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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

The Safest Bet: Assume the Left is Lying

When Rolling Stone horrifically flubbed their infamous campus rape “expos√©”—to the point that they were sued into requiring new ownership—it was noted that no one should have been surprised that a publication that has spent decades glorifying the hedonistic, misogynistic culture of sex, drugs, and rock-and-roll would botch a story revealing the so-called “rape culture” that supposedly existed on college campuses across the U.S.

Likewise, no right-minded person should be surprised that those devoted to a liberal worldview, where the absurd notion of “your truth” is the prevailing moral position, are so often wrong and/or deceptive. In spite of what you may have recently heard, living life according to “your truth,” in addition to often causing one to be “factually wrong,” also typically results in all sorts of immorality.

The evidence is all around us, every day. Speaking of being wrong every day—factually and morally—Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the “gift” that keeps on giving. It’s quite an accomplishment to set oneself apart in such a way in the modern Democrat Party—the political arm of the American left. Nevertheless, in only a few days as an actual Congresswoman and only a few months in the national spotlight, Ocasio-Cortez has become a most “distinguished” deceiver.

Even Piers Morgan—no friend of the truth—recently took her to task for her deceit. In a blistering attack in the Daily Mail, Morgan lamented AOC’s (“Annoying Overhyped Charlatan” as Morgan labeled her) “inability to tell the truth.” He went on to note her “lying on the record about unemployment numbers, ICE bed quotas, America’s upper-middle class not existing, Medicare costs, and Affordable Care Act payment systems.”

Morgan rightly concluded, “So when she bangs on self-righteously about the importance of facts, it’s worth noting that barely anything that comes out of her mouth seems to actually be factual.” Of course, AOC is far from alone. The modern Democrat Party is littered with lies and liars. This is what results when your party’s political agenda is premised upon multiple falsehoods. The perverse political platform of the modern Democrat Party is a myriad of lies.

For example, there is nothing in the sexual realm with which today’s left can be trusted. They can’t be trusted on life, they can’t be trusted on marriage, they can’t be trusted on sexual behavior, they can’t be trusted on sexual assault, and they can’t even be trusted on who is a male and who is a female. Time and again today’s leftists have demonstrated themselves to be tools of the enemy of all mankind when it comes to sex.

Thus, whenever a leftist politician, pundit, celebrity, CEO, or citizen starts pontificating about matters concerning “four (or more) bare legs in a bed,”—often demonstrating a stunning ignorance of the anatomy between said legs—you know almost certainly he or she is lying. Of course, it’s not as simple as licentious leftists preaching a hedonistic lifestyle and seeking willing converts. Because they have made a god of government, the modern left is all too willing to use the power of government to give their wickedness the force of law. If deception is necessary to accomplish such, so be it. After all, what’s a lie to those willing to kill the most innocent and helpless among us and willing to legally redefine the oldest institution in the history of humanity?

Because the left has made a god of government, anyone in government who stands in opposition becomes a target. The higher in government the opposition, the bigger the target. The bigger the target, the more desperate the left becomes, thus the more frequent and egregious the lies. President Trump and Justice Brett Kavanaugh provide the ugliest lessons here.

The most recent Buzzfeed fiasco is just the latest example of a left-wing media so desperate to get rid of President Trump that there’s almost no “unverified” tale they won’t publish. This is especially the case when it comes to the ever-elusive proof of Trump-Russia election collusion. This political unicorn has led the left into dozens of significant falsehoods, which has led to thousands of fake media reports.

As is the case with abortion and marriage, the left’s lies on Russia and collusion are not mere chatter. The left isn’t content merely to smother the airwaves and the internet with “Trump stole the election!” People are getting indicted, and more often than not, they are “indictments in search of a crime.” As Alan Dershowitz noted after the recent arrest of Roger Stone:
I’ve read the indictment. It’s a typical Mueller indictment. Very, very heavy on stories, stories involving collusion and WikiLeaks but the indictment itself all relates to obstruction of justice, tampering of witnesses. In other words, crimes that occurred as a result of the investigation. 
This is typical of Mueller. He has found almost no crimes that occurred before he was appointed special counsel. He was appointed special counsel to uncover crimes that had already occurred. He has virtually failed in that respect in every regard.

Almost all of his crimes that’s he’s indicted people for are crimes that resulted from his investigation. False statements, tampering with witnesses, obstruction of justice. I went through today the list of all the people who have been indicted by Mueller and it was very hard to find any American who had been charged with any crime that occurred before Mueller was appointed special counsel. 
So what happened here is these are crimes generated by the investigation. It doesn’t make them any less criminal, but it really means that there's been a failure to uncover the basic crimes for which he was appointed. Namely, before he was appointed, was there illegal collusion, illegal conspiracy with Russia? We don’t find that.
The slandering of Brett Kavanaugh during his hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee is one of the lowest political moments in the history of the U.S., and the highest levels of the Democrat Party were complicit. More than one person lied in the evil efforts by liberals to keep Brett Kavanaugh off of the U.S. Supreme Court. As elected democrats pursued their witch-hunt against Kavanaugh, their stooges in the left-wing media were very eager to aid and abet.

Time and again it was obvious the case against Kavanaugh was built upon a mountain of lies, yet the left persisted. From Rhode Island to California, the left’s wicked lies about the “Devil’s Triangle” and “gang rape” spread like wildfire. Because they viewed him as a threat in their unconstitutional efforts to legislate from the bench, Kavanaugh was forced to defend himself against multiple uncorroborated accusations, many of which were proven to be false.

Given that the left will boo God, thunderously applaud the legalization of infanticide; given their belief in “white skin privilege” and animus for anything Trump, no one should be surprised that like-minded leftists would viciously attack Catholic pro-life high school students. The only “crime” committed by the Covington Catholic high school boys is that they are Christian, white, pro-lifers who wear MAGA hats. Yet, even after the original narrative of the Covington students was proven false, many on the left continued to harass the high school students with lies.

A parent of one of the Covington Catholic high school boys who called into Rush Limbaugh’s show is right:
You know, the only thing I can think of, Rush, when you say, “How do people think like this?” and whatever, is I have a strong belief — and this is one of the reasons I love Covington Catholic, the high school. Those who do not have faith lose their ability to reason.
Just prior to His execution, when He stood before Pilot, Jesus declared, “Everyone on the side of truth listens to me.” Sounding like someone who’s lost his ability to reason, Pilot retorted “What is truth?” Soon after, Pilot had Jesus brutally flogged and crucified. The modern left long ago decided Jesus was no source of truth and thus remains blind to the truth. Always remember this when you weigh their words.

(See this column at American Thinker.)

Copyright 2019, Trevor Grant Thomas
At the Intersection of Politics, Science, Faith, and Reason.
Trevor is the author of the The Miracle and Magnificence of America

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Today’s Democrats: Anti-Christian, Anti-Israel, Anti-God

Anyone who considers himself a friend of God must have at least great pause when it comes to modern democrats and their political party. Never in the history of the U.S.—including the pro-slavery democrats of the 19th century—has a major American political party so distanced itself from the notion that, as President John Adams pointed out, “righteousness exalteth a nation but sin is a reproach to any people.”

Of course, this is what happens when you’ve forgotten, ignored, or even embraced what is sin. This is what happens when “You live your truth” is the prevailing moral position. No one should be surprised that politicians who support the “right” to kill children in the womb, who championed the legal redefinition of the oldest institution in the history of humanity, and who now pretend that we can no longer rely on science, or common sense, or even simply our eyes to tell us who is a male and who is a female, would display open animus to people whose faith tells them such positions are immoral, and who live according to the notion that there is such a thing as absolute truth.

After all, if something is immoral, then perhaps it should be illegal—or at least not lawfully forced upon the unwilling. If there is such a thing as absolute truth, then perhaps our laws should reflect this truth. Democrats just can’t take the chance that such thinking will prevail in our legislatures, our courts, our classrooms, or even our churches. Thus, unless Christians can manage to get themselves elected—and bypass the scrutiny of hostile democrat overlords—our role in our government is increasingly imperiled.

This is especially true of Christians who wish to serve in the judiciary. Because liberals have long seen the courts as a “super-legislature” that they can use to enact their perverse agenda, tragically, Brett Kavanaugh will be far from the last Christian conservative judge who will draw the wicked ire of deceitful democrats who wish to derail such nominations.

Before Justice Kavanaugh, there were Robert Bork, Clarence Thomas, and Amy Coney Barrett and her loud “dogma.” Now we have “Sir” Brian C. Buescher of the Knights of Columbus. Democrat Senators Kamala Harris and Mazie Hirono recently and strongly implied that Judge Buescher’s membership in the two million-strong, 136-year-old Catholic service organization makes him unfit for the federal courts.

Of course what really troubled the Senate democrats is the position of the Knights of Columbus on abortion and marriage. Never mind that such positions are perfectly in line with centuries-old teachings of the Catholic Church and that disqualification on such grounds would bar from public service every Catholic who actually adheres to the Church’s teachings. As Matthew Continetti rightly notes,
My concern is the anti-Catholic sentiment manifest in the Democratic Party. Last March, Feinstein demanded to know if Michael Scudder, now confirmed to the Seventh Circuit, worked with his parish ‘to establish a residential crisis pregnancy center.” Last May, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island asked Peter J. Phipps, now confirmed as a district court judge, about the Knights. Last October, Feinstein, Harris, and three other Democrats wanted to know about the relationship between Fourth Circuit nominee Allison Jones Rushing and the Alliance Defending Freedom, a Christian nonprofit that supports religious liberty. Last November, Feinstein asked Third Circuit nominee Paul Matey, “If confirmed, will you recuse yourself from all cases in which the Knights of Columbus have taken a position?”
Right-minded Catholics should thank God that Trump was elected. As Rod Dreher reported, just prior to the 2016 election, a “new Wikileaks dump from Clinton campaign chief John Podesta’s emails reveals that Podesta created a couple of activist groups for the sake of undermining the Catholic bishops and the Church’s authority.” As Thomas Peters tweeted, “the head of Clinton’s campaign has been organizing to fracture a major religion.” Or, as Dreher rightly noted,
[A]t the senior level of the Democratic Party’s brain trust, a Clinton political operative — a Catholic! — created front groups specifically to undermine the authority of the Catholic bishops, and to separate the bishops from the people, as well as to secretly undermine Catholic teaching to make it more friendly to the Democratic Party’s agenda. Podesta ought to be excommunicated.
As Continetti also notes, democrats have not limited their religious bigotry to just Catholics or the courts:
Baptists and Episcopalians are also under scrutiny. In June 2017, Bernie Sanders clashed with Russell Vought, now acting director of the Office of Management and Budget, over a blog post Vought had written regarding Islam that several Muslim groups considered Islamophobic. “I'm a Christian, and I believe in a Christian set of principles based on my faith,” Vought said. By the end of the exchange, Sanders said, “I would simply say, Mr. Chairman, that this nominee is really not someone who is what this country is supposed to be about.” Vought is an elder in his church, married, and has two daughters.
Democrats also largely opposed Mike Pompeo’s nomination as Secretary of State because of how his Christian faith informs and impacts his politics. Pompeo—a Presbyterian—has served as a deacon, is open about his faith, and has also indicated that he actually believes what the Bible says when it comes to life, sex, and marriage. In November of 2017, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, a Democrat from Rhode Island, critically questioned federal district court nominee Trevor McFadden—an Anglican—over his church’s traditional (biblical) teachings on marriage and the family.

Leftist pundits and homosexual apologists (typically one-and-the-same and almost always democrats) were recently aghast, and seemingly shocked, that the Second Lady (wife of the Vice President), Karen Pence, actually lives out her Christian faith. What provoked the wrath of the left here is the fact that Mrs. Pence is returning to teach at a Christian school where the dogma of wicked LGBT movement is rightly regarded as sin.

Along with targeting Christians who believe what the Bible reveals on the significant moral issues of our time, modern democrats have also targeted Jews and the nation of Israel. It is not a stretch to say, as Monica Showalter recently did, that “The left has made itself a fount of anti-Semitism, with all major currents of its poison coming from its direction. Democrats have normalized it, promoted its participants and celebrated its advocates.”

The black left—almost exclusively democrats—as John Perazzo recently noted, is littered with racists and anti-Semites. These Jew-haters are not mere race pimps and publicity prostitutes √† la Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, but they are also elected democrats. As Warren Henry revealed last year prior to the 2018 midterms, “democrats are fielding even more anti-Semitic candidates for Congress.” They’re not just running, but winning.

As Henry points out, Michigan representative Rashida Tlaib—who profanely promised to impeach President Trump—“is representative of the Democratic Party’s gradual march beyond the embrace of candidates and officials who criticize Israeli policy or its current government to a much uglier place in politics.” Like a growing number of democrats in Congress, Tliab supports a “one-state solution” to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, along with the “boycott, divestment, sanctions” (BDS) movement.

As Mr. Henry also notes,
To put this trend into context, consider that the U.S. State Department has adopted a “working definition” of anti-Semitism, as a member of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance. The “working definition” provides illustrations of anti-Semitism, including “denying the Jewish people their right to self-determination, e.g., by claiming that the existence of a State of Israel is a racist endeavor” and “applying double standards by requiring of it a behavior not expected or demanded of any other democratic nation.”

The founders and leaders of the BDS movement support a “one-state solution” that destroys Israel as Jewish state. The movement is the intellectual descendant of the 1945 Arab boycott, which did not distinguish between Jews and Israel. It is based on the premise that Israel is a racist apartheid state requiring the sort of action once taken against South Africa.
As Marc Greendorfer recently revealed,
While BDS has risen in the United States, so has anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitic incidents have spiked from a low point of 751 incidents in 2013 to nearly 2,000 in 2017. It is no coincidence that the spread of a movement that demonizes Jews has had the same effect in the U.S. that similar campaigns had in the last 2,000 years.
As its proponents and leaders make clear, the real agenda of BDS is the destruction of Israel. Robert P. George of Princeton warns, leading democrats will soon altogether turn on Israel. The modern left hates Israel because the existence of a nation called Israel is one of the greatest evidences that the God of the Bible is real. They hate God—or at least the idea that there is a righteous God to whom we owe our very lives, to whom we are accountable, and whose Word we are to follow—so they hate Israel.

This is also why the left hates Christianity. Authentic Christianity points people to the truth. As a California church recently and faithfully declared, “Bruce Jenner is still a man. Homosexuality is still a sin. The culture may change, the Bible does not.” Not many years ago in America, such a church sign would’ve been met, not with protests, but a chorus of “Tell us something we don’t know!” In today’s perverse world, such truth is protested, and the pastor behind posting the sign is forced to resign.

The left’s perversions and deceit seem to know no bounds, thus we are left stating and debating what was once almost universally accepted. This is what results when a major political party of the world’s most powerful nation is so often on the wrong side of the truth.

(See this column at American Thinker.)

Copyright 2019, Trevor Grant Thomas
At the Intersection of Politics, Science, Faith, and Reason.
Trevor is the author of the The Miracle and Magnificence of America

Friday, January 4, 2019

The Wicked Gender-Deluded Mob Must be Defeated

Most mobs are dangerous, but this is especially true of a mob on the wrong side of one of the oldest truths in the history of humanity. Dealing with the gender-deluded mob is like engaging a throng of toddlers throwing a coordinated temper-tantrum. You can’t reason with them. As a wise, loving, and moral parent would, you merely bring an end to the nonsense with whatever appropriate force is necessary.

Like a toddler pitching a fit to eat cookies for dinner, if you are so askew in your thinking that you believe “gender is a spectrum,” or that biology is bigotry, you don’t deserve to be heard, and you certainly don’t deserve a debate. You must simply be brought into line. If this doesn’t happen, as is the case with an undisciplined child who grows into a wild teenager and then a foolish adult, disaster looms.

Driven by the perverse LGBT agenda, while aided and abetted by the ignorant and immoral mainstream media and the devilish Democrat Party, “transgender” disasters are playing out all around us. While some of these disasters have “only” resulted in an adult temper tantrum, a lawsuit, or the loss of a job, others have literally put lives in danger, including those of children.

Recently, when a GameStop employee in Albuquerque, New Mexico failed to address a dude dressed like a lady as “ma’am,” an f-bomb-laced outburst ensued. (“She” sounded hideous, but “she’s” a guy, so…) Along with being berated by foul language, the poor store clerk was threatened with assault. Isn’t it amazing how quickly these large dudes who want to be women threaten violence?

Knowing that such physical confrontation would almost certainly end badly for them, few real women would react such a way toward a man. As in the NCAA, I think that before any angry “trans female” (a gender-deluded male) can physically threaten another man, he must first have gone through at least one year of testosterone suppression treatment. Of course, if he really wanted to be a “ma’am” then he would need a complete genetic makeover, which is, of course, impossible.

If we only had to endure tantrums and threats from the gender-deluded, we could probably get past this, but tragically, things are much worse. More than once I’ve written of how boys pretending to be girls or men pretending to be women have taken trophies from actual female athletes. While very sad, such foolishness has rarely been dangerous. However, when men insist—and like-minded officials agree—that biological males must be allowed to compete with women in physically violent sports such as football, someone is going to get hurt.

According to the Daily Wire recently,
Christina Ginther, a biological man who identifies as a woman, won a discrimination lawsuit this week after being rejected from playing on an all-women’s Minnesota football team due to safety concerns.

Ginther, who's nearly 6 feet tall and a second-degree black belt in karate, was awarded a total of $20,000 with the legal win: $10,000 in punitive damages and $10,000 for emotional distress.
While awaiting the outcome of the lawsuit, the 46-year-old Ginther—pictured below (guess which one he is!)—played in a different women’s football league.

So here we have a man pretending to be a woman so he can play a man’s sport. This dude is really warped. If you’re a man who wants to compete against women in sports, at least do it in something where you’re not likely to hurt someone physically. Try something like volleyball, or bicycling, or weight lifting, or track. In these non-contact sports, you can still look like a “beast” (literally and figuratively) and dominate the competition, but you’re probably not going to hurt anyone—at least not physically.

Prison is often a “contact sport,” and thanks to further leftist evil, female inmates have never been in more danger. Stephen Wood—who now prefers to be called “Karen White”—is a convicted pedophile and was accused and imprisoned for repeatedly raping a woman in 2016. Thanks to “enlightened” liberals, this male rapist was placed in a female prison. Doing what rapists do, Wood sexually assaulted four female inmates.

Winning a year-long battle against the Illinois Department of Corrections, Deon Hampton—a male who is attempting the impossible (to “transition” to a female)—has been transferred from a male prison to a female prison. In addition, according to the Chicago Tribune, in response to Hampton’s lawsuit, a federal judge has ordered statewide training on transgender issues for all corrections staff. I wonder if the training will include what I noted years ago, and what everyone with even a modicum of common sense already suspected:
The fact that males are more aggressive and more violent is reflected by their anatomy itself; in many animals species they are heavier, more muscular, better armed with means of attack and defense. In humans, for example, the arms of men are, on average, 75 percent more muscular than those of women; and the top of a male body is 90 percent stronger that the top of a female body [Bohannon, 1997; Abe et al., 2003, apud Goetz, 2010, p. 16]. Also, men are taller, they have denser and heavier bones, their jaw is more massive, their reaction time is shorter, their visual acuity is better, their muscle/fat ratio is greater, their heart is bulkier, their percentage of hemoglobin is higher, their skin is thicker, their lungs bigger, their resistance to dehydration is higher etc. In other words, from all points of view, men are more suited for battle than women, and these skills are native.
Of course, there are never battles in prisons, right? Otherwise, incarcerating men with women might not be such a good idea, after all.

Combat by definition is filled with battles, and thanks to the Obama administration's “historic transformation of the American military,” we now have American women in combat roles. This will put the lives of military men and women in greater danger, but this is what happens when liberal dogma trumps science and morality. Armed with long-known science, Mike Fredenburg at National Review noted,
Men’s blood carries 10 to 12 percent more oxygen per liter than does women’s…Pound for pound, men have thicker skulls, bigger, stronger necks, hearts that are 17 percent larger, and bones that are both bigger and denser…When confronted with immediate danger, studies suggest men are “more likely than women to take action.” Women are far more likely to experience motion sickness and vertigo. In the Navy women go on sick call 60 to 70 percent more frequently. For the kind of violent events and situations found on the battlefield, women are far more likely to develop post-traumatic stress disorder and experience the symptoms for a longer duration than men. Despite the gender-specific ability to handle the pain of childbirth, “study after study” conclusively shows that men have a much higher overall tolerance for pain than women.
Denying liberal dogma on gender doesn’t just put you in physical danger, it may also cost you your job. Undeterred by a ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court (take note, Christian conservatives), the state of Colorado, and like-minded gender fools, is again out to destroy Jack Phillips financially. Instead of using homosexuality and same-sex “marriage” to attack Mr. Phillips, this time the Colorado Civil Rights Commission is armed with the dubious accusations of a vicious gender-deluded activist.

Peter Vlaming, a devout Christian, was recently fired from his job teaching French at a Virginia public school because he refused to bow to the LGBT mob. In the summer of 2018, the British National Health Service fired a medical doctor because “he refused to identify patients as being of a sex that they did not see themselves as,” because, you know, science!

Most vulnerable in this absurd debate are the children who are the targets of adults who harbor gender delusions. Liberals across the U.S.—including those at ABC’s Good Morning America—have recently celebrated (read: sexualized) a child “drag queen.” His parents have even recently allowed the 11 year-old boy to “perform” at a homosexual night club.

Across the U.S., children are being indoctrinated into the perverse transgender agenda via “Drag Queen Story Time.” In addition, some foolish parents are allowing their deceived children to destroy their otherwise healthy bodies—many times at the risk of the child’s life—with surgeries, dangerous drugs, and other forms of physical mutilation.

Little of this would be possible without a complicit medical community. In what should be regarded as malpractice and child abuse, doctors in the most medically advanced—but morally corrupt—nations in the world are encouraging what science has long said was impossible. Again, sex reassignment doesn’t work, and it never will.

According to Dr. David Page, Director of the Whitehead Institute and professor of biology at MIT, genetically speaking, men are as different from women as they are from chimpanzees. I hear no arguments in support of the “right” of men to “transition” to chimps—at least not yet, anyway. Most women I know would prefer that deluded men—at least the hairy ones—would pursue “chimphood” instead of womanhood. I think it’s because we make better looking chimps than we do women.

Liberals are so blinded by their ideology in this debate that we now have more legislation in support of delusion. With the dawn of 2019, New York City now allows a new option on birth certificates: gender “x.” (Professor X is said to be thrilled, as enrollment in his school is likely to skyrocket.) We should expect no less from the modern left. Such idiocy is little different than calling the union of two homosexuals a “marriage.”

In other words, there’s a “galaxy of genetic differences between men and women,” and no surgery, no drug, no amount of make-up or attire, and certainly no law is going to change that. Any efforts to the contrary must be stopped. Lives and livelihoods are at stake.

(See this column at American Thinker.)

Copyright 2019, Trevor Grant Thomas
At the Intersection of Politics, Science, Faith, and Reason.
Trevor is the author of the The Miracle and Magnificence of America