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National Defense

For the most part, the articles/columns linked below appear in chronological order, beginning with the earliest, for each year listed. 


Trump Reverses Obama Doctrine on Iran
Iranian Women Protest the Regime
Israel Downs Iranian Drone
CAIR in Georgia Supports Terrorism and Antisemitism 
North Korea's Kim Wants to Meet with President Trump
Another Fatal FBI Fumble
Trump May Use Defense Budget Funds to Build the Border Wall
U.S., U.K., France Bomb Syrian Targets
Trump's Red Line
Why Bomb Syria?
North and South Korea Reach a Peace Agreement
Israel Exposes Iran's Nuclear Lies
The Short and Ugly History of the Disastrous Iran Deal
Treason?: John Kerry Trying to Undermine Trump on Iran Deal
Kerry's Collusion
John Kerry: Rogue Diplomat
Throw John Kerry in Jail
Trump Nukes the Iran Deal
Kerry's Delusions & Collusions
The Jerusalem Blood Isn't on Trump's Hands
Why Jerusalem Matters
Scoring the NK Summit
Trump's Triumph or Kim's Coup?
Palestinian Swastikas
Soft Jihad in America
Violence in Mexico is Out of Control
FBI Thwarts Planned July 4th Terror Attack
Jihad in Toronto
Democrat Operative Tied to Child Terror Training Camp in NM


The Morality of Using Military Power
The Science Says: Putting Women Into Combat Endangers Natl. Security
Security is Job #1
Sharia Compliance in the U.S. Military
"Palestinian First" Approach to Mid-East Peace is Over
The Palestinians Don't Deserve a State
ISIS Militants Posing as Doctors Kill Dozens at Hospital
Technological Breathrough in Laser Weapons (for Tanks)
Terror at UK Parliment
Islam Strikes Again in London
ISIS Burns 3 Women Alive
Islamic Terror Strikes St. Petersburg
ISIS Celebrates
Ancient Laws, Modern Wars
U.S. Fires 59 Missiles at Syrian Airfield
World Reacts: "Swift and Just"
Video of Strikes
Trump Left to Clean Up Obama's Mess in Syria
Trump Enforces Obama's Red Line
Can We Stop Pretending About Syria?
Still Against Intervention in Syria
US Drops Massive Bomb on ISIS
A Race Against Those Who Seek Our Destruction
Abating Abbas
Zionists vs. Islamists
Move Our Embassy to Jerusalem
Terror in Manchester, 22 Dead Including Children
Pentagon to Reconsider Obama's Transgender Policy?
Enabling Murder in Manchester
Manchester Murderer a Radical Islamist
Once Again, Islamic Terror
Manchester Bomber's Father and Brother Arrested
More Attacks to Come?
From 9/11 to Manchester
Terrorism is Not Random
23,000 Jihadists Living in Britain?
Speaking For Our Lost Heroes
Memorial Day: The Price Has Been Paid
Terror in London
Three Jihadists Shot Dead After Killing 6, Injuring Dozens
Witness Accounts
Again: Islamic Terror
ISIS Warned
Britain Needs "Less Islam"
Time for a Terrorism Accord
Typical Leftist Idiocy on Terrorism: "Run, Hide, Tell"
Ramadan Body Count Piling Up
Europe's Fecklessness on Terror is Costly
Much of the World is Sick of Politicians Downplaying Terrorism
GA Woman Charged With Leaking Classified Info
GA Leaker A Bernie Supporter Who "Resists" Trump
The Problem Isn't Merely "Islamic Extremism"
Britain's Epic Failure to Protect its People
The Ideological Core of ISIS
How Muslims Take Control of America
The Mess in Qatar
The Double Murder of Otto Warmbier
Trump Admn. Holds Emergency Meeting on North Korea
Stop Blaming Israel
U.S. Military Bans "Transgenders"
Here's Why We Need a Ban on Tranny's in the Military
Trump: Insane People Can't Serve in the Military
6 Absurd Arguments in Favor of "Transgender" Soldiers
Wasserman-Schultz & the Pakistani IT Scammers
Muslim Parents in Nigeria "Donate" Children as Homicide Bombers
How to Resolve the North Korean Crisis
Obama's Legacy: North Korea's Nuclear Weapons
Fire & Fury Wins
Islamic Terror Strikes Barcelona
Islamic Terrorists ID'd in Spain
Terror in London
London Terrorist an "Unaccompanied Muslim Minor"
Las Vegas Shooter Traveled to the Middle East
ISIS is on the Run Under Trump
Islamists Kill Hundreds in Somalia
More Islamic "Madness" in Nigeria
Vehicular Jihad Comes to Manhattan
Islamic Terror Strikes NY
Reform Islam or Live the "New Normal" Forever
Antifa Colluding with the Islamic State?
A FL Man Has a Fender Bender in NY
Jihadism's E-Z Pass to New York
"Allahu Akbar" is the Motive for Islamic Terror
Islamic Suicide Bombing fails in New York
Times Square Intifada
ISIS Threatens Christmas
Europe's Tolerance for Terrorists


ISIS Jihadist Executes His Own Mother
The Federal Failure to Counter Jihad
Curtailing Jihad
Jihadist-Denying Liberals
The Death & Destruction ISIS Has Wrought
The End of Saudi Arabia?
Hillary Put Spies Lives at Risk
Obama's Vision of Islam Empowers Terrorist Enablers
Liberal Notions of "Equality" Will Put Women in the Draft
Every Problem With Women in Combat (that GOP Candidates Ignored)
A Military Draft for Women?
Apple vs. the FBI
The Truth on Bush, Iraq, and WMDs
An Iraq of Myth & Fantasy
Terrorism in Brussels
ISIS Responsible for Brussels Bombing
Islamic Threat in Europe "Beyond Control" of Authorities
Europe's Breeding Ground for Terror
Europe's Political Correctness Led to Belgium Attack
Up-Close Look at the Liberal-Muslim Alliance
White House Censors the Phrase "Islamist Terrorism"
Former Defense Secretaries Slam Obama
Obama Has Made the World More Dangerous
The Cultural Evisceration of U.S. Navy
Twitter's Responsible for the Rise of ISIS?
Twitter's Traitors
The Lessons of Pearl Harbor
Barack Obama, Pacifist
U.S. Soldiers: Why They Died
Remembering D-Day (72nd Anniv.)
Clinton Emails Devastated U.S. Intelligence
Islamic Terrorism Strikes Florida
Ramadan in Florida: Homosexual Club Attacked
ISIS Tweets Before & After Attack
Worst Domestic Attack Since 9/11
Orlando Gunman Identified: Omar Mateen
Mateen a U.S. Citizen
ISIS Claims Responsibility for Orlando Attack
2 Conclusions from Orlando
The Crisis is Islam
Orlando: Why It Means War

The Left's "Official Lie" on Orlando
Same Old, Same Old Horror
Political Correctness to Blame for Orlando Attack
Obama's Question: What's In a Name?
Hillary's Islamophilia
Why Speaking Truth on Islamic Terrorism Matters
Why Are Democrats Soft on Terror?
Days of Obama's Deadly Ignorance Must End
Why Aren't We Monitoring Mosques?
CIA Director Gives "F" for U.S. War on ISIS
Fighting Terror With Stupidity
Obama: The Anti-Anti-Terrorist
Why the "Lone-Wolf" Terrorist is a Myth
Obama Deletes ISIS References From Orlando 911 Call
Obama Justice Department Replaces "Allah" with "God" in Censored Orlando Terror Transcript
How Do You Solve a Problem Like Sharia?
Many U.S. Govt. Agencies Arming To the Teeth
The Jihadi's Dilemma
Terrorism Rocks Turkey
Dozens Dead at Istanbul Airport
ISIS Behind the Attack
Why Our Leaders Won't Name the Enemy
Ted Cruz Exposes Obama Admn. Islamic Apologists
The Hidden Fact Presents Terrorism
Two Democrats Accused of Muslim Brotherhood Ties
Islamic Terror Strikes Kabul
On Gun-Buying, Use the Walmart Rule
Pentagon to Allow Transgenders in U.S. Military
Why They're Able to Kill Us
Islamists Attack Bangladesh
Islamists Kill 20 Hostages in Bangladesh Restaurant
Deadly Bombings in Baghdad: At Least 91 Killed
The Highways to Orlando
Obama's Attachment to the Muslim World has Harmed the U.S.
ISIS is On the March, Not on the Run
Terrorism Again Strikes France
Truck Plows Into Crowd & Opens Fire
At Least 70 Dead, 100 Injured
Nice, France on Lockdown
80-Plus Dead in France Terror
Attacker ID: Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel
Nice Terrorist Shouted "Allahu Akbar"
Military Attempting Coup in Turkey
The Bloody Price of Obama/Clinton Appeasement
An Armed Citizenry the Best Defense Against Jihadist Truck Attacks
Turkish Coup Attempt Fails
Bad Guys Win in Turkey
Newt's Right: Deport Sharia Muslims
ISIS? No, Crisis
Why the Establishment Can't Grasp the Nature of Islam
How Not to Talk About Jihad
D.C. Metro Police Officer Arrested to Trying to Assist ISIS
Obama Paid Ransom to the Iranians
ISIS Executes Pregnant Mother
Homicide Bomber Kills Dozens at Pakistani Hospital
Executed Iranian Scientist Was in Hillary's Emails
A World Without Boundaries is a Foolish Fantasy
Obama's Islamic State
Syria is Obama's Disaster
The Terrorists Are Winning
Child Soldiers of Jihad
Syria and the National Interest
Mass Graves Reveal Horrors of ISIS
Kerry to Media: Ignore Terrorism
A Weighty Argument Against Women in Combat
President Obama Has Weakened the U.S.
Iran's Desert of Hate
ISIS Torture Cells Found
Mysterious Explosion in New York City
ISIS Hangs Prisoners from Meat Hooks, Slits Throats
ISIS Claims Responsibility for Attack on MN Mall
Multiple Attacks Across the U.S.
Suspected NYC Bomber Arrested
Time to Face the Facts About the Muslim World
5 More Lessons from Another Terror Attack
Obama's Syria Catastrophe
At Least 5 Foreign Intel Agencies Hacked Hillary's Private Server
ISIS Forces Children to Perform Executions
ISIS Targets Babies, & Virgin Girls
Terrorism at Ohio State University
Terrorists Are People Too
Krauthammer: Aleppo is Obama's Foreign Policy Legacy
Terror in Berlin: Christmas Market Attacked
Islamists Kill Russian Ambassador
ISIS Claims Responsibility for Berlin Attack
Manhunt On for Berlin's ISIS Attacker
Berlin's Lesson: Islamist Enclaves Breeds Jihadism
ISIS Targets U.S. Churches
Berlin Truck Suspect Killed
Allepo and American Decline
ISIS Executes Four Men by Burning, Force Their Families to Watch
Scrap the Iran Nuclear Deal
Obama's Ancient Foreign Policy
The Obama Admn. Facilitated Palestinian Violence
The Terrorism We Refuse to Fight


Mosques on Front Lines in the War Against America
The Threat of Radical Islam
How to Defeat Radical Islam
Feds Foil ISIS Attack on D.C.
Iran Nonsense
Obama Enables the Taliban
ISIS Beheads More Christians
Countering Jihad
More ISIS Horrors: 45 Burned to Death
Twitter Can't Contain ISIS
ISIS Calls for Attacks on U.S. Malls
Obama's Defense Failures
Netanyahu's Churchillian Warning
ISIS Threatens to "Blow Up" the White House
Who's to Blame for the Rise of ISIS?
ISIS Threat to America Exposed
Arab States Gear Up For War
The Iran Charade
Iran Deal a Disaster
ISIS Camp on U.S. Border?!
The Democrats Own Iran
Waterboarding Worked
The Only Way to Fight ISIS: De-Islamization
Iraq Was Not a Mistake
Knowing What We Know Now, Has Obama's Foreign Policy Been a Mistake?
Obama's Losing the Fight Against ISIS
ISIS vs. the West
Shock Poll: 81% of Arabs Support ISIS
Boko Haram Continues Butchery in the Name of Islam
Islamic Jizya: Fact vs. Fiction
Patriot Act Myths Debunked
Who Lost Iraq?
Obama Makes Israel the Enemy & Iran an Ally
A Great Deal for Iran
Why They're Cheering in Tehran
Iran Deal Endangers Israel
Terrorism in Tennessee
"Bigotry" to Blame "Radical Islam" for TN Shooting?!
Iran Deal Worse Than Imagined
Again: ISIS Crucifies Children
Child Butchers of ISIS
The Cold Civil War
Obama's Dishonesty on Iran
How To Kill the Iran Deal
ISIS is in London
Obama's Politicized Intelligence
Iran Devils Get Their Deal
Cost of Responsibility
The Islamist Menace Shadowing this 9/11
Women in Combat Endanger Fellow Soldier's Lives
See: Camp Obama
Russia's Escalation in Syria
Obama's Secretary of the Army Pick a Militant Homosexual
A Sobering Warning on ISIS


Red Lines in Crimea
Lessons From the Putin Wars
Palin Warned Us on Russia and Ukraine
How To Invite War: Red Lines and Vague Warnings
Obama's Fantasy Based Foreign Policy
Rockets Fired into Israel
Paul vs. Cruz on Foreign Policy
Crimean Crisis Continues
Pro-Russian Forces Storm Ukraine Base
Behind the Russian Rage
Recovering the Founders Foreign Policy
From Every Patriot Grave
Prisoner Swap is Illegal
Deal with Taliban Stirs Controversy
Vets: Bergdahl Walked Away
Obama's Bergdahl Fairy Tale
Releasing Those Who Kill School Girls
D-Day Shaped America's Role in the World
FDR's D-Day Prayer
Welcome to the Jihadi Spring
Bloodbath in Iraq
Iraqi Exodus
Obama's Iraq "Achievements?"
Next Move in Iraq

Don't Blame Iraq on Obama Alone
Islamists Piling Up the Bodies Let Them Kill Each Other
Abdication has a Price

Iraq and the Bloody Price of Lies
America's Iraq Dilemma
Revisionist History Prevails on Iraq Invasion
On Iraq, GOP Should Listen to Cheney
Why Israel Must Destroy Hamas
Let Israel Finish the Job
The Myth of the Palestinian People
Moral Clarity in Gaza
My Neighbor the Terrorist
The Valley of the Shadow
Questions for Israel's Critics
Obama Won't Arm Ukraine
Israeli Spokesman Schools MSNBC Host

Why There Can Never Be 'Peace in the Middle East'
Libs Hostile Towards Israel
Hamas's Useful Idiots
Israel Aghast at Kerry's Betrayal
A Tunnel Too Far
160+ Kids Die Digging for Hamas
Who Lost Iraq?
Hamas Breaks Truce, Fighting Resumes
In Defense of Zionism
U.S. Military: "No" to Bible Camp, "Yes" to Gay Pride
Iraq's Christian Capital Seized
U.S. Bombs Fall in Iraq
Hypocrisy Over Gaza
Obama Got Nothing Right on Iraq
ISIS Terrorist Still Killing Christians
Islamist Child Plays With Decapitated Head
Iraq: The Abandoned War
ISIS Accused of "Barbaric" Sexual Violence
Who is ISIS?
We Have a Moral Obligation to Defeat ISIS
Open Letter to Moderate Muslims
It's Time to Stop ISIS
A New Kind of Terrorist Threat
But They Were Only "Moderate Beheadings"
The Islamic State is Nothing New
The Collapse of Obama's Foreign Policy
Social Darwinism and W.W. I
ISIS Army 10,000 Strong
Al Qaeda Wasn't "On the Run"
Losing Our Heads
Who Are We at War With?
Reliving Benghazi's 13 hours
Obama's ISIS Speech Lacked Substance
You Cannot Be "Syrious!"
Is ISIS Muslim or Not?
Atheist Understands ISIS Better than Obama
Obama's Epic Fail on a "Coalition" Against ISIS
Propaganda about Islam Grows
Hate on the March
Ask a Liberal: Who Lost Iraq?
The Moderate Saudis?
ISIS Must be Stopped
Islamic Beheading in Oklahoma
ISIS Threatens New York
Netanyahu: The Threat of Militant Islam
Hamas, ISIS of the same Evil
Stunning Look Inside the Brutality of ISIS
Chinese Communist More Dangerous than ISIS
Still Getting Jihadism Wrong
U.S. Arms Kurds
The Truth About Interrogation
Russians Target U.S. Navy
Interrogations Saved Lives
Interrogation Program Worked
A Critic of "Moral Laziness" in the Torture Debate
ISIS Commits Genocide


Harsh Interrogations Helped Get Bin-Laden
Cut Defense Spending
Israel Strikes Syria
The "Muslims-Killed-by-the-West" Lie
The Man Behind the NSA Leaks
Obama's Middle East Mess
An Anchorless World
Iranian Deal "Abject Surrender"


With Obama Policy Crumbling, White House Blames a Movie
Middle East Madness


Egypt Unrest Threatens U.S. Interests
Obama's Dangerous Game in Egypt
Fear the Muslim Brotherhood
Fall of Mubarak
Muslim Brotherhood: Kill Kadhafi
U.N. Okays Strikes on Libya
Gadhafi Defiant
Decoding Libya
U.S. Strike Kills Bin Laden
Courier Led to Bin Laden
Attack Years in the Making
Began During Bush Term
Obama Owes Us an Apology
From Guantanamo to Abbottabad
To get bin Laden, Obama relied on policies he decried
Media Credit to Bush?
Holder vs. Holder on Terrorists
Vindication of the War on Terror
Sooting Bin Laden OK, but Waterboarding Not?
Try Not to Think of a Waterboard
CIA 'deniers' are the new 'birthers'
Netanyahu Rejects Obama on Borders
Honor the Fallen
9-11: We Should Never Get Over It
From "Let's Roll" to "Let's Roll Over"
Leadership Lessons of 9/11
Gadhafi Dead
Bin Laden and Arab Spring in Context


John Yoo vs. John Stewart
An Anti-American Leftist
Gitmo Follies
Senate Ratifies Nuclear Arms Treaty


Netanyahu to Obama: Stop Iran--Or I Will
Pelosi Briefed on Waterboarding in 2002
Congress Knew About the Interrogations
The Gitmo Myth and the Torture Canard
North Korea Tests Nuclear Bomb
North Korea Fires More Rockets
Obama Shows Naivete on Iran
Iranians Thirst for Liberty
We Need 'Rough Men' at the CIA
Fort Hood Massacre
Shooter: Nidal Malik Hasan
Obama's Afghan Strategy "Unserious Policy"
The System Worked?!
Letting Down Our Guard

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