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Monday, April 9, 2018

What—and When—Will Be the Next Chappaquiddick?

I was born 11 days after Ted Kennedy left Mary Jo Kopechne to drown (or suffocate) in Poucha Pond on Chappaquiddick Island. Though I’m more familiar than most with the infamous events of July 18, 1969, throughout my life I, like most others, have heard surprisingly little about the details of what should have been one of the most told—albeit tragic—stories of American political figures.

After Miss Kopechne’s death, instead of facing a jury, resigning in shame, or losing in a landslide, Ted Kennedy—aided and abetted by a sympathetic liberal American media—continued his career in politics and went on to become (to those on the left) the “Lion of the Senate.” Kennedy served an obscene 46-plus years in the U.S. Senate and, by 1980, even had the hubris to seek the U.S. Presidency.

While in office, Kennedy was an unapologetic champion of modern American liberalism, which, of course, is why the liberals in the media protected him. It took death to remove Kennedy from office in 2009—an all-too frequent occurrence among our entitled political elite.

Nearly a decade after his death, and in spite of the efforts of some powerful people on the left, along with inaction by the mainstream media, an independent film studio has finally gotten around to telling the ugly story about Kennedy’s lust, drinking, neglect, selfishness, and cowardice, which led to Miss Kopechne’s death. With the film Chappaquiddick, it’s only taken about 50 years for the mainstream media to give us, from many indications (I’ve yet to see the film), a truthful re-telling of the events that should’ve at least ended the political career of—but more justly sent to jail—the last of the infamous brood that was born to Joe Kennedy.

While the world finally gets to witness the unvarnished truth of the events of Chappaquiddick, in the name of lust, greed, or political power, the modern left continues to deceive. Whether the personal failings of democrats such as Bill and Hillary Clinton, the illicit past of democrats like Barack Obama and Elizabeth Warren, or the kooky—yet dangerous—causes of democrats such as Al Gore and Bernie Sanders, an inevitable reckoning with the truth awaits each of these individuals, those who’ve conducted themselves similarly, and their enablers.

Far more dangerous than the deceptions that enable the political rise (or line the pockets) of individuals are the ideological lies that form the foundation of, and thoroughly permeate, modern liberalism. In fact, it is for the perverse cause of liberalism that corrupt individuals are protected, promoted, and even revered. Though their personal lives might embody a liberal worldview, if one is seen as a threat to liberalism—i.e. Donald Trump—then any and all skeletons are quickly tossed out of the closet and loudly and exhaustively waved around for all to see.

Perhaps in another 50 years Americans can watch The Great Russian Collusion Delusion. In this future blockbuster, my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren can watch the story of how nefarious elements within the Democrat Party, the Obama administration, the establishment media, the FBI, the DOJ, and the “Never-Trump” crowd relentlessly pushed a fake Trump-Russia-collusion conspiracy. People a half century from now would learn that, instead of finding (or manufacturing) any real illicit election collusion, the Trump haters themselves conspired to steal, and later overturn, the 2016 U.S. Presidential election—a 304-227 electoral victory by Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton.

After a few more decades of failed predictions by the climate-change doomsayers, one of Mark Steyn’s children can write and direct the documentary film The Inconvenient Climate, or, alternatively, The Day After Global Warming Died. In what will surely become the greatest documentary film of all time, viewers will learn of what has been called “The Greatest Scientific Fraud of All Time.”

Now that we’re 45 years since the infamous Roe v. Wade ruling, and probably taking issue with what is “The Greatest Scientific Fraud of All Time,” a future champion of the pro-life community is likely to document the undisputed science of life in the womb and tell the horrific story of The Abortion Holocaust. Since 1973, over 60 million of the most innocent and helpless Americans have been killed in what should be one of the safest places in the universe—their mother’s womb.

Among many other riveting things, the bold truth-teller who artfully paints the real picture of this tragedy can reveal how abortion apologists—even well into the 21st century—regularly employed the same tactics of the Nazis and murderous communists and imperialists of the 20th century. Like today’s abortionists, these genocidal fools often dehumanized their targets so that it was easier to justify their slaughter.

The Abortion Holocaust can also show how indifference toward human life led to men like Kermit Gosnell. If you don’t know of Gosnell, it’s unsurprising. As was the case with Ted Kennedy (more than once), when Gosnell’s abortion “house of horrors”—where newborn children targeted for abortion were slaughtered even after they escaped their mother’s womb—came to light, the media ignored or attempted to cover for him. In spite of some strong efforts, Gosnell’s story has yet to be told.

As soon as real women get tired of losing athletic competitions to fake women—sometimes known as “trans-women”—the sports-themed film The Natural (Born Woman), or, alternatively, White Men Can Jump (Higher than Women), can be made. In this story the audience will learn how those corrupted by a liberal worldview, as in the case of a child in the womb, again ignored or denied science in the name of the perverse cause of sexual “tolerance” and allowed men to take trophies from women.

Likewise, as soon as enough children who suffered from being forced to grow up without a mother or a father—along with all of the other disadvantages that come from being exposed to the homosexual lifestyle—grow into adulthood, we can watch A Crying Shame.

In this film people will learn that—in spite of the electoral will of the American people—again mirroring the abortion debate, five unelected justices forced a legal re-definition of marriage upon the American people. Along with the suffering of helpless children, the audience will also learn how Christians were targeted by the vengeful LGBT left.

Because modern liberalism is littered with lies—because, as Fay Voshell (and others) have noted, the cornerstone of liberalism is The Lie that we get to determine truth for ourselves—future filmmakers should be busy. Hopefully the success of Chappaquiddick will encourage them.

Copyright 2018, Trevor Grant Thomas
At the Intersection of Politics, Science, Faith, and Reason.
Trevor is the author of the The Miracle and Magnificence of America

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