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Friday, December 15, 2017

Liberals Wrote the Book on Sexual Immorality

Perhaps the most guarded tenet of all of modern liberalism is the idea that people should be able to do whatever they wish in the sexual realm. Whether killing children in the womb, redefining the oldest institution in the history of humanity, fighting for the “right” of men to use women’s restrooms—and for women to cheat at sports, and for men to take trophies from womencelebrating the sexualization of children, everything else in the perverse LGBT agenda, and so on, much of what modern liberals hold dear hinges on sexual hedonism.

Thus, as others have already well noted, the sex scandals that have rocked Hollywood and Washington D.C. are some of the least shocking things to come across the news wire since learning that Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, et al, bloated their baseball stats with the aid of performance enhancing drugs. (You don’t go from this to this without a little something extra in your milk.)

In other words, seeing media reports that reveal that many Hollywood and D.C. liberals are sexual deviants is like a 60 Minutes story that reveals that fat men like fried chicken. But hey, at least in large part, the liberal perverts in politics and entertainment are not hypocrites. They’re only practicing what they preach. And preach they do.

In spite of notions to the contrary, liberalism is obsessed with sex. Of course, most liberals would have us believe that this is the case with conservatives, especially Christian conservatives. Yet it is the politics and policies of liberalism that have forced Americans to debate what was once widely rejected as immoral and even unimaginable.

Led almost exclusively by those corrupted by a liberal worldview, for decades the entertainment industry—whether big screen, small screen, print, or internet media—has saturated American culture with sexual immorality. Acts of “mere” sexual harassment have long ranked extremely low on the scale of what is sexually outrageous in the entertainment industry.

On American screens, tales of men chasing women for nothing more than sex has garnered hundreds of millions of laughs and has been used to titillate generations of young and old men alike. Additionally, what modern action or drama film or television series is devoid of depicting—as C.S. Lewis bemoaned—“four bare legs in a bed?” These days, bare legs alarm almost no one. Many supposed “mainstream” Hollywood productions are now filled with graphic nudity and sex—what used to be called “pornography.”

Adultery, fornication, pornography, prostitution, homosexuality, and virtually every other sexual immorality imaginable has long been promoted and celebrated by the modern left. Along with the entertainment, news, and political arenas, schools, corporations, and even churches are filled with, and being led by, those who are dangerously, and often tragically, sexually deceived. Thus, if not directly debasing themselves by being personally involved in these wicked sexual activities, blind to the notion that some things don’t even deserve a debate, millions of Americans have at least been misled into thinking that such behavior must be “tolerated.”

Tragically, today’s liberals are so desperate to rid the world of anyone and anything that contradicts liberal dogma on sex, they will tolerate almost anything, except even a hint of Christian teaching on sexual morality. Demonstrating the fallacy that is today’s “tolerance,” liberals want their opponents to just shut up when it comes to sex. (No doubt this was much of the motivation behind the attacks on Roy Moore.)

Refusing to remain silent themselves—and because they’ve made a god of government—liberals are looking to make political hay out of the #MeToo meme. Far from wanting to reform what their worldview has wrought, liberals are hoping to further purge politics and the culture of those who stand opposed to progressive perversions.

As they look to lead as much of the country as possible to embrace the “values” of Sodom and Gomorrah, in addition to silencing their moral enemies, many liberals also want revenge. Hence, the war on Christians—and those like-minded—and the war on morality. Along with the threat of fines and even jail time, Christians brave enough to oppose the hedonistic agenda of the modern left face the loss of their jobs or their businesses.

With little thought to the illogic and hypocrisy behind their helter-skelter approach to sexual morality, the liberal media has been predictably sloppy. Before the #MeToo anti-sexual harassment meme caught on, liberals were lecturing us on the so-called “rape culture” allegedly so prevalent in America. Of course, today’s liberals are almost as qualified to instruct us on a rape culture as they are on sexual harassment.

When magazines devoted to promoting pornography, prostitution, and the “hook-up” culture decided to “shine the light” on the supposed college campus rape culture, no one should have been surprised at the disastrous outcome. And don’t be surprised to see similar results as liberals in the media rush to smear conservatives—particularly politicians—for “sexual misconduct.”

Real glee sets in among the liberal media when they get to report on conservatives—especially Christian conservatives—who’ve been caught with their pants down. Of course, liberals in the news media vigorously hunt down these stories (because such stories are often very hard to find), while often ignoring the immoral—and often illegal—dalliances of their like-minded friends and cohorts in politics, entertainment, and the information media.

Democrat politics and Hollywood “values”—aided and abetted by like-minded news media propagandists—is a marriage made in hell. As long as their wicked sexual agenda thrives, Americans—and America—will suffer. Something that more and more of us should ponder: maybe God was right about sex.

(Read this column at American Thinker.)

Copyright 2017, Trevor Grant Thomas
At the Intersection of Politics, Science, Faith, and Reason.
Trevor is the author of the The Miracle and Magnificence of America

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