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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

The Left’s War on Women

One of the ugliest secrets about abortion is that, worldwide, girls are much more likely to be killed in the womb than are boys. This has resulted in an alarming male-to-female ratio in multiple countries. Even the George Soros-funded Human Rights Watch has recently declared that “You Should Be Worrying about the Woman Shortage.”

The piece notes that in India and China alone, there’s “now an estimated 80 million extra men.” Surprisingly, the piece acknowledges that this gross disparity is due to the gross policy of sex-selective abortion. Unsurprisingly, instead of blaming the evil practice of the killing of any unborn child, the Human Rights Watch article blames “gender discrimination” and concludes, “When women lack equal rights and patriarchy is deeply engrained, it is no surprise that parents choose to not to have daughters.” Silly me. I thought the left supported any excuse to kill the unborn.

As most anyone with a proper worldview well knows, along with the tragic deaths of tens of millions of the most innocent and helpless among us, it turns out that the practice of abortion has other awful consequences. As Human Rights Watch notes,
The woman shortage is having harmful consequences in China and sometimes in neighboring countries. Human Rights Watch looked at one of those consequences for a report forthcoming in 2019 focused on bride-trafficking from Myanmar to China. In Myanmar’s Kachin and northern Shan states, bordering China, long-standing conflict escalated in recent years, displacing over 100,000 people. Traffickers prey on vulnerable women and girls, offering jobs in, and transport to, China. Then they sell them, for around $3,000 to $13,000, to Chinese families struggling to find brides for their sons. Once purchased, women and girls are typically locked in a room and raped repeatedly, with the goal of getting them pregnant quickly so they can provide a baby for the family. After giving birth, some are allowed to escape—but forced to leave their children behind.  
There is evidence of similar patterns of bride migration and trafficking in Cambodia, North Korea, and Vietnam, and more may emerge from other countries bordering China. Importing women doesn’t solve the shortage—it spreads it.
“Nothing like this has happened in human history,” begins a lengthy Washington Post piece from last year on the vast male to female ratio that exists in China and India. In over 6,000 words and four chapters, along with detailing the trafficking and purchasing of “brides,” the Post piece also notes the widespread loneliness and depression that grip men who have little to no hope at marriage and a family, and it rightly concludes that the sad consequences of killing unborn girls extends far beyond China and India. Yet, in all that ink, the Post mentions abortion once. Instead of pointing to abortion to explain why there are “Too Many Men,” the Post instead refers to various technologies and vague “policies.”

Just days ago, Breitbart reported on an investigation into 132 Indian villages where, over a three-month period early this year, zero girls were born. In 2016, The Daily Signal reported on a study that concluded that sex-selective abortions are a U.S. problem as well. Nevertheless, again demonstrating that they oppose any restrictions on the killing of the most helpless and innocent among us, democrats across the U.S.—including in a 2012 U.S. House vote on the matter—are near unanimous in their opposition to sex-selective abortion bans.

However, the modern left may have found a way to replace the millions of missing girls the world over: allow men to identify as women. According to current leftist-think, the millions of lonely men longing for a bride and a family should have no complaints or hesitation when it comes to dating and marrying a “trans-woman” (a gender-deluded man who’s pretending to be a woman). After all, men who refuse to date or marry a “trans-woman” would be guilty of “discrimination,” and there’s no place for that in the modern world.

Or perhaps there’s another way to solve the missing female/loneliness problem. Since the left has now decided that men can get pregnant and have abortions, and that marriage is whatever one wants it to be—and thus people can even “marry” themselves—lonely men can simply start a family by marrying themselves and having their own children—including girls!

Never mind that, among other wicked things, the absurdity of the evil trans agenda is literally taking trophies, medals, scholarships, and money away from women. As I warned years ago, whether high school, college, Olympic, or the professional ranks, women at every level of athletics are being threatened by the evil trans-agenda.

Even worse, gender-deluded men and boys invading locker rooms, bathrooms, and dressing rooms pose a great threat to women and girls. Of course, all of this is aided and abetted by leftist politicians—i.e., the Democrat Party—and courts. Thus, gender-deluded men and women continue to obtain political and legal protection for their perverse ideology. As I’ve warned (more than once), as a result of this perversion, real women and girls are chief among those who will suffer the most.

What set the trans-madness in motion was the epic and disturbing 5-4 (take note, John Roberts: liberals aren’t afraid of 5-4 rulings to overturn “precedent”) Obergefell ruling. Many warned of the wide-ranging and tragic consequences of legally redefining the oldest institution in the history of humanity. However, few imagined “married” homosexual couples using women as “breeding machines.”

Thus, and in spite of their efforts to paint conservatives as such, it is the totalitarian left who has given us real-life Handmaids. As Jennifer Hartline wisely put it,
People who are quick to fill social media with images of handmaids in red and denounce the diminishment of women to mere breeders seem to have nothing but adulation for gay men who literally use a woman — her body, time, energy, freedom, health, and her very life — in order to get what they want. These men do not need her as a person. They need her as a gestater, a human incubator. They have no real regard for the irreplaceable value and role of a mother in a child’s life. If they did, they could never contemplate what they are so pridefully pursuing.
Thus we see that it’s leftists who often have “no real regard” for mothers, or daughters, housewives, female athletes, young ladies, unborn girls, and so on. Women—and right-minded men—who vote would do well to remember this.

(See this column at American Thinker.)

Copyright 2019, Trevor Grant Thomas
At the Intersection of Politics, Science, Faith, and Reason.
Trevor is the author of the The Miracle and Magnificence of America

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