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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Taxing Moral Waxing of Hollywood Hypocrites

This column is almost too easy to write. I mean seriously, how long does one have to examine the life and work of a Hollywood liberal to find immorality? Likewise, how long must anyone endure virtually any political or moral rant from a Hollywood liberal to spot his or her hypocrisy?

Donald Trump issued a substantively sound—though perhaps poorly executed—executive order on refugees attempting to enter the U.S., and liberals across America find another excuse to avoid work (or to avoid looking for work) and conduct a protest. I suppose we should be used to this by now, but somehow the modern left always seems to find some way to take their protests fits to new heights lows. Of course, leading the way into the verbal gutter is the Hollywood elite.

Of course, Hollywood liberals—perhaps better known as the “people-who-pretend-to-be-other-people” as Chicks on the Right describe them—are typically familiar with gutters of all forms, so no one should be surprised that they would drag down political discourse as well. The only thing that surpasses their stunning ignorance and immorality is their hypocrisy. (Perhaps they should have an awards show for these efforts.)

There are many examples from which to punctuate this piece (the recent actions by Madonna and Ashley Judd come to mind), but none is better than the Tweet fired off by pop-harlot Rihanna to her 69-plus million Twitter followers. (Does Twitter even have 69 million users?) In between creating albums that are most-deservedly adorned with the “Parental Advisory: Explicit Content” label and performing in pornographic music videos (even the libs at the Daily Beast declared one of her recent efforts as “the most explicit music video in history”), Rihanna had time to declare herself “disgusted” at Trump’s refugee order.

She added, “The news is devastating! America is being ruined right before our eyes! What an immoral pig you have to be to implement such BS!!” Oh my, where to begin? First of all, when it comes to “disgusting” and the ruin of America, there are few in popular culture who have done more to heap moral devastation upon our culture than the “Duchess of Debauchery.” Reveling in her fame and fortune, Rihanna seems blind to the fact that in the realm of what might be called entertainment, only the vilest of pornographers has done more damage to American society than has she.

On the song—Needed Me—that spawned the above-mentioned video, Jon Caramanica of The New York Times writes that Rihanna “sings about using men for sex and disposing of them like tissues.” Lyrics such as “You was good on the low for a faded f**k,” verify Caramanica’s conclusion. (Along with their rampant vulgarities, why must such entertainers perpetuate an ignorant “Ebonics” form of the English language?) Along with multiple “f-bombs,” Needed Me is filled with other vulgarities, including offensive racial slurs.

Rihanna’s 2016 album containing Needed Me also contains a song entitled Sex with Me. (“Me” thinks there is a pattern here.) There’s no need to go into graphic details about the lyrics on that one. Your imagination is almost certainly correct. Not to be one-dimensional, along with her sexual filth and lies, Rihanna has also spewed many other forms of cultural garbage. In 2015, USA Today reported on public opinion related to Rihanna’s “dark, bloody, violent, and misogynistic” video B**ch Better Have My Money. In an op-ed on the video for The Daily Mail, Sarah Vine (the mother of a 12 year-old girl) wrote “By the time it had finished, I wondered whether I ought not to report (Rihanna) to the police. Charges: pornography, incitement to violence, racial hatred.”

Vine added that Rihanna “gesticulates incomprehensibly [a form of Ebonics sign language, no doubt] as though she were some genuine gangster (and not just a spoilt little rich popstar),” and spends much time with her “legs wide open.” So much so the latter that Vine concludes, “In fact, such is the frequency at which we get to view Rihanna’s gusset, I’m actually starting to wonder whether she might not have some kind of medical condition which prevents her from keeping her legs — as well as her stupid trap — shut.”

June Eric-Udorie of the New Statesman adds, “Of course what Rihanna has done is not new; you only have to do a quick YouTube search and you will find a multitude of music videos that just ooze misogyny.” Along with misogyny, graphic nudity, and drug use, B**ch Better Have My Money is graphically bloody, depicting torture, rape, and murder.

Of course, this is just a mere sampling of the vulgarities produced by Rihanna. (Sadder still, instead of being shunned and shamed—or even arrested—she’s appointed as “global ambassador to champion education.”) And likewise, Rihanna herself—though perhaps the leading candidate to be the poster child for the “nasty woman” title (my wife prefers “skank who needs Jesus”) so eagerly embraced by Ashley Judd and her liberal ilk—is far from alone in her cultural degradation. Virtually every movie, sit-com, cartoon, song, album, documentary, (in addition to most news broadcasts and lesson plans), and so on, produced from a liberal worldview (which is almost all of them) is morally corrupt.

There aren’t many other ways to say it: Hollywood is awash in immorality. Thus, for almost any Hollywood liberal to lament the actions of any so-called “immoral pig” is truly the height of hypocrisy. They should keep their mouths shut, but they won’t. Thus, whenever the likes of Rihanna attempts to provide moral instruction, it’s best just to turn off, tune out, and pray.

Copyright 2017, Trevor Grant Thomas
At the Intersection of Politics, Science, Faith, and Reason.
Trevor is the author of the brand new book The Miracle and Magnificence of America

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