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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio is Now a "Weather Skeptic"

After the latest Northeast snow storm brought less than expected (forecasted) totals to New York City at a news conference, Mayor, Bill de Blasio spoke on the "modest" snow totals seen in his city:
What we saw here is a very different than what was projected, even as of late yesterday.
He added,
This is the lesson we keep learning. The National Weather service does everything they know how to do. Mother Nature still does what it wants to do, so what we got was a storm where the numbers that were projected occurred to the north and west of us — not here, thank God so we were spared some of the worst of it.
If ONLY de Blasio and those like-minded would take such a view with the climate! One of the points I've often made when it comes to the oft-repeated doom-and-gloom forecasts perpetuated by climate alarmists of every rank is that, if the weather forecasters are sometimes very wrong predicting what's going to happen just days, or even hours, later, why in the world would anyone trust a climate forecast that purports to tell us what is going to happen years, decades, or even centuries in the future?

Think about it: How often are your local forecasts very wrong? Not very often when the days are not far away. But once one gets past a few days, the forecasts are often quite wrong and adjustments are made as those days draw closer. As I noted back in 2009, the reason there is such a devotion to dire climate forecasts by the "Warmists" is because they have, in a sense, made man-made global warming (or, "science" in general) their religion. (Sadly, the modern left has many such gods.)

And because the modern left has also made a god of government, an impending climate disaster is a convenient tool for more Big Government.

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