does support the “right to choose” to kill the most helpless and innocent among us. In addition to his campaign lies, when it comes to two of the most important moral issues of our time—life in the womb and marriage—Ossoff fails badly at both. If elected, almost certainly he would support the radical liberal agenda when it comes to what is marriage, what is a human being, what is a male and a female, and so on. Thus, like most every other modern liberal, he is unfit for public office. 

(See this column at American Thinker.)

Trevor Grant Thomas
At the Intersection of Politics, Science, Faith, and Reason.
Trevor is the author of The Miracle and Magnificence of America

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