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Friday, April 3, 2015

David Brooks Wants Us to Honor Homosexuality

With supposed allies like The New York Times token “conservative” David Brooks, it is little wonder republicans find themselves constantly playing defense in the moral wars. Writing of the recent battle over religious freedom legislation that is raging across the U.S., Brooks, attempting to argue in favor of said legislation, makes several inane and ignorant statements. Of course, this is what results when one is corrupted by liberalism.

Using the oft-parroted notion of “love” (after all, who is against “love,” right?) when it comes to homosexual relationships, Brooks stupidly declares, “We are to be judged by how we love, not by whom we love.” Of course, this “love” argument is a worn-out straw man employed by liberals in order to paint conservatives with religious convictions against homosexuality as unloving. See it in action here.

The video on the above link shows CNN reporter Gary Tuchman of Anderson Cooper 360 questioning two female employees of a Christian florist in rural Georgia this past Wednesday. Displaying a typical liberal’s knowledge of Scripture, Tuchman asks, “The Bible talks an awful lot about love and loving your fellow man....You're not loving them if you don't want to serve them – right?” And we all get the implication, right? Christians who refuse to acquiesce to the homosexual agenda are “hateful.”

Taking exception to the pizzeria in a small town in Indiana who wants no part of same-sex “marriage,” yesterday, columnist Eugene Robinson penned, “Pizza With a Side of Hate.” In his piece Robinson ignorantly proclaims “a truth about same-sex marriage that should be blindingly obvious: Whether two men or two women decide to marry has not the slightest impact on anyone else.”

Such foolish libertarian thinking has duped many who are otherwise quite conservative in many facets of their politics. As I noted with libertarian dolt Neal Boortz, children are meant to be raised by their mother and father! It is in the best interest of good government to encourage this, or to at least not undermine it. It has been pointed out ad nauseam the tragic consequences that often result when children grow up in a home without their mom and dad. What a disaster we are forcing on millions of unsuspecting and powerless children when our culture won’t recognize one of the longest standing truths in the history of humanity!

Though David Brooks is an extreme outlier in the GOP, he is far from alone when it comes to capitulating to the homosexual agenda. Many pundits, politicians, and even pastors who typically align politically with republicans, and some who are deeply imbedded in the GOP, have decided that the party needs to surrender on homosexuality.

Brooks not only wants to surrender, he wants a celebration. He writes, “If denying gays and lesbians their full civil rights and dignity is not wrong, then nothing is wrong. Gays and lesbians should not only be permitted to marry and live as they want, but be honored for doing so.” No Mr. Brooks. If perverting and attempting to redefine the oldest institution in the history of humanity (even older than the church) isn't wrong, then nothing is wrong.

And there’s nothing to celebrate when we contradict one of the oldest truths revealed by God. And there is nothing hateful about living and speaking the truth when it comes to marriage. One of the greatest acts of love we can perform is telling people truths that we know they don’t want to hear. Whatever the politicians, pundits, courts, corporations, celebrities, and high church officials say, the truth on marriage remains and will for all time.

Copyright 2015, Trevor Grant Thomas
At the Intersection of Politics, Science, Faith, and Reason.
Trevor and his wife Michelle are the authors of: Debt Free Living in a Debt Filled World

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