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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Injured Fed-Ex Security Guard Was Unarmed

It appears as if a foolish policy towards guns has again reaped horrible consequences.

According to the father-in-law of Christopher Sparkman, the FedEx security guard that was critically wounded in the shooting at the FedEx warehouse in Kennesaw on Tuesday, the young security guard "didn't stand a chance" against heavily armed Geddy Kramer, the 19-year-old gunman who attacked the facility. Armed with what was reportedly a shotgun, a knife, and shells strapped across his chest, Kramer, according to one witness, "looked like he was heading into war."

The Atlanta-Journal Constitution quotes Sparkman's father-in-law, Russell Brannen declaring that "It's real unfortunate they [FedEx] didn't allow those security guards to be armed." Brannen added, "Chris didn't stand a chance. The guy blew through the back door. The scales are tipped in the wrong direction when the security guard can't carry a sidearm. Had he been armed, he might have been able to stop the other five from being shot."

It's one thing to ban employees from arming themselves, but when you don't allow those who GUARD the unarmed to be armed, you are simply inviting disaster. What's more, Sparkman is an ARMY SOLDIER who has been deployed to Kuwait! If Brannen's information is accurate, this reeks of the same policies that have allowed armed killers to shoot up U.S. military bases, and the like. Will the gun-control freaks ever learn?!

Additionally, Sparkman's family is "cautiously optimistic" at his chances for recovery. He is shown below with his young bride that he met through his church youth group.

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