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Latest News/Commentary

Latest News/Commentary:

News/Commentary Archives:

News/Commentary Archives:


For the most part, the articles/columns linked below appear in chronological order, beginning with the earliest, for each year listed. 


British Patient Asks for Female Nurse, Gets a Male Tranny Instead
Feminists to Target Boys
When Are Kids Too Young for “Nude Art,” & When Is That “Art” Porn?
Surprise!--New Study Reveals: Gender is Not a Social Construct
SCOTUS Allows Mississippi Law Protecting Christians from the Same-Sex "Marriage" Mafia
Stop the Queering of Our Kids
"Mom, I Don't Want to be a Boy!"
Global Backlash Against LGBT Intolerance
Feminists Ban Vagina Hats so Not to Offend Gender Deluded
Sex Obsession & Psychotherapism: The Culprit Is Not the Cure
#MeToo's Impossible Premise
#MeToo and the Defects of Modern Sexual Morality
You Feel Violated After Casual Sex Because You Degraded Yourself. Not Because It Was Rape.
Four Ways Sexual Sin Can Kill Your Marriage
"Sex-Change" Revolution is Rooted in Ideology, Not Science
Dear Feminists: If You Want a Real Man, Act Like a Woman
Your Desires Shouldn't Define You
America Needs More Ladies
Gymnastics' Doctor Demonstrates the Harm of Pornography
KY Gov.: School Shootings a "Cultural Problem"
A Question That Gets to the Heart of the Culture Wars: What's a Man?
Father-Daughter Dance Triggers New York Liberals
Sexual Chaos in Sports
Let's Ban Porn
50 Shades of Love
Gender-Benders Invade Nebraska
America's Adults Abdicate Responsibility
Fatherlessness & School Shootings
The Destructiveness of the Transgender Delusion


Don't Get Mad At Out-Of-Control Kids. Get Mad At Their Permissive Parents
Christians Should Refuse to Celebrate Women Fighting

Gospel Singer Faces Backlash for Preaching the Gospel on Homosexuality
Make America Mate Again
New Trend: "Self-Marriage"
Tyranny of Transgender Ideology
Don't Blame My Kid for Thinking Your Cross-Dressing Kid is Weird
The War Against Boys Goes Toxic
To Change the Culture, Stand for Marriage
Of Course: Women's March Devolves Into...
"Homophobia Causes STDs, Fat-Shaming Causes Obesity" (& Other Urban Myths)
MLB Pitcher Stands for Sexual Truth
White Women's March Madness
Homosexual Apologists Show Their True Colors
The Pointless Paranoia of the Women's March
Don't Insult Women by Calling D.C. Gathering a "Women's March"
Gospel Hope in the Hookup Culture
Goodbye Boy Scouts of America
More Transgender Madness: BMA Recommends Against Using the Word "Mother"
Leftists Are Fake Feminists
Christian Celebrities Are Being Mislead on Marriage
Trump's LGBT Strategy is Lacking
The State of the Black Family
Perverts Love Unisex Bathrooms
Womanhood Redefined
Affirm Truth, Not Homosexual Conduct
Transgender Toy Perversion
NFL Threatens Texas Over Bathroom Bill
More Proof Predators Are Taking Advantage of Liberal Policy on Bathrooms
More High School Transgender Madness
Is Biology Truth or Transphobic?
Trump Flushes Obama's Bathroom Decree
Yes, Childhood Sex Abuse Contributes to Homosexuality
"World War T" Elites
The Transgender Debate is About Redefining Reality
Former Democrat Party Leader & "Husband" Face Charges for Sexually Abusing Teen Boy
Cohabitation and Future Marital Stability
Bums: Living the Low-Stakes Life
The Transgender Honey Badger!
Most Americans Agree With Trump, Not Obama, on Bathrooms
Transgenderism and the Abolition of Man
Feminism's Dreadful Advice
Acceptance of Homosexuality Does Not Curb the Spread of HIV
Why Feminism Insults Real Women
Why Same-Sex "Marriage" Hasn't Cured Loneliness in the Homosexual Community
Coca-Cola Bows Big to the Homosexual Agenda
CA Man "Transitioning" to "Genderless Alien"
Federal Porn Users Under Assault
No Surprise: Ignorant College Students Display Stunning Duplicity Towards Christians
Transgenderism and Cancer
Affairs and Adultery
Make Parenting Great Again!
Transgendered Child Abuse
Man--Competing As a Woman--Wins Weight Lifting Contest
Homosexual Director of Beauty and the Beast Wants to Rip Lev. 18:22 Out of Hotel Bibles
World War T & North Carolina
The Liberals at Buzzfeed Want to Normalize STDs
More "Trans-insanity:" Meet "Toni the Tampon"
Liberal Woman Frightened by Man in Her Restroom
Forcing Gender Conformity
Mike Pence's "Scandalous" Marriage
The Silent Suffering of Homosexual Men
Mike Pence = Taliban?
To End "Racism" Let Others Raise Your Baby
No, Bearded Mom, You Can't Take Your Daughter to the Father-Daughter Dance
Another High School Allowing a Male Athlete to Compete Against Girls
Obergefell’s Toxic Judicial Legacy
Target's Stock Continues to Fall
The New York Times Promotes Child Abuse
Trendy to be Transgender
Co-Habitation is No Substitute for Marriage
The American Dream Hinges on the Family
The Mass Hysteria Behind the Transgender Movement
North Carolina Introduces Bill to Outlaw Same-Sex "Marriage"
Effects of Marriage on Work
Home is the Front Lines of Christian Living
Ladies, Would You Prefer Mike Pence or Anthony Weiner?
More Parents Exploiting Their "Transgender" Children
Bill Nye the "Pervert Guy"
Don’t Like "Women With Penises"? You Need to Be Reeducated
The "Gay Infertility" Myth
We Couldn't Afford to Have Kids
Bill Nye Used to Understand Gender
Harvard "Fact Sheet": "There Are More Than Two Sexes"
Transgenders vs. Homosexuals
LGBT Movement vs. Reality
Having Pets Instead Of Kids Should Be Considered A Psychiatric Disorder
Texas Bill Would Protect Adoption Agencies from the LGBT Mafia
The Drive to Abolish Male and Female—and Childbearing
Target Continues to Promote LGBT Agenda
The Culture vs. Motherhood
Latest Form of Child Abuse: Turning Your 8-Year-Old Son Into a Drag Queen
Good Families Reduce Crime
Why Homesickness is Health
Adult is Not a Verb
Ben Sasse: Bring Back Adulthood
Son, Don't Marry a Feminist
Parents Are Ministers
10 Tips to Maintain Sexual Purity
Government is the One with the Pronoun Problem
The Link Between Broken Families and America's Opioid Crisis
The New Puritanism
Parents' Divorce Increases Risk of Health Disorders in Children
Female Tennis Legend Stands for the Truth on Marriage and Gender
Banning Anti-Gay Fruit
NY School Children Exposed to Adult Drag Queen
Another Tragic "Transgender" Death
Fascism at the Farmers' Market
Canadian Gender Madness
Opposing the Transgender Craze
The Gospel vs. the Transgender Revolution
Father's Matter: Where Were Hillary & Bill's?
"Born That Way"? Really?
No "Tolerance" for Ex-Homosexuals
Little Man, Big Question
What it Means to "Honor Thy Father"
It's Simple: Children Need Their Fathers
America is "Reaping the Consequences of Fatherlessness"
Grateful for an Old-School Dad
A Donor is Not a Dad
The Heterophobic Gender Deniers
Study: Teen Contraception Programs Don't Work
Puberty Suppression & Female Genital Mutilation
Liberal Values Are Destroying Childhood
Liberals Celebrate Divorce of Birth Records From Biology
Homosexual Activists Really Are After Your Kids
Pediatrician: Transgender Treatments Are "Child Abuse"
The Left's Indoctrination of Children Knows No Bounds
Pediatrician Debunks the Junk Science Behind "Transgenderism"
What Porn Did to Their Lives
Feminazi Labels Her Own Sons "Not Safe"
Imperialism by "Family Planning"
Liberals Want Parents to "Stop Celebrating Your Babies Gender"
The Great Transgender Fraud
Why We Are Obsessed With Sex
Abuse of Feminism Revealed
We Don't Hate Your Gender-Confused Child, We Hate What You're Doing to Him
How the LGBT Movement Used Fake Science to Promote Same-Sex "Marriage"
Gender Benders: Science Deniers
Who's in Charge of the Kids?
Transgender Apologists Go After Private School
Men Don't Have Periods. Period.
Mothers & Fathers Not Interchangeable
Finally: Mattress Girl Discredited
Abandon Marriage at Your Own Peril
#Pride Goes Before a Fall
Google It: Men and Women Are Different
Women Can't Do Everything Men Can
Science Says Damore Was Right About Sex Differences
More Gender-Bending Child Abuse--and the Left Cheers
A Story of Deliverance from "Gay Christianity"
"My 'Sex Change' Was a Myth"
CA First Grader Punished for "Pronoun Mishap"
Parenting Humbles, Humiliates, and Crucifies Us
"Transition Party" Traumatizes Kindergartners
Houston Proves the Lie of "Toxic Masculinity"
LGBT Activists Want to Put Christians in Jail
Sexual Selection
Pro-Fatherhood Ad Banned in Australia
Three Cheers for Toxic Masculinity
Normalizing Pedophilia
Love in the Ruins
Gender "Transition" Child Abuse Exposed
Human Sexuality & the Spirit of the Age
Parenting & Theology
Dating Unbelievers Deadens Faith
"Cheap Sex" and the Single Christian
Want Less Sexual Trauma? Stop Lying About Sex.
The Trans Brigade Weaponizes Children
5 Ways to Murder Your Marriage
Marriage Collapse, Black & White
Couple Blacklisted for Refusing to Wear Pro-LGBT Badges
LGBT Activists Threaten to Burn Church Over Marriage Sign
Shatter Your Kid-Centered Kingdom
Joseph & the Transgender Dreamcoat?
Democrats Destroyed the Black Family--to Win Elections
How Hugh Hefner Hijacked Men's Brains
Hefner's Sexual Fanatics
Hugh Hefner's Legacy of Despair
Fighting the Sexual Sin Destroying Our Culture
Anal Cancer: A Homosexual Epidemic
The Dirtiest of Old Men
Sex, Hefner, and the Hookup Culture
Study: 96% of Transgender Youth Engage in Self Harm
Giving Hef What He Deserves
Pornography is Worse than Feminism
The Real War on Women
Good Bye, Boy Scouts
Doctors Warn of the Dangers of Puberty Blockers
Real Masculinity is the Solution to Men Like Weinstein
Former "Trans Men" Reveal Gender Lies of the Left
Understanding Stay-at-Home Moms
Demonic Drag Queen Does Story Time at Michelle Obama Library
Feminism's Experiment Against Common Sense
A Moment of "Trans-Sanity" in Australia
Addictions: Sex, Alcohol, and Marijuana
Progressive's Problem: Sex
Coming Soon: Incest, State Sponsored & Court Approved
Speaking Truth to Power On Sex Abuse
NBC Article: Having Lots of Children is Immoral
The History of Sex in America, Part I
Maybe God Was Right About Sex
The Hidden Hands of Bruce Jenner
Hedonism's Predictable Horrors
Denzel Washington: Broken Families, Not the "System" Creates Criminals
Transgender Who Did What to Whom?
Are Red or Blue Families More Stable?
Sex in America, Part 2
Sow the "Free Love" Wind, Reap the Sexual Debasement Whirlwind
Boy Scout Leaders Told Not to Call Boys "Boys"
Another Man Pretending to be a Woman Takes Trophies from Real Women
Why NOT to Marry an Unbeliever
Pediatrician Reveals How to Deal With Gender Delusions
Kids of Divorce Still Suffering Decades Later
The True War Behind the Sex Scandals
New York City Imposes Liberalism on Sex Therapy
What's in a Pronoun?
Toxic Femininity, Redux
Surprise: Booze and Pot in Teen Years Lessen Life Success
Make Marriage Great Again
The Religion of Sex
The Devastation of the Homosexual Lifestyle
Teaching Lechery and Getting Lechers
Another Man Caught Taking Pictures in Women's Restroom
The True Beauty of Women
Campaign Against "Pronoun Violence" Sounds Like Parody

4 Ways to Keep Porn Out of Your Home
"Affluenza" Kid a Sad Reflection of Modern Parenting
Growing Up Without Growing Old
Why Legalized Prostitution Increases Sex Trafficking
An Absent Father is Devastating to Young Girls
Same-Sex "Marriage" is Devastating for U.S. Children
Dads: Wake Up!
New York's "Pronoun" Law Defies Science and Ignores Logic
San Francisco's Bathroom Crusade
Revealing & Tragic Porn Stats
New Study: Porn Leads to Sexual Aggression
Perverse Liberal Sexual Morality
America's Daddy Issues
Colton Dixon and the "Craziness" of Saving Sex for Marriage
The Dangers Absent Fathers Pose to Girls
Woman Lives as a Cat
10 Biblical Truths on Children & Obedience
The Sad Consequences of Cohabitation
Boys Need Their Moms
New Study: The Porn Phenomenon
The Complaints of a Welfare Mom
Olympic Transgender Madness
Latest Marriage Perversion: "Marrying" Yourself
Porn is a Public Health Crisis
We're All "Incest-Phobes" Now
Former Homosexual on "Coming Out of Sodom"
The Positive Effects of Marriage
Rape in the Age of Promiscuity
Valentine's Day and The Will to Love
Porn & the 1st Amendment
Obama Against Funding Abstinence Only Sex-Ed
Marriage & Religious Faithfulness
Socialist Sanders Hates the Truth on Marriage
Manny Pacquiao Defends His Pro-Family Views
Dude Gets Naked in Women's Locker Room
Transgender Madness in Charlotte
South Dakota Stands Up to Transgender Mafia
New Research on the Children of Divorce
Homosexual Mafia Targets Another Baker
Marriage is Foundational to Christianity
Pro-Same-Sex Marriage Episcopal Priest(ess) in SCOTUS Brief Had Abortion While in Divinity School
Madonna--Diva of Debauchery--is Reaping What She's Sown
U.S. Prostitution Study Revealing
Transsexual Indoctrination Targets Young Kids
The Intolerance of Gay Bullies
The Hypocrisy of Big Business Attacking GA's Religious Liberty Bill
Georgia Guts Religious Liberty Bill
"Transgender" Conditioning is Child Abuse
The Math Favors Marriage
Why Does Disney Prefer Communists to Christians?
"Gender Bending" the Minds of Young Children
Gender Perversions a Consequence of Secularism
Liberal Policies Destroyed Black Families
NBA Threatens North Carolina Over Restroom Law
6 Truths on Transgender Bathroom Bills
Marriage: Died of a Theory?
The "Holiness Code" & Homosexuality
Biblically Fighting the Incest Lobby
The Effects of Porn on Sexual Practices
Sexual McCarthyism
Pediatric Group: Pushing Gender Reassignment on Kids is Child Abuse
Why is it Controversial to Keep Men Out of Women's Restrooms?
America's Real Porn Problem
LGBT Apologists are "Tools of Satan"
Porn is a Health Crisis
Vulgar Transgender Apologists on the Attack in MN
The Liberal War on Women Moves to the Restrooms
Behind the Hate of Homosexuals, There's Deep Pain
Venereal Disease is Nothing to Clap About
Why the "Bathroom Wars" Matter
Less Marriage = More Inequality
A "Gender Free Society" Defies Logic
Bathroom Bill Lies
The Sickening Hypocrisy of Starbucks and Apple
American's Addiction to Pleasure is Harming Marriage & the Family
Ted Cruz's Marriage Response to Gay "Lifelong" Republican
Bathroom Bullies Cost Curt Schilling His Job at ESPN
Target Faces Boycott After Joining the Left's Perverse "Bathroom" Agenda
Oppressive Patriarchy of Liberals: Letting Men Use Women's Bathrooms
Should We Provide Litter Boxes for People Who Identify as Cats?
Brilliant Lawsuit Challenges Same-Sex "Marriage"
Can Bruce Springsteen Refuse to Play a Same-Sex "Wedding?"
Curt Schilling the Science Guy
7 Transgender Questions Answered
Confronting the Pornography Crisis
Effects of Divorce on the Family
Transgender Fact & Fiction
The LGBT Agenda and the Collusion Against Christian Colleges
Target Doubles-Down on Gender Perversion
Unilateral Defiance on Homosexuality by Liberal Methodists
N.C. House Speaker Defies Obama Justice Dept. on Bathroom Law
The First Transgender President?
Target Wants to Meet with AFA
School Cancels Daddy-Daughter Dance b/c It Wasn't "Inclusive"
Obama Politicizes Mother's Day
Near 1 in 6 Young U.S. Men Jobless or in Jail
Bathroom Wars, Circa 1975
Transgender Is NOT the New Black
Modesty, Objectivism, & Human Value
Escape from Obama's Transgender School Bathrooms
Obama Threatens Schools w/Transgender Edict
Obama Admn. Rewrites Title IX
Blame Millennials' Parents for Laughable Fragility
Obama's Bathroom Madness
Target Taking a Hit Over Bathroom Edict
Drafting Women: Do We Believe in Equality or Not?
Four Repercussions of the Bathroom Decree
Gender Is NOT a Social Construct (DUH!)
God Did Not Create "Transgender"
Bathroom Wars Continue
Schools Can Ignore Obama on Bathrooms
Lesbian Lawmaker in AL Suggests Churches are Threat to Children
Effects of Out-of-Wedlock Birth on Children
Children Being Recruited to Believe They're Transgender?
Of Course: PBS Pushes Transgender Propaganda
If Gender is Fluid, What About Race and Age?
Of Course: On "Transgenderism" Dem Congresswoman Resorts to Name-Calling
Libtard College Students "Marry" the Ocean
Meet the 43 GOP Traitors Who Supported Obama's Transgender Edicts
Sodomites All
"Trans-Species" Featured on TV Special
The LGBT Movement Will Self-Destruct
Massachusetts Wants to Legalize Gender Perversion
On Boys Using Girl's Restrooms, Trump Can't Decide
Liberals Enable Sexual Predators to Hunt Women
Human Dignity in a Secular Age
If Boys Can Be Girls, What's the Point of Title IX?
Brought to You By Feminism: The Unhappy Female
Surprise: Liberals Hail Adulterer as "Brave"
How to Stump a Liberal: Are Sex Chromosomes Real?
Leaving Lesbianism
When the NBA Went All-Out Gay
Campus Drunk Confidential
What is "Consent" to a Drunk?
Indecent Exposure: The "Gender Identity" Agenda
Olympics: Genitals Included
Ignorant Judge Lets "Trans" Man Legally Change His "Sex"
United Methodist Bishop Blames Traditional Marriage Teaching for Orlando
Southern Baptists Defend Marriage, Gender
Queers vs. Conservative Christians
What Liberals Get Wrong About the Family
Disney's Fishy Doctrine: Finding Dory Redefines the Family
Fathers Wake Up!--We're the Reason America is Faltering & the Family is Breaking Down
Wells Fargo: Nearing Bankruptcy as It Proudly Embraces the Homosexual Agenda
Open Letter to a Christian Struggling w/Homosexuality
Obama's Wicked Move to Memorialize Sexual Perversion in America
Tragic Consequences of Single-Mother Households
Per the Obama Administration: Transgender Troops!
Rape & Hookup Culture Two Sides of Same Coin
The Religion of Sex
What Feminization Has Wrought
Judge Rules ChristianMingle Must Include Homosexuals
The Uncomfortable Truth About Daycare
Same-Sex Parenting Increases Depression
The Totally Expected Happens in Target
"What If I Identify as a Dinosaur?"
Chicago YMCA Surrenders to Perversion
UK Schools Ban "He" and "She"
Gender, Marriage, Hell's Gates and Your Church
NBA: National Bullying Association
More Condoms = More Teen Pregnancies
The NCAA Enters the Bathroom Wars
U.S. Navy to Name Ship After Homosexual Child Molester
More Trans-Insanity: "Men" Becoming "Moms"
Transgender: Truth and Compassion
Turning My Black Family from the Dark Side
The Effect of Welfare on Families
Politifact Distorts Family Research
New Film Confronts Christians Addicted to Porn
People in Homosexual "Marriages" Much More Likely to Commit Suicide
"Love" Keeps On "Winning"
The Wounds Public Policy Can't Heal
Shocker: Liberals Now "Analyzing" Pedophilia
Gender-Neutral Pronouns Only
Children and The Cult of Transgenderism
All Sexual Behavior is Not Equal
What About Incest?
Cult of Transgender: Updates
Making Marriage a Priority
God is Transgender?!
No Scientific Basis for Transgenderism
Charlotte School District Wants to Ban Use of "Boys" & "Girls"
America's Lost Boys
America's Lost Girls
Rape Wins
Why Do Women's Sports Exist?
The Tragic Transgender Contagion
Target's Income Tumbles
Elizabeth Smart: Porn Led to Me Being Raped (Hundreds of Times)
Bathroom Rules & Renovations
Ryan Lochte and America's Man-Boy Problem
Johns Hopkins University Researchers: No Scientific Evidence People Are Born Homosexual or Transgender
Needed: More American Babies
Let's Talk About Sex
On the Homosexual Agenda: We Have Been Warned
Debunking the "Born This Way" Myth
Real-Life Victims of the Transgender Cult
Feminist Witch Hunts are Rape
New Transgender Training for Cops
Entire LGBT Narrative Just Crumbled
Alcohol, Rape, and "Victim Blaming"
On Sex & Sexuality, Truth Isn't Hate
No Surprise: As With Adults, Homosexual Teens More Likely to Engage in Risky Behaviors
More "Progress:" Liberal's Celebrate "Male" Pregnancies
Transgender Song Targets Kids
Entire LGBT Narrative Just Crumbled
"Married" Homosexual Teacher Commits Murder/Suicide After Child Molestation Charges
"Crimes Against Humanity" for Hiding HPV-Vaccine Dangers
Rick Warren: Pornography is Poison
Liberal Sexual (IM)Morality Is Nothing New
What We Can Learn From Homosexual School Teacher Who Sexually Abused Boys
Why Doesn't Colin Kaepernick Protest Fatherlessness?
Cosmopolitan Wants Maternity Leave for Homosexual Men
New Book Highlights Toll of Divorce on Kids
Franklin Graham Responds to NCAA/ACC Over NC Bathroom Bill
Liberal Mother Pushes 6 Year-Old Son to Dress as a Girl
Love Wins: Reverse Same-Sex "Marriage" Ruling
"Effeminism" & the War on Boys
"Shut Up, Bigot!" The Philosopher Argued
How Decades of Divorce Helped Erode Religion
LGBT Activists Are Coming for Your Kids
Pronoun Stupidity at the University of Michigan
Cohabitation and Future Marital Stability
The Facts About Transgenderism
J.R.R. Tolkien on Sex
The Problem of Lazy Men
America's Quiet Catastrophe: Millions of Idle Men
The Abolition of Male
Progressives' Perverted View of Parenthood
Catholic School Sued by Homosexual Student Wanting to Bring Same-Sex Date to Dance
Transgender: Truth & Compassion
Something to Celebrate: Coming Out of Homosexuality
"Date Nights" Strengthen Marriages
The Worst State in which to Raise Children
Men Without Chests Alert
CNN Normalizes Prostitution
Perversion Watch: Mother Forces 7-Year-Old Son to Live as a Girl
Must Read New Book: Health Hazards of Homosexuality
Love Your Neighbor Enough to Speak Truth
"Ecosexuality" is on the Rise
Moral Philosophy & Marriage
The Real Situation With Evangelicals and Marriage
Family Structure & Poverty
Christian Couple Denied Adoption b/c of Views on Homosexuality
Trump, Same-Sex "Marriage" & the Church
Christian Grandmother Takes a Stand for Marriage
EU Preschool Targets Children w/LGBT Agenda
Marriage: Match Made in Heaven
Christ's Marriage, My Marriage
LGBT Bullies Strike Again
Fake News on Homosexuality?
Virgin Teens Healthier Than Sexually Active Peers
Illinois Commission: Christian-Owned Bed-and-Breakfast Must Host Homosexual "Weddings"
4 Steps to Freedom From Porn
Canadian Lawmakers Trying to Erase Mom and Dad
Homosexual Agenda Targets AZ Artists
"Soul Mate" Belief is Destructive and Un-Biblical
Poverty & Single-Parenthood
Microsoft Uses Christmas to Push Homosexual Agenda
Homosexual Mafia Targets Another
Is National Geographic Complicit in Child Abuse?
GOP Voters in NC Rewarded with Boys in Girls Bathrooms
Effects of Marriage on Child Poverty
Transgender Advocates: i.e. "Biology Deniers"
Rise of the Robosexuals
When Someone You Love Says "I'm Gay"
Debate Over Gender Pronouns Reveals the Totalitarianism of the Left
The "Great Society" vs. the Biblical Family
CA Legalizes Child Prostitution?!
Gay Rights Advocate, & "Husband" Molested 10 Boys
Ex-Homosexual: Easier to Leave Homosexuality Than Lose Weight
Discover True Masculinity
Christians Unite on Marriage/Sex/Gender Declaration
America's Deadly Nursing Homes
No, We're Not All the Same
Who Needs Good Men?


Five Reasons Not to Shack-Up
Idaho Governor Defends Marriage Amendment
New Homophiles and the "Gay" Indentifier
Family Breakdown: What to do?
Painful Irony of "Slut Walks"
Immoral Propaganda Targets Our Youth
Gays Target Washington Florist
Black Pastors Stand for Marriage
"Women Aren't Women Anymore"
The Overpopulation Myth
What is Marriage?
No "Live and Let Live" w/Homosexuality
A Letter to Ellen DeGeneres
Homosexual Mafia Now Takes on Funeral Homes
Lesbian Funerals
The West's New Slave Trade
Praying for Your Child's Future Spouse
A Rescue Plan for the Black Family
"Freedom" for Incest?!
NY Woman to "Marry" Her Father?!
Why Leaving the Gay Lifestyle is So Difficult
Religious Liberty vs. Erotic Liberty
Spot the Homophobes
Darkness of a Sexual Culture Gone Mad
Pope Likens Homosexual Agenda to Nazi Propaganda
Sad Tale of Bruce Jenner's Transgenderism
CA Attacks Boy Scouts
"Homophobe"--the New Infidel
S.S. Marriage Inevitable?
Understanding Same-Sex Marriage
Homosexual Therapy Battle in New York
Feminism and Porn
Jindal on Marriage: Amend the Constitution
"Judge Moore Justice" an Marriage
Dangers Of "Sex-Change" Surgery
CA's Mandatory Lifestyle
Parenting Your Struggling Adult Child
Pedophilia and America's Future
Evangelical, Catholics Unite Against Same-Sex "Marriage"
The Left and Absolute Sexual Freedom
A Word for "Haters"
From Homosexuality to Holiness
Should Parents Reason With Their Young Child?
Christian Bakers Face Fine of $150k for "Discrimination"
Meet the Latest Big Corporate Sponsors of the Homosexual Agenda
Surprise!--Polyamory Activist Borrows Homosexual Agenda Logic
Hallmark Uses Lesbian Couple in Valentine's Day Ad
S.I.'s Swimsuit Issue is Porn
Who Exactly "Owns" the Children?
"Queer Theory" Takes Over Campus
"Baby-Making Sex" is the Best
Surprise! (Again!): Study Reveals Kids Do Best with Mom & Dad
Andy Stanley's Troubling Rules on Love, Sex, and Dating
"50 Hues of Holiness"
Defiling the Undefiled
John Piper on Porn Addiction
Winning with Biblical Marriage
Obama Administration Aids Bradley Manning's Gender Perversion
The Failed Promise of the Sexual Revolution
Bruce Jenner: A Portrait of America's Confusion
Redefining Marriage Redefines Parenthood
Kids of Queer Couples: A Turning Point
Kids Harmed by Gay Parenting Find a Voice
Reclaiming Marriage
The Global Flight From the Family
Link between Porn and Sex Trafficking
Repentant Homosexual Creates Memorial
Sally Kohn Wants Her Kid to Be Gay Too
Why Can't 3 Men Marry Each Other?
A Portrait of America's Decadence
Wow: Russell Brand Gets it Right on Porn
X-Rated Path to Destruction
Support for "Throuples" Grows
Talking to Your Kids about Sex
Southwest Airlines Sponsors "Gay Jesus" Documentary
25 Things Every Daughter Needs From Her Dad
Father's Day as Hate Speech?
How Contraception Will Destroy Us
Planet Fitness Declares Itself Unfit
Most Gay Couples Aren't Monogamous
Campus Conservative Group Punished for Refusing LGBT Training
The Two Parent Advantage
She Took a Year "Off" From Her Marriage to...
Homosexual Activist Admits to Indoctrinating Children
The Truth on Homosexuality is "Gravely Evil?!"
Narrative of an American Slave
Dear Homosexuals: Your Kids Are Hurting
Cogs in the Gay "Marriage" Machine
Gender Pronoun Madness
Corporations are the Enemy of Marriage
"I Ached Everyday for a Dad"
Gender Neutral Bathrooms a Logistical Nightmare
Liberals in Denial About the Sexual Revolution
Ten Myths About Redefining Marriage
Fashionistas Dulce and Gabbana (homosexuals) Defend the Family
Watch Amazing Wedding Vow
Children of Homosexuals Reveal the Truth
Snake-Oil Sociology on Parenting
What Makes a Man a Man
34,000 Black Churches Stand for Marriage
Sexual Revolution Harming Poor Americans
Porn is Creating Predators
Tony Evans on "Black Accountability"
Spring Break vs. Sodom and Gomorrah
Motives of Homosexual Agenda Exposed
Santorum Debates Hostile Pro-Homosexuals
Muslim Bakers and Gay Weddings
Christian Teacher Fired for Defending Marriage
10 Signs of a Bitter Woman
Democrats "Totally Bought Into the Homosexual Agenda"
Baker Hypocrisy in Colorado
"Sex Week" at Univ. of Tennessee
Sex: The New American Religion
Former Porn Star Exposing the Truth
The Porn Plague
The Gay Marriage Wake-Up Call
NYT Writer: Christians "Must Be Made" to Accept Homosexuality
S.S. "Marriage" Opponents are NOT Equivalent to Racists 
Same-Sex Parenting and Emotional Harm
The Problem of Porn
Obama's Ignorant War on "Conversion Therapy"
Transgenderism: A Return to Pagan Mythology
5 Signs of an Emotional Affair
Upholding Marriage is "Sex Discrimination?!"
"Being Raised by 2 Mothers Ruined My Life"
Same-Sex "Marriage" Disrespects the Human Body
Gay Mafia Gone Wild
Elitist Liberalism at its Ugliest
The One Thing Sons Need From Their Fathers
Millennial's March for Marriage
When Modesty is Controversial
Same-Sex "Marriage" Rooted in Fraudulent Research
How Businesses Can Combat Homo-Fascists 
Combat These 8 Marital Threats
The Absurdity of Transgenderism
What is Marriage?
Rick Perry's Marriage Misstep
Gay "Marriage" a Trojan Horse
Straight Pride is "Hate Speech?"
Jenner's Gender Exposes Leftist Nonsense
In Defense of Marriage
Defying Gender
Exposing Racial Hypocrisy in the Black Community
The "Same-Sex Marriage Won't Hurt Anyone" Lie
The Meaning of Sex
3 Ways Porn Robs Your Marriage
What a Christian Counselor Would Say to Baltimore Parents
A Prayer for Marriage
Marriage Defenders Like the KKK?!
Dobson: If Marriage Falls, Western Civilization Falls
5 Reasons Marriage is Still Amazing
Former Lesbian Calls Out Obama
What the West Really Exports
A Charge for Graduates
Is "Restoring the Family" Possible?
Po-Po and the Missing Papas
Momma's Boy
How Do You Honor Your Mother?
Baltimore's Missing Fathers
The Modern Family Presents Modern Problems
The Sad Math of Boys Without Dads
The False Gospel of Gender Diversity
Texas Stands Up for Marriage
Children of the Day
Obama's "Parenting Equality"
My Daughter Married a Woman
Girl Scouts Now Allowing Transgender Boys
The Covenantal Nature of Marriage
Q&A w/Andy Stanley on Homosexuality
Lunatic Postmodern Target: Motherhood
I Don't Need No Daddy
The Culture's War on Christian Women
When Did You Choose Your Heterosexuality?
What's Loving Got To Do With It?
Mad-Max & the Dream-Work of Homosexuality
The "Born That Way" Myth
Shining More Light on the Lies of the Sexual Revolution
5 Lies That Lead to Infidelity
Proposed Federal Law: Don't Sway People from Homosexuality, Or Else
Heads LGBT Wins, Tails Christians Lose
Marriage and the Human Body
Marriage Hasn't Changed, Ireland Has
True Love Doesn't Look Like This
"Hot Girls Wanted"
The Bait-and-Switch of "Hooking Up"
Homosexuality is Not a Victimless Crime
Their Morals and Ours
Perversion Celebrated: Bruce Jenner: "Call Me Caitlyn"
Bruce Jenner Needs Prayer, Not Applause
Bruce Jenner and the Culture of Insanity
Same-Sex "Marriage" and Christian Universities
"I'm the New Normal"
Bruce Jenner is Not Brave
The War Against Black Children
The Cult of Caitlyn Jenner
Call Me Caitlyn or Else
Correcting Greg Gutfeld on Marriage
A Transgender's Regret
There's No Right to Marry
Courage, Sex Change, and God
Transjennered America
"Transgendered" is So Yesterday--Now Meet the "Translabled"
What Liberals Think About Transgenderism
Len Dunham vs. the Duggars
Conservatives & the Marriage Debate
Gender Confusion and a Flaw in the Homosexual Agenda
Marriage Redefined: Young Evangelicals in Crisis
Toddlers Taught Homosexuality
Understanding the Gender Confused
Red State Families Better Than We Knew
"Trans" Hypocrisy from the Left
The Morality of Gender Neutrality
The Marriage Debate We're Not Having
Former Playboy "Bunny" Reveals Her Regrets
Transgenderism Fragments the Human Person
The Inconvenient Truth of Rachel Dolezal
Dolezal & Jenner: Difference Isn't "Fraud"
Woman "Comes Out" as a Dog?
Same-Sex "Marriage" Bait-and-Switch
More Rotten Fruit of the Homosexual Agenda
How Same-Sex "Marriage" Harms Us
Culture War Endgame
Fathers, Family, and Opportunity
Raised By Lesbians, Desperate for a Dad
The Best Thing My Father Told Me
The Virtue of Fathers
Porn: Sexual Cannibalism
"Wife" Insults Gays and Transgenders?!
Every Parent is in Youth Ministry
Stupid to Reject "Female" Fathers?!
Marriage: Everything's Changed; Nothing's Changed
The "Marriage Equality" Deception
Same-Sex "Marriage" is Only the Beginning
Laughable Liberal Arguments Against Polygamy
Real Goal of the Homosexual Agenda
Do Mothers & Fathers Matter?
The Sinister Sex-Ed Agenda
Take Marriage Away From the Courts
"Honey-Smooth" Voice Decries the "Evil" of Same-Sex "Marriage"
The Declaration of Decadence
Entire County Clerk Office Resigns Over S.S. "Marriage"
Is Polygamy Next?
Supreme Court Marriage Decision Will Be Overturned
The Question the Homosexual Agenda Can't Answer
Culture War Overreach Coming
Beware of the Gaystapo
The Future of the LGBT Agenda
Defending Marriage: An Open Letter to Pastors
The Problem With Polygamy
Another Sexual Train Wreck from the Left
Liberals Declare War on the Words "Husband," Wife"
Black Families Matter
Oregon Wedding Cakes Are Just the Excuse
Dealing With Your Homosexual Neighbors
UN Passes Pro-Family Resolution (U.S. Opposes)
The Homosexual "Born That Way" Myth Persists
Homosexual Activist Terry Bean Faces More Pederasty Charges
Homosexuals Desecrate War Memorial
Two Christian Colleges Cave on Marriage
Why Not Polygamy?
Boy Scouts Completely Cave: Allowing Homosexual Leaders
The Big Gay Lie
Fathers Needed
MLK on Homosexuality
Rebuilding a Marriage Culture
Transgenders: Why Are We Embracing Delusion?
Lincoln on the Same-Sex "Marriage" Decision
The Flawed "Evangelical Declaration on Marriage"
The Insanity of Gay "Marriage"
Worker Fired Over "Sodomy" Comments Sues Ford 
Transgenders and the Bathroom Wars
Somewhere, Under the Rainbow
The Anthropology of Marriage
Porn's Dirty Little Secret
Democrats Have a #Blacklivesmatter Problem
The Myth of the Teen Sex Decline
Is a Boy Scout Backlash Coming?
Kentucky Ministers Banned From Calling Homosexuality a Sin
Gender-Bender Fascism
Surrender Like a Boy Scout
Satan and Sodomy
The Left's Circus Tent Science
Feminists and America's Hook-Up Culture
Same-Sex Marriage Movement NOT Equivalent to Abolition 
"Truth Overruled"--A Review
On Marriage: Moment of Truth for Christian Universities
Fighting Loneliness in Your Marriage
Pray for Michael Sam
Pray for Billy Graham's Grandson as Well
Sexual Lies Told to Teens
Stolen Black Dreams
Repentant Porn Star Reveals the Truth of the Porn Industry
Peace, Love, & Homosexuality?
Ashley Madison and the Death of Monogamy
The Marriage Vows Exist for Sin
University of Tennessee Promotes Gender Nonsense
Here Ze Comes!
Denver's Chik-fil-A Smokescreen
Not a Parody: #BlackTransLivesMatter
The Busy Christian Family
Zis is What I Call Social Madness
Do "All Lives Matter" or Not?
The Messy, Meaningful Kentucky Clerk Debacle
#BlackLivesMatter is Killing Blacks
Girls Protest Sharing a Bathroom with Gender-Confused Boy
European Report Details Sexual Left's Agenda
"In This World You Will Have Trouble"
Is Ashley Madison Just the Beginning?
What We Learned From the Arrest of Kim Davis
Noted Children's Publisher Promotes Gender Perversion
Dr. Brown to Homosexual Journalist: Let's Have a Civil Debate
10 Lies You Must Affirm to Look at Porn
Gender Neutral Bathrooms and Homosexual Dads
"An Unjust Law Is No Law At All"
Why Aren't We Celebrating Self-Amputation?
Why Black Lives Matter
Ex-Lesbian's Plea to U.S. Pastors
Big Government Discourages Marriage
Sweden: Rape Capital of the West
How to Handle Your Spouse's Sexual Past
New Study: Porn Warps Young Minds
John Piper on Kim Davis
Train Up a Child, or Make Room in Your Basement
The Communist Roots of No-Fault Divorce
Black Lives & the Death of a Culture
Inversion of Traditional Morality
Hospital Expels Dr. for Telling the Truth on Homosexuality
Prostitution, Porn, and Abortion: 3 Sides of the Same Coin
Sick: When Pedophilia is Called Culture
Is Pedophilia Next?
If Homosexuality is Normal, Then Why This...
Florida Says Goodbye to "Bride" and "Groom"
Sex Belongs to Believers
Bill Nye (the "Science Guy") Flunks Basic Biology
There's No Such Thing as Your "Soul Mate"
Christian Bakers Still Fighting Fines
Lesbians Threaten to Sue Christian School
Bruce Jenner's "Renaming" Ceremony
No Greater Harm
Feminist Fabricator Lena Dunham Rides Again
4 Ways Porn Ruins Your Sex Life
Playboy is too Boring?
Catholic Chaos on Marriage
Houston Pastors Sue Lesbian Mayor
Former Baseball Star Speaks Out Against Gender Perversion
Ravi Zacharias: God's Plan for Marriage
(Some) Black Lives Matter
Victim of Homosexualism
Family Structure Matters
Why Not 3? The Question Homosexual Apologists Can't Answer
Why Can't Two Homosexual Brothers Marry?
Fixing the Family is the Answer
Feminazis vs. Gender Pervs
Is Zucchini a Sexual Orientation?
Is Chik-fil-A Caving on Marriage and Sexuality?
The Poverty Cure: Get Married
Feminism and Millennial Families
Homosexual Men "Divorce" to Become Threesome
"They Share Their Food But Not Their Wives"
Welfare Mom Has 52 Kids/Grandkids
Rep. Cathy Rodgers Stands Up for the Family
Lib Christians Attack "We Stand With God" Rally
The Transgender Lie
Killing Your Porn Addiction
"Equality" and Same-Sex "Marriage"
Why Bathrooms Matter
Cohabitation and Child Well-being
If You Want Respect, Cover Your Buns
A Plague of Unruly Children
Same-Sex "Marriage" and the Friend Zone
Is Homophobia a Real Disorder?
Weaponizing Same-Sex "Marriage"
The "Woman of the Year" is a Man
Radical Parents, Despotic Children
Target Supports "Criminalizing Christianity Act"
Liberals Again Eat Their Own: Students Protest Feminist Icon Who Said Men Can't be Women
Adulterers Were "Born That Way?"
Porn: A Cultural Shift Amid Spiritual Darkness
Planned Parenthood Promotes Homosexual Propaganda to Students
"Trans-Aged" Deserve Rights Too
Father of 7 Now Believes He's a 6 Year-Old Girl
Next Culture War Front
What is Family?
Parents: Big Government is Your Enemy
The Gay Agenda and the Real World
Chomsky was Right about Porn
Cohabitation is NOT the Same as Marriage
Fines Up to $250k in NYC for "Misgendering"
Prison: A Sure Cure for "Affluenza"
"Father" Who's a Mother Marries "Mother" Who's a Father
Hastert's Sexual Abuse Just the Tip of the Iceberg


Marriage is a Matter of Definition
Forced to Bake for Homosexuals
Examples of Cultural Decay in America
Questions About Gay NFL Players
Church of England "Conversing" on Homosexuality
Kentucky Fried Constitution
Same-Sex Marriage Forced on Kentucky
The Christian Conscience on Same-Sex Marriage
Yes, Jesus Would Bake a Cake for a Gay Person
Top 5 Ingredients of a Great Marriage
Weddings Cakes, Evangelicals, and Philistinism
Texas Marriage Amendment Struck Down
Black Pastors Want Holder Impeached
Homosexual Parenting
Gov. Brewer Ditches Facts to Save Face
Brewer's Foolish Veto
Today's Media: Dumb, Uneducated, and Eager to Deceive
Victims of the Homosexual Agenda Growing
Disney Snubs Boy Scouts over Ban on Homosexual Leaders
How Young Evangelicals are Responding to Homosexuality
Battle Over Gay "Rights" is THE Battle
Another Hate Crime Hoax
Homosexual Agenda Attacks St. Patrick Day Parades
Marriage on Trial
A Day in the Life of a Mom
J.R.R. Tolkien on Sex
Don't Confuse Me with the Facts
Setting the Record Straight on "Gay Conversion" Therapy
Put "Sex" Back in Sex Ed
Killing Christianity With Sex
Methodists Debate Same-Sex Marriage Trials
Dannah Gresh: "50 Shades" Series Satanic
Stanford University Calls Traditional Marriage Conf. "Hate Speech"
The War on Discipline
Compliant and Defiant Children
Even Ezra Klein Must Tow the "Thin Gay Line"
The Neo-Porn Feminists
Same-Sex Marriage: "Thoroughly Tiresome" by Design
God and Sexuality
"Gay Men's Obsession With Sex"
MI Same-Sex Marriage Ban Struck Down
Biden Blames Crimea Invasion on "Homophobia"
Chick-Fil-A CEO Retreats on Marriage
World Vision Caves on Marriage
The Apostasy of World Vision
Mercer Prof. "Embarrassing" Stance on Gay Rights
SCOTUS hears Hobby Lobby Case
World Vision Goes Liberal
World Vision Reverses Course
World Vision Makes the Right Call
Should World Vision Clean House?
To Defend Marriage
Pro-Homosexual Laws Discriminate
Marriage in the Age of "Conscious Uncoupling"
A Marriage Spring?
Exposing the Myths of Recreational Sex
Mozilla and the Reality of Homo-Fascist Bigotry
Why They're Called "Homofascists"
Responding to our "Pornified" Culture
The Hate and Intolerance of Gay Rights Activists
Sex and Salvation
A "Warped and Crooked" Generation
Facing the Porn Plague
The Liberal Gulag
What Does the FiredFox Say?
No Chicken Little
Celebrate Conformity!
Mozilla and Hobby Lobby
Porn and the Rise of the "Nones"
A Depraved New World
Gay Couples More Unstable
"Getting Free" (of Homosexuality)
Family Structure & Inequality
How Same-Sex Marriage Ends Family Autonomy
Rise of Same-Sex Marriage Dissidents
The Church of Uganda on Anti-Homosexual Laws
Canada Blocks Entry of Pro-Family Speaker
(Reverses Decision)
Same-Sex Marriage: A Compromise
More Moms Staying Home
Adventures in Gender-Neutral Bathrooms
Criticize Homosexuality, Get Sued
Adultery Destroys
A Christian Perspective on Homosexuality
Same Sex Marriage and the Future
Women, Sexuality, & the ERLC Summit
Marriage, Polygamy, and Religious Liberty
S.E. Cupp is Wrong on Gay Adoption
Fighting Divorce
Color Blind in Alabama
The Gender Hypocrisy of the Left
Sexual Propaganda
Lesbian "Throuple" Proves Scalia (and Me) Right
How the Princess Myth Harms Girls
No-Fault Divorce and the Collapse of Marriage
Is Motherhood a "Job?"
Roe and Gay Marriage
Sex, Millennials, and the Church
When Gays want to be Parents
Thoughts on Gene Robinson's Divorce
Evangelicals and Natural Family Planning
Right to Dissent on Gay "Marriage"
The Global Orphan Crisis
A Powerful Case for Biblical Marriage
The Trouble With Mother's Day
At HGTV, the Witch-Hunt Continues
Motherhood, Culture, and Our Children
Parenting is Painful
Gays Gone Wild
Starbucks' Lesbian Mother's Day Ad
Christian Brothers Condemned; Gay Incest Celebrated
Is Divorce Bad for Children?
More "Transgender" Madness (in GA!)
Why We're Losing the Culture Wars
On Gay "Rights," Speech is Not So Free
The Discipline of Marriage
Gay Propaganda Forced on High Schoolers
Pornography is a "Public Health Crisis"
Churches Not Doing Enough to Combat Porn
On Marriage, Keep Fighting
The Narcissistic Creed
The Right and Wrong of Spanking
Digging For Truth in the "Gay Christian" Debates
Franklin Graham on Marriage
Is Evangelical Support for Marriage Collapsing?
Gay Marriage Punishes Children
Who's Funding the Gay Lobby
Stop Confusing Non-Judgmental with Justification for Sin
Man-Hating Feminism
Praying for Your Children
Government is a Terrible Parent
Real Extremists Being Exposed
Another Porn Tragedy
More Debauchary: A Homosexual Stamp
Born Gay?
Another Lesbian Motherhood Horror Story
Laverne Cox is not a Woman
Make Them Bake Cake!
Homofacism should be Crushed
Why I Gave Up Alcohol
Adam's "Transgender" Children
Homosexuals Threaten Exxon
Biblical Parenting
Six Ways to Support Marriage/Freedom
What if Your Child Says Their Gay?
San Francisco's Deviant Values on Display Again
Just Say No
Confessions of a Bad Dad
Why Fathers Matter
What Good are Dads Anyway?
Fatherhood: Man's Highest Calling?
Johns Hopkins Psychiatrist: Transgenderism a "Mental Disorder"
Fathers: 9 Ways Not to Raise a Barack Obama
The Science of Fatherhood
Not "Born this Way": The Missing Gay Gene
Marching for Marriage
Sex Change Regret
Marriage Marchers Occupy Capitol Grounds
Eric Holder Promotes Homosexuals in Scouting
Feminism and its Discontents
Gay Pride: The Pain Before the Pride
The Trans-Agenda Seeks to Redefine Us
Macy's Promotes Homosexuality
When Did Fathers Become Expendable?
More Proof Gay Men Shouldn't Adopt
More Perversion from the Obama Admn.
Family Matters
Antonin Scalia: Prophet
Church Divorce Rate Way Lower Than Anyone Thought
Culture War Isn't Over
Listening to the Children of Divorce
Poor Little Gays: The World is Saying No
See: "Gay Christian" Debate
Free Contraception vs the Constitution
Google Bans Porn Ads
What Divorce Did to Elliot Rodger
The High Cost of Pornography
Not "Transgendered," Just a Tomboy
Gay Parenting Study Faulty
About That Same-Sex Parenting Study
Homosexuality and the Leviticus Game
Parenting: Christian Response to a Child Struggling w/Homosexuality
The Transgender Religion
The Intellectual Poverty Law Center
Taking Homofacists Seriously
Australian Judge: Incest May Be Okay
HuffPo Pushes Non-Monogamy ("Swinging")
True Marriage Will Prevail
"Christian" Festival Goes Gay
Betty Crocker Goes Gay
What's Coming on Homosexual "Rights"
How to Help Insecure Girls
Burger King Pushes the Gay Whopper
Understanding Gender Roles and Understanding Creation
Contractors and the Culture War
Gay Adoption and Pedophilia
Parenting: Teen Conflict Solutions
CDC Study Again Reveals: The Dangers of Homosexuality
Planned Parenthood Promotes "Torture Sex?"
5 Ways to Overcome Anger
Faith Leaders: Time to Get Marriage Right
Marriage: The Need for Definition
4 Marriage Miracles
Marriage as Public Policy
Parenting in a Fallen World
The Millennial Parent Trap
Biblical Images of Manhood
"Pastors May Have to Go To Jail"
Obama's African LGBT Agenda
Danger of Marriage Revisionism
North Carolina AG Drops Marriage Defense
50 Shades of Grey and the Worship of Sex
Dangers of Premarital Sex
Perils of Extra-Marital Sex
No Right to Same-Sex Marriage
Boys Growing Up w/o Dads Remain Boys for Too Long
Intolerance for Those Wanting to Leave the Homosexual Lifestyle
Homosexuality Panel
Sex, Christianity, and the Slippery Slope
Surrogacy Linked to Slavery
8 Tips for Talking to Your Kids About Sex
Same-Sex Marriage's Next Big Test
SPLC's Marriage Deception
The (Real) Joy of Sex
Yes Katy Perry, Babies Need Daddies
Dr. Michael Brown: Christianity Doesn't Support the LGBT Agenda
Responding to "Gay Christian" Singer Vicky Beeching
NY Couple Fined for Refusing Lesbian "Wedding"
California Sex Ed Gone Mad
Feminism or Sexism?
A Problem Bigger than Ferguson
The Year the Culture Broke
Finally, Abstinence Triumphs!
Two Questions for Same-Sex Marriage Supporters
Gays and the California Birth Certificate Bill
Blacks Must Confront Reality
Homosexuality: Desire and Deliverance
Opposition to Polygamy is Racist?
The Answer to Black Crime
Another Fake Gay "Victim"
Nude Pics & Our Chivalry Struggle
"Are They All Yours?"
It's Not a "Pedophilia Scandal" but a Homosexual Scandal
Home-Cooked Meals Tyrannical?
Truth Matters in the Ex-Gay Debate
Death of a "Hell-Bound Homophobe"
No One is Born Gay
Evangelical Defense of Marriage
Heather Has Two Genders
On Parenting: Marriage Doesn't Matter?
Why Pornography is like Incest
Multiculturalism is a Failure
Message from an "Ex-Gay"
Marriage and Child Outcomes
Supreme Court Justice Performs Same-Sex "Marriage"
Redefining Marriage Hurts Women
Evangelicals, Marriage Equality, and Moral Absolutes
A Portrait of Real Manhood
Same-Sex Marriage Support Falling
Child Poverty and Marriage
Why Not Same-Sex Marriage?
A Different Kind of "Coming Out"
Transgenderism is a Mental Illness
More Perversion from California
What About Ex-Ex-Gays?
Ex-Gay Awareness Month
Sex Ed for 6-Year-Olds?
Unseen Pain Behind Gay Marriage
Germany to Scrap Incest Laws?
Feminist Lies on Sexual Assault
Porn: The Quiet Family Killer
The Breakdown of the Black Family
Porn-Free WiFi
Sad Milestone for Marriage & Morality
Supreme Court & Same-Sex Marriage: What Now for the Church?
Marriage Redefinition Without Representation
The Defense of Marriage Isn't Over
The NFL's 'B-stard' Problem
Stop Calling It "Marriage Equality"
3 Unchangeable Marriage Truths
More Liberal Madness: "Stop Using 'Boys and Girls'"
Responding to SCOTUS on Marriage Ruling
Why Children Are Better Than Pets
Campus "Rape Culture" Culture
You Can Try, but You Can't Change Gender
Internet Porn Pandemic Threatens the World and the Church
Lethal Ageism
What the "Gay Marriage" Debate is Really About
Will Free Speech Prevail in Canada?
Liberation From Homosexual Bondage
LGBT: The "T" is for Tyranny
Same-Sex Marriage and the Secular Inquisition
WaPo: "Sex Only for Rich People" in America?
Our Most Endangered Species: The Family
Idaho Ministers Forced to Perform Same-Sex Wedding
What about those who wish they were animals?
Gay Marriage and Religious Freedom Cannot Coexist
MI Pastors "Ready to Go to Jail" Over Gay "Civil Rights"
The Special Treatment Homosexuals Demand
How to Fight Back Against the LGBT Fascism
Fireworks at SBC Marriage Conference
Christian Rapper Now an Ex-Gay Firebrand
Ex-Gay Therapy Response
Transgender Bathroom Bills Discriminate Against Women
Pope Wants to Hear from Protestants on Marriage
Supporting Marriage
Fighting the Porn Plague
Politifact is "False" on Children and Marriage
Former Lesbian's Moving Testimony
What Christians Ignore About Modesty
Talking to Your Son About Porn
Defending Marriage: Making the Right Argument
Murmurs of Sex-"Change" Regret
Needed: Good Stories About Marriage
Tony the Tiger Promotes Homosexuality
Next Up: Plural Marriage!
Cleveland Bows to the Gender-Confused
The New Transgender Frontier
Helping Your Child Struggling w/Homosexuality
Marriage is Pro-Growth
"Sluts Don't Exist?"
Rick Warren/Russell Moore Defend Marriage
How the War on Poverty has Hurt Marriage
What Tocqueville Teaches Us About the Culture War
To Reach Millennials, Live Out Your Faith
Was Al Mohler Right on Sexual Orientation and Counseling?
Rick Warren's Warning on the Sexual Revolution
Not That Kind of Homosexuality?
Why to Oppose the Transgender Agenda
Co-Founder of Human Rights Campaign and Obama Adviser Arrested for Sexual Abuse of 15 Year-Old Boy
(His Boyfriend Arrested As Well)
The Joy of Sex is Over
Former Lesbian: My Life as a Stud
Human Rights Campaign (pro-homosexual group) Predator Problem
Al Mohler and Sexual Orientation
The Lure of Pro-Gay Theology
MN Athletics Bows to Transgender Madness
School District Fined $75k for Denying Boy Use of Girls Restroom
Marriage "Shattered" by Homosexuality
Should We Separate Civil and Christian Marriage?
Study Reveals Sad Effects of Pornography
U.S. Dept. of Education Bows to Trangenderism
Transgender Bill Defeated in AR
Olympics Promoting Homosexuality
Pastor Marrying His Horse?
T-Shirt Co. Stands Firm on Family Values
"Porn Led to My Rape"
Study: Porn Use Makes Men Less Likely to Marry
Christian Prof. Suspended Over Gay Rights
Walmart Openly Promoting the Gay Agenda
Apple CEO Donates Big to Push Homosexual Agenda in the South
Liberals Want to Declare Homosexual Therapy Torture
Liberals Want to Make Pets Citizens
Video: The Bible and Homosexuality
The Inequality of "Equality"
Tylenol Uses Lesbians in "Family" Commercial
Planned Parenthood Teams Up With Homosexual Activists

Girls, Don't Marry These Men
The Latest "Gay Disease"
Improving the Case for Marriage
The Inequality of 'Equality'

Pro Gay Theology
Boy Scouts Playing With Fire
The Problem is a Deviant Culture, Not Guns
Marriage: A Supreme Test of Rights 

Love vs. Lust 
Safe Sex? 
Gay Marriage, then Group Marriage? (Like I Warned Over a Year Ago)
Banning Politicians that Vote for Same-Sex Marriage
The Intolerance of the SPLC
Love vs. Lust
Safe Sex?
Gay Marriage, then Group Marriage? (Like I Warned Over a Year Ago)
When United Methodist Bishops Fail
Hillary Clinton, Methodism, and Same-Sex Marriage
GOP Treachery on Same-Sex Marriage
The Annulment of Same-Sex Marriage
The Price of Gay Marriage
Transforming Normalcy
Real "Modern Family" Not So Funny
What God Hath Not Joined
Truth and Love are Synonymous
Waiting on the Ruling
A Post-Modern Marriage
Bracketing Morality in the Marriage Debate
Homosexuality: A Biblical Overview
10 Q & A on Same-Sex Marriage
5 Gay Marriage Myths
The Bible on Homosexuality
John Piper on Homosexuality
"Legality of Marriage Matters"
Religious Freedom and "Gay Marriage" Cannot Coexist
Same-Sex Marriage a "Civil Right?"
Paul Ryan Supports Homosexual Adoption
Why the Left Hates Families
Fathers, Mothers, and Radical Christianity
Boy Scouts Admit Gays
Letter to the Boy Scouts
How Far Does "Marriage Equality" Go?
Homosexuals Admit Marriage Motives
Rappers Trying to Repair the Culture They Created
The UN and Homosexuality
Rise in Female Breadwinners Makes America a Loser
Students Forced to Support "Gay Rights"
The Exodus of Exodus Intnatl.
Al Mohler on Same-Sex Marriage Rulings
What Marriage Rulings Mean
Why Same-Sex Marriage Will Fail
Bill Clinton's Hypocrisy on Marriage
Wendy Davis Stood for Infanticide (and Dems Cheered!)
The Church's Same-Sex Marr. Witness
Many Methodists Still Oppose S.S. Marriage
Marry, Marry, Quite Contrary
Sexual Abuse in the Homosexual Community
Brits Arrest Amer. for Calling Homosexuality a Sin
The War on Sexual Sin
Lawsuits for Refusing Gay Weddings?
Why Govt. Belongs in Marriage
More LGBT Curriculum Coming to Your School
Disciplining Children God's Way
Threats Stall Ex-Gays Event
Childless Cities: Where are the Families?
Family Disintegration Drives Poverty
C.S. Lewis Letter on Homosexuality
Answering Arguments for Same-Sex Marriage
The Truth About Pro-Life Christians
Glamorizing Abortion
Miley's Behavior a Wake-up Call
The Case that Destroyed Marriage
Getting to the "Bottum" of Same-Sex Marriage
More Consequences of Porn Addiction
Marriage Culture or Govt. Culture?
ENDA Law a Bad Idea
America the Generous
Libs are Culture War Aggressors
"Family Planning" Promotes a Culture of Death
Polygamy Law Ruled Unconstitutional
Pajama Boy: Insufferable Man-Child
Duck Dynasty vs. Pajama Boy
Al Mohler: The Duck Dynasty Controversy

Aborting Hitler?
Gender Free Toys?
What's Wrong With the Teenage Mind?
9th Circuit Overturns California Marriage Law
5 Reason's to Oppose Gay Marriage
The Left's Deceit on Social Issues
Dems Shocking Dishonesty on Birth Control
The Bible and Birth Control
Girl Scouts: The Awful Truth
Casino Culture and the Collapse of Character
The Worst Parents in America
Abstinence Education Effective
Downside of Cohabitation
Billy Graham Supports NC Marriage Amendment
Why No State Should Accept "Civil Unions"
N.C. Easily Passes Marriage Amendment
Editorial Dishonesty on Marriage
Gay Marriage: The Antietam of the Culture War
Gallup: Pro-Abortion Americans Drop to Record Low
Obama Calls For Repeal of DOMA
Transgender Capitulation in Arkansas
Another Outrage in California
Christians and Homosexuality
A New Coalition Emerges to Protect Marriage
JC Penny Releases Father's Day Ad Featuring Two Gay Dads Target Supports Gay Marriage
Debating Same-Sex Marriage
Marriage is Marriage--Period
Study: Children With Same-Sex Parents Face Greater Risks
Not Giving Up on Marriage
Are Gay Parents Worse Parents?
The Gay Murphy Brown Effect
JC Penny and the Gay Agenda
Southern Baptists: Gay Marriage not a Civil Rights Issue
What Does "Marriage Equality" Mean for Bisexuals?
Marriage Amendment Switcheroo in Minn.
AARP Advocating for Same-Sex Marriage
Photographers Fined for Refusing Gay Marriage Shoot
God's Plan for Human Sexuality
After Supporting Same-Sex Marriage, J.C. Penny's Stock Plunges Bishop Defends Marriage in SanFran.
Intolerant of True Marriage
Chick-fil-A's Historic Day
Protecting Our Girls
Same-Sex Marriage: A Child's View
Scalia on Abortion, Gay Rights
Christianity and the Divorce Myth
Is Same-Sex Marriage Harmful?
Rape, God, Life, and Liberals
Our Deviant Society
Learning Obedience

Disintegration of the Black Family
The Left Goes After Chik-fil-A
"Gay Conservative" is an Oxymoron
The Christian Divorce Rate Myth
Not Wrestling Girls
Obama Refuses to Defend Marriage
Socialist Thought has Crippled Blacks
Black Parents Must Teach Black Children What's Right
Al-Qaeda, Yes; DOMA, No
Intolerant Left Strikes Again
Honoring God With Your Sex Life
Why Gay Marriage Will Not Work
"Gay Girl" Propaganda
Libertarian Nonsense on Marriage
Why Disney Princesses are Bad
Fathers Key to Their Children's Faith
Committed to a Mortgage, But Not a Marriage
Faith-Based Adoption Under Attack
A June Surprise? Obama and Gay Marriage
NY Legalizes Gay Marriage
Marriage New York Style
Taxpayer Costs of Divorce
Death of a Moral Community
What to do with Marriage Now
Feeling Good About Debt?
Home Depot Supports Gay Agenda
Same-Sex Marriage: Equality or Burning Consciences?
No Right to Marriage or Adoption
Another Vote to Defund PP
Inconvenient Truths on Homosexuality
Would You Attend A Gay Wedding?
Looking Past Govt. to Solve Poverty
No Gay Marriage Groundswell
The Tragic Lessons of Penn State
Money Lies We Believe
Rush Exposes the Elephant in the Closet
Change We Can Believe In: Exodus International
Our Culture's Biggest Lies
The Marriage Gap Cost
Chicago Archbishop: Gay Rights Movement Like the KKK


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