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Latest News/Commentary:

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News/Commentary Archives:


For the most part, the articles/columns linked below appear in chronological order, beginning with the earliest, for each year listed. 


The "Great Harlot" of Revelation & Today's Sex Perversions--Is there a Link?
What No One is Telling You About Iran: Muslims Are Converting to Christianity
Pluralism: A Culture Without Truth
Archaeology Again Confirms Scripture
Iranian Protests Hold Hope for Mideast Christians
Watch: The Powerful Testimony of an Ex-Lesbian
Truth is Not the Enemy of Tolerance
Big Wins for Christians in Early 2018
The Injustice of Forgiveness
On Sex, Christians Were Right...but Don't Gloat
Don't Just Read Your Bible
Morality Based on Consent Isn't Morality
Woman Gets Death Threats Over Preaching the Truth on Homosexuality
Why Would a Bible Translation (NASB) Use the Word "Palestine"?
"Woke" is the New "Saved"
Two Ways We Should Fear God
Flirting With the Truth
Science Needed (and Needs) Christianity
What to Do About the Record Number of Suicides
Your Family and the Bible
No "Separation of Mosque and State" at Chatham Middle School
Settling for the Truth
"Secularanity" vs. Christianity
The Zealous Faith of Secularism
Violence Against Jews Preached in U.S. Mosques
Why Sin is So Destructive
Impossible for an Atheist to Live a Happy and Purposeful Life
Poverty As Culture
What Would God Say About the State of Our Union?
Christianity is Not a Matter of Opinion
Rot, or Revival?
Eagles Team/Coach Praise Jesus After Super Bowl
Don't Fall for "Spiritual Celebritism"
Only God Can Make America Great
Moralism is Not the Gospel
The Call to Think for God
Christianity Exalts the Human Body--Secularism Seeks to Destroy It
Who is the god of Mormonism?
Radical Islamists Slaughtering Christians in Nigeria
This is How Religious Liberty Really Dies
7 Interesting Facts About Ash Wednesday
True Meaning of Love
The Christian Response to Evil
Why Islam Fails As a Moral Philosophy
Cooperative Baptist Fellowship: A Portrait of Theological Disaster
Devastating Truth About School Shootings in America
And the Devil Smiled
On Suffering: Christianity vs. Atheism
Enough With "I Am Enough"
Nikolas Cruz Chose Evil


Christians Remain the Most Persecuted Religious Group in the World
Church Should Feel Uncomfortable
Sex-Slave Horrors of Islamists Exposed
The Nazi War Against Christianity
Islamists Kill Nigerian Christians
Gen. 1:1--The Most Offensive Bible Verse
Citizens of Eternity
Reaching Mormons
Are You a Dangerous Christian?
Methodists Praying About Accepting Homosexuality
Preaching in a Secular Age
Syrian Christians Killed for Refusing to Deny Jesus
Remember MLK's Defense of the Moral Law
NFL's Ben Watson to Hold Faith and Race Forum
What Christianity Offers Our Culture
How Christianity Led to the Rise of Modern Science
Islam's View of God
Pro Muslim, Anti-Islam
The Papal Wrecking Ball
Understanding Buddhism
"Jesus-Shaped Cultures:" How Faithful Christians Have Transformed Societies
Terrorist Turns to Jesus
Created For Significance
Christians Not Welcome in India
ISIS Sex Slave Recounts Horrors
Why Progressive Christians are Unpersuasive
NFL Christians Share Their Testimony on Super Bowl Sunday
We're Keeping the Rainbow!
Why Liberal Theology is Fake News
The Spiritual Deadness of the Left
If You Find It Easy to Be A Christian, You Probably Aren't One
A Prescription for Morality?
Liberal Professor Defends Islamic Slavery
God is Better Than the Promises of Anything Else
God: Our Good Father
Cultural Relativism & Morality
The Gospel Defined Life
ISIS Hates Valentine's Day
UN Silent On ISIS Genocide of Christians
They Even Hate Love
Competing Wisdoms
Hope Amid Despair
Why the Bible is True
Celebrating the Murder of a "Blasphemer"
Shame on Christians Who Are Silent on Barronelle Stutzman
"The Religious Right Must Lose"
Pope Francis: "Muslim Terrorism Does Not Exist"
Captured ISIS Radical Claims to Have Raped 200 Women
Saith the Man-God: "Everything is Permitted"
Nigeria's Forgotten Christians
What the Transgender Debate Means for the Church
Is Islam a "Religion of Peace?" Let's Ask the OIC
"Can I Criticize Islam Without Fearing For My Life?"
Egyptian Christians Warned "Leave or Die"
Adam and the Gospel
Only 1 in 10 of Americans Has a Biblical Worldview
"Queering John Wesley"
No Spin On Sin
Islamists Kill Mother & Son for Converting to Christianity
6 Major Problems with The Shack
"Human Dignity" Without Christianity is Dead
The Theological Problems with The Shack
When Christian Celebrities "Go Gay"
Sitting in the Gates of Sodom
Yemen Approaching a "Point of No Return"
Who Are "The Least of These?"
What is Christianity For?
Dear Christians: Don't Just Fight the Culture, but Care For It
Princeton Theological Seminary Writes Its Own Epitaph
The Great "Christian Terrorist" Unicorn Hunt
Seek, Tell, and Live the Truth
We're Fighting Demons More Than Democrats
Secularism Can't Sustain a Moral Order
How Not to Think About Death
Whence Methodist Liberalism?
Islamists Attack Egyptian Churches on Palm Sunday, Dozens Dead
Denmark's Most Outspoken Anti-Islamist Politician is a "Reform" Muslim
A 1,389 Year-Old "Phobia?"
Egpyt's Palm Sunday Massacre: An Attack on Christianity
The Twisted Gospel
How Stephen Baldwin's Thief on a Cross Reached Millions
The Justice of Hell?
Good Friday in Real Time
What's So "Good" About Good Friday?
Why We Call the Worst Friday "Good"
What is Maundy Thursday?
The Suffering Church of Egypt
Lost on Good Friday
The Good News
Pope Francis Renders Unto Cesar Chavez
Fake News, Media Bias, and the Church
Happy Resurrection Day!
Famous Last Words That Changed the World
The Priority of the Cross & the Empty Tomb
Death is Dead, Christ Has Conquered
The Humanity of Holy Week
Trouble Brewing in the Catholic Church?
Why Easter Brings Out the Worst in Islam
Follow Christ or "Be True to Yourself?"
ISIS: The Embodiment of Islam
What is Expository Preaching?
Christianity Growing in China
Only One Platform Will Last
Apologists: Beware Sin
Why the Lord's Prayer Offends
Christians Are the Least Judgmental People
Pagans & Wiccans
Loving Yourself Won't Make You Happy
ISIS Fighters Killed by Wild Boars
The Lord is Never Late
God and the Death Penalty
Methodist Court Rules Against Lesbian "Bishop"
Christians Fighting Back
Noah's Ark and Salvation
Sharia vs. The Gospel
Pope Francis's Communist Mentor
Kansas City Catholics Banish the Girl Scouts & Their Cookies
ISIS Slaughtering Egyptian Christians
Hatmaker Heresy
Morality, Therefore God
Marriage Points to the Gospel
Trump's Exec. Order on Religious Liberty is Worse Than Useless
Some Cultures Are Better Than Others
Church Leaders React to Trump's Exec. Order on Religious Liberty
The Religion of Naturalism
Jen Hatmaker, LGBTQ & Apostolicity
Hope for Christianity in Europe
The Christian Bridge Too Far
Talking Sin
Again: Archaeology Confirms the Bible
Methodist Bishops and False Doctrine
Hell Awaits Jihadists
Church, not State, is the Answer
Christian Response to Teen Pregnancies
"Fake" News, "Real" News, & Good News
Christians Targeted in Egypt, Dozens Dead/Injured
American Founders and the Bible
Churchy Leftists Opposed to Memorial Day
How to Combat Biblical Illiteracy in the Church
Egypt's Coptic Christians Are Proud to Die for Jesus
What We Need Most
What Manchester Really Needs
Israel's Miracle 6-Day War
They Out-Believe Us
VP Pence: Genocide of Mid-East Christians "Must End"
I Refuse to Lie About Islam
Strange Harmony Between Secular Left and Radical Islam
Sharia's Incompatibility with America on Display
A Religious Left Revival?
"Believe in Yourself" is Awful Advice
The Reformation at 500
Depressed Teens Need Jesus
The New Atheism
Real Story of Christianity and Abortion
"Christian" Teacher Moonlighted in Porn
Spreading Hope
Homosexual Activists Are Coming for Your Church
Methodist Liberals Hail Planned Parenthood
Essential Difference Between Christianity & Islam
The Left is Not Really Interested in the "Separation of Church and State"
The Communist Cardinals of Pope Francis
Reviving American Christianity
Liberal "Love" Fails Because It Disregards Truth
Grace on the 4th of July
Female Genital Mutilation on the Rise in the West
The Threat of "Friendly Theological Liberalism"
Why Progressivism & Religion Don't Mix
The Rage of Islam
Sex: The Church vs. The World
There is Always Hope
Homosexuality in the Vatican "Never Been Worse" Than Under Francis
The Message Bible Translator Defends Homosexuality
Eugene Peterson's Theological Sigh
The Evil of the French Revolution
Every Book of the Bible in One Word
The Church and the Media
The Church of Identity Politics
Comfortable Heresies
Church of England Ignores the Bible on Human Sexuality
Jesus Shrugged
Ken Ham "Takes Back the Rainbow" With Lighted Ark
Faith Under Fire
Christianity, Inc.
Passive Christianity is Dead Christianity
Protestantism and the Poor
Is Atheism a Religion?
The Myth of Equality
Post-Christian America: Gullible, Intolerant, and Superstitious
Richard Dawkins Banned for "Bashing Muslims"; Bashing Christians Ok
LGBT's Drawn to Satanism
Rolling Stone: Christians Don't Have Anything to Worry About--As Long As We Tow the LGBT Line
How Protestants Changed the World
Archaeology Again Confirms the Bible
Prophetic Warning to Christian Educators
What You Should Know About Jehovah's Witnesses
Jesus Was Not a Socialist
Boko Haram's Bloody War on Christianity
Why God Matters
Transgender Identity: Let's Look At the Bible
Building Culture or Making Ruins
The Lessons of History & the Heresy of Racism
Charlottesville & Sin
Charlottesville: Jesus Demands the Truth. Where is It?
U.S. to Do More for Those Persecuted by Middle East Islamists
Christians Believe in Supremacy--in Christ
"Social Justice" is Not a Spiritual Cause
Building a Moral Society (Part 1)
Christians Beheaded, Burned Alive in Kenya
Help the Victims of Harvey
Evil is Evil
Help Texas
Donate for Hurricane Harvey Relief
The Real Lesson to Learn from Joel Osteen
"Loving" People Straight to Hell
Criticism of the Nashville Statement
Christian Doctrine, Sex and the Nashville Statement
The Reliability of Scripture
A Christian Vision of Work
Historic Baptist Church Votes to Accept Sin
Hurricane Irma Prayers
God and Natural Disasters
Former Lesbian: It's Cruel for Churches to go Soft on Homosexuality
There's No Such Thing as Islamophobia
The Agony of Middle East Christians
Everything I Needed to Know About Islam I Learned on 9/11
Christians Leading the Way in Hurricane Relief Efforts
The Christian View on DACA
The Splendor of Truth
Stop Forcing Your Immorality on Me
Help Puerto Rico
Judge Moore & God's Law
What Christians Can Learn from Yom Kippur
Shootings, Hurricanes, Earthquakes...How Much Can We Take?!
Life in the Shadow of Death
Guns, Evil and Christianity
The Archbishop of Canterbury "Cops Out" on Sexual Sin
Homosexual Kicks Christians Out of His Shop
Reject "Cop-Out" Christianity
How the Bible Changes Cultures
Morality by Popular Opinion?
There's Little as Gross as "Christian" Socialists
Lord, Open European Eyes
Where is Your Bible?
George Barna Explains Christians' Support for Trump
Morality Without God?
8 Signs Your Christianity is too Comfortable
Halloween & Reformation Day
The Stupidity of Sin
The Reformation at 500
For a Modern Reformation, Return to Tradition
A New Reformation
The Word of God Always "Reforms"
Taking Jesus to Work
Is Islamic Reform Possible?
God, Evil, and a Senseless Act
Powerful Response From Couple Who Lost 9 Family Members in TX Shooting
In the Face of Evil, Pray
Hillsong Pastor Carl Lentz Refuses to Call Abortion Sin
Carl Lentz Clarifies Abortion Views
Atheism & the Texas Church Shooter
Liberal Stance on Homosexuality & Marriage Destroys "Evangelical Megachurch"
Islam, Women, & Phyllis Chesler
Liberal Clergy "Bless" Texas Abortion Clinic
Religious Left's 7 Myths About a Christian Baker
Saving the Planet While Losing Your Soul
Evangelical Christianity Now a "White Supremacist Movement"?
What is Truth?
Charles Manson: The Making of a Monster
The Greatness of Giving Thanks
How the Civil War Gave Us Today's Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving Ingratitude
Push the Radical Jesus Agenda
Jesus in the Middle East
Moses Vindicated
Suddenly, Virtue is Chic
Science Again Confirms Christianity
Advent Opportunity
The Bible is Not Merely a Rulebook or an Encyclopedia
Leftwing Evangelicals: An Oxymoron?
Moral Combat: How the Sexual Revolution Infiltrated the Church
Ravi Zacharias Defends His Integrity
The House of Christmas
The Wonder of Christmas
Like a Thief in the Night
Far as the Curse is Found: The Gospel of Jesus
A Messianic Jew Reflects on Christmas
A Culture in Need of the Manger Scene
Churches & Anti-Israel Boycotts
The Rest of Justin Bieber’s Gospel Message
Religion and Politics Always Mix
Good Riddance, Evangelical Incorporated
Christmas: There's No Escaping It
Meet the Nativity and be Free from Fear
Christmas: A Celebration of Life
Hijacking "Evangelicalism"
Actress Leaves the Playboy Mansion for Jesus
5 Challenges Facing the Church in 2018
Lose Conversion, Lose Christianity
Christians Targeted in Cairo

What Does It Mean to be Human?
Europe's Only Hope: Christian Revival
Executions in Saudi Arabia Include Shiite Cleric
Resurrection Denying Pastor Mocks Being Hellbound
Rebutting a Christian Pacifist
Why "Welcoming" Churches Are Dying
The Gospel According to Taylor Swift
Can You Be a Christian & Pro-Choice?
Beat the Devil
Does the "Moderate Muslim" Exist?
Is Gun Control a Christian Issue?
Life After Your Child's Death
Politics & Worship
When Preaching Gets Political
The Importance of the "Same God" Debate
Episcopal Church Suspended
The (Religious) Problem with Liberalism
More Jesus, Less Crime
Christians and Modern Martyrdom
U.S. Must Intervene on Behalf of Mideast Christians
Top 10 Quotes on the Church by MLK Jr.
The (Religious) Problem with Socialism
German Christians Cave on Homosexuality & Marriage
The (Religious) Problem with Libertarianism
The (Religious) Problem With Conservatism & Progressivism
Are Methodist Sunday School, VBS Materials for LGBT Indoctrination?
Trump's Liberty Univ. Performance Was Insulting to Christians Everywhere
No Such Thing as a Prosperity Pastor
The (Religious) Problem with Nationalism
Falwell, Trump, Christianity & Nationalism
The New Tolerance Must Crumble
Kill Your Worship of the Celebrity Culture
Islam and the First Amendment
Pastors Belong in Politics
How Secularism has Corrupted Catholicism
Islamists Burn Children Alive
Trump Represents Everything Opposite to Christianity
Is it Unloving to Tell People They're Sinners?
Why I'm Not an Atheist
The Fellowship of the Suffering
What it Means for Christians to "Engage the Culture"
When the Church Ignores Immorality
Faith Without Dogma is Dead
"Religious Right Wants a Theocratic State?"
Want Romance? Go to Church
Joel Osteen Misuses Scripture in his Latest Book
The Absurdity of Pro-Gay Theology
Progressive Christians Want Jesus, but Not the Bible
Our Reversible Moral Coma
Shame on Pastors who Anointed Hillary Clinton
Scalia: Socialism is "Death to Christian Virtue"
5 Problems w/the Pope's Comments on Trump's Faith
Sinning at the Movies
Theology is Not Just for Theologians
8 Biggest Myths About the Bible
Boko Haram Attacks Christians "Almost Daily"
Slavery Still Exists
Scripture Reveals Humanity
NRB Spotlights Christian Genocide
Voting with Christian Wisdom
A Crutch or a Cross?
5 Reasons Trump is Dangerous to Evangelicals
Obama Must Stop Ignoring the Genocide of ISIS
6 Principles of a Christian Moral Order
Battling Sin with the Gospel
ISIS and Christian Genocide
Battling Sin With the Gospel
The Bible & Socialism
Repentance vs. Defensiveness
How Christianity Explains Trump
"Genocide" Falls Short of Describing the Persecution of Mid-East Christians
Islam & the Rape of Children
John Piper vs. Oprah
Does Science Hate Philosophy?
The Withering of Vice & the Sexual Revolution
The Theology of Donald Trump
The Gospel Brings a Debt
Misunderstanding Islam
Shocking Quote Exposes Sad State of "The Hood"
The Quran's Role in Belgian Terror
Message of Islam vs. the Gospel of Jesus
What Happened on Good Friday?
Is ISIS Faithful to Islam?
It is Finished!
The Earthly Temple & the Empty Tomb
Dying to Self, Rising with Jesus
Fighting God: An Atheist Manifesto
Alabama Governor Kicked Out of Church
ISIS Crucifies Catholic Priest on Good Friday
Islamic Radicals Murder 70 Pakistani Christians on Easter
Christians Must Unite Against Homosexual Bullies
It's Time for NFL Christians to Stand Up to the NFL's Gay Agenda
GA Gov.'s Veto Exemplifies Christian Failure
Bill Nye the Science Guy Doesn't Get Philosophy
The Satanic Bible's "Golden Rule"
Killing Christianity in America
Pastor Thought to be Crucified by ISIS is Alive
Joel Osteen & Hell
Temple of Baal to be Erected in NY
Religious Liberty in the Age of Immorality
Religious Liberty Wins in Mississippi
PayPal Prefers Cuba to North Carolina
Secularization & the Rise of Trump
Science, Faith, & the Siegel Test
Intolerant Liberals Use Govt. as a Weapon Against Christians
Four Myths of Revival
Why Do Atheists Care?
Whose Morality?
The Pope's Confused Message
Can You be a Christian & a Democrat?
Phil Robertson (Again) Enrages Liberals
Pope Francis Flatters the "Me" Generation
Superman, Relativism, and Democracy
Jesus Didn't Come to Fulfill Your Dreams
Do You Need More Counseling, or Repentance?
Why Secularists are Afraid of Religion
When Intolerance is Beautiful
How the "Highly Religious" Differ
Islamism's War on Women
Keeping Faith in a Faithless Age
Christian Schools Must Choose: God or the State
Liberty Requires Wisdom
Unhappy America
7 Myths About Forgiveness
Christians: Don't Fall For the "Compassion" Trap
Jesus the "Intolerant Bigot"
The Minister Who Moved a Mountain
See No Evil
Superman, Relativism, & Democracy
6 Prayers for Our Nation
Good Morning, Amerika
Obama: All Faiths Are Equal
Ancient Shopping List Confirms God's Word
Local Churches Anger the gods of Govt.
How Do We Know the Bible is True?
Is the Bible Full of Contradictions?
Election "A Wake-Up Call for the Church"
Is the Quran Credible?
Ex-Witch on the Occult
The Terrible Logic of Hell
Will Methodists Split Over Homosexuality?
Moral Narcissism and the Least-Great Generation
United Methodists Sex & Gridlock
Evil Looks Like You
10 Signs We're Making Worship an Idol
No, Hitler Was Not a Christian
The Fed. Govt. (again) Subsidizes Hatred of Christianity
"Hating Jesus:" Liberals Declare Spiritual Warfare
The End of Absolutes: America's New Moral Code
The Bible is Unbreakable
Pope Francis Mangles Matthew 28
Boy Scouts "Promote Religious Bigotry?"
"Demonic Gender Ideology" Sweeping the U.S.
Sexual Madness and the Image of God
What a Dead Gorilla Reveals About Our Culture
Seriousness in Worship
Sad & Sick: Hillsong Church's Naked Cowboy
Justice Conference: Don't be Silent on the Unborn, Sexuality, & Hell
4 Reasons Your Kids Should Sit With You in Church
"The Atheist Delusion"
The Gospel Was for Such a Time as This
19 Women Burned Alive by ISIS
Parents, Tell Your Kids They Are Sinners
Roy Cooper's (N.C. Attorney General) Crusade Against Christ
ISIS Sex Slaves
Islam vs. Liberal Democracy
Leaving Islam
ACLU Attorney Blames "Christian Right" for Orlando
The Brutal Reality of Islamic Teaching on Homosexuality
Killing Homosexuals Is Not ISIS Law, It Is Muslim Law
The Right and Wrong Reactions to Orlando
Ecofeminist Theology vs. Elite White Males
Islam & the West: Irreconcilable Conflict?
What Are Atheists So Afraid Of?
Muhammad & Terror
New York Times Claims the Book of Romans Calls for "Execution of Gays"
The Cross & the Confederate Flag
Why They Hate Us
A "Gay" Muslim Democrat Walks Into a Bar...
No Jesus. No Justice.
Confronting the False Gospel of "Death with Dignity"
Genocide in the Old Testament?
Help West Virginia Flood Victims
Defining Decency Down
A Nation of "My Truths"
170 Muslim Refugees Had Me Surrounded
Why I Renounced Islam, Allah, and Muhammad

Churches & Same Sex Marriage
Sorry, But We Won't Rewrite the Bible for Homosexuals
California Takes Aim at Christian Colleges
What is an Evangelical?
Psychiatry, Mental Illness, and Demonic Possession
The Anti-Christian State of California
Poll: What Muslims Think of U.S. Laws
A "Declaration of Dependence" on God
Church of Liberalism vs. Christianity
Good Without God?
Islamists Murder Nigerian Pastor
Iowa Churches Must Accommodate Transgenders?
The Story of the Century
Sermons on Biblical Sexuality "Sometimes" Illegal in Iowa
Dallas Police & Divine Vocation
Onward Christian Pansies
Heresy & Humility--Lessons from Current Controversy
Obama Admn. Commissions Rob Bell to Write Gender-Neutral Bible
Too Many Muslims Among Us Believe in Violence
The Coming Christian Collapse?
Methodist Crisis
The Religion of the Left
The Rise of the Moral Narcissists
Having Abandoned Christ, Episcopal Divinity School Dies
Tony Evans: Faith Before Race
ISIS Storms Church, Kills French Priest
How Christians Should View the Body
The Pope Spouts More Nonsense
God, Criminal Justice, & Dr. Laura
Archaeology Supports Acts 19
Raising Kaine, Despising Christ
No Christianity, No Hospitals
Pope Francis: A Fool or a Liar?
A Sudden Grief, A Sublime Hope
Cultural Free-Fall
The Modern Slave Trade
God and Transgenderism
Joel Osteen's Heresy is Worse Than Atheism
Europeans Ended Slavery; Muslims Still Practice It
Two Millennia (and Counting) of Killing Christians
When Given the Chance, Speak Truth
Pope Francis & the Decline of the West
Secularism's Road to Nowhere
4 Ways Prosperity Gospel Distorts Christianity
Is Islam a Religion?
They're Coming for Christian Lawyers
Driving Ms. Muhammad
Help U.S. Flood Victims
How God Saved Me From the Prosperity Gospel
God Remembers You
Loving Jesus Means Keeping His Commandments
Why Feminists Hate Scripture So Much
Faith at the Olympics: Rios Best Kept Secret
Why You Need a Church
Christianity & American Exceptionalism
Christianity, Trump, and Nationalism
Confessions of a Former Atheist
God Doesn't Send People to Hell; They Send Themselves
Christians Don't Need "Trigger Warnings"
Today's Greatest Enemy
Christians Brainwashing Children?
Atheism: An Irrational Worldview
Christians: Prepare for Lifelong War
A Christian View of Work
Islam is Not a Civilization
When Malcolm Muggeridge Met Mother Teresa
The Bible on Borders
Spiritual Intimacy
Former New-Age Apologist Finds Jesus
NY Times: What Religion Would Jesus Be?
West Point Football Coach Under Fire for Prayer in the Locker Room
Tim Kaine is Laughably Wrong About Genesis and Homosexuality
Islam is From Satan
Misrepresenting the Ark Encounter
When Christianity Defeated Human Sacrifice
Christian Slaves, Muslim Masters
Teach the Truth About "Islamophobia"
A Liberal "Gets" Religion
Rebel With a Cause
Is Science Secular?
The Lie That Will Send You to Hell
Absurdity Reigns: The Dictatorship of Relativism
Andy Stanley Says the Bible is Too Hard to Defend
Andy Stanley is Weak on Apologetics
The Atheistic Religion

The Myth Called "Race"
Is Islam a "Religion of Peace?"
Greg Laurie Preaches Revival in Duluth, GA
Theologians Declare: Globalism is Demonic
For the Bible Tells Me So
Archaeology Again Confirms the Bible
Americans: Heaven and Jesus, Sure. Hell and Sin, Not So Much.
Celebrate: Bring Your Bible to School Day
Christian Music Banned on the School Bus
Could You Pass this Bible Quiz?
Our Problem is Spiritual, Not Political
Trump & Consequentialism
Speaking Truth to Christians on Hillary and Trump
Christian Ministry (InterVarsity) Pays the Price for Compromise on Homosexuality
Pray. Give. Go.
Truth is a Moral Issue
K.C. Archbishop: Tim Kaine a "Cafeteria Catholic"
New Evangelical Coalition Calls Progressive Ministers to "Repentance & Renewal"
No Surprise: Another "Islamophobic Hate-Crime" Hoax
The Atheist Delusion
"Pastor's" "Prayer" Praises Planned Parenthood's Murderous Agenda
Jen Hatmaker's Politics: More Leftist than Christian
Lib Scholar: Christian Fundamentalism Worse Than Islamic Terrorism
It Happened to George Washington's Church
Pastor's, They're Coming After You!
Academics--Left and Right--Abandon Faith and Mercy
Millennials Agree With Marx More Than Bible
A Question for "Affirming" Churches
Following in the Way of Jesus
Escape From Darkness
No Human is Irredeemable
Hillsong United Band Leader Calls Jen Hatmaker’s Remarks on Homosexuality ‘Refreshing’
Pick One: Truth or Social Justice
The Age of Acceptable Lies
Why Muslims Are Turning to Jesus by the Thousands
Millennials to be Known as America's Lost Generation
Papal "Mouthpiece" vs. Catholic Cardinals
Giving Ex-Cons a Second Chance
Why Doesn't Our Faith Move Mountains?
Behold the God Gap
What is Thanksgiving?
Sin Will Never Make You Happy
Castro's Victims & Religious Defenders
The History of Advent
Finding a Foundation in a Post-Truth Culture
Evangelical Theologians Outline Christian Vision of Sexuality
What "Judge Not" Really Means
3 Advent Facts
We Need Advent
John Piper: Men, Confess Your Lust for Other Women
Christmas and Creation
Evaluating the Star Wars Worldview
Spectacular Christmas Displays
Turning Truth Into Mythology
Child Mortality & Divine Grace
5 Reasons I'm Not Catholic
Why Conservative Churches Grow & Liberal Churches Shrink
Liberal is Tired of Her Tribe
Keeping Christ in Christmas
Islam is the Problem
Christmas, 1776
Celebrating Christmas in Your Despair
Yes & Amen in Christ
Christmas IQ Quiz
Christmas: Embattled From the Beginning
We All Proselytize
The Hope of Christmas
Merry Christmas!
High-Ranking ISIS Leader Turns to Jesus
Genesis: The Foundation of Christianity
Christianity Without Christ?

The Death of Truth and a Postmortem
The Right and Wrong Way to Close Your Mind


Resolutions: Jim Wallis vs. the Pope

Bad Christian vs. Good Secularist
Life Confronted
"God Raped Mary?!"
Maher: Liberals Should Face Truth on Islam
Blasphemy for Me, But Not For Thee
Myth of Islamophobia
Marxist Gets it Right on Religion and Democracy
On the Holy Spirit
Why Miracles Don't Sway Every Unbeliever
Powerful TV for Easter: "A.D."
Radical Islam Should Be Mocked
Border Crisis = Church Opportunity
Leaders: Be Above Reproach
Islam's War on Christians Continues
Saudis to Flog a Blogger
Most Dangerous Places to be a Christian
Theological Extremism in a Secular Age
Radical Islam or Authentic Islam?
How a Pastor Deals with His Same-Sex Attraction
Islam Itself is the Problem
The Nature of Belief
About Those "Peace-Loving" Jihadis Next Door
A Clash Between Two Islams
The (Impossible) Mormon View of Salvation
Up From Superficial Christian Compassion
Confessions of a Former Atheist
Science, God, and Life
"King Science" vs. King Jesus
Powerful: From Jihad to Jesus
When Does God Sanction War?
My Genes Made Me Do It
Contrasting Commercial and Biblical Christianity
Of Course It's About Islam
Archaeology is a Friend of the Bible
Responding to Atheist Propaganda
Thousands of Muslims Accept Christ
Dealing w/Immodesty at Church
Duke Muslims Broadcast "Allah is Great" (from the Chapel Steps)
Manny Pacquiao: "Jesus is the Only Way"
Persecution of Christians at Historic Levels
Are Judaism and Christianity as Violent as Islam?
The Bounds of Christianity
Muslim Mobs Attack Christians in Niger
Making Christianity Weird Again
Christian Professionals Need Not Apply
Duck Dynasty vs. Dante
Liberal Clergy Promote Govt. "Charity"
Atlanta Fire Chief and the Problem of Original Sin
It's Islamism, Stupid
Newsboys Co-Founder Renounces Christ
Free Speech, Humble Speech
Gay Christians?
Evangelicals Divided by Reason
Jesus: Why Are So Many Turning Away?
On the Death of Marcus Borg
"Epic Fail" of the Episcopal Church
Video: End Times Unfolding?
Prosperity Gospel is a Pyramid Scheme
ISIS Kidnaps More Christians
Liberal Hypocrisy in the Methodist Church
So Many Christians, So Few Lions
Newt Gingrich Tells the Truth on Islam
A "Divine Wind" to Accept Homosexuality?!
Islam Invades America
Muslims "Butcher" Nigerian Pastor
"Jesus is Lord of Texas!"
"Jesus is Lord of Germany!"
Divine Justice for a Hezbollah Killer
Imam Beats Daughter to Death
Acceptance of Homosexuality Demonstrates Fear of Man
The Truth on Homosexuality Comes Down To...
What "Trashy Talk" Says About You
Changing the Way We Talk About Sex
America, Christianity, & "Sniper"
The LGBT "Church"
The Persecution of Gordon College
The Episcopal Church Loses Big in Court
Depression in the Christian Family
Ravi Zacharias: Why Suffering?
Jesus vs. Mohammed 
All Bow Before Jesus Sooner or Later
Is it Good to be "Nice?"
Iran and the End Times
What if Same-Sex "Marriage" Wins at the Supreme Court?
God's Ideal Government
Killed by ISIS: Kayla Mueller was "Surrendered to God"
Islamic vs. Atheist Violence
Some People Don't Want to "Coexist"
The Church & Gun Control
Should Christians Gamble?
UK Students Want to Ban the Bible
Grace vs. Obedience
How Christians are being "Squeezed Out"
When to Judge
St. Patrick's Day Perversion
Their Blood Confesses Christ
The Beheadings are Only the Tip
Who is a Christian?
Loving Him Means Loving "Them"
Toxic Churches
The Puritans Were Like ISIS?
Was the Bible Written by Mere Men?
Charismatic vs. Academic Theology
Pray for Those Who Abuse You
How to Pray for ISIS
Are You Ready to Witness to a Muslim?
ISIS Attacks Assyrian Christians
Jesus on Homosexuality
Youth Apologetics Tour
Human Diversity and the Table of Nations
What is Universalism?
When You Taste the Truth
Presbyterian Church USA to Vote on Marriage Redefinition
Christian Leaders Drifting From the Truth
Was the Apostle Paul a Misogynist?
Christianity and Tolerance in the Public Square
Christianity and Black Slavery
Religion and Science
Time to Get "Fat on the Word"
ISIS Was Born of Islam
How Satan Distracts
Thank Baptists for Religious Liberty
A Call to Counter Culture
Psalm 91 Video
Florida City Wages Soviet-Style Crackdown on Churches
Joel Osteen's "Gospel of Me"
4 Must-Reads on ISIS and Christianity
Lesbian "Bishop" to Speak at a Christian College
Forgiving a Murderer
Who Gets to Decide What Sin Is?
Weighing a Chicken with a Yardstick
Loving Our Muslim Neighbors
Homosexual Methodists Won't Oppose Polyamory
Return of Shame
Misquoting God
The End Times According to Islam
Arrested and On Trial for "Homophobic" Preaching
Pope Francis: The Devil is Punishing Mexico
Why World Vision Changed Its Mind on Homosexuals
Navy Chaplain Threatened b/c of Biblical Views
Creflo Dollar Needs a $65 Million Plane?!
Why Are Americans Happy & Religious?
Christian Left Twisting the Gospel
Come Again, Holy Spirit
How the Church Responds to Sin
Churches Bombed in Pakistan
Christians Under Seige in India
The Real War on Christianity
Deceptions About Islam
Secret God of the Secularlists
"I Know My Truth"
Forgiving ISIS Goes Viral
Examining Proverbs 22:6
Can We be Good Without God?
Christianity and Nukes
The Bible vs. Your "Happiness"
Voice of China's Voiceless
S.S. "Marriage" = Empty Churches
ISIS Mission: Burn Churches, Kill Pastors
Ron Reagan "Not Afraid of Burning in Hell"
Religious Discrimination: Christian Ministry Kicked Off CA Campus
Evangelicals and Israel
Seven Habits of Highly Effective Pastors
A Religion of Convenience
UK Preacher Fined for Quoting Leviticus
Evangelical in Name Only?
Liberal Methodists Don't Understand Love
The Constant Defense Against Tyranny
Stop Pretending Islam is Like Christianity
Hypocrisy of the Preachy Culture
American Muslim's Version of Islam
The Bible's Clear & Final on Homosexuality
"Words From the Lord" vs. Bible
Wise/Prophetic Words on Homosexuality
A New Life in Christ
What Christian-Phobia Looks Like
America's Academies for Jihad
Former Mob Boss Turns to Christ
The Real Easter Story
What the Cross & Resurrection Mean
The Resurrection and Science
Waiting and Hoping in the Empty Tomb
Good Friday
Methodists Honor Anti-Atonement Theologian
ISIS Resurrects Crucifixion
If Christ is Not Raised...
Our Suffering Savior
Church of the Left
Why Churches Remain Small
Gay Rage. WWJD?
Christianity is a Religion of Losers
Life Conquers Death
"Christian" Professor Trashes Christians
The Slow-Motion Genocide of Christians
Oxford's Female Apologist
Rapper Perverts the Bible and Pens "Book of Yeezus"
Glossing Over Evil in Kenya
Killing Christianity
Iraqi Christians Under Siege
3 Ways to Win Your Prodigal Children
Did America Have a Christian Founding?
Real Motive for Religious Freedom Attacks
Evolutionary Ethics & Objective Morality
Islamist Surrenders to Jesus
Franklin Graham Launches 50 State Prayer Tour
Christian Persecution a Crisis
15-Year-Old Pakistani Boy Martyred
ISIS is Satan
Biblical Skeptics Often Don't Want Answers
Rabbi Informs the UN on the Modern Christian Holocaust
Every Idea Has Consequences
The Terrible Failure of the Secular Gospel
Conservative Anglicans Make a Vow
Andy Stanley on the Church and Gay Youth
God Goes to Harvard
Who Are You to Judge?
When God Says "No"
For Gays: God Has Something Better
Grace vs. Obedience
Former Idaho Muslim Issues a Stern Warning
What is Truth?
Biblical Conviction vs. Demonic Condemnation
Samaritan's Purse Sets Up Fund for Persecuted Christian Bakers
The Church's Response to Bruce Jenner
Help Victims of the Nepal Quake
What Baltimore Needs
Convictions vs. Culture
NFL's (and UGA's) Ben Watson on the Sin that Plagues Baltimore
The Church: Lover or Prostitute?
Only God Can Heal Baltimore
"I Fought the Law"
What to Do About Moralistic, Therapeutic Deism
Are We Preaching "Self-ism" or Christianity?
Liberalism Obscures Biblical Efforts
The Gospel ain't about You, but it is for You
Liberty of Conscience: Keep on Walking & Talking
Christians Observe the National Day of Prayer
The Praying Church vs. the Culture of Death
Christian Worldview Grounds Human Dignity
Christians Wield the Sword of the Spirit On the Steps of the U.S. Capital
"Lord, Hear Our Cry!"
Confronting the Culture Wars
Christian Thinking on Poverty Relief
Rick Warren Embraces Elton John?
Methodist Lobby's Scary Moral Vision
How America Can Avoid Calamity
Left-Wing Democrats Pray to "Mother Earth"
Christianity Crumbling in the U.S.?
Why Islam Grows
Is Christianity Dying?
Lament for Nominal Christianity
As Christian Identity Shrinks in the U.S., Evangelicals Grow
The Nun and the Boston Bomber
Why Religious Institutions Aren't Taxed
Dallas MegaChurch Pastor: Islam is Satanic
The Truth About Christians and the Poor
Maybe Christianity is Dying b/c It's Boring
Mainline Protestant Decline and Hope
Six Ways Worship Changes Us
If Only American Christians Would Sing Louder
The "Least of These" are Not the Poor
Do Churches Fail the Poor?
Like Nazi Germany, Arab Masses Believe the "Big Lie"
The Plight of Middle East Christians
The Secular Left & Orthodox Islam
British Man Raised From the Dead?
Threat of a New Dark Age
Behold, the Crucified
The Withering of the Episcopal Church
When to "Judge"
The Scandal of Christianity
Forgiving Her Sister's Murderer
How Christianity Made Children Human
Cultural Christianity vs. Convictional Christianity
A Christian "Defense" of Josh Duggar
Did God Condone Slavery?
Why Official Christianity is Dying
No Such Thing as "Comfortable Christianity"
The Theology of Money
The Case for Apprenticeship
The Realism of Moral Imbeciles
Is Same-Sex "Marriage" Distracting the Church from Poverty?
The Decline of Christian America
Catholics Meet in Secret on Same-Sex "Marriage"
Millennials and Warped Conceptions of Christ
What Really Happened in Ireland
Scouting the Wrong Side of History
Presbyterian Pastors Face Death Penalty in Sudan
Gender Confusion in the Church
A "Tidal Wave" of Chinese Christians
The New Persecution
The Justice of the Death Penalty
Is Theology Impractical?
Ravi Zacharias Interviewed
The Gospel According to Nancy Pelosi
Millennials Most Selfish, Least Religious Generation
6 Problems With the Evangelical Church
What the Church Should be Saying About Sex
Homosexual Atheist Issues Call to the Church
The History of Science and Christianity
Bruce Jenner & John Wesley
Leaving "Baptist" in Your Church's Name Won't Scare People Away
Where Our True Identity is Found
Franklin Graham on Bruce Jenner
No, the Devil Didn't Make You Do It
Christian Despair, "Star Wars," and the Old Republic
Tim Keller on "God and the Gay Christian"
Stopping the Young From Church Exodus
Even in Tragedy, God is Good
Non-Christians Benefit From Christian Virtues
Tony Campolo Misleading the Church on Homosexuality
Open Letter to Tony Campolo
Christians, Poverty, and the Culture Wars
Opinions Change, Truth Remains
Spirit Led vs. Cause Driven: 8 Ways to Tell
Same-Sex "Marriage" Wouldn't Surprise Paul the Apostle
Former Editor of Christianity Today Praises Tony Campolo's Embrace of Homosexuality
On Marriage, Which Way Evangelicals?
Balaam's Ass and the Art of Persuasion
Caitlyn Jenner and the "Post"-Postmodern America
Christianity's American Problem
Baptist Leader: Time to Lead on Marriage
How Christians (sometimes) Get Love Wrong
War is Not Hell
Standing With Charleston
The Basics of Christianity
Sad Consequences of Ignoring Biblical Authority
Charleston: The Conversation We Won't Have
Homosexual Parades Draw Liberal Clergy
Demons in Charleston?
From Moral Relativism to Reality Relativism
Evangelicals vs. the Pope on the Environment
The Hate of Ignorance
You're Going to be Dead One Day
Concealed Carry at Church?
The Cross & the Confederate Flag
Bible Teaches Humans Are One Race
Heresy of Racial Superiority
Forgiveness in Charleston
Take Down the Anti-Christian Gay-Pride Flag
UK Preacher Faces Jail for Calling Islam "Satanic"
Ramadan: What You Need to Know
Secularism Can't Solve Religious Violence
Charleston's Quieter Lessons
Franklin Graham: God's Judgement Awaits
An Evangelical Declaration on Marriage
ISIS Threatens Christians in Israel
Loving God vs. Loving Your Neighbor
On Marriage: What Now, Church?
Homosexual Apologists Attack Christians Preaching the Truth
Sin of Homosexuality is Unique
Episcopal Church Enacts Same-Sex "Marriage"
20 Questions for Christians Who Support Same-Sex "Marriage"
After Marriage Ruling, Churches Will Be Targets
A Biblical Response to Same-Sex "Marriage"
The Prophetic Meaning of the Bethlehem Star
Should Christians Still Celebrate July 4?
Our Liberty a Blessing From God
Helping the "Least of These"
The Rise of Christianity in China
Christians & the Dumbing Down of Sin
A Reformation the Church Doesn't Need

6 Lies from the Pit of Hell That Are Destroying America
Q & A with a Homosexual Apologist Matthew Vines
Liberal Pharisees
God and Russell Wilson
Churches May Face Lawsuits
God First, Then Country
Christian Response to the Cultural Decline
Preaching the Truth in Love
Don't Fear Them
Will Christian Universities Obey God or Man?
1500 Year-Old Biblical Text Discovered
God Saved My Life
Huckabee: U.S. Has a Sin Problem, Not a Skin Problem
Blood of Children Flowing in Syria
Hope for Mourning Parents
5 Tests of a True Prophet
Biblical Stance on Homosexuality Costs Pennsylvania Methodist Congregation $100,000
Michigan Methodists Bow to Homosexuality
Hagee's "Blood Moons" is "Magic Apologetics"
Satan Statue Unveiled in Detroit
Episcopal Priest Leaves Wife for Younger Man
Why We Should Stand With Israel
Meet America's Transgender Clergy
6 Ways to Overcome Evil
Dying for Christianity
Is Atheism a Religion?
Why Liberal Religion Fails
Hillsong Denies that Homosexuals are Leading Worship
The Cross of Jesus Offends
Muslim Imam Converts
A Wide Divide Between the Christian and Secular Culture
American Pulpits: From Theology to Therapy
Families of Martyred Christians Get New Homes
The "Osteenification" of Christianity
Questions for T.D. Jakes on Homosexuality
Christians & "Black Lives Matter"
Preach As a Dying Man to Dying Men
Greenville, S.C. Baptist Church to Ordain Homosexuals & Transgenders
Oprah, Osteen, Jakes and Homophobia
Gore Vidal, William Buckley and God
Joyce Meyer Answers Financial Questions
Free, Animated Biblical Theology
God Bless America?
When Discernment Leads to Disaster
Christianity and "The Good Wife"
The Quran vs. the Bible
Tony Perkins: Josh Duggar Held to a "Higher Standard"
Atheists Attack Auburn Football Chaplain
Love Tells the Truth
How to Repent: 5 Steps
What is Natural Law?
Prosperity Gospel Ministers Pray for Donald Trump
The Trump Bible
A Train Ride to Clarity
The Dread of Dying
On Clear Biblical Teaching, Non-Essentials and Homosexuality
Mass Baptism at GA High School
Speak to Persuade
It's Official: Christianity Is Now Criminalized
Jailed for Jesus
My "Crash" Course in Grief
Are You Living By Faith or Fear?
Kim Davis, Christianity & Civil Disobedience
Western Churches and the "Wrong Side of History"
Mordecai Will Not Bow
"I'm Christian, but I'm Not..."
Human Evil and Moral Clarity
Humanist Group Goes After Texas Teacher
5 Ways to Talk to Your Children About Death
Fighting for Souls
"Take the Rainbow Back"
Real "Death With Dignity"
Indian Hindus Threaten Christians
What Happens When Liberals Compare Christians to ISIS
Kim Davis and the Next Great Awakening
Archaeologists Discover Goliath's Home
The Pope's Fact Free Flamboyance
Evidence for God and the Human Heart
To Help the Poor, Pope Should Embrace Capitalism
A History Lesson for Pope Francis
Is Capitalism Unchristian?
"I'd Rather be Caught by ISIS than Stand with Kim Davis"
Religion is Always Public
Call it Genocide
Evangelicals Won't Cave to the Sexual Revolution
Andre Carson Proves Ben Carson's Point on Islam
The Pope's Invisible Ignorance
3 Reasons Atheist Arguments Spectacularly Fail
A New Battle for the Bible
Evangelizing Today's World: Church Invitations Won't Work
Being Offended vs Being Persecuted
Man in the Dock
On Islam, Carson is Right and Krauthammer is Wrong
You Are Not What You Eat
The Corruption of the Faith
Obama Proselytizes for Islam
The New Atheism
The Prosperity Gospel Goes Viral
Umpqua College Gunman Targeted Christians
Christians & the Environment
God, America, & Ronald Reagan
Vatican Releases Outrageous Statement on Kim Davis
Oregon Shooting is "Persecution of Christians"
The Demonization of Christianity
When Christianity is Outlawed
The Importance of Moral Clarity
Syrian Christians Raped, Crucified, Beheaded
Satanists to Missouri Gov: Abortion is a Sacrament
ISIS Beheading Christians at "School of Death"
Folly of "Comfortable Christianity"
The Cross: Foolishness to the World
Killing as a Moral Good
The Freedom of Silence
Killing Christians and Jews
Black Pastor Condemns Louis Farrakhan's "Justice or Else" Movement
Pastor's are Mistaken to Ignore Hell
Only Christ Can Truly Satisfy
ISIS to Execute 180 Assyrian Christians
The Tolerance Jesus Will Not Tolerate
Another Denomination Caving on Homosexuality
Muslims Burn Indonesian Church
"Nominal" Christianity Will Fail You

3 Questions to Detect Sports Idolatry
Autumn: Dying Beautifully
Using Liberty as a License to Sin 
Gospel Shaped Living
Facing Down the Gestapo
Yoga and Christian Discernment
Why Theology Matters
Natural Law Under Attack at Recent Synod
Christians, Politics, & the World
Recalling Depravity
A Theology of Worship
8 Reasons Worship Industry is Killing Worship
Biblical Christianity vs. Cultural Christianity
The Christian View of Science and Faith
Fighting Islamism
"Church of Lucifer" Opens in TX
The Loneliness of Suffering
Our Feelings Are a Blind Guide
Only Way Out of North Korea: Jesus
Mets Star Daniel Murphy Blasted for His Christian Views on Homosexuality
Labyrinth of Lies
The McCarthyism of Liberal Catholic Elites
Ken Ham: Donald Trump Doesn't Understand Real Christianity
Is the Reformation Over?
Football Coach Suspended for Praying
Biblical Masculinity
1,000 Year-Old Bible Shows Images of Jesus
Oprah Deceives Millions
European Churches Sell Their Soul to Islam
Biblical Submission for All
Religious Suicide Protest
How to Defeat a False and Destructive Worldview
You Only Live Forever
Welcome to the Revolution
Christian Anger Management 
Starbucks and Christmas
Has Science Buried God?
Country Club Evangelicalism
We Need "A Few Good Men"
United Methodist Leaders Censor Sexual Dialogue
The "Persecution" of Homosexual Priests
Why Not Sin?
Should Christians Join the Revolution?
Solving Society's Problems
Courage and Compassion in the Midst of Fear
The Coming Moral Revival
A Call for Christian Extremists
Rev. Graham: Islam is Not a "Peaceful Religion"
America is Charlie Sheen
The Crisis is Islam
Is Paris Burning?
African Methodist Bishops Speak
Praying for ISIS
Book Review: "God's Crime Scene"
What is an Evangelical?
How Moral Relativism Infected Constitutional Law
Back to Bleating about Christian "Terrorism"
Why Darwinism Can't Explain Religion
Doctrine Matters: Eternal Life Depends On It
Pilgrims, Indians, God, & Scheming
Who Are You Thanking at Thanksgiving?
Are You a Thankful Person?
An Ancient Prayer of Thanksgiving
Unthankful: The Grievance Generation
Why Can't We Talk About Islam Honestly?
ISIS and US: Believers vs. Agnostics
Christian Converts from Islam Killed in Yemen
Your Testimony is Not the Gospel
Why Thanksgiving is Deeply Theological
Conservative Christians for Sharia?
God Won't Fix This?
Science vs. Scientism
ISIS: The Clash of Civilizations & Enemy Love
How You Should Respond to Evil
Relativity, Moral Relativism, & the Modern Age
4 Responses to Science-Based Atheism
"Christian Terrorists" Don't Exist
The Amorality of Atheism
United Methodist Decline, and WELCOME!
Are Evangelicals Addicted to Media Outrage?
The "Faith" of "Prayer Shamers"
Parasitical Christian Politics?
Black Pastors Condemn "Black Lives Matter"
Christians, Capitalism, & Culture
Google vs. the Church
The Suburbs of Hell
Jesus Isn't Boring
Islam is Not a "Religion of Peace"
The Left's War on Religion
For the Fall and Rising of Many in Israel
New Book: Real Reason America is in Moral Decline
The View on "Being Good" vs. the Gospel
Do Muslims and Christians Worship the Same God?
Verses of Violence: The Bible vs. The Quran
Demonizing American Civil Religion
Mideast Christians & Genocide
Why We Can't Live in John Lennon's World
Born in Bethlehem, Living in Our Hearts
The Silence of God
If Your Church Makes Christianity "Cool & Comfortable," You Need Another Church
Human Rights as a Religion
Will the Real Islam Please Stand Up?
Peace on Earth?
Deception of Tolerance & "Chrislam" is Destroying America
Muslims & Christians Don't Worship the Same God
Gospel Power for a Secular Age
When You Believe in Nothing, Islam is Something
Eight Christmas Truths for Church Leaders
TX Museum Displays Harmony of Science & the Bible
Does It Matter if Christians & Muslims Worship the Same God?
War Against Christianity Exposed
The Triumph of Christmas
Benedict Option vs. Wesleyan Option
Islam and the West: An Irreconcilable Conflict?
As You Celebrate the Babe in a Manger, Don't Forget the Empty Tomb
We're About Truth, Not Hate
A Christmas Meditation
The Poverty of Christmas
It's a Wonderful Life
George Washington's Christmas Poem
Christmas & the Right Side of History
Mary Did You Know?
The Real Meaning of Handel's Messiah
The Christmas Story is Personal
The Real War on Christmas
Satanists Gather in Michigan
The Vatican Forgets Who Jesus Is
Of Course: Archaeology Confirms Jesus & the Bible
Dying Churches, Vibrant Churches
Lordship is Not Legalism
A Former Muslim Speaks on Islam & Peace
The Source of the World's Evil & How to Fix It
The Dreaded Seeker-Friendly Church
Iranian Christians Arrested on Christmas


Intelligent Design: Logical or Farcical?
The Basis for Truth
Jimmy Carter and Liberal Protestantism
Atheism and the Burden of Proof
The Foundations of Morality
Christians Shouldn't be Jerks
Confessions of an Ex-Evangelical
We Need Knowledge as well as Belief
Whatever Happened to the word Sin?
Is the Bible a Myth?
Misleading the Faithful
C.S. Lewis Absent from "C.S. Lewis Lecture"
Reformers and the Age of the Earth
Smothering Christianity on Campus
Fred Phelps: World-Class Hater
Embarrassing Evangelicals
World Division
The Reality of Good and Evil
Christian Persecution in Iran
Everything You Know is Wrong
Christian Girls Persecuted in Egypt
Evangelist: Millennials Need a Cause
Should the Church Pander to Millennials?
Is Jesus the Only Way?
The World Without Story
Why Are Young People Leaving the Church?
Fighting For...Plants?
Crisis in the Central African Rep.
Millennials and the False "Gospel of Nice"
NYC's Ban on Worship Continues
Why Not Subjective Moral Reasoning?
Meet the Real Noah
Religious Rights on Razor's Edge
Why Evangelicalism is Misunderstood
Moralism is Not the Gospel
College Battles Over Adam and Eve
Was Judas Saved?
God and the Minimum Wage
The Insanity of Sin
The Anti-Darwin Revolution
God Loves Rich People Too
This Is Your King
Blood Moon Week
Myth of the Dark Ages
Jesus's "Wife" and Modern Scholarship
Arguments to Avoid in Defending Christianity
DC Methodists Host Resurrection Denying Seminar
Iranian Muslims Coming to Christ
Christ is Still Renewing Cities
Saved From Hate
Maundy Thursday and the Marriage Battle
Andy Stanley's Troubling New Sermon
The Christ of the Passion
Why the Resurrection Matters
Back to the Gospel
The Fruit of Liberalism on Display at Dartmouth
Dartmouth President Slams Student Behavior
The Gospel According to Bloomberg
Alleluia Is Our Song
Christian Revival...In China
What We Believe
How Churches Should Confront the Culture
The Future of Millennial Evangelicals
Who's the Better Christian?
Dedicated to Science and Religion
The Gospel and the Gay Challenge
Religious Left Revival?
A Christian Perspective on Homosexuality
The Trouble with Touchy-Feely Faith
Flocking to "Other Christianities"
Methodism and Politics
Jesus on Judging Others
God and Mathematics
John Piper and the "Gay Christian"
Al Qaeda: "We Must Eliminate the Cross"
The Sin of "Racism"
Why Christians Should Support the Death Penalty
How the "Jesus' Wife" Hoax Fell Apart
Compromising for Church Harmony
God, Evolution, and Morality Part 1
Jesus and the Death Penalty
Pastor Tony Evans on Homosexuality and the Church
Seven Reasons the Bible is Relevant
Is Christianity Logical?
Compromising for Church Growth
Charges Against Lesbian Minister Dismissed
R-Rated Texts for an R-Rated World
UMC Bishops meet amidst Storm
Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus
Question Facing UMC: Who's Lord, Jesus or Caesar?
Unpractical Atheism
Christian Duty and Secular Law
Liberty University's Strange Bedfellows
Western Rise of Anti-Christianity
Many Churches Not Hearing the Bible
A Matter of Faith
The Nature of God
The Irony of Today's Tolerance
America's Celebration of Sin
Days of "Comfortable Christianity" Are Over
Taking God at His Word
The Irony of the New Tolerance
Dealing With Anger
What is Truth?
America Needs a Third Awakening
The Truth About Post-Christian America
Christianity Worth Thinking About
Are there really "Gay Christians?"
"The Bible Doesn't Address Homosexuality?"
SBC Baptizing Almost No Millennials
Global War on Christians
"Emotion Isn't the Caboose to Faith"
Does the Bible Conflict with Science?
Most Common Factor in Declining Churches
Ken Wilson's Heresy on Homosexuality Spreads
Your Work Matters to God
Raise Children in the Lord
Our Only Real Hope
The Golden Triangle of Freedom
Christianity and Mental Illness
Evangelism is Not Optional
A Call for Spiritual Warfare in Politics
Islamists Killing Nigerian Christians
Why "God and the Gay Christian" is Wrong
Americans Confused about the Bible
Churches Forced to Perform Same-Sex Weddings
Preaching the Truth in Secular Pulpits
Southern Baptists Pass Transgender Resolution
Indonesian Islamists Destroying Churches
Is Gay Marriage Destroying the Methodist Church?
Many Christians Unprepared to Defend Their Faith
Homosexual Denied Communion
Bill Maher vs. Ralph Reed
The War on Christians
Paper Links Schizophrenia to Demons
An Unprecedented Spiritual Disaster
Human Exceptionalism
PCUSA Succumbs to Heresy

Pluralism Is the Enemy
RIP Presbyterian Church (USA)
Tragic Exodus of Iraq's Christians
Is the Prosperity Gospel Destroying the Black Church?
The Black Church is "Far Too Silent" on Homosexuality
Defrocked Methodist Pastor Reinstated
"Men Have Forgotten God"
"Gay" Should Not Be Part of the Christian Identity
Millennials and Sin
Billy Graham's Daughter Warns America: Judgement is Coming
A Tale of Different Funerals
Islamists Burning Churches
Celebrating Christendom's Demise?
God, Evolution, and Morality Part 2
Politics, Patriotism, and Making Disciples of Jesus
What Truth Costs
Our Faith and Our Nation
Churches Need to Do More to Fight Porn
Christianity as the Best Explanation
Methodists are Rejecting the Gay Agenda
Jim Wallis' Race Rant
Defining Evangelicals
Making a Difference in Chicago
Festival Where Christianity is Earth Worship
7 Reasons to Trust the Bible
"Doctrine is Destiny"
The Gospel at the Gates of Hell
Liberalism Alive and Well in Churches
Are There "Gay Christians?"
Transgenders Battle Christian Colleges
The Coming Evangelical Divide
Proving God's Existence
Working for The Least of These
Churches Supporting Same-Sex Marriage are "Satan's Church"
Christian Organizations Face Government Bullying
Defining Atheism
The Coming Christian Revolt
Young Methodists Reject Gay Marriage
A Warning for Churches on Taxes
The Last Christians in Iraq
How Islam Conquered Christianity
Franklin Graham: "Heaven is Not for Cowards"
Man's Words or God's Word?
The Church is a Family
4 Prayer Killers
Learning from Young Atheists
Engaging an Ever-Changing Culture with a Never-Changing Gospel
Popular Christian Apologist: "Left Behind" Rapture Theology is False
Sodom's Cautionary Tale
Reclaiming the "Change the World" Baton
1st Amend. & Christianity & Satanism
Defining Social Justice
Dozens Saved at Braxton Caner's Funeral
Myth of Moral Neutrality
Nations that Destroy Churches
Bullies for Social Justice
Doing Social Justice Right
Pray for the Middle East
5 Puritan Myths
American's View of Sin (Sadly) Revealing
"Ann Coulter and Our Mission"
Social Approach to Poverty
The "Giving Pledge" vs. Christianity
"Right to Die" Not the Answer to Suffering
"Convert to Islam or Die"
Are Christian Missionaries Narcissistic Idiots?
ISIS Buries Christians Alive
Christian Musicians Mock Creationists
Silence as Iraqi Christians Vanish
Living in a Suicidal World
Scapegoating and Social Violence
The Problem with Christian Films
Impactful Faith Arguments 
The Immorality of Dawkins' Atheism
ISIS and Just War
Love Your Neighbor: A Christian Response to Ferguson
False Christian Dilemma: Withdraw or Assimilate
How Gaza's Christians See the Conflict
One Easy Step to Shrink Your Church
The High Crime of Suicide
The War on the Cross
Attacks Intensify on Christian Institutions
Church Success Myths
The Wrong Kind of Christian
Again: What is Christianity For?
Does Archaeology Support the Bible?
Millennials Beware of "Evangelical" Left
Jesus is the Answer to Any Race Problems
Answers to 60 Popular Faith Questions
Powerful Weapon Against Suicide
Homosexuality & the Logic of Creation
Slouching Towards the End of History
Churches, Division, and Sex
The Osteen's Donald Sterling Moment
Corporate Life After the Hobby Lobby Decision
ISIS Continues to Kill Christians
Is Faith Blind?
No Battle Between Science and Religion
The Osteen Predicament 
Myths Surround Christian Persecution
Case Against Gambling
Is Capital Punishment Biblical?
GA Pastor on the Islamic Threat to Christianity
A "Christian Holocaust" in the Middle East
A Parent's Guide to the "Evangelical" Left
Liberal Christians on How to Stop ISIS
You Belong to Him
Mainline American Churches Hold Israel Bashing Service
Jesus Didn't Die for a Political Cause
Jesus, Judgment, and the Church
Jesus, Judgment, and the Church (Part 2)
Jesus on Trial
What's Behind Your Success
Resisting Occupation?
Why is Russia Dying?
The Lamb and the F├╝hrer
An Appeal to the Osteens
Al Mohler Calls Out Hillsong
The Genocide of Mideastern Christians
Ted Cruz, Mideast Christians, and Israel
Christians Should be Joyful, Not "Happy"
Jesus, Judgment, and the Church (Part 5)
Islam and Violence
In Defense of Orthodoxy
Christians "Intolerant" Since 33 A.D.
When Goodness Goes Bad
India: "Free of Christians"
Liberals Distorting Scripture
"Two of the Scariest Lies" on Earth
The Church and Child Discipline
Powerful: Marines Worshiping
Ebola Kills, Jesus Saves
The Bible on Capitalism
Biblical Theology and the Sexuality Crisis
Worship that Honors God

Explaining Christianity to the NY Times
"The Church Just Wants Your Money"
Do Christians and Muslims Worship the Same God?
Is Divorce Equivalent to Homosexuality?
Are You a Cultural Christian or a Biblical Christian?
Are You Without Sin?
Homosexuality as the Dividing Line
Intellectual Faith?
Former Muslims on ISIS
The Liberal Religion of Tolerance
A Just War?
CA Episcopal Bishop Worships "The Earth!"
Seeking a "Cure" for Death
Allah Made Me Do It
God on Trial
Sinful Silence by Campus Crusade
The Case Against "Radical" Christianity
Women and Christianity
"Sermon on the Mount" Living
Victims of Islam
Oh Yuck, Christian Doctors
Why Did Jesus Pray?
Islam: The Awful Truth
Is Your Worship Pagan-Like?
Legal Protection on "Pulpit Freedom Sunday"
Only One Path to Heaven
Do You Believe the Bible?
The Criminalization of Heartland Christianity
Syrian Christians Face Genocide
Christians, Libertarians, and Ayn Rand
Apologetics in a Post-Modern Culture
Ben Affleck and the End of Argument
On the Wrong Side of Judgment Day
Faith and Doubt
Should Christians be in Politics?
Absolute Truths in Relative Terms
God and Christopher Columbus
ISIS: Islam Justifies Female Sex Slaves
C.S. Lewis and the Rise of Scientism
Catholic Push Back on Homosexuality
Houston Subpoenas Sermons
Churches & Elections
Responding to Your Child's Faith Questions
Does Islam Oppress Women?
"Sermon Grab" in Houston
Houston, We Have a Constitution
Christians Run Towards Ebola
Houston Sermon Grab Initiated by Lesbian Mayor
Hand Over the Sermons, Or Else
Why Not Hand Over the Sermons?
Catholics, the Real Liberals
Cancel Halloween?
What to Learn from the Houston Sermon Grab
Iranian Pastors Face More Prison Time
Hillsong Purposefully Vague on Same-Sex Marriage
The Real Warning in the Houston Subpoena Scandal
Secular Jihad in Houston
"The Chair of Peter is Empty?"
What Good Are You?
Episcopalians and Martyrdom
Duh: Secularism on the Rise
"Who Will Rise Up Against the Wicked?"
How Churches Should NOT Address Politics
Religious Sanctimony in Ferguson
The Criminalization of Christianity is Here
Why Won't Gay Theologians Debate?
Defining Faith
Evangelical Confusion on Christian Doctrines
Forgiving Those Who Hurt You
Churches Need to Re-Teach Marriage
Criticizing Other Christians Without Being Mean
Prominent Evangelical Endorses the LGBT Agenda
Ken Ham: Pope "Has Compromised Biblical Authority"
13 Year-Old w/Cancer Illustrates Dying Bravely
Old-Line Protestants vs. Casinos
How to Witness to a Jehovah's Witness
Reformation Day
Joel Osteen: The Pastor America Deserves
Death With Dignity?
The End of Mideast Christianity?
Dealing With Dashed Hopes
A Catholic Civil War
What the Bible Really Says about Homosexuality
The "Right to Die" May Become "Duty to Die"
Joel Osteen on Obama's Christianity
Separation of Christianity and State
Christian Couple Burned Alive
Unchanging Truth in a Changing World
Rise of Christianity in China
Christian Extermination in the Mid-East
God and the Berlin Wall
1955 Prophecy from Billy Graham
Next for Evangelicals and Gays
Sexual Orientation and the Gospel
Child Marriage in Islam
Why Some Struggle to Believe the Gospel
Standing for My Gay Child's Salvation
The Persecution of Pastor Scott Lively
My Genes Made Me Do It
Keep Your Faith in the Closet

Christian Prof. Arrested in Pakistan
Cumulative Case for Christianity
A Reasonable Faith
National Cathedral "Desecrated" with Muslim Prayer
(Franklin Graham Criticizes)
Yes, Jesus Cared About Doctrine
A Jesus Response to Suicide
The Problem of Evil
The 1st Amendment & Christianity
The Stealing of America
To Reach Millennials, Live Out Your Faith
New LGBT "Gospel Truth?"
Is Islam a "Religion of Peace?"
A Society Worthy of Humans
The Ancient Church Its Pagan Neighbors
The Church and Immigration Amnesty
Our Bodies Were Made For God
Liberal Churches React to Ferguson
President Lincoln on Giving Thanks
The Real Story of Thanksgiving
Ferguson Must Be Redeemed
Happy "Progressive" Thanksgiving
4 Little Known Thanksgiving Facts
Man's Intelligence Will Never Fix His Immorality
Ferguson Thanksgiving
The Campus Crusade for Cash
The Danger of Christian Celebrity
Are We in the End Times?
Loving Your Child Without Loving His Sin
Prayer for Humility this Advent
When Has the Gospel Been Popular?
Don't Make These Giving Mistakes
The Shock of Christmas
A Jesus Response to Ferguson
Harry Jackson: Race in America
Christianity and Sex
Taking a Stand: Black Lives Matter
The Failures of American Evangelicals
Only Intelligible Explanation for the Incarnation
You Will Live Forever
Follow The Shepherd, Not the Sheep
Liberal's Attack the Ark
Christ Transforms Life of Porn Actress
Jesus and Race
How God Worked Against the Nazis in WWII
Video: Aftermath of Grandmother Caught Stealing
It's Ethical to Treat Terrorists Harshly
Evangelical Guide to Advent
7 Things to Know About Torture
Franklin Graham: The Storm is Coming
Watch: "Amazing Grace" Flashmob
Christian Colleges and the Hook-Up Culture
Homosexuality: 7 Things Pastors Should Know
Christians Under Siege Worldwide
Christmas is "Undefeatable"
CBS Show Mocks Christmas
Seeking God
Another Denomination Caves on Gays
War on Christmas Continues
Atheists Invent Their Own 10 "Commandments"
When the Holidays Hurt
Celebrating Christmas in the Face of Death
Love Came Down at Christmas
Artifact Confirms Historicity of King David
The Cross Was Preceded By the Cradle
Jihadis Convert Churches Into Torture Chambers
Hell Has Arrived in Syria
Christmas and American Liberty
Just War vs. Pacifism
God and Sinners Reconciled
Happy Kwanzaa! (Brought to You By the FBI)
Black Pastor Launches "Prayer for Police" Campaign
Science Makes the Case for God
Holy War in the Bible Belt
Ancient Artifact Has Biblical Image
Heisman Trophy Winner All In For Jesus Christ
Why Human Desire Can Lead to Hell
Islam is Neither a Religion Nor Peaceful
Witnessing to the Episcopal Church
Church Should Welcome Without Converting?
Al Mohler On Newsweek's Christian Hit-Piece
Two Lesbians Walk Into a Church...

My Boring Christian Testimony
Figuring Out What the Bible Says
The Bible and Homosexuality


7 Questions Skeptics Ask
Pro Gay Theology 
The Fake Holiday of Kwanzaa
Does It Matter Which Bible We Use?
The Influence of Postmodernism
Spiritual Disciplines in a Postmodern World
When United Methodist Bishops Fail 
God Is Not Responsible
"Darwin, Dinosaurs, and the Devil"
Tebow Can't Hide From Sin
Chicago Needs Evangelicals
History Channel's 'The Bible': A Review
Al Mohler: Reject the Papacy
Here Come the Radicals!
What Was the Sin of Sodom and Gomorroh?
Bill O'Reilly is Wrong About the Bible
Homosexuality: A Biblical Overview 
The Bible on Homosexuality 
John Piper on Homosexuality 
Clinging to Straw
A Pastoral Word on the Boston Bombings
The 'Co-exist' Bombers
Why Psychiatry Lacks Credibility
Beware Scientism (Like I Said)
Scientism Strikes Back
Intolerant Atheists
The Problems with Psychiatry
10 Reasons to be Involved with a Church
Can Science Explain How Life Began?
Fighting Back Against Anti-Christian Bullies
Christians and Entertainment
Why I Don't Believe in Atheism
Cold War and Culture War
No Bible, No Democracy
Dealing With Anger
7 Viruses that Infect the Church
Is the Old Testament God Evil?
The Great Challenge of Islam
Did Morality Evolve?
The Answer to Prayer
An Androgynous God?
The Wrath of God Was Satisfied
Evangelicals in New England
The Prosperity Gospel of Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyer
Why Expository Preaching Matters
Lutherans Gone Wild: God, Gays, and Gender
Christianity Without Orthodoxy
The Essential Guidance System for the Church
Joel Osteen's "Cotton Candy Christianity"
Big Bang--The Evolution of a Theory
The Food Stamp Gospel
Nashville Methodists: Jesus Had Two Dads
Playing Games with God's Word
Thank God Atheists are Wrong
Does Faith = Hate?
Archaeology vs. the Bible
An Evangelical War on Marriage?
Jimmy Carter and the Religious Right
What Small Churches Can Do
The Church's Same-Sex Marr. Witness 
Many Methodists Still Oppose S.S. Marriage 
Responding to the Times (audio)
Who Would God Discriminate Against?
Render Unto Caesar or Unto God?
Sad Atheist Legacy
Taking the Bible "Literally"
The Courage of Your Convictions
An Attack on Religion
How to be a Prayer Warrior
The Indignity of Giving Thanks
Where Contemporary Worship Lost its Way
The Right to Convert
Days of Decline in the Church
Liberal Methodists Focusing on "Biblical Disobedience"
Israel's Christian Awakening
We Need Knowledge As Well As Belief
Traits of a Double-Minded Believer


Archaeology and the Old Testament
A (Not So) Brief Defense of Christianity
Reversing the Effects of Moral Decay
Catholic Charities Denies Supporting Contraception Mandate
U.S. Catholicism's Pact With the Devil
The Global Epidemic
Evangelicals and Catholics Unite
Christians Reduce Poverty
Naturalism vs. Theism
Vanderbilt Reveals Its Hostility to Christianity
Regarding Apologetics, An Apology
Rise and Fall of Biblical Ineranncy
Trouble at TBN
SIGH: Even As Catholics Sue, Vatican Pursues Govt. Health Care 
Can an Evangelical Vote for a Mormon?
Hearing From God Is the Old Testament God Evil?
Who Qualifies for Charity?
Private Sin Impacts Society
Recognizing the End Times
Dallas Willard on Discipleship
Can Liberal Christianity Be Saved?
Cliche Christianity
Is the Sinners Prayer Necessary for Salvation?
Colorado Massacre: No Cause, No Cure
The Real Cause of the Colorado Shooting
The Lessons of Aurora
When Your Child Turns From God
How the Church Should Respond to HIV/AIDS
Evil as Evidence for God
Aurora and the Virtues of Men
Taking Sin Seriously
The Collapse of the Liberal Church
Dealing With Old Test. Polygamy
Is the Old Test. God Evil?
What Is Knowledge?
Don't Give Up On Prayer
Atheists in the Pulpit
You and Your Church
Two Rival Religions?
Firing on Faith
The Future for Conservative Christians is the Past
Dear Atheists
Dear Atheists (A Reply)
Yes, There is Evil in the World
Fulfilled Prophesies at Christ's Birth
The Greatest Gift of Love
Celebrating Christmas While Mourning
What Does Newsweek Know About Jesus?
Liberal God Delusion
Egypt's Const. is Trouble for Christians


The Mideast War on Christians
Neutering God
Joel Osteen's Moment of Clarity
What if Egypt Opens Door to Christianity?
The Myth of Romantic Love
Charlie Sheen's search for God
Islam is as Islam Does
Faith Groups Standing in the Gap in Japan
The Bible God Wrote
More on Koran Burning
Islam Has the Problem--Not Us
Burning Korans vs. Killing Christians
Lobotomizing God Earth Day is for Pagans
Of First Importance: The Cross and the Resurrection
The Problem With Islam
Osama's Death: What kind of justice?
Donate to Tornado and Flood Victims
Arab Spring an Ill Season
False Teaching on End Times
Egypt: Why Are the Churches Burning?
Mainstream Islamists are the Radicals
Colson: Doing the Right Thing
Weiner: Only One 'Treatment' for Sin
"I Will Pray For You"
Iranian Christian Sentenced to Death Biblical Interpretation
Why Bother With Discipleship?
The Controversy Over Adam and Eve
Islam vs. Liberty
Is the Bible Authoritative?
A Christian Perspective on Health Care
Iranian Christian Pastor Faces Death
All Truth is God's Truth
True Feminine Beauty Postmodern Vanderbilt
Osteen Incoherant on Social Issues
"Mormonism Rejects Orthodox Christianity"
Atheist Dawkins Still Afraid to Debate Craig
Time to Abandon Postmodernism
Wealth Redistribution Done Right
Religion More About Belief than Practice
Atheists Rooting Out Nativity Scenes
Franklin Graham on Voting for a Mormon

Does Science Need God?
God Still Isn't Dead
Transcript of 'The Great Debate: Does God Exist/'
The Real Jesus
Who is Jesus? Dr. Ravi Zacharias Explains
The Resurrection
Christian Essays on Torture
Defending Christianity in a Secular Culture
What About Alternatives to Christianity?
How Do I Know Christianity is True?
Is the Welfare State the Fault of Christians?
The Advocate of the Episcopal Church
Ken Ham's "State of the Nation"
The Right Questions for Christians
Obituary: The U.S. Episcopal Church
Do Christians and Muslims Worship the Same God?
North Korea Executes Christian
From Atheist to Believer
Just War Theory
Ravi on "Man vs God"
The Beliefs of Islam
Wintertime Worship: Santa or Jesus?
The Manger and The Cross
Where Does the Story of Christmas Begin?
Is It Time for a New Reformation?


The Founding Fathers on Jesus, Christianity, and the Bible
Was Jesus a liar?
Most Americans consider Bible 'holy'
Foundation of Scripture
Founding Fathers on Jesus, Christianity, and the Bible
God is a Problem, Sources Say
Admitting Christianity's Effect on Africa

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