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Latest News/Commentary

Latest News/Commentary:

News/Commentary Archives:

News/Commentary Archives:


For the most part, the articles/columns linked below appear in chronological order, beginning with the earliest, for each year listed. 


Law vs. the Human Heart
Is Trump the De-Regulator-in-Chief?
Deep State Dossier Disinformation
Beating a Hasty Retreat from the Steele Dossier
The Left is in the Grip of Insanity
California: Lawless State
FBI Launches New Investigation of Clinton Foundation
Pot and the Rule of Law
The Emptiness of "Impeachment Porn"
The Clock Ticks for the Clinton Foundation
Full-Service Gas, Like Full-Service Govt., Is Costly and Wasteful
Marijuana: When the Rule of Law Goes to Pot
You Have to Be High to Be Mad at Jeff Sessions for Enforcing Federal Pot Laws
Judge Halts Fusion GPS' Attempt to Hide Information
Session's Reefer Madness
Who's Crazy?
Next Coup Attempt: Trump's "Mental Health"
Phantom of the Oprah Antifa Leader to Pay Thousands in Damages The Virtue-Signaling Anti-Virtue Crowd
Beware President Oprah's Pseudoscience
Social Justice Satanists
The Trump Dossier's Credibility is Collapsing
Who's Senile?
Paul Manafort Has a Point
Nothing Scadalizes a Leftist Like the Truth
The World is Filled with Sh*tholes...Literally
Top 10 Shi*holes Nobody Wants to Visit
Blue State Hypocrisy
Vulgar Left Condemns Trump & Corrupts the Nation
Russia Collusion: Anatomy of a Farce
Sh*thole Comment is Realism, Not Racism
Democrats Keep Beclowning Themselves With Tax Reform Lies
Soda-Tax Sticker Shock in Seattle
Is Arab Democracy Possible?
The Reflexive Racism of the American Left
Sh*thole Politics
The Peace Corp Taught Me: Trump is Right
Why Leftists Hate Masculinity
The Exhausted Racism Charge
More Hate-Crime Hoaxes
President Nobama
Democrats Vote to Shut Govt. Down
The Democrats' DACA Shutdown
Shutdown Showdown
The Voice of America
Washington, D.C.: City of Hate
Witness 2013 & the Democrats' Shutdown Hypocrisy
Rand Paul's Shutdown Solution
The Scourge of Multiculturalism
Looking for Lost Texts
Senate Votes to End Govt. "Shutdown"
Schumer Listened to the "Resistance"--and Lost Badly
A "Secret Society" in the FBI Targeted Trump?
In Search of Lost Texts
Evidence Suggests a Massive Scandal at the FBI
Sessions Looking for the Missing FBI Texts
What Do We Do About the FBI?
Why Do Democrats Hate Israel?
The Key to Why Hillary Wasn't Indicted
What Right Not to be Offended?
Crazy Leftist Reveals When It's Okay to Shut Opponents Down
Who Was Actually Colluding With the Russians?
Operation Sabotage the Memo
"Journalist" Protected Candidate Obama from Farrakhan Photo
Democrats: $1,000 is "Crumbs"
It's Official: Liberals Hate Constitutional Govt.
Trump Didn't Collude with Russia, Obama Did.
Why Trust the FBI?
Heritage Ranks Trump Ahead of Reagan
From Conspiracy Theories to Conspiracies
FBI's Dep. Director "Removed" from His Post
Trump Wants FISA Memo Released
Rosenstein -- Agent of the Deep State Coup?
What Trump Got Right in His SOTU
Sourpuss Dems Self Immolate at the SOTU
"All of America is Applauding While They Are Sitting"
Democracy’s Highest Crime & Misdemeanor
Trump Restores the "We"
"Americans Are Dreamers, Too"
Democrats Boo America
Hapless in Democratland
Memo Freakout
Memo reading for Non-Partisans
House Intelligence Memo Released
Corruption Confirmed in Obama's FBI/DOJ
Steele Dossier Was Used to Obtain FISA Warrant
Obamagate Confirmed
FISA Memo Released: It's Official, It's a Scandal
Dossier Author: "Desperate" that Trump "Not Get Elected"
The FISA Memo: "What We Have Long Suspected Has Now Been Confirmed"
Rush Limbaugh: The Memo Is More Damning Than I Expected
Why Did Democrats Lie So Badly About the Memo?
Comey Unhinged---for Good Reason
The Ticking Memo
Answering Three Key Questions About the Memo
Memo Proves: Deep State is Real
Memo Proves Need for 2nd Special Counsel
Memo Shows Highest Levels of FBI & DOJ Went Rogue
The Memo and the Madness
The Obama Administration's Troubling Abuse of Power
Reality Has a Voice
SJWs Destroy Everything
Steele Authored Another Anti-Trump Memo---Fed Info From Obama/Clinton Cronies
The FISA-Gate Boomerangs
James Comey: Connecting the Dots
The Left's Big Lie
In Defense of Hillary, Comey, Schumer, & Pelosi
The Left's Wild Fantasies About Finding Crimes to Topple Trump
Paging Carter Page
Strzok Texts: Obama "Wants to Know Everything"
For Trump, A Year of Achievement
Criminal Referral Confirms Nunes' Memo
FBI Scandal Getting Closer to Obama
Clinton Crony Sid Blumenthal Fed Steele Dossier Info
Hillary's Attempt to Steele the Election
Unredacted Grassley/Graham Memo is More Damning of Obama's DOJ Than the Nunes Memo
Why FISA-Gate is Scarier Than Watergate
On the FBI's Trump Probe: Obama Knew
The Memo Nobody is Talking About is More Damning
Why Did the FBI Believe Steele?
Missing the Point on Page's Obama Text
Hillary's Uranium One Deal Reaching Critical Mass
Grassley-Graham Memo Confirms the Nunes Memo
Is the TEA Party Dead?
Obama Admn. Spied On a Rival Political Campaign
Did Hillary's "Go-to-Guys" on Dirty Tricks Produce the Dossier?
Why is the Porter Resignation a Big Scandal?
Clinton Fingerprints All Over FBI's Trump Investigation
Scandal Deepens for Hillary & Obama
Peeling Back the Layers of Hillary Clinton's Deceit
California East
On the Steele Dossier, Did Obama's CIA Director Commit Perjury?
The Blue State to Red State Exodus
Worse Than Watergate, Part 2
Of Course: Democrat Hypocrisy on Spousal Abuse
FBI-Gate Coming Into Focus
FBI Agents: Michael Flynn Didn't Lie
The Great Flynn Mystery
Political Espionage, By the Book
Why Susan Rice Wrote an Email to Herself
Memo to Morons: "Anglo-American" a Common Legal Term
Following the Clinton's Final Con
Liberals Double-Down on Dumb
Flashback 30 Years: Guns Were in Schools...and Nothing Happened
How to Stop Mass Shootings
Gun Truths
Anatomy of a Coup
Assault Behavior is Not a Weapon
The Lie of "See Something, Say Something"
Behind the Obama's Portraits
We Can't Debate Guns if Liberals Keep Lying About Them
Normalizing Democrat Violence
Media Ignoring One Crucial Factor in FL School Shooting
Is Robert Mueller Mad or a Russian Agent?
Soros vs. America
Where's the Obstruction Case Against Trump?
A New Federal Crime: Russia Trolling
A Silly Indictment
It's Still Not Guns
The Left is Reaping the Whirlwind of the Culture They Made
Guns & Culture: Trump/Obama Reveal Our Divide
Facebook VP: Ad Buys Don't Fit Media Narrative on Trump/Russia Collusion
The Angry Liberal Mob
Trump-Russia Collusion Narrative is Dead
Rush: We Need Concealed-Carry in Schools


Israel: Obama 2008 vs. Obama 2016
Obama: A Political Corpse
The Pathetic End of the Obama Era
California's Madness
Liberals Struggle Against Reality
Fleeing Blue America
Mark Levin Calls Out Kerry/Obama for Attacks on Jews
The Bloody Lesson of Chicago's 762 Murders
The Scandals Valarie Jarrett Overlooked
The Great Hijab Cover-Up Chicago is Breaking
Only Liberals Need Apply
Govt. by Faculty Lounge Subject to Repeal
Delusional Dems of 2017

The Real Agenda for the "Women's March on Washington"
The Sessions Smear
Barack to the Future
Not All Hate Crimes Are Equal
Bitter Dems Urging Hillary to Run for Mayor of NYC
Against the Tyranny of the So-Called "Experts"
Chicago Video a Window Into a Depraved (Liberal-Led) Culture
Obama's Legacy of Deceit
When Do Deficits Matter?
Congressional Black Caucus (Re)Hangs Painting Depicting Police as Pigs
The Left Hopes Trump Fails
Black Pastors Defend Sessions
Trump & the Death of Utopianism
Disturbing Lessons From Chicago Beating
Mr. Obama: No, You Didn't
Libs Attack Sessions b/c They Fear the Truth
Tips for Hate-Crime Hoaxers
How to Kill Everyone on Welfare (In the Name of Liberalism)
Ted Cruz's Beautiful Defense of Jeff Sessions
No More Hyphenated Americans
The Leviathan State Arises
"Don't Violate My Liberal Bubble"
Corey Booker: The Histrionics of a Fraud
Obama Campaigns to the End
Sore Losers
CNN Host Blasts John Lewis
The Truth on Gun Silencers
The Great Hate-Crime Hysteria
Trump and the American Divide
Obama's Disastrous Record on Race
Joe Biden is No Role Model
Will Democrats Stand With John Lewis?
Obama's Fake Legacy: Progress in the Black Community
When the Left Loses, Expect Riots & Death Threats
Obama's "Scandal Free Administration" is a Myth
"Statistical Evidence Not Required"
Putin, Obama, & Trump
Obama's Many Scandals
Sponsors of Anarchy
How the Left Uses Black History Month
Obama Pardons Transgender Spy
What Does It Mean to be a "Mediocre Negro?"
Trump Must Deal With Obama's Legacy of Racism
This is What Real Change Looks Like
Watch Inauguration Live
Trump's First Executive Orders
Trump Haters Show True Colors
Trump's Inaugural Address: Full Speech
Did Obama Pardon Bradley Manning b/c He's Transgender?
Dangerous Games
Trump and Israel
The Crazy Left's 4-Step Plan to Ensure Trump's Re-Election
When Race Trumps Truth
The Horrible New Normal
The Narcissistic Petulance of "The Resistance"
Having a Vagina is Not a Political Argument
America's Second Civil War
Trump Puts the Squeeze on the Govt. Dollar
After TPP
Women's Marchers Unite!
Is Chuck Schumer a Liar?
Post-Truth Science
The Dictatorship of Equality
How Trump Turned Postmodernism Against Itself
Donald Trump: America's New CEO
Vagina-Based Politics Demeans Women
The Final Obama Scandal
This is What Post-Christian Dissent Looks Like
The First Firestorm
The Democrat Patient
Tillerson Approved as Secretary of State
When Normalcy is Revolution
Berzerkeley Riot
Fake News, Failed States, and "America First"
Give Me Your Tired Arguments
What is the Democrat Party?
Faculty Liberals Shamefully Defend Rioters
"Nasty" D.C. March Reveals Godless Nature of Feminism
Clinton Foundation Collapse Continues
Boycott the Boycotters
Democrats Lie Down With Dogs
More Liberal Hypocrisy in Betsy DeVos Opposition
George Soros-Funded Group Provoked Berkeley Riot
The Left Hates You. Act Accordingly.
The Blood Libels of the Left
Identity Politics Are Inevitable
Democrat Party Has Lost Its Mind--and Its Soul
No, the Future is Not Female
The U.S. Owes No "Reparations" to Blacks
The Moronic Crusade Against Ivanka Trump
A Fact-Free Debate on Trump's Executive Order
The Queen is Dead
Obama, Jonathan Chait, and the Hubris of American Liberalism
The Groves of Fascism
Elizabeth Warren's Secrets and Lies
California: Sanctuary for Morons
Help the Poor Move
Flynn Resigns as Natl Security Advisor
The Deplorables Shout Back
CIA Informant Broke the Law to Take Out Flynn
What Did Obama Know and When Did He Know It?
Bumps in the Road: Trump vs. Obama
Flynn's Political Assassination
D.C. Scandal Hypocrites
Liberal Pawns
Obama Officials "Directly Involved" in the Attacks on Mike Flynn
The Cover-Up in Search of a Crime
Trump is the Answer  to All That Ails D.C.
The Wikipedia Purge
When Obama's National Security Advisor Lied, The Media Laughed
All Those Little White Lies
Where Was McCain When Obama Attacked the Free Press?
Patriot Games
CPAC's Milo Disgrace
Dear Conservatives: Defend Principles, Not Personalities
Obama's Incompetence & Chaos Far Eclipsed Trump's
The Trump Effect
Trump Smashes Obama's Small-Donor Fundraising Record
Conservatives: Choose Your Mascots Wisely
Is Pelosi's Mind Failing?
Conservatism in the Age of Trump
CPAC: Bannon Lays Out the Agenda
Trump's Conservative CPAC Speech
Down With the Administrative State
Shocker: Soda Taxes Lead to Pay Cuts and Job Losses
Big Government is Ever Growing, On the Sly
Democrats Do the Same Dance
Meet the Terrorist Behind the Next Women's March
Liberalism's Fake Sense of Morality
The Metaphysics of Trump
Did Democrats Aid and Abet Terrorists Seeking U.S. Secrets?
Trump's Speech Leaves Dems in Ruins
2/28/2017: The Night the Democrat Party Died?
Trump's Speech = Very Bad Night for Democrats
Sessions Recuses Himself from the Russian Inquiry
Dems Grasping at Straws in Sessions Attack
The Smearing of Jeff Sessions
The Revolt of the Attorneys General
Hey GOP: Stop Giving Rope to the Dems' Lynch Mob
Sessions Should Not Have Recused Himself
Democrat Party is Facing a Demographics Crisis
All the Democrats Who Met With the Russian Ambassador
Democrat High Priestesses in White
Trump: Obama Tapped My Phones During the Election
"This is Nixon/Watergate"
Dem Red Faces
Obama Admn. History of Wiretapping
A Special Prosecutor...For What?
Pro-Life, Pro Truth
Obama's Wiretapping of Trump: Updates
The Wiretapping Story So Far
Was Obama Wiretapping Sessions Too?!
Amazing Timeline of Leaks on Trump and Russia
Clear Evidence Trump was Wiretapped
Schumer's Plan to Keep Obama's Appointees in Power
Obama's Spying a Big Problem for Democrats
Liberals Hate Free Speech
The Dem-Media Trump-Russia Narrative Just Collapsed
Lynch Mobs of the Left
Social Justice Syndrome
The ACLU vs. Trump
Did Eric Holder Commit Perjury?
Millennials Can't Save the Democrat Party
Eugenics Was a Liberal Cause
Communism's Last Laugh
The Dems' Clinton Problem
About Time: Sessions Fires Obama-Appointed Attorneys
Democrats Admit Lack of Evidence in Trump/Russia Collusion
Obama's Lackeys Still Occupy the Pentagon
No, Red States Are Not Welfare States
A Day Without Idiots
Why Corporate Leaders Became Liberal Activists
The Trouble With Barry
Another Win for the Grievance Industry
Yard Sign Displays the Liberal Testament of Lies
Democrats Fail at Escaping Their Whirlpool of Failures
The Rich Are the Party of the Left
Abandon Ivanka Trump's Childcare Plan
Liberty is Not for Wimps
A Liberal Coup is in Process
Deterrence and Human Nature
Obama Admn. Fast-Tracked After School Satanist Clubs
Cheating & Lying Donna Brazile Blames the Russians
Trump Convincing Conservatives
What Was the Point of Winning the Election?
Why the CBO Can't Be Trusted
A Blue State "Secession" Model That Works
FBI Won't Commit to Investigating Leaks from Obama Operatives
The Worst Addiction of All: Entitlements
Trigger Warning Tyrants
Yes, Obama Investigated Trump
Time to Stop Taxpayer-Funded Propaganda
A Republic, If You Can Keep It
The Root of Democrats' Russia Delusion
Defund the UN
John Podesta: In Bed With the Russians All Along
Dear Politicians: To Promise Free Things is to Lie
Keep Calm, and Propagandize On
"Hee Haw" and Trump's "Deplorables"
Nunes' Spying Revelations Are a Big Deal
Benghazi Liar Adam Schiff Slimes Devin Nunes
Drain the IRS Swamp
Trump Was Right About Obama's Wiretaps
Replace Paul Ryan as Speaker?
The Cowardice of Their Convictions
The Lies That Liberals Tell
Spy vs. Spy vs. Trump
Europe: Death by a Thousand Cuts
The False Compassion of Liberalism
The Russian Farce
Next for Trump Should be Jobs and Wages
Mutlicultural Psychology Test
Monumental Imbeciles
Watching Cities Die
Democratic Vendetta
Girding GOP Loins for War
Liberal Fantasylands
The Enemy Within
Not One Piece of Evidence that Russia "Hacked the Election"
In Defense of the Freedom Caucus
Nunes the Target of a Partisan Smear Campaign
Dems Dangerous Russia/Election Fraud Meme
American's Don't Want What Feminists Want
Why Isn't Hillary in Jail?
Obama Spied, the Media Lied
Obama's Natl. Sec. Adv. Ordered "Unmasking" of Trump Team
Susan Rice "Unmasked" Members of Trump Team During Election
Ordered Agencies to Produce "Detailed Spreadsheets" Involving Trump
Susan Rice Unmasked
Susan Rice Wanted to Advance the Democrat Party
Nunes Disclosures May Signal a Watergate-Level Scandal
Obama Admn's Spying Appears Political & Criminal
Why Wasn't the FBI Involved?
No "Unmasking" Was Done for Hillary's Campaign
The Civil War is Here
Is Profiling Ok?
Al Gore's Lincoln Lie
Democrats Seek to Make Enlightenment Die in Darkness
Nunes Out?
The Half-Baked Lies of Susan Rice
Campus Clowns Attack Another Conservative Speaker
What They Knew & What They Said
Obama Spying Scandal Isn't Going Away
The War Against Reality
The Rotten Obama Record--and Legacy
Government Makes the Poor Poorer
Turns Out Obama Was the Real Russian Stooge
A Spying, Lying Obama Admn.
Berkeley Hates Free Speech
"Science": The Cure-All for the Left
Obama Admn. Spied on Carter Page
Vulgar Leftist Millennials Stand Up for Communism
Democrats Aren't the Party of Science
Lois Lerner Deserves Criminal Charges
Everyone is Hitler But Me
Pinkshirts on the Move
Bill Nye: The Perfect Talking Head for a March Against Science
The Fallacy of "Openness & Tolerance"
IRS Scandal: It's Time to Prosecute Lois Lerner
What's Happening to the Democrat Party?
Worse Than Racists
Leftists Detest Patriotism
Apocalyptic Progressivism
The Confused, Hapless Democratic Party
Chelsea Clinton's Cheerleading Cult
The March to Kill Science
Venezuela's Socialist Hell
The March for Science or Secularism?
Death Squads Rule Venezuela
Chelsea Clinton: "Little Creep"
Democrats Double-Down on Losing Path
No One Owns Science
All Lies Matter
It Was All Hillary's Fault
Police vs. the PC Police
Science vs Science™
The March for Science Fiction
California is Seceding from the Constitution
More Guns, Less Crime Redux
Fascists Against Fascism
Democrats & the "Tolerance" Lie
A Virtuous Republic Requires a Virtuous People
No Surprise: Liberal Students are the Least Tolerant
This Is War
Liberals & Big Government: No Friend of the Poor
Democrats vs. Free Speech
Victims of Communism Day
The Roots of Liberal Rage
Limbaugh Grills Pence on the Budget
My View from Eviction Court
Follow the Lies
Trump to Sign Exec. Order on Religious Freedom
Trump's Exec. Order on Religious Liberty is Worse Than Useless
Lincoln, Not Jackson
The Inquisitor's Heirs
Socialism, The 21st Century Diet Plan
The True Goal of Feminism
Big Government is a Human Right?
Trump Fires Comey
The Bipartisan Case Against James Comey
Comey's Successor
Comey's Fired--Now Indict Hillary
Comey Deserved to be Fired
President Troll on the Planet Hysteria
No, It is Not "Treason"
Democrats Have Learned Nothing From the Election
Rush: Trump Must Stop the Leaks
Clintons: The Pay to Play Family
Screaming College Liberal Loses It Over Trump Sign
Killing White People
"The Objective of Communism Is Total Servitude"
Crazy Libs Making Life Dangerous for Republicans
How Liberalism Poisons Our Culture
The Irrationals: Trump's Opponents Are His Greatest Asset
James Comey Had to Go
Why Are Democrats Afraid of the Election Integrity Commission?
A Special Prosecutor for the Obama Admn.?
Religious Liberty Should be a Foreign Policy Priority
The Sabotaging of the President
Feminism & Intelligence
Democratic Road Rage
"The Marketing of Evil"
The Desperation of the Left
Laboring Under the Delusions of Democrats
Impeachment Fever
Rush: What Crime Has Trump Committed?
Robert Mueller to Oversee Russia Election Investigation
Trump vs. Waters: Who Should be Impeached?
Leakers From the Deep State Need to Face Criminal Charges
Attempted Sabotage
Impeachment Talk is Nothing New
Revolt of CA's "Freeloaders"
A Coup Attempt, Not a Constitutional Crisis
Some Black Lives Don't Matter
NAACP to Embrace Black Lives Matter?
Significance of Trump's Speech Denouncing Islamic Terrorism
Trump-Russia-Collusion Story is a Big Lie
A Legal Double-Standard for Democrats and Republicans
The Appointment of Mueller as Special Counsel is the Real Constitutional Crisis
Investigate the Leaks!
Special Prosecutor for Leaks?
The Impeachment Delusion
No More Fake Conservatives
Unhinged Activists Never Enter the "Real World"
How Team Obama Tried to Hack the Election
Extraordinary Delusions & the Madness of Hillary Clinton
Another Liberal Professor Faces a Liberal Mob
Obama's Leaking Loyalists
Liberal "Values" Again Lead to Violence
Obama's Ratlines to Russia
Maxine Waters Impeachment Meltdown: Verbally Attacks Conservative Voter
The Left's Unilateral Suicide Pact
Kathy Griffin's Liberal Bubble Enabled Her
Kathy Griffin is Toast. Good.
Trump Threatening Europe...With the Truth
Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy 2.0, Russia Edition
Blind Anti-Trumpism Corrupts the Brain
The Real Collusion
Hillary Blames America First
The Frantic Desire for American Decline
Anatomy of a Lie: Evolution of the Russian Narrative
How Liberals Reacted to London Terror
"Kushnergate" is Another Media Nothing-Burger
The Roots of Left-Wing Violence
Anti-Trump Hysteria is Rampant
It's the Hypocrisy, Stupid
Run, Hide, ...Blame Trump
Islamic Carnage and Liberal Complicity
Comey Confirms Trump Not Under Investigation
James Comey's Prepared Testimony, Explained
The Left's Argument that Trump Obstructed Justice Demolished in 4 Minutes
Comey's Testimony: Much Ado About Nothing
Comey Confirms: Democrat Pundits Are Wrong
From Russia With Stupidity
Comey's Weak Case

Bernie Sanders Attacks Trump Appointee for Christian Beliefs
Comey Was Never Investigating Trump & Russia, Yet Left-Wing Media Continued to Lie
The Impeach Trump Conspiracy
Why Trump Wins
Comey: Master of Memos
Mr. Comey's Not Very Good Day
Bernie Sanders Shows How Religious Ignorance Breeds Progressive Intolerance
Liberals Devouring Their Own at Evergreen College
Comey's Double Standard
Prosecute Comey?
The March Against What Now?
Bowing to Bernie's Secular Gods
Mueller's Disturbing Left-Wing Staff
The Democrats' Continue Marching Leftward
Trump's Accusers Are Snared by Their Own Deceit
Sessions Exposed the Absurdity of the Liberal Narrative
When Speech Inspires Violence, Protect Liberty & Restore Virtue
Baseball Shooter a Wake-Up Call for the Left
Rewriting American History
The Left's Incitement to Violence
The 'Resistance' Goes Live-Fire
The Violent Political Left
Why Should We Trust Robert Mueller?
Big Govt & the Epidemic of Violence
Democrat's Assassination Porn Must Stop
The Empire Strikes Back
How Can You Obstruct a Fraud?
Decades of Blaming Violence on the Right
Crush the Resistance
Investigation About Nothing
Coulter Goes on Twitter Tirade Against Trump
Democrat's Deadly Rhetoric
A Long History of Leftist Hatred
D.C. Press Confirms: D.C. is a Swamp
Justice Dept. is Killing Trump
Investigate the Investigators
Time for Democrats to Take Responsibility for Their Assassination Porn
"Resisting" Democracy & Decency
The Left's Obsession w/Obscenity
Trump vs. the Deep State
Bernie Sanders, Theocrat
The Jihad of the American Left
Self-Inflicted Stupidity
In Praise of Gerrymandering
Dem Lawmaker Admits: "Our Brand is Worse Than Trump"
The Left's Last Argument: Kill Them!
LGBT Groups: Exclude Christians from Govt.
Why Democrats Love Illegals
Remain Calm Democrats, All Is Well
Death Party Democrats: Barack and Hillary
Potemkin Progressivism
Political Class is Wrong About Everything
The Banana Republic of Illinois
Prideful Left Eats Itself
Death Wish Progressives
Russia Collusion: Democrat's Paranoid Saga
Are Illinois and Puerto Rico Our Future?
Female Democrats Hypocrites on Women's Rights
Obama's Criminal Enterprise is Collapsing
The Democratic Party is Doomed
Still No Collusion Evidence
Democrats and Republicans Are Not Morally Equivalent
SPLC Got Rich on "Hate"
American Freedom was Built on the Christian Faith
The Great American Rip-Off
Myth of "A System of White Supremacy"
Today in Collusion
The Socialist Temptation
A Little-Known Story of the Declaration of Independence
NRA Points Out Leftist Violence, Lib Journalists Outraged
Founders Didn't Revolt to Get Free Healthcare or Phones
Freedom & Tyranny: Meaning of Independence Day
Where Are the Decent Liberals?
The List of Democrats Who Aren't Crazy
Politically-Fueled Cop Hatred Claims Another Victim
GOP Voters Are Not "Voting Against Their Interests"
Trump Defends Universal Truths in Poland
John Podesta's Russia Connection
In Defense of Western Civilization
The High Price of Liberalism
False Black Power?
Yes, Liberals Hate Western Civilization
Whose West? Which Values?
Mad Maxine
Who Killed the Left?
A Miserable Week for the Left
Today in Collusion
When Liberal Policies Flop
Liberals Cling to the "Russian Collusion" Meme
Rush: We're Watching People Lose Their Minds
Trump Jr's Emails Are Damning
Trump Jr's Meeting Wasn't Collusion--Just Amateur Hour
Just Another Trump Witch Hunt
American Left's Downward Spiral
Did the Democrats Collude with Russia?
Want to Talk Treason? Okay...
Where There's Smoke There's Leftism
Who's Colluding?
Welfare Leech Goes on Vulgar Tirade
Democrats Ignoring Vote Fraud
Millennials Can't Define Socialism
Scandal of the Liberal Mind
Nukes Threaten People, Ideas Threaten Civilizations
The Left Is a Greater Threat to America Than Putin
Clinton's Russia Dirt
Today in Collusion
Roll Back Title IX Madness
Trump vs. NAACP
Spicer Resigns as Press Secretary
Huckabee-Sanders Replaces Spicer
"Imagine": A Hymn to Progressive Utopia
Joe Biden: Drunk on Capitalism
GOP Voters Need to Purge the Party of the DC Liars
Statism's Violent Wages
Why Trump Must Eventually Fire Mueller
Firing Mueller
Is Jeff Sessions on the Way Out?
Why the Left Protects Islam
Western Values Are Superior
Democrat's Ideas Are the Problem
Same Old New Democrats
Let the Democrats be the Transgender Party
Priebus Out, John Kelly Now Trump's Chief of Staff
Collusion Collapses; Dem Congressional Espionage Ring Now in the Dock
Why I Root for Trump & the GOP Congress
The War on Work--And How to End It
Socialist Revolution Devours Venezuela
The Myth of GOP Disunity
IT Intrigue at the DNC
Republicans Need to Teach Democrats a "Scandal Lesson"
Gun Haters Lead a Couple to Ruin
Who Funded the Fake Trump/Putin Dossier?
Emails Show It Was Pay-to-Play at Clinton State Dept.
The Scandal That Matters
Map Details How Much Trouble Democrats Are In
Comey's FBI Lied About Clinton-Lynch Meeting
Here's How to Hunt RINOs
We're Witnessing a Slow-Rolling Coup
Liberal's War on the Working Class
After the Coup, Then What?
Why Does the Left Suddenly Hate Russia?
Loretta Lynch's Email Problems Mount
Could This Man Work at Google?
How Did the Dems' IT Scandal Suspects Get Here?
Michelle Obama's School Lunch Guru Busted for Corruption
Google Firing Reveals: The Left's Identity Politics is Incoherent and Vicious
Google's "Tolerance" Requires Repression
Liberty Cannot be Wrapped in a Hijab
On Charlottesville, Perspective Please
Trump's Critics Long to Tie Him to Racists
Condemn the White Supremacists, Mr. President
Shut Up, Said the Liberal Speech Police
Thank God for Ted Cruz
Violent Leftists Attack "Patriot Prayer" Rally in Seattle
Left's Hopes of "Good Socialism" Die in Venezuela
Charlottesville & America's Creed
Black Pastors and Conservative Leaders Defend President Trump
Violence Hypocrisy
Russia Collusion Gone Missing
Where's the Corporate Disavowal of Black Lives Matter?
Antifa: The Other Evil Political Force
"Diversity" is Destroying America
Let's Ban the Democratic Party
The American Left Loves Communism
The Liberal Game Revealed
America's Second Civil War
The Left Finds America Offensive
Democrats Search for Another Lost Cause
Obama 2.0 in 2020
Buchanan's Shameful Defense of White Supremacy
Trump Removes Steve Bannon
When Liberals Club People, It's With Love in Their Hearts
The New Civil War
Revising History
On Charlottesville, Trump, & Anti-Americanism
Charlottesville Arrest Records Prove Trump Correct
The Failure of the Communist God
The Racist Maze
Liberals Applaud Far-Left Violence
Reminder: The Southern Poverty Law Center is a Fraud
Hate on the Left
Trump's Record on Race
No Surprise: Antifa Thugs Assault Police in Boston
The Terrorists of the Left
The Eclipse...Of Reason
Historical Hysteria
Our War Against Memory
"Far-Right" Extremists Do Not Compare to Jihadists
The "Resistance" Loses its Mind
The Terrorists of the Left
Culture, Not Culture Wars
Monument Vandals Were Taught to Hate the U.S.
Parasitic Progressivism on Display
Who Gets to Define Hate?
End the Govt. Funding of Islamism
Hypocrisy in the Progressive War Against the Dead
America on Trial
The DNC: America's Most Notorious Hate Group
SPLC is the Most Dangerous Hate Group in America
The Left Arms Itself: John Brown Clubs
The Church of the Left
Liberals, Shipwrecked
Agony in Venezuela
Idiot Millennials Prefer Food Lines & Starvation to "Income Inequality"
The Kristol Crackup
The Clownish Commissars of the Culture
Trump Pardons Sheriff Joe
Reviling Trump
KY Governor Calls for Community Prayers
Radical Libs Continue to Attack Free Speech
The Racist Attacks on Trump and America
Liberal Passive-Aggression
Historical Revisionism
Monument Madness
Trump vs. the Enemies of the People
JP Morgan's Hate List
Tear Down Antifa
Flag Hypocrisy
"All Cultures Are Not Equal"
Corporate America Sides with the Fascists
Joe Biden Makes a Fool of Himself Again
Those Who Don't Fight Evil Fight Statues
Something's Rotten in the DNC
Professors Labeled Racist for Encouraging Personal Responsibility
Antifa is Anti-America
Racial Lies and Racism
Stop Making Excuses for Antifa Thuggery
The FBI Fights the Public Release of Trump Dossier Info
SPLC & Hate Profiteering
Are Some Cultures Superior?
Democrats Own Antifa
Comey Had Hillary's Back All the Time
Dem IT Scandal is Worse Than Russia
Trump Ends Obama's Absurd "Diversity" Regulations
Idiot Boys of Antifa & the Alt-Right
Where's the Investigation Into Obama's Unprecedented Political Espionage?
It's Time to Investigate the FBI
It Wasn’t Comey’s Decision to Exonerate Hillary – It Was Obama’s
What Are Democrats So Afraid Of?
Texas Model of Disaster Recovery
Standoff Brews Between Senate, FBI Over Trump Dossier
The Lying Heart of the Left
Truth...or Lie?
Obama Rages Against the Constitution
House Panel Subpoenas FBI, Justice Over Trump Dossier
Beware the Liberal Narratives & Misinformation
Dianne Feinstein & the Anti-Catholic Bigots
Hurricanes & Senatorial Bigotry
Libs Whitewashing Antifa
Mr. President, They're Never Going to Like You
More Intrigue in the Wasserman-Schultz IT Scandal
Portland PD Purges Gang Database for Lack of Whites
A Truly Cruel President
Dems Lust for Single-Payer Could Hand Trump a 2nd Term
Russia Story Says More About Deep State Than Trump
Susan Rice Lied About Role in Unmasking
Was Susan Rice Spying for the Muslim Brotherhood?
Leftists & Secular Dogma
Trump Will Regret Cozying Up to Dems
New Hillary Emails Warrant Special Prosecutor
Liberal Dogma Lives Loudly
Real Hate in the Marketplace
Fundamentally Wrong About Fundamental Rights
Trump vs. Psychiatrists: Who's Crazier?
Sessions Returning the DOJ to the Rule of Law
All the Evidence for Why the SPLC is Not Credible
Trump Was Right About His Campaign Being Bugged?
Democrats and Plutocrats
Cotton is Racist?!
Russian Collusion is a Delusion
Trump at the UN: "The Best Speech of the Trump Presidency"
All of Obama's Wiretappers
Hillary's New--Ever Growing--List of Lies
Looks Like Obama Did Spy on Trump--and Apparently Me
Generation Free Lunch?
Russia Didn't Hack the Election. Obama Did.
California vs. Texas: The Poverty Edition
Unmasking Obama's Abuse of Power
Obama's Watergate
The Deep State--Not Trump--Colluded with Russia
Stephen Curry Can't Have it Both Ways
Ex-Army Ranger Defies His Team, Stands for the Anthem
No 1st Amendment Right to do Whatever You Want at Work
Obama Admn.'s Lying Quartet
Who's Divisive--the President or the Players?
NFL Pigskins at the Public Trough
Kneeling for a Lie
This is "Taking a Knee"
Trump's Full Tax Reform Plan
Life in Nanny Norway
Hard Data, Hollow Protests
The Left's Dictator Envy
Natl. Anthem Protests: Do the Facts Matter?
Real Men Stand Up
The War on Free Speech
Tom Price Resigns
How Tom Price Was Taken Out
Blame the NFL, Not Trump
There Are No Oppressed People in America
Democrats Are Addicted to Lies
Tom Price's Real Crime
The Passionate Non-Sequiturs of the Gun Debate
Dem Congressman: Gun Control Laws Don't Work
Vegas Shooting & the Political Vultures
100 Years of Communist Disaster
We Need Fallacy Control Now!
It's Time to do Nothing About Guns
Research: Gun Control is Not the Answer
After Vegas, Democrats Send in the Clowns
Democrats Have No Idea How to Prevent Mass Shootings
The Misguided Moral Superiority of Gun Controllers
The Southern Poverty Hate Center
Democrats Praised for Lacking "Family Values"
Harvey Weinstein & the Death of Feminism
Sessions Issues Sweeping Religious Freedom Guidance
Collusion & the Trump Dossier
The Truth About Columbus
The Pigs of Liberalism
My Stand Against Fake Feminists
Columbus Day---and Its Enemies
The DNC's Weistein Money Laundering Scam
Democrat Senator: No Law Would've Stopped Vegas Shooter
A Vicious "Virtue"
"Indigenous People's Day": A Celebration of Cannibalism, Slavery, & Human Sacrifice
McConnell Ends Democrat's "Blue Slip" Obstruction
Our Broken Moral Compass
Are We All Unconscious Racists?
How the NFL Lost to Trump
The Left Just Isn't Right
The Uses & Abuses of Hate
Clinton Foundation Keeps Weinstein Cash
Harvey Weinstein and the Death of Liberal America
From Social Sciences to Socialism
The Left's Culture Rape Monster
Documents Reveal: Clinton's Russia Scandal Dwarfs Trump's
Democrats and Dictators
Did Mueller Cover-Up Hillary's Collusion with Russia?
The Same People Investigating Trump Covered for Clinton
Adios, California
Democrats Yelp as Trump Upholds the Constitution
The Wise and Powerful Words of John Kelly
Phil Robertson Ask Democrats: Do You Love or Hate Jesus?
From Russia to Hillary: Bribes, Uranium, & Lies
Secrets and Lies: Three Russian Stories
Obama Administration's Uranium One Scandal
The General Shames the Briefing Room
Gold Star Widow Releases Audio of Trump Call
The Fusion Collusion
Despicable People
Church, You Have To Take a Stand on Sexuality
There's No More Institutional Racism in America
99% of Union Dues Goes to Leftist Causes & Candidates
New House Probes: Obama's DOJ and FBI (& Hillary)
Liberalism is Criminalizing Reality
Did the FBI Help Pay for the Fake Trump Dossier?
Collusion, Clinton Style
Investigating Obama's DOJ
The Flaking Establishment
Russian Dossier Story: A Perfect Storm of Liberal Corruption
10 Most Important Claims About the Steele Dossier
Russian Script Flips
Did the Dems Use Intel Services for Political Gain?
Did the Democrats Commit Treason?
Fusion GPS Rocks the Dem Media Complex
Dirty Hillary
Watergate on Steroids
Hail the Queen of Collusion
Hillary's Dossier
Clintonian Collusion
Obama's DOJ Discriminated Against Conservative Groups
The Leftist Enablers of Perv Photog Terry Richardson
Investigate This
We Need an Investigation of the Entire Justice Department
Pizza Politics
Progressivism's Counsel of Despair
Obama Camp Paid $972k to Law Firm that Hired Fusion GPS
Clinton, Obama, and the Real Russia Collusion
Trey Gowdy Destroys Mueller, Clinton, Obama's DOJ, & the Democrats
Implausible Deniability
Democrats Own the Trump Dossier
The Mother of All Scandals
Re-Open the IRS Investigation
GOP Evangelical Outreach Director Resigns
The Manafort Indictment
Where the Russia/Collusion Investigation Now Stands
Rush: Dossier Funding, What We've Learned
Explaining the Liberal Cesspool
The Fake Dossier--Not Russian Collusion--is the Real Election Crime
Liberal Insurance Scam
Democrats (Again) Disrespect White Males
Mueller's Thin Gruel
Left Has Blood on Its Hands in Manhattan
Mueller Strikes Out; Dems Go Nuts
Brazile Confesses: Election Was Rigged
Democrats Turning on Hillary
Their America and Ours
How Democrats Cheated Bernie Sanders and Lied About It
Democrats: The She-Woman Man-Haters Club
Congressional Black Caucus: Purveyors of Black Urban Decline
What the H*ll is Mueller Investigating?
Liberals Are Everything They Say We Are
Three California's?
Sen. Rand Paul Attacked
Attacker Was Democrat Neighbor
Again: Good Guy With a Gun Stops Texas Church Shooter
Spinning in Circles on the Trump Dossier
How Liberalism Makes Up Stupid
Guns Stop Church (and other) Massacres
Why Gun Control Loses
Was Fusion GPS Paying Journalists to Run Fake News?
The Politics of Hatred
Democrat's Tax Cut Delusions
Ignorance vs. Stupidity
The Clintons Bankrupted the Democrat Party
Liberal Author Blackballed for Warning Against Early Daycare
Corporate Free-Speech Hypocrisy
Gun Control & Magical Liberal Thinking
Is the National Anthem Racist?
What Happened?
Clinton Crimes Worse Than Watergate
Thoughts & Prayers for Libs Grieving Over Death of The Narrative
Democrats: Party of Misogynists
Russian Lawyer Who Met With Trump Team A Fusion GPS Plant?
Clinton, Trump, and the Justice Double Standard
One Moore Hit Piece
How We Should Look at the Roy Moore Accusations
Sessions Considering Special Counsel to Investigate Hillary
Clintons, Obama, Kerry, and Their Pedophile Pals
Kennedy, Clinton, and Weinstein: A Convenient Reckoning
Libs Virtually Silent on Sleaze Bob Menendez
Some Truth for Millennials on Communism
The Real Fascists in American Politics
Fusion GPS's Trump Dossier Leaked in Retaliation for Clinton Email Investigation
The Racist Times
Liberal's False Reckoning With Bill Clinton
Senator Al Franken Accused of Sexual Assault
Great Men and Al Franken
Sex Scandals: Who's Really to Blame?
Obama's FBI, Russian Dossier Need a Special Counsel
A Fair Hearing by a Jury of His Pervs
Franken Hypocrisy and the Objectification of Women
MSM Silence on Menendez is Deafening
Democrats' Depravity Laid Bare by Bill Clinton
The "Pence Rule" is Looking Good
Communism's Failed Promise
President Trump: About Those Al Franken Tweets
Lois Lerner Fights to Hide the Truth
Savoring the Democrats' Pervgate Pain
FBI Has Not Verified Trump Dossier
Dems' Blame Game
Liberals Are Horrendous Hypocrites on Women's Rights
America the Unserious
77% of College Educated Dems Can't Tell Difference Between a Boy & a Girl
2012: Dems Honored Ted Kennedy as a Champion for Women
How the Left Uses Shame to Destroy Morality
Joe Biden's Disturbing Groping of Girls
Billionaire Socialists: Enemies of Liberty
The Diversity Fraud
The Uranium One Noose is Tightening
Lois Lerner is Worried People Will be Angry When They Find Out What She Really Did
The Mayflower Compact and the Seeds of American Democracy
New Claims Against Franken, Conyers
Democrats' Conyers Conundrum
The Liberal Ruse of Feminism
Dems Have Zero Credibility on Sexual Harassment
Ex-Cop Attacking Roy Moore is a Radical Leftist
John Conyer's Former Staffers Felt Like "House Servants"
Trump Mentioned God 8 Times in Thanksgiving Address
Following the Trump-Russia Dossier Money
The Rotten Fruit of Radical Feminism & Identity Politics
Conyers Case Shows What Dems Really Think About Harassment
Trump White House Keeps Christ in Christmas
Who Watches the Watchmen?
Black Self-Sabotage
No, Republicans Aren't Hypocrites on Values
Reports: U.S. Embassy is Moving to Jerusalem
Trump's Pocahontas Trap
Elizabeth Warren, Progressive Fraud
Debunking Liberal Lies on Tax Reform
Trump's Presidency is Far Better Than His Twitter Feed
Is Rex Done?
Flynn Pleads Guilty to Lying
Less to Flynn's Plea Than Meets the Eye
The Left Erased Morality and Created a Culture of Depravity
Feminism Enables Abuse
The Left Chooses Power Over Morals
Why Isn't It Illegal for the FBI to Lie to Us?
Flynn's Plea Deal Signals the Weakness of Mueller's Case
Trump Hater on Mueller's Team
Deep Meaning of the Mueller Probe
New Documents Reveal the FBI's Clinton Cover-Up
Statistical Bigotry
Flynn Didn't Violate the Logan Act
Mueller's Probe is Corrupt
Move the Embassy to Jerusalem
Cruelty and Sexual Harassment
Several Senate Dems Call on Franken to Resign
Jerry Seinfeld Endorses Roy Moore?
Democrat's Turned King's "Dream" Into a Nightmare
Left's Sex Assault Scandals Just the Beginning
When the FBI Obstructed Justice
This Was Communism, You Fools
Roy Moore Accuser Admits to Faking Part of Yearbook Signature
Trump Puts Fact Ahead of Fiction in Israel
Jerusalem, Now & Eternal
Ma'am, Can I be Brutally Franken With You?
Just Which Party Has "No Limiting Principles?"
Did the Obama DoJ Use the Fake Russia Dossier to Spy on Trump?
Nikki Haley Sets the UN Straight on Israel

Why Jerusalem Matters
The Worst Monopoly of All: Government
Conyer's Civil War in Detroit's Dirty Dynasty
Trump's the Moron?
New Report: WI Dems Conducted Illegal Investigations
Behold the Political Swamp in Wisconsin
No King but Caesar
One Mueller-Investigation Coincidence Too Many
Fake Truth
Plan B: Sex
The FBI's Trump "Insurance"
What Exactly Was the FBI's Trump "Insurance Policy?"
Yes, Investigate the Investigators
Playing to Lose
The FBI's Ship of Fools
Did the FBI & the DOJ Plot to Clear Clinton & Defeat Trump?
A Tale of DOJ Corruption
Was the (Fake) Steele Dossier Used to Obtain a FISA Warrant Against Trump’s Campaign?
Did Mueller Improperly Obtain Trump's Emails?
Obama Enabled Terrorists to Get the Iran Deal
Obama Turned a Blind Eye to Hezbollah's Crimes
Mueller's Scorched-Earth Tactics...Again
Policy Speeches vs. Policy
The Sorcerer's Apprentices: FBI, DOJ, GPS, DNC
The Unsilent Coup
Socialism is Killing the Children of Venezuela
An Insult the U.S. Won't Forget
Nancy Pelosi's Apocalyptic Tax-Bill Delusions
Did Obama Read the Steele Dossier Last August?
Sessions Orders Investigation of Obama Admn.
Obama Was a State Sponsor of Terror
FBI Verifies Almost Nothing in Trump Dossier
Was the Steele Dossier the FBI's "Insurance Policy"?
Libs Now Hate the Hallmark Channel
Sally Yates: Fraud
Danger in 2018 for the Party of the Rich (Dems)
Holiday Shopping Boom Illustrates the Difficulty for Democrats
Liberals Declare War on Thomas the Train
New Report Reveals Sexual Harassment Rampant in Obama's DOJ
Did the FBI Conspire to Stop Trump?
3rd-World Los Angeles Caught on Camera
Happy Kwanza! The Holiday Brought to You by the FBI
The Left is Insane
Obama's DOJ Used Fake Trump Dossier in Court
The Escape from Illinois
Potential Census Question Terrifies Liberals


Happy New Year?
The Purpose of Government
15 Stats that Destroy Liberal Narratives
Democrats Assault the 2nd Amendment...Again
Before Government Became Reviled
The Case for Civil Disobedience in Oregon
Hating the West, Inc.
Obama's Legacy: Executive Abuse
On Guns, You Know Less Than You Think
Obama's Gun-Control Lies
Obama's Gun Control Order is Dictatorial, and it Won't Work
Obama's Theater of the Absurd
The Constitution Anticipates Today
When Black Lives Mattered
The Sickening Obama "Legacy"
Guns: Bad Journalism, Bad Politics
Why Didn't Obama Cry for These?
Benghazi Soldiers: "We Were Left Behind"
ATF's Coming Nightmare with Obama
A "Smoking Gun" in Clinton's Emails?
Tears of a Clown
10 Gun Myths
Guns & Violence: Exploring the Data
Political Pundit Stunningly Ignorant on the "Body of Christ"
Fact Checking Obama's State of the Union
U.S. Senator: Separation of Church and State is a "Myth"
TEA Party Response to Obama's SOTU
Obama's Way
What the Nikki Haley Speech Means
Obama's State of Delusion
Churchill vs. Obama
Obama and His Hall-of-Fame Straw Men
Seeing Bigots Under Every Rock
Beck: Maybe the Press Was Right About Palin
Obama's Legacy of Red Ink
This Time Conservative Crack-Up is Real
Ferguson and the High Cost of Radicalized Lies
The "Ferguson Effect" is Real
Some Clinton Emails "Too Damaging" to Release
The Ugly Race to be the Biggest Victim
Clinton's Lame Email Excuses are Crumbling
"The Treasons of the Democrats"
A Felon By Any Other Name
When Will Hillary Get Her Handcuffs?
No Surprise: Obama Visits a Mosque
The Failure of Multiculturalism
Hillary's Email Crimes Don't Equate to Powell and Rice
Clinton's Email Saga Continues to Worsen
What Obama Said at the Mosque
Rush: Feminists Sold Their Soul in the 90s
D.C.'s Culture of Corruption Rots On
The Collapse of New York
Bush's "Treason" vs. Clinton's
Black Lives Don't Matter to Dems, Only Black Votes
Myths of Black Lives Matter
How Republics Perish
Dictatorship, American Style
Liberals Rejoice: "The End of Marriage, Capitalism, and God. Finally."
When the Left Profiles
How the Dogma of the Left is Ruining Science
The Strange Appeal of Socialism
The Death of Capital Punishment?
Culture Rot: Trump is the Effect, Not the Cause
American Tyrant
Clinton's Crimes Worse Than Petraeus'
Waiting for Lefty
Counting Hillary's Email Lies
The Nazis of Illinois
Widespread Ignorance Threatens Our Republic
Progressive Brownshirts
Remember Those Who Betrayed Conservatism for Trump
Trump is Crude & Clueless--Like Obama, Clinton, & Sanders
Socialism's Bloody History
Let's Resurrect the Federalist Party
Liberalism for Dummies
Obama Begat Trump
The Left's Never-Ending Witch Hunt
Black & White, Left & Right
Federal Judge Slams IRS
No More Murder by Political Correctness
Obama's Contempt for Liberty
Governor Deal Cowardly Caves on Religious Liberty
Nathan Deal's Craven Capitulation on Religious Liberty
Clinton Email Investigation Intensifies
Obama Administration Looks to Punish North Carolina Over Bathroom Bill
Obama's Iran Scandal
Mississippi Reveals How to Defend Religious Liberty
The GOP Race and the Homosexual Agenda
A Vast Email Conspiracy
Bill Clinton Slams Black Lives Matter
On Black Lives Matter, Bill Clinton Was Right
Why Do the Clinton's Have 5 Shell Companies in Delaware?
Those New York "State of Mind Values"
Bubba in Trouble for Speaking Truth to Black Lives Matter
Fairy Tales About Guns
More Rotten Fruit of Liberalism: Empty Dorms, Empty Mansions
A Time for Patriots
The Biggest Threat Ever to the 2nd Amendment
Dictatorship of the Dimwits
IRS Contempt for the Rule of Law
5 Tips for "Social Justice" Hoaxsters
U.S. Should Strive for Unity, Not Diversity
Libs Corrupt the English Language
Chicago's Crime Wave
Bill Nye Epitomizes the Left's Authority Complex
Fired for Preaching in Georgia
Hillary Wants Your Guns
Rights vs. Wishes
San Francisco Slides Deeper Into Tolerance Hell
The End of Democracy in America
Moral Surrender is Not an Option
Money Trail Reveals Hillary's Lies
Debate Tactics to Battle the Left
On Race, Facts Don't Care About Feelings
Why the Left Hates Jews
Why Are Black Americans Leaving Liberal Cities?
Small Acts of Cowardice Are Destroying Our Culture
A Dark Time in America
The Many Ages of Adulthood in the Nanny State
I Identify as Barack Obama
Obama's Toilet Revolution
Brilliant (Elite Liberal) Fools
What Government Can't Do
Watch: Hillary Surrogate Gets Tongue-Tied Over "One Nation Under God"
Obama's Awful Message to Grads
Impeachment of IRS Commish Moves Forward
Clinton's Crimes and Comey's Choice
The Pajama Boy White House
Liberalism's Descent Into Madness
New Poll: Native Americans Don't Mind "Redskins"
Constitution is My Speech Permit
The IRS's Ugly Business as Usual
Why Donald Trump & the Redskins are Winning
Redskins & Liberal Logic
Obama vs. the Constitution
Imagine No Possessions, Imagine Venezuela
War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Men are Women
6 Questions to Ask Your Liberal Friends
Welcome to the Church of Victimology
Justice in Baltimore
Yes, There's a Ferguson Effect
Senator Cotton Blasts Harry Reid
Hillary's Email Troubles Worsen
11 States Sue Obama Admn. Over Transgender Bathroom Directive
Hillary Broke the Law
Liberals Confess Their Intolerance
Enforcing the Law Requires Indicting Hillary
Obama Calls for "World Without" Nuclear Weapons
Hillary Embodies Political Decadence
Hiroshima and Nagasaki: A Moral Necessity
America: Then vs. Now
Troubling Ties: Clintons & the Nigerians
What Makes America Strong
Memorial Day & America
Courage is Never Wasted
The Morphing of America
Hillary's Emails: Lying in Plain Sight
Time for a Conservative Revival
Bill Clinton Profits from World's Largest For-Profit University
Anti-Capitalism, Bernie Sanders, and the Democrat Party
It's the Server, Stupid
The Shameless Obama Administration
Slavery Still Exists
Bernie Sanders' War Against the Jews
Hillary Can't Admit Right to Bear Arms is Constitutional
The Left's Culture War "Victory"
Is Personal Responsibility Obsolete?
Liberals & the Lemonade Menace
Declaration of Independence: "Systematically Racist?"
The Left Chose Islam Over Gays
3 Words Clinton, Obama Just Can't Say
The Great Gun-Control Distraction
Assault Weapons Ban: Stupid Idea by Stupid People
Clinton's Global Initiative Scam is Crashing
How Chicago's Streets Became the Wild West
The War on Religious Contractors
Obama's Endorsing Lawlessness
Why Does the IRS Need Guns?
Bizarro Morality of the Left's War on Guns
Lies Fly Over the AR-15
Liberal Insanity Endangers America
Enough: After Orlando We Must Defund Planned Parenthood and Reverse Same-Sex "Marriage" Ruling
Net Neutrality is Government Censorship
Liberals Waging War on the Constitution
Loretta Lynch: Islam's Finest PR Agent?
The Irrelevant Crusade
Logic-Free Zone
On Guns, Democrats Have Lost Their Minds
Mateen Was a Hillary Supporter
Rep. Chaka Fattah (Dem-PA) Convicted on Multiple Counts
AR-15 Speaks!
A Mantra From Fauxcahontas
Brits Vote to leave EU
Vote Defies Obama, Hillary
Global Markets Shaken
The Curse of Hillary Clintonism
Brexit Vote Was Just the Beginning
Why "Leave" Won--And What Happens Next
Britain's Welcome Revival of Nationhood
Brexit: Another Massive Polling Failure
Character in Leadership Matters
America's Political Civil War
We Don't Need Gun Control. We Need Quran Control.
Ignoring the Realities of Radical Islam
Brexit Reaction: Damn the People
5 Big Takeaways from the Benghazi Report
Why the Left Hates Referendums
The Denial of Europe's Christian Roots Led to Brexit
Benghazi Report: Obama Admn. Pushed YouTube Video to Save Face
Benghazi Lie in Black & White
Dems Circle Wagons on Benghazi
Hillary Can't Escape Benghazi Responsibility
Benghazi Lies Standard Procedure Under Obama
Hillary's History of Lying
Multiculturalism: A Failed Concept
Clinton Email Story Gets Harder and Harder to Believe
The Evil at the Core of Modern Liberalism
Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch: It's Corruption
AG Lynch to Step Aside in Hillary Email Probe
Dems Circle Wagon of Lies Around Hillary
Hillary to Meet With FBI
Anti-Brexit Elites Don't Suffer from Their Policies
Lose the Story, Lose the Culture
The Roots of the Tree of Liberty in America
The Fighting Spirit of the Declaration
Gun-Control Activists Need a History Lesson
FBI Interviews Hillary for 3.5 Hours
The Last Twitchings of Flabby Liberalism
Obama's For-Profit Government Industry
Happy Independence Day!
Nationalism, Patriotism, and July 4
Liberal-Think Trends on Twitter: "America Was Never Great"
The Bullies of Black Lives Matter
FBI Rewrites the Law to Protect Hillary
Trump: The System is Rigged
Clinton's Conduct "Extremely Damning"
Washington D.C.'s Hollow Men
FBI Director Comey Drops Shocking Bombshells on Hillary's Email Server
Hillary is Above the Law
Even the AP Thinks Hillary's a Liar
Did Comey Destroy Clinton by "Exonerating" Her?
The FBI's Baffling Rescue of Hillary
Why Comey Blinked
Comey Comedy, Comey Comity
Comey, Lynch Called Before Congress
D.C. Obsessed With Punishing Secrecy Violators--Until Hillary Clinton
Clinton Email Scandal Far From Over
Trey Gowdy Eviscerates Comey's "No Intent" Claim
Chicago on the Brink
The False Narrative About Police Killing Blacks
This Banana's Republic
Police Across the U.S. Now Targeted
Black, Blue: Yes, All Lives Matter
Sharia vs. Freedom in America
Blame Black Lives Matter for Dallas Carnage
The Truth About Cops Killing Blacks
How Many Have to Die because of #BlackLivesMatter?
No Surprise: Liberal Hypocrisy in the Blame Game
The Democrats Self-Serving Distractions
Blacks Not Disproportionately Involved in Police Shootings
The Obama Contamination
Barack Obama, the Anti-Lincoln
The Hillary Double Standard
The Road to Dallas
Unraveling Obama's False Narratives
The Working Class vs. The Smirking Class
The War on Cops
Obama and the False Premises of Black Lives Matter
Be Careful Reaching Conclusions Based on Cell Phone Video
Why Multiculturalism Has Such a Bad Track Record
If You Don't Want Cops to Shoot You, Don't Resist Arrest
The Left's Big Racial Lie
The "Ferguson Effect" is Real
Congressional Black Corruption
Obama's Lies About Police Violence is Dangerous
Ignorance of the Facts Fuels Anti-Cop Movement
Democrats Lives Matter...Most
Race Relations Video Gone Viral
Black Lives Matter Propaganda Debunked Case-by-Case
Silencing Whitey
MLK's Dream Turning Into a Nightmare?
The Black Victims Who Remain in the Shadows
The One-Sided War
How Obama Divides Us
Open Season on Cops
Cop-Hate Spreads
Shakedown Sharpton At It Again
A Review: Hillary's America
Progressivism is as Progressivism Does
Black Lives Matter: Defund the Police
Obama: The Anti-Cop President
The Dumbest Idea
Hillary and the NAACP Mob
Who Gets Absolute Moral Authority?
Hillary Lies, Cops Die
Hillary's Story of Money-Grubbing and Sleaze
Conservatism 2016
The Ferguson Effect
Trump is Right About Crime
Obama's Dream of Muslim Outreach Now a Nightmare
Wasserman-Schultz Resigns
Email Hack Reveals Democrat Arrogance & Corruption
Dems in Crisis
A Chart the Racial Grievance Industry Won't Talk About
The Clintons Got Rich Selling Influence While Decrying Greed
The Hillary-Alinsky-Lucifer Connection
"Crooked Hillary"
Democrat Congressman: Jewish Settlers are "Termites"
Clinton Cash
The Democrat's Hack Attack
When Do the Mothers of ISIS Speak?
Only Hillary Has Made Corrupt Deals With Russia
Since When Does the Left Think America is Great?
5 Ways Democrats Are Against Reason
Baltimore Officers Sue AG Mosby
What's the Problem with Socialism?
The Clinton Foundation, State & Kremlin Connections
Venezuelans Weep at the Sight of Food
Less Activism, More Factivism
The Real American Divide
Clinton a Hypocrite on Women's Rights
The Soul-Sick Leadership in Elite America
Khizr Khan: Saudi Trained Scholar of Sharia
Just Who is it That's "Unfit to be President"?
Black Lives Matter: From a Lie to a Revolution
Democrats Lie to Avoid the Economy
Richard Sherman Matters
Flawed Scientific Research is "Widespread"
Clinton Foundation is Too Corrupt to Exist
Fascists and Theocrats
The Poverty of Progressivism
Is the IRS Still Targeting Conservatives?
Obama's Payment to Iran Broke the Law
Jihadists & Progressives Together
Benghazi Parents Sue Hillary
Death and Hillary Clinton
Socialist Sanders Buys His 3rd Home
The Left Has Murdered Art
Criminalizing Entrepreneurs
Hillary's Neoliberals
Vindication for Voter ID
Scandinavia: Successful Socialism?
Black Lies Cost Black Lives
A Snapshot of Modern Madness
Black Lies Burns Milwaukee
Sheriff Clarke: Blame Milwaukee Unrest on "Ghetto Culture," Not Police
Why Milwaukee Burns
Does Black Success Matter?
Liberal Lesbian Defends Islamic Law
The Betrayal of the Intellectuals?
Make America Small Again
Nihilism in Milwaukee
Social Justice or Revenge?
"Honest Conversations" About Race
Democrat Stooge George Soros Wages War on Islamic Truth-Tellers
Democrats Explained
Road to Urban Despair Paved by Democrats
Comey's FBI Double Standard
Uh Oh: FBI Finds 15k Emails Hillary Didn't Turn Over
New Emails Reveal "Pay for Play" Schemes by Clinton Foundation
The Bill and Hillary Slush Fund
Clinton's Inescapable Cloud of Corruption
Hillary's Corruption is Overwhelming
Diversity: History's Path to Chaos
Hillary's Cash for Access Diplomacy
Hillary and Her Wheelbarrows
Liar, Liar, Pantsuit on Fire
Hillary: The Pioneer of the "Alt-Left"
Shocked by Segregation
Those KKK Republicans
Hillary's McCarthyism
Who Made America Hate Again?
Fed. Govt. is Ill Equipped to Handle Natural Disasters
It Pays to be a Liberal
Hillary Clinton Would be Jailed if She Were a Doctor
Clinton's Dubious Promise to Stop Taking Dictator's Cash
Hillary's Plantation
Hillary & "American Exceptionalism"
Black Lives Matter Kills People
Unprecedented Liberal Vileness Celebrated & Rewarded
More Proof that Hillary Lied About Her Emails
Let's Talk About the "Thug Culture" of Urban America
Clinton Foundation Was Designed for Bribery
Democrat Leaders Warned Their Candidates Against Saying "All Lives Matter"
Hillary: Incompetent or Criminal?
Yes, America First
Hammer Used to Smash Hillary's Old Phones
FBI Interview Catches Hillary in Multiple Lies
Chicago's Carnage
Mastermind Behind Clinton's Email Coverup
Did Team Clinton Destroy Evidence Under Subpoena?
Hillary's Mind-Boggling FBI Interview
Crack Lives Matter
The Virtue-Mongers
Clinton Scandals: Who Can Keep Up?
Even Worse Than Clinton's Emails: Her Enablers
American Indians, the Awful Truth
Killing Coal: One Promise Obama Has Kept
Phyllis Schlafly's Death is Conservatism's Loss
Idea of U.S. Sovereignty Drives Democrats Nuts
Clinton the "Congenital Liar"
FBI Managers Instructed to Exonerate Hillary
Socialism Kills
Delete This
Escape from Detroit
Congress Must Impeach IRS Chief
Racism: Settled Science?
Which is the Party of Hate?
How to Destroy America from Within
Deplorable Me and Disgusting Hillary
What the Benghazi Attack Taught Me About Hillary
The Obama Legacy: An Assault on the Bill of Rights
15 Years of Strategic Defeat, Dishonesty & Humiliation
Hillary Clinton's Empty Moralism
Diagnosis: Clinton Suffers From Reflexive Urge to Lie
How is the Godless West Working Out?
The Left is Weaponizing Sports
How's That Fundamental Transformation Going?
Who's Deplorable?
How to Tell if You're a "Deplorable"
A Liberal Dose of Hypocrisy
What is the FBI Hiding?
London's Muslim Mayor Tells America: Immigrants Shouldn't Have to Assimilate
Greediest People in America are Liberal Democrats
Black Cop Suing Black Lives Matter
Murderous Chicago: The City That Doesn't Work
Hillary, Who Tells Dreadful Lies
The Delusional Ideologies of Obama and Clinton
IRS Commissioner Belongs in Jail
Thugs Ravage Charlotte
The Lies of Black Lives Matter is Stirring Up Hate
Charlotte Burning
Charlotte Riots, Tulsa Doesn't
Time for Conservatives to Boycott the NFL
Our Dangerous Drift From Reason
How's the Cover-Up Going Hillary?
Anyone Surprised: Obama Lied About Hillary's Email Server
IRS Still Attacking Conservatives
Again: Charlotte Shooting Facts Support the Police
When Ideology is More Important Than Truth
Lasting Damage of the Left's "Favors" to Blacks
Left's Obsession With Narrative Building
Senator Sasse Grills FBI's Comey Over Hillary's Emails
Liberals Have Nothing But Contempt for Women
The Dark Heart of Progressivism
America's Culture War Mercenaries
"Diversity or (Career) Death!"
Free People Own Guns. Slaves Don't.
Hillary & the Democrats Continue Their War on Blacks
Welfare State = No Death on the Streets?
We Are the Third World
When Facts, Logic, and History Don't Matter
It's Time to Rebel Against "Diversity Training"
FBI's Defense of Clinton Interview Full of Holes
New York Times and Hillary Used Same Tax Provision as Trump
Liberty is Security
Clinton's Crime Has Compromised the FBI
Toxic Feminism
Diversity McCarthyism
Black History Museum Whitewashes Clarence Thomas
Clinton's Statist Solution
FBI Agents Ready to Revolt Over Cozy Clinton Probe
The Left's War on Grammar
Is California a Lost Cause?
Surprise!: Speeches Reveal Hillary is a Liar
This Man Did What Hillary Did, and He's in Jail
Blaspheming Black Lives Matter
Did CNN Sit on a Crude Obama Video?
What the Clinton's Wrought
Subsidizing Disaster
Stunning Hypocrisy of the Left on Trump and Sexual Immorality
Miley Cyrus is a Greater Threat Than is Donald Trump
Trump is Right: Prosecute Hillary
Michelle Obama's Promotion of Misogyny & Date Rape
What the Obama/Clinton Emails Reveal
Stuff That Doesn't Outrage or Disgust Hillary
FBI's Summary Proves Clinton Broke the Law
The Faux "Toddler Gun Epidemic"
FBI Docs Reveal: Hillary's Too Corrupt to be President
NFL Ignorance
"Fact Checking" America
"Rigged" Was Hillary's FBI Case
Laws are for the Little People
Hillary's Gods
Hillary Clinton: Architect of American Failure
The Truth on Crime & Policing
The Soul of the Clinton Machine
Cult of the Elites & How it Happened
Hillary Curses Those Who Keep Her Safe
Truth vs. Social Justice
Hillary: Queen of Corruption
Conservatives in Denial
Hillary's Climate of Hate
The Year of the Nasty Woman
C.S. Lewis on Politics
Hillary's Email Crimes: Much Worse than a Double Standard

Hillary's Email: Yes, "It's a Scandal"
FBI Stuns D.C.: Reopens Hillary Email Investigation
FBI's Oct. Surprise Devastating for Hillary
Why Doesn't Hillary Embarrass Democrats?
FBI's New Interest in Hillary Linked to Anthony Weiner
Clinton Inc. is Dishonest, Above the Law, and On the Take
Clinton's State Dept.: A RICO Enterprise
Hillary's Piggy Bank: The Clinton Foundation
Comey's Bombshell
Report: Internal FBI Conflict Over Clinton Investigation
Hillary's Hypocrisy
Don't Blame Comey for this Mess
The Clintons as Farce
The Clintons — At the End of All Things
The Democratic Elite Intentionally Inflicted Hillary Clinton’s Corruption on America
Everyone Who Disagrees w/the SPLC is Hitler
If Democrats Will Rig a Debate, What Won't They Do?
Clinton, Nixon, Corruption & the Rule of Law
Another Day, Another Case of Clinton Corruption
Wikileaks: Hillary Will Be Arrested
This is Not James Comey's Fault
Trash-Mouth "Philosopher" Trashes Trump
Comey Again Refuses to Indict Hillary
FBI's Investigation of the Clinton Foundation Continues
Standing Up to the Campus Left
Obama Impedes the Clinton Probe
Crumbling Clinton Criminal Enterprise
Law, Order, & Trump
John Bolton for Secretary of State
No Democrats. We Don't Want to Treat You As Obama Has
Dem Senator: Harry Reid "An Absolute Embarrassment to the Senate"
A Pardon for Hillary?
When Politics Becomes Your Religion
What is Conservatism?
NBA Joins NFL in Driving Trump Fans Away
Left Needs to Abandon its Pursuit of Multiculturalism
Univ. Prof. Forced to Resign Over Pro-Trump Comments
America is Not a "Safe-Space"
Ted Cruz Eyed for Attorney General
Slacker Mandate & the Safety Pin Generation
Liberals Now Want to Do Away with the States
The Exhausted Epithets of the Left
Jeff Sessions for Attorney General
High Hypocrisy: Liberals Decry Our "Post-Truth" Culture
Communists & Socialists Going Nuts Over Trump
How Obama Wrecked the Democrat Party
Is Hypocrisy a Character Trait of the Modern Left?
The Fall of House Clinton
Why Attorney General Jeff Sessions is a Democrat's Nightmare
Me & Jeff Sessions
The Crisis for Liberalism
Thoughts vs. Feelings
Why Liberals Lose Their Minds When They Lose Elections
Democrat Insanity
Mike Pence Didn't Need a "Safe-Space"
War on Cops: Multiple Attacks Over the Weekend
After Massive Losses, Democrats' Answer Still the Same: Move More Left
The Obama "Legacy"
Democrats Virtually Extinct in Appalachia
The Return of Assassination Fascination
Meet the Intolerant Vulgarians of the "Dirtbag Left"
S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley for UN Ambassador
National Conceal Carry Reciprocity a Possibility Under Trump
The Borking Bullies of the Left
Be Thankful You Have Something to Grumble At
Progressives without Power
Jeb Bush Calls for Convention of States
Fidel Castro's Dead, but Tyranny Remains in Cuba
Castro's Death Confirms Depravity of the Left
The Truth About Fidel & Raul
Fidel Castro & Dead Utopianism
What Fidel Castro Taught Me About the Radical Left
The Liberal Postmortem is Not Going Well
The Real Castro Legacy
Cruz & Rubio Provide Post-Castro Clarity
Democrats Have Become a Party of Teeth-Gnashers
Can Democrats Quit Identity Politics?
Hillary's Hypocrisy on Election Results
Democrats Have a Pelosi Problem
The Tyrant is Dead, but the Tyranny Lingers
Castro Reminds Us: Utopianism Always Fails
The Totalitarian Lie
Obama's Party and its Bitter Reckoning
Democrats and the Definition of Insanity
Trump's Carrier Coup and a Lesson From JFK
Trollmaster Trump Driving Liberals to New Heights of Fury
Mattis for Defense Secretary
"Destroy Kelloggs"
Defense Bill Stripped of Religious Liberty Protection
5 Reasons Obama Will be Viewed as One of the Worst U.S. Presidents
The Left is More Scared of Trump than ISIS
Fidel Castro: 60 Years of Fake News
Keith Ellison: Islamic Radical
Ben Carson for HUD Secretary
Dems Dancing With Insanity
Frightened by Trump, Inspired by Castro
In America, a Thousand Little Castros
Residents Fleeing Liberal States
The Twin Pillars of Progressive Prejudice
The Democrats' Days of Rage & Denial
They Don't Burn Flags at Trade Schools
Scott Pruitt Nominated to Head EPA--And Liberals Are Aghast
Which Fake News?
Assessing the Obama Legacy--Against His Own Mileposts
More Smelling Salts for Liz Warren
Real Fake News
Democrats: From Temper Tantrum to Self-Delusion
10 Lows of Harry Reid's Poisonous Career
The World Fears Trump's America. That's a Good Thing.
Doubling-Down on "Deplorable"
Trump's Transition: So Far, So Good
Shock: Exxon-Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson Chosen as Sec. of State
The Party of Workers
The Great "Russia Hacked the Election" Con
General John Kelly to Head Homeland Security
Russian Hackers and American Hacks
The Democrats' Nauseating Putin Hypocrisy
Trying to Overturn a Free & Fair Election
Free Advice for Dems
Sec. of State Nominee Tiller Has Troubling Views on Moral Issues
The Trouble With Tillerson
Russian Hacking Claim is a Farce
Democrats the Sorest Losers Since the Invention of Democracy
"Serious" Obama Gives Exit Interviews to Late-Nite Comedians
"Lock Her Up?"
Trump Election Saves Us from the Evil Party
Obama Scapegoats the Electoral College
Title IX: "Bureaucratic Sex Creep" Gone Wild
Bitter Bill Clinton
Deranged & Dangerous Democratrats Trying to Steal the Election
Note the Devout Christians in Trump's Cabinet
Desperate Revisionism of the Left
Happy Kwanza! (The Holiday Brought to You by the FBI)
Fake Hate-Crimes Skyrocket Upon Trump's Election
Liberals Are Intolerant
Judge Roy Moore Interviews for Senate Seat
People Who Hate Humanity
A Rebirth of Hope
Electoral Masterpiece
Democrats Turn on Obama
The Audacity of Hope
Time to Defund and Withdraw from the UN
The Ferguson Effect Lives On
Obama Betrays Israel
Obama's Last Betrayal
UN Anti-Israel Resolution a "U.S. (Barack Obama) Operation"
Barack Backhands Bibi
Obama's Squalid Attack on Israel
Socialism Shattered Venezuela; Useful Idiots Applauded
Wages of Trump Derangement Syndrome
The Audacity of Denial
Kerry admits influence of US on UN resolution
Resilience of Israel
John Kerry's Fitting Ending
Standing "Idly By"
Chicago 2016 in One Picture
The U.N. vs. Israel


The Infantile Rally Cry of the Left
Mini-Mutiny Against Boehner
Democrats Lose the "Torture" Debate
Dishonesty on Income Inequality
Maher: Liberals Should Face Truth on Islam
Blasphemy for Me, But Not For Thee
Myth of Islamophobia
Islam, Liberals and Death By Tolerance
Are GOP Governors Soft on Marriage?
Je ne Suis pas Charlie
Paralysis of Europe
GA's 12-Year-Old Conservative Whiz
MS to Make Bible Official Book?
Atlanta Mayor is Acting Like a Dictator
Jeb Bush and the Gay Agenda
Dems Climate Change Election
Jindal's Brilliant Take on Islam
An "In-Denial" State of the Union (SOTU)
Obama's Defiant SOTU
Text/Audio of 2015 SOTU
Obama Sadly Silent on Islam
Obama's Sexual Agenda
Has Bobby Jindal Read the Koran?
The GOP's Abortion Bill Debacle
Obama's Free Lunch...AND...Breakfast..AND...
Uncle Sam is After Your Savings
This is "Forward?"
Middle-Class Savings Like Blood in the Water for Liberals
Barack Obama: Corporate Liberal
Palin's Self Parody
My Problem With Sarah Palin
Obama's College Saving's Plan Debacle
Decoding the Left
5 Ways Liberals Ignore Science
NASCAR Legend Tells the Truth at National Prayer Breakfast
The Return of Evil
The Lie that "Bush Lied"
"A Congressional Majority is a Terrible Thing to Waste"
Progressive Panic on Obamacare
Obama on Islam vs. Christianity
Franklin Graham Rebukes Obama
Rev. Wright's Star Pupil
Obama's Blinding Islamophilia
David Barton vs. Obama on Christian History
On Marriage, Obama Lied to Get Elected
Hypocrites at the SPLC
You Lie!
True Lies
Vox Obama
Lying Liberals
Not Bipartisan, Bisexual
Liberal Narrative Fails in Chapel Hill
Biden's Creepy Woman-Touching Habit
We're Not the Enemy
Our Dangerous Historical Moment
Even Libs Calling Out Obama on Radical Islam
Real "Dirty Dozen" at the IRS
Abolish the Filibuster
Obama Loves His America
Scott Walker is the Real Deal
Liberal Attacks on Scott Walker Reek of Desperation 
The Cancer of Multiculturalism
Scott Walker Drives Media to Madness
Walker Wows CPAC Crowd
Is Liberalism Exhausted?
Capital Center Boots Pastors b/c of "An Appeal to Heaven"
Time to "Reclaim Judeo-Christian Heritage"
American Crusades and Existential Threats
Cultural Fascism in America
An Eye for an ISIS
Conservatism as Counterculture
CPAC Winners
The Liberal Circus
5 Myths That May Destroy America
Radical Islam and 2 Other Threats to Our Nation
Netanyahu Addresses the U.S. Congress
Liberals as Servants of Sin
Netanyahu's Grand Slam
Netanyahu, not Obama, believes in American Exceptionalism
Classic Clinton Scandal
"Net Neutrality" Myths
Is Scott Walker Wimpy on Abortion?
Stuck in Scandal Land
Clinton's Sense of Entitlement
Bibi is the Leader of the Free World
300+ Republicans Come Out in Support of Homosexual "Marriage"
Vice President Biden Defends Homosexuality
Why Liberals Lie
Dems War on Women and Blacks
Does Clinton's Email Flap Mean Trouble for the WH?
Hillary's Legal Troubles
A War of Obama's Making
Why Clinton's Emails Matter
What Hillary Left Out
Hillary's Overplayed Woman Card
The Farcical Ferguson Report
Clinton's Defense Won't Fly
A Contrived Controversy
Democrats Oppose Human Trafficking Bill
Clinton's "Classified Material" Problem
Holder's Legacy of Racial Division
Liberal Admits: "Hands-Up, Don't Shoot" Based On a Lie
Obama's Humiliating Loss
A War of Obama's Own Making
Obama's a Corporate Shill
Escaping the Cult of Liberalism
The Left's Ugly Israel Freakout
Other States Should Follow AL on S.S. "Marriage"
Surprise: Obama Administration Has Much to Hide
The Real Price of Lies
Hillary's Fiasco
Legalizing Pot is Harming America
White House Lied on Bergdahl
Pence Signs Indiana's Religious Liberty Bill
Why Bergdahl Matters
Debunking Religious Liberty Myths
Indiana's Religious Liberty Law Explained
Harry Reid is Done
United States of Arabia
Obama Once Supported Religious Liberty
Tolerance Hypocrisy
Civil Rights Gone Awry
Indiana and the Intolerant Left
Questions for Indiana's Critics
Ignorance Abounds on Religious Freedom
Rand Paul on 1st Amendment
Liberal Hypocrites on Tolerance & Enforced Morality
Indiana: A Perfect Storm of Hysteria and Ignorance
U.N.'s War on Israel
For Liberals, It's Not About Tolerance
Arkansas Caving on Religious Freedom Too
Intolerance of the Hoosier Mob
Smear Campaign Against Religious Freedom
Indiana Governor Disappoints on Religion Law
Jefferson and Jihad
Israel: Why a Two-State Solution?
America--Then vs Now. It's Almost Unbelievable
Defending the Right to Discriminate
Lusting for Power, Liberals Are Always Looking for an Emergency
How Did Harry Reid Get Injured?
This is How Religious Liberty Dies
Liberal Hysteria Grips America
Memories Pizza and Real Social Justice
The Shifting Definition of Religious Freedom
Senate Panel Rebukes Obama
Liberal Morality Mirrors That of ISIS
Wisconsin Liberals Gone Wild
"Stop Immigration of Muslims from Terror Nations"
Doing Welfare Reform Right
Same-Sex "Marriage" and Government Coercion 
Dems Raise Money by Lying About the Climate
The Clinton Scandal Manual
Never Forget: Communism Destroys Lives
Revealed: The War on Wisconsin Conservatives
The Clinton Cash for Favors Program
Donald Trump's Yuuge Hypocrisy
Why Politics is Culture
Emerging Clinton Foundation Scandal
The Proof of Clinton's Wrongdoing (from a liberal!)
Why Baltimore is a Catastrophe
Baltimore is a Democrat Catastrophe
Baltimore & Liberalism's Failed Legacy
The Left's Burning Cities
Obama vs. Reagan on GDP Growth
The Progressive Mask Comes Off
Porn at the EPA
Excusing Riots, Enabling Injustice
Obama Quiet on Seattle May-Day Riots
The Lies of the Left Continue
Liberals and the Lying Game
Tell People They're Victims, They'll Act Like Victims
Liberalism on Trial
White Racist Cops Plague Baltimore...Wait
Race, Politics, and Lies
Venezuela is on the Edge of Collapse
Liberals' Petri Dish Laid Bare in Baltimore
Baltimore Prosecutor Mosby is Shockingly Incompetent
Why the Left Won't Call Rioters "Thugs"
Texas Governor: God's Law Can't Be Undone By Man's Law
Why Won't Pamela Geller Shut Up?
Free Willy!
Liberals, Try Talking About the Breakdown of the Family
Politics and Polyamory
Former Lesbian Petitions Obama
A Recruiting Poster Worth Remembering
Libertarians of Convenience
"Stay Quiet and You'll Be Okay"
Jeb Bush Defends Christianity
Why "Clinton Cash" Matters to Us All
Paul Krugman's Pretense of Economic Knowledge
The Naked Obamunists
Liberal's "Braindead" Response to Amtrak Crash
Why Are We Funding Amtrak?
The Real Battle
The Never-Ending Spin on Benghazi
The Left's New Inequality Boogeyman
Bush Didn't Lie on Iraq & WMDs
The New Totalitarians: Change Your Religious Beliefs, Or Else
New Roots of the IRS Scandal Uncovered
Benghazi Truth Emerging
"Just Asking"
Why Do Liberals Kowtow to Islam?
The Coercive Liberal Agenda
"Mattress Girl" the Perfect Icon for Today's Left
Mr. President: Giving Spiritual Advice to Ministers is Above Your Paygrade
GOP Must Embrace Evil to Survive?!
John Adams: Moral Individuals Make for Limited Govt.
GOP Presidential Candidates Retreating on Marriage?
Ex-Speaker Hastert Indicted
Bill Clinton "Award" Yields $500k "Donation" to Clinton Charity
Hillary Clinton's Libya Emails
Five Reasons Hastert Scandal is Disgusting
Feminazis Eating Their Own
Is it Time for Civil Disobedience?
The Profound Racism of "Black Lives Matter"
More Clinton Cash Revelations
Stalin, Tansgenderism, and Reinventing Reality
Jenner's Transformation is a Lose-Lose for Libs
"Does It Do Good?" vs. "Does It Feel Good?"
Here's What's Driving Inequality
Black Pastor Calls Al Sharpton a "Pimp"
Why Connecticut is Self-Destructing
You Will Be Assimilated
"Social Justice" Gone Wild
Black vs. Blue in America
Hillary and Crony Capitalism
Restaurants and Crony Capitalism
Liberals Push Social Issues
Obama's Anti-Police Ideology
When the Left Snarls
Thank Liberals for Rachel Dolezal
"Gay Rights Have Made Us Dumber"
Transgender Tactics of the Left
The Politicization of Charleston Begins
What is a "Conservative?"
Is Donald Trump a Double Agent?
Don't Stop with the Confederate Flag
Obama Prefers Lies
A Symbol of Heritage or Hate?
Republicans Vow to Replace Obamacare
Massacres & Magical Thinking
Scott Walker After Supreme's Perverse Marriage Ruling: Amend the Constitution
Focus on Obamacare Repeal
Conservatives Need to Get Real About the Court
IRS Scandal: Time for a Special Prosecutor
The Left Will Target Churches
Progressive Mass Hysteria
Clinton's Email Story Unravels
The Left's Declaration of Dependence
Oregon Gags Same-Sex "Marriage" Opponents
Clinton's Emails: A Revealing Dispatch
4 Myths of July 4
Conservatives on Celebrating July 4
If Liberals Really Cared About Black Lives
5 Myths About the Founders
Is Our Revolution Dead?
Oregon Declares War on Christianity
Cruz Control?
San Francisco--Whose Sanctuary?
Christian Law School to Lose Accreditation Over Homosexuality? 
Hillary Supports Sanctuary Cities
Bernie Sanders is the Future of the Democrats
Countering Liberal's Assault on Suburbia
The Whitest Privilege
Welcome to Mr. Obama's Neighborhood
Why Liberals Hate Uber
Wisconsin's Shame
Spinning Out Of Control
Provocative Gay Flag Must Come Down
Pastors in Politics?
Obama's Next Target: the Suburbs
Social Justice for Conservatives
Obama's Massive Database
HUD's War on the Suburbs
Ted Cruz vs. Code Pink
Hillary Clinton Comes Closer to an Investigation
Obama Pushes Homosexual Agenda in Kenya
The Democrats Handout Strategy is Failing
What's the Point of the GOP's Senate Majority?
The Coming Democrat Implosion
Christian Right is the Hope for the GOP
There's No War on Voting Rights
Sanctuary Cities for Conservatives?
Gun Lies
The Age of Sentiment and Cruelty
Why History Will Curse the Democrats
Democrats: They're All Socialists Now
GOP Led Efforts in States Lead to Defunding of Planned Parenthood
Ben Carson Gives His Testimony
The Democrats' Socialist Surge
Clinton's Empty Email Excuses
Clinton Email Scandal Gets Serious
Hillary's Emails: The Vice Slowly Tightens
Hillary's Server Wiped Clean
7 Reasons Clinton's Email Troubles Won't Go Away
Welcome to Post-Ferguson Policing
The Hillary Horror Movie, a Sequel
Hillary's Classified Info Nightmare
No Surprise: Planned Parenthood Finances Senate Democrats
10 Things You Didn't Know Were Racist
What Trump's Popularity Reveals
#BlackLivesMatter Misfire
Hillary's Record of Malfeasance
The Tired Opportunistic Gun-Control Agenda
Police Lives Matter
The "Ferguson Effect" Spreads
Satan in the Oval Office
At War with Reality
The Data Destroyers
"I Am A Liberal"
Liberal Columnist Upsets #BlackLivesMatter 
George Will's Cultural Death Wish
When is Lois Lerner Going to Prison?
Clinton Records Reveal Up To 150 Classified Emails
Hillary Clinton vs. Ashley Madison
Denali vs. McKinley
Scary: Hillary Clinton's America
Exposing "Black Lives Matter" for What It Is
The Law Is Only Sacred When It Furthers Liberal Values
My Old Kentucky Double Standard
No Trumpian Movement Is Conservative
Justice, Not Social Justice
An Anti-American White House
The Left's Twitter Hypocrites
The Government vs. Uber
GOP Only Pretends Not to Authorize Obama's Agenda
What's Wrong With Socialism?
Descent Into Lawlessness
How Big is the Government?
Hillary's Methodism
Is Obamanism Correctable?
Is Socialism on the Rise?
Hillary Clinton Thinks You're Stupid
Infiltrating the #BlackLivesMatter Cult
Worship the State, or Else
The Moral Issues Don't Hurt Republicans
Obama's Ultimate Deception
"Sinful:" Obama's Guest List for Papal Visit
Why Let Women in Combat, but Not Sports?
Obama: Islam or Christianity?
What the Nobel Peace Prize President Has Wrought
Surprise!: FBI Recovers Some Clinton Emails
Tolerating Pederasty
Obama Should've Been Behind Bars!
Boehner Stepping Down as House Speaker
Behind Boehner's Benediction
McCarthy Seen as Successor
The Dumbest Controversy Ever
The GOP's Surrender Politics
Obama Admn. Enables "Boy Play"
Am I Still a Racist?
Democrats are the Party of Abortion, Not Women
Smoking Gun: Hillary's Server
The War on America Turns 50
Australia's Gun-Grab Didn't Work
Don't Play the Shooter's Game
Syria is Obama's Watergate
Chaffetz Running for House Speaker
Score One for the TEA Party
Hillary's Gun-Control Proposal a Joke
Hillary's Gun-Control Non Sequiturs
President Obama Prefers to Provoke
Yes, Obama Wants to Take Your Guns
Elizabeth Warren's Wall Street Double Standard
7 Gun-Control Myths that Won't Die
Impeach the IRS Director
"A New Constitution or the Bullet?!"
The Left's Phony War on Gun Violence
McCarthy Exits Speaker's Race
The Real Benghazi Investigation
Another Massacre, Another Charade
Paul Ryan Should Run
Yes, the Right Does Have Answers on Guns
A Liberal's Ten Commandments
Jindal: We Need Revival, Not Gun Control
Ben Carson is Right About Nazi Gun Control
Obama's Sad Legacy for Black Americans
Rename the Democrat Party?
Liberals Always Seeking a "New Deal"
Clinton's "Please Hack Me" Server
Gallup and Guns
The Evil of Gun-Free Zones
Open Season on Police
About Those Clinton Emails
Stop Citing Sweden as a Socialist Success
Why Doesn't Trump Blame Bill Clinton for 9/11?
Ahmed's Clock: Obama Got Punked
Benghazi Families: Hillary a "Serial Liar"
Hillary's Stunning Mendacity
Hearings Confirm Hillary's Status as a Liar
Obama Fuels Anti-Cop Flames
No Defense for Obama or Clinton
Hillary's Big Benghazi Lie
The Liberal Gun-Control Charade
Clinton's Accidental Transparency
House to Impeach IRS Chief
The Decriminalization Delusion
Liberal Zealots
Paul Ryan Elected Speaker
The Lies Behind "Black Lives Matter"
Today in Liberal Tolerance
Why Liberals Identify With Criminals
Paul Ryan Calls for Prayer
Lena Dunham: Culture War Double-Agent
Who's Responsible?
Fight Inequality: Abolish the Ivy League
Impeaching IRS Chief a Good Start
Academic Liberals: Shred the Constitution!
Rev. Graham: Obama Standing Against God
Ben Carson and the Dems "War on God"
Why Lie? (Part 2)
Who's Burning Black Churches? Oh Yeah.
America's Crisis Isn't Political, It's Moral
It's Not a Culture War, but a War on the Culture
Liberalism Undermines Freedom
FBI Closing in on Hillary?
Liberty Requires Virtue
The Obama Legacy
Party of God vs. Party of Govt.
Alarm Bells for Liberals
The First Amendment is Dying
Why Can't the Democrats Say "Radical Islam?"
Francois Lied, Frenchmen Died
Liberalism Commits Ritual Suicide on Campus
"Obama has become Dangerous"
From Missouri to Paris
What Happened to Real Racism?
The End of Obamaworld
Bruce Jenner, ISIS, & Hillary's Hypocrisy
Obama's Final, Dangerous Year
Obama's Real War
Be Afraid...of Obama
The Myth of Enduring Millennial Liberalism
Democrats Hate Thanksgiving: Here's How They Plan to Ruin It
Cry-Bullies: Coming Age of the Abuser-Victim
The Left's Diversity "Logic"
Still Blaming Israel First Conservatives Must Save the Cities
Free Speech
Attacking a Message as Corrupt as its Messengers
Chicago Deserves Its Riots
Chicago Murder in Black & White
Black Live Matter Doesn't Matter
Evil Can't Be Ignored
The Left Prays to Its God of Government
Liberals Declare: "God's Not Fixing This"
Barack Obama: Social Justice Warrior-in-Chief
Gun Violence Erupts in a State of Gun-Control
Why Liberals Condemn Prayer
Rebuking Obama
The Gun Debate in Two Charts
Liberalism's Gun Problem
LA Politics: Choosing Decline
Barack Obama: Islamic Apologist
The Democrat Party Is a Death Cult
Trump's Rise is Obama's Political Legacy
Liberal Theology of Gun Control
Ken Ham's Response to President Obama
The Gun Debate, Continued
A "Fog" of Lying and Incompetence
The Next President Will Have a Pen and a Phone Too
The "Fascist" Left in America
Socialism Kills More Than Terrorism
Travesty in Baltimore
President Obama's Legacy of Fakery
Lying About Gitmo
Democrats and the "FEAR!" Card
Obama: "It's because I'm Black, Isn't It?"
Big Government = Scrooge
Liberals Attacking Liberals
Immorality & Contempt for Liberty
The Real Victims of Victimhood
Racism: "White Men Must be Stopped"
Obama's Delusions
Democrat Monopoly on the Immoral High Ground
The Year of Hysteria
End the Anti-Cop Witch Hunt
Police Stats Shred Black Lives Matter Narrative
Long List of Obama's Pro-Muslim Bias
Democrats in Congress Show Support for Sharia Law
Equality Babble
A Tale of Two Bills: Cosby vs. Clinton


Robert Gates Pulls No Punches
Gates: Memoirs of a Secretary at War
Obama Scandals vs. Christie Scandal
Flawed Christie, Unlike Obama, Takes Responsibility
A Tale of Two Scandals
Democrats Midterm Blues
The Imperial Presidency of Barack Obama
Obama's "Embarrassing" SOTU
Full Transcript of Obama's SOTU
Progressivism Kills
Obama's Work Trap
Why Democrats Hate Work
Are Liberals Less Selfish?
Black Pastors Seek 1 mil. Signatures to Impeach Holder
Why Won't Lois Lerner Talk?
Blue State Dems Feel the Heat
How the Ukraine Crisis Ends
Huckabee Warns CPAC of God's "Fiery Judgment"
A Poor Way to Reduce Poverty
Dems and the Panic Button
How Does a President Rewrite the Constitution?
Dems Continue Race-Baiting
Millennials Abandon Obamacare
Impossible to Enforce Obamacare
Dems Killing New England
Black Senior Forced to Choose: Obama or Jesus
The Hidden Rot in the Jobs Numbers
The Party of Work
Hate Crime Trojan Horse
Your EPA Thugs at Work
It's the Economy Stupid
Dems Should Bail on Obamacare
A Special Prosecutor for the IRS
GOP Alternatives to Obamacare
Ryan, Obama, and Racism
Climate Policy Benefits Dem Donors
Connecting With Millennials
Liberals Turn on Their Own
Democrats Campaign Finance Delusions
Obamacare vs. Religious Liberty
Faith and Work
The Gospel According to Liberals
Scandals Rock Democrats
Poverty Fighting Myth vs. Reality
Why Texas is Booming
Democrat Hypocrisy
Socialism and Electric Cars
Leland Yee (Democrat), the Kochs, and the Press
Obama to Military Leaders: Accept Gays or Step Down
The Church of Leftism
Top 10 States Americans are Fleeing
Why Are Military Bases "Gun-Free" Zones?
Is God Now on Russia's Side?
Obama's Routine is Laughable Indeed
The Left's Evolving Hierarchy of Rights
More Benghazi Confusion
Dick Durbin Refused Communion


A New GOP Agenda
A Gun Ban That Misfired
The Purpose of Gun Rights
Guns Don't Kill People, the Mentally Ill Do
Gun Control: Founders vs. Today's Lawmakers
Drone Double Standard
"Ben Carson for President!"
Americans Under Attack. Then: Nothing
Who Failed Chicago?
Deja Vu with the SOTU
Hope With Rubio's & Paul's SOTU Reply
Obama's Growth Record Worst in 60 Years
Hoping For Armageddon is Not Leading
Obama's Legacy: Govt. Greed
What's Worse Than Bullying? The Govt. Fix
Amazing "Evolution" of Dems on Marriage
GOP Must Stand Strong
Gun Control Failing in Chicago
Benghazi Dam Breaking
The Madness of Liberal Moralizing
More Destructive Liberalism: Free Breakfasts
Smearing Benghazi Whistleblowers
White House Keeps Digging
The White House's Crumbling Credibility
The Tax Man vs. the TEA Party
IRS Targets Conservatives
House to Expand Benghazi Probe
Obama's Scandals Piling Up
Scandals Reveal the True Obama
The End of the Obama Illusion
Higher-Ups Knew of IRS Case
CBS: Evidence that Obama Admn. Knew in 2012
3 Signs There's a Cover-Up
Tyranny is No Longer "Lurking"
Holder "Vetted" Rosen Warrant
Obama's Scandalous Legacy
Democrats CA Captivity
Biggest Scandal of Our Lives
NSA Whistleblower: "Tip of the Iceberg"
"PRISM" Declassified
Guns and Grade-School Panic
CA Elem. School After Toy Guns
The Obama Scandals and the Limbaugh Theorem
Dems Hypocrites on Surveillance
Why Didin't NSA Spying Target Mosques?
The Cincinnati Lie
George Wallace Was a Democrat
Dems Want IRS Scandal to Go Away
Dems IRS Testimony Release a Flop
Challenging Young Obama Voters
Obama's War on America
Meet Today's Liberals
Who's the Most 'Racist?'
Detroit a Poster Child for Liberalism
A Race-Baiting Administration
A Bombshell in the IRS Scandal
Why CL Bryant Left the NAACP
The Decline of the Civil Rights Est.
Weiner & Spitzer: Modern Liberals
5 Ways Liberalism Destroyed Detroit
New Developments in IRS Scandal
Obamacare: Going, Going, Gone
Defund Obamaphones
Syrian Nightmare
Biden on Impeachment
Carson: MLK Would Decry Black-on-Black Violence
About that Million Muslim March
Community Organizer Goes to War
Obama is a Laughing Stock
Why Obama is Floundering
Why Democrats Have Reason to Fear
21 Journalists Now Work for the Obama Admn.
Gun Control In Place at D.C. Navy Yard
Get Rid of the "Redskins," "Braves," "Chiefs," et al?
Cruz & Paul Winning the Future
Will Dems Shut Down the Govt.?
The Irresponsibility of Democrats
Stalemate Continues
Shutdowns Happen. Ask Reagan.
Obama's Ignorant of the Constitution
Why Trust the Govt.?
The Politics of Self-Esteem
The Wimpy "We Can't Win" Caucus
Lies Democrats Tell Themselves
Obama Reaps What He Sowed
Obama's Big Lie
Thank These Republicans for Obamacare
Bush Lied, Obama "Misspoke"
Democrats Bailing on Obama
The Dems 2014 Problem


It's Working in Walker's Wisconsin
An ID to Buy Sugar?
Contraception Mandate vs. Religious Freedom
An Unconstitutional and Illegal Mandate
Ryan Dismantles Obama's Budget
Obamacare vs. the Constitution
Social Issues and the Santorum Surge
The Left Fuels Santorum Surge
Is Media Matters Obama's Watergate
Is Obama's America God's Country?
Why Apologize to Afghanistan?
The Perversion of Rights
It's Absurd to Think Obama has Won
"Arab Spring" Radicals Find Support in the White House
Dems Shocking Dishoensty on Birth Control
The Reagan in Romney
The Worst Week of Obama's Presidency
Democrats War on Conservative Women
Downside of Cohabitation
America's Most Indecent Race-Mongers
Illinois Bishop Compares Obama to Stalin, Hitler
The Coming Conservative Landslide
America's Most Indecent Race-Mongers
Who is 'Racist?'
The Origins of Entitlement
Did Nixon Take Credit for Moon Landing?
Obama's Vision for Julia: Statism
The Life of Julia
Composite Americans
Senate Rejects Obama's Budget 99-0
Artur Davis Leaving Democrats
Bad News Mounts for Obama
Even Loyalists Wince at Obama's Take on Private Sector
Obama's 3rd Party History
They Just Don't Want You to See Those Documents
Obama: The First Invented-American President
Fast and Furious Front and Center
What Happens When Govt. Stops Collecting Union Dues?
Biggest Scandal in U.S. History
A Gift to Romney
Fewer Know Independence from Govt.
Europe "Dancing Around the Fire of Hell"
What Romney Should Say About Romneycare
America's Twilight
Why Conservatives are Happier than Liberals
Drudge: Condi for VP?
Pro-Lifers: Pro-Abortion Views Disqualify Condi
What's Wrong With CA?
CA: What it Looks Like w/only Democrats in Charge
Obama Fails the Young
Islamist Generation
Obama's Statism vs. the Self-Made Man
Did the State make you Great?
Banning Guns is Not the Answer
Is Bachmann Being Forced to Apologize?
Obama's Comments Define His Admn.
Too Many Guns, or Too Few?
The Tolerance Enforcers
Obama Win = More Dependent Nation
Black Pastors Organize Against Obama
Dingy Harry Smears Romney
Obama Admn. Approved Reid's Lies
Staples vs. Solyndra
Unfit to Govern
Don't Fear Paul Ryan
Obamacare: Why the Dems are Vulnerable
Our Idiot Vice President
Dems Should Put Rape Talk on Ice
2016: A Powerful Movie
Obama's Record: Borrowed, Spent & Wasted
Eastwood Puts Liberals in Panic Mode
Liberals "Negro Spotting" at the RNC
Strange Rise of "Fact Checking" Propagandists
Woodward's Devastating Account of Obama
Liberals Can't Handle the Truth
Obama's Empty Speech
An Alternative to Dems Moral Bankruptcy
Satan Has Found His Political Party
Wasserman-Schultz Caught in a Lie
What's So Hard About Defending Free Speech?
Romney Was Right on Embassy Attack Comments
Why Was Christopher Steven's Murdered?
Obama vs. the First Amendment
The Obama Delusion Continues
A Golden Opportunity for Romney
25 Most Obnoxious Obama Quotes
Obama: "I believe in Redistribution"
White House Evolution on Libya Attack
The Fallacy of Redistribution
The Obama You Don't Know
White House's Scandalous Lies About Libya
Obama's Unfulfilled Promises
An Ambassador Died, Obama Lied
Hundreds-of-Thousands Flee Democrat Run CA
Obama's Weak Case
Mythology vs. Reality of Obama
Denying the Libya Scandal
Why Did They Spend Two Weeks Blaming a Video?!
Benghazi Consulate's Request for Help Was Denied
Benghazi Personnel Requests for Help Denied 3 Times
When Americans Saw the Real Obama
Petraeus Resigns
GOP Solutions
The Way Forward
GOP Debate on Social Issues Emerging
GOP Power Shifts to Governors
The Looming Crisis of Liberalism
When Thuggery is OK
Let's Have That Conversation About Guns
Time to End Gun-Free Zones
The Fallacy of Gun-Free Zones
Why Did Gun Control Fail in Newtown?
Assault Weapon Ban Won't Work
Obama Girl's School has 11 Armed Guards...
As Does (NRA Mocker) David Gregory's
A Plan to Eliminate School Shootings
Making Sense of the World
Laws are for Little People (not David Gregory)
Predictions for California


Investigate This!
AZ Congresswoman Shot
Where's the Caution from the Media?
In Defense of Inflamed Rhetoric
The Media and the Shotter
Left Rushes to "Blame Gain"
NYT's Krugman Hits Rock Bottom
Left Hypocritically Exploits Shooting
Loughner's Twisted Shrine
States of Crisis
Massachusetts and the Path to Repeal
The Left Goes After Chik-fil-A
Wisconsin vs. Big Labor
FDR Warned on Public Sector Unions
Gallup: Heavily Dem. States Cut in Half
Wisconsin Protests Not About Budget? Well, Yes
Collective Bargaining in Public Sector
Look for the Union Fable
Public Unions Must Go
In Wisconsin, A Leadership Lesson for Obama
Lies about TEA Party Come True in Wisconsin
Who Benefits from Govt. Unions?
Why Middle Amer. is Rejecting Big Govt.
Oh, to be a Teacher in Milwaukee!
Uncivil Unions
On the Verge of a Govt. Shutdown
Obama Lost Budget Battle
It Wasn't Close
Why Trump Shouldn't Be Taken Seriously
Obama's Certificate of Live Birth
Middle East Mess
Weiner Helping Junk the Country
Weiner's Tale Unraveling
Weiner Conspiracy Theories
Boehner Plan 3.0 Appears to Have Votes
House Passes Debt Deal
Senate Passes/Obama Signs
Biden: TEA Party "Like Terrorists"
Vile Liberal Rhetoric Gets a Pass (again)
Miss Jimmy Carter Yet?
Wisconsin GOP Holds--Left Devastated
Perry the Frontrunner
The Coming Global Class War
Desperate to Stop the Perry Posse
"Racists...Voted for Obama because He's Black"
Obama's $447 Billion Reelection Plan
What Comes After "Europe?"
Wall Street Protesters Call for Totalitarian Govt.
The Wall Street 'Mob'
Perry Smeared by the Liberal Establishment
Occupiers a Boon for the GOP
Four Habits of the Occupiers
Occupiers Turn Violent
Cain Controversy Turning Into a Farce
Corzine: Poster Child for Liberal Hypocrisy
Rush on Cain: Politico Failed
Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Cain Lynching
60 Minutes Confronts Pelosi
Liberal Lynching of Herman Cain
David Axelrod's Pattern of Sexual Misbehavior
Occupy Wall Street: A Declaration of Dependence
Occupying Chaos
Is Liberalism a Religion?
Tragedy of Obama's Presidency


Liberal Myths vs. Reality
Liberals Give 'Til it Hurts (You)


Palin Unleashes on Media
Obama: 'Only Government can lift us from Recession'
Bush's Achievements
Obama's Climate Czar has Socialist Ties
History will show that Bush was right
Cheney's a Monster, W's Stupid, & Palin's a Bimbo
Why Conservatives Fight On
Exit Bush
Obama's Inaugural Address
Repudiates Bush Era in Address
Here Comes Socialism
'I Hope He Fails'
Presidents' Job Approval Ratings in Modern History
Obama Takes on Limbaugh
Limbaugh Responds
Political Speeches
Dems Launch Petition Against Limbaugh
Obama Chooses Arab Network for First TV Interview
Stimulus Bill: You Won't Believe What's In It
Republicans Pick Steele as Party Chairman
What's a Few Unpaid Taxes Among Friends
Isn't Paying Taxes Our Patriotic Duty?
Taxes Problems Torpedo Two Big Obama Nominations
Obama's 'Playboy' Nominee
Conservative Groups Declare Obama's Stimulus 'A War on Prayer'
Amateur Hour at the White House
Obama's Fear Mongering: Pass it Now, or we may Never Recover
Krauthammer: So much for 'Hope over Fear'
Done Deal? Not Quite
SC Gov: A Problem Created by Debt will not be Solved by Debt
GOP was Right to Vote Against the Stimulus
Obama is a Novice, and it Shows
AP: Obama has it Both Ways on Pork
Huckabee: Stimulus is Anti-Religious
Schumer: Americans Don't Care about 'Porky Amendments'
Gregg Withdraws After Policies Too Much To Stomach
Democrats Consider Reviving 'Fairness Doctrine'
Obama's Rhetoric is the Real 'Catastrophe'
The Dukes of Moral Hazzard
The Age of Irresponsibility
Obama's Approach Hurting, not Helping
Governors vs. Congress
Obama's Address to Congress
Jindal's Response
FACT CHECK: Many of Obama's Words Ring Hollow
Obama's Straw Men
Message From CPAC
Obama's Budget Will Expand Government Permanently
Obama's Bush Vindication
Obama Proposes a European U.S.
Virginia Senate Kills Prayer 'In Jesus Name'
Obama's Bad Medicine
Defining Conservatism
Rush to the President: Debate Me
Focusing on Limbaugh Makes Obama Look Petty
Deception at Core of Obama Plans
Wikipedia Removes Critical Entries from Obama Page
Obama Budget Lacks Votes
Flashback: Carville wanted Bush to Fail
Economists give Obama, Geithner Low Grades
The Republican Civil War
Does Obama Know What He's Doing?
Palin-phobes and the Audacity-of-Type
Dreaming of President Petraeus
Alan Keyes calls Obama a Radical Communist
Bush's Folly ending in Victory
Obama Deserves No Recognition from Notre Dame
Krauthammer: Europe's Been (Nursing) on America's (Bosom) For 60 Years
Obama's Ultimate Agenda
Newt: U.S. at Greater Risk Under Obama
Newt Steps Up Efforts to Mobilize Religious Conservatives
Sowell: Random Thoughts
Obama's Unreality Tour
Tea Parties: A Great Part of American History--And Its Future
Castro's Useful Idiots
Survey on how Liberals and Conservatives Differ on Matters of Faith
Federal Agency Warns of Radicals on he Right
The Public is Sick of Govt's Wasteful Spending
Not God's Country Anymore
Senior White House Advisor: TEA Parties 'Unhealthy'
Are You an 'Extremist'?
California Ponders Constitutional Convention
Obama's Leap to Socialism
Obama's Budget Follies
Pelosi Briefed on Waterboarding in 2002
Congress Knew About the Interrogations
Cheney vs. Obama
Spector Switches to Democrats
California as Liberalism's Laboratory
'Empathy' Versus Law
Cheney: Obama Endangers the Nation
Morris: Republicans Must Stand Firm
Obama's Tortured Logic
TEA Party 'Extremists' Rock and Reload July 4
GOP Govs Plan TEA Party Sequel
Religious, Moral Issues are Above Obama's Paygrade
Obama vs. Cheney (again)
Where's the Liberal Outrage?
Cheney's Winning the Debates
Obama's Idea of Justice
It's the Constitution, Stupid
Democrats' Epiphanies
Emergence of Obama's Muslim Roots
"Out of Context"
New Poll Results are Devastating for Obama's Gitmo Plan
Green With Guilt
The U.S. Department of Injustice
Reagan's Speech on 40th Annv. of D-Day
Obama's Issues Crumbling
Gallup: Conservatives are Largest Ideological Group
Obama Fast Tracking the Nanny State
Obama Surveying the World
GOP Loses Leading Voice in Ensign
Misremembering Reagan
Be Shrill
Five More Myths the Left Has Created About Itself
Senator Embarrassment
South Carolina Governor Caught in Affair
Obama Loves Organized Labor
Dems Interested in Protecting Pelosi
Sen. Boxer Dressed Down by Black Businessman
(Who Has the Facts Right?)
DNC Lashes Out at "Angry" Mobs
White House Acting Orwellian
White House: "Punch Back"
Democrats Looking Desperate
White House Ignoring Constitution
Conservatives Outnumber Liberals in All 50 States
What Are the Blue Dogs Thinking?
The Post Office Comparison
Obama's War on Our Spies
Obama's Blunder
White House Projects Bigger Deficits and Debt
Clinton Fundraiser Charged With Fraud
Rangel Hides Income and Assets
Enough is enough, Harry
A Long Shot in California
Obama Must Abandon Kennedy Way
"You Lie!"
Dems Lack the Votes
TEA Party in D.C.
Hundreds of Thousands Rally
Obama's Rhetoric vs Common Sense
Rockefeller Not Voting for Baucus' Bill
Why No One Believes Obama
Liar, Liar
Pressure Builds for ACORN Review
Obama to Spend $10 Trillion on Welfare
Sign Wars
Schwarzenegger Wants ACORN Investigated
Obama's Olympic Failure Adds to Doubts
Rush On Olympic Rejection: A "B-tch Slap Upside the Head"
Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize
"Ridiculous--Embarassing, Even"
Obama's Nobel Farce
Nobel Committee Makes Obama Look Ridiculous
Obama a Laughingstock
House/Senate Dems at Odds
Limbaugh Bad, Mao Good
More Trouble For Dems
Limbaugh: Obama a One-Termer
Hoffman Leads Big in NY-23
Real Story on NY-23
GOP Victories Send Message to Dems
A Death Blow for Obamacare
What the Election Reveals
Do The Math
Myth of '08 Demolished
NY Gov. Rips WH
Anticlimax in the Senate
After Vote for Debate, Dems at Odds
Splits Widen for Dems
Obama's Vendetta Against Bush
Shame On Me for Voting for Obama


Obama Padding His Resume
10 Concerns about Barack Obama
Gallup Poll on Republicans, Democrats, and Creation
McCain meets with Billy Graham
NRA sets sights on San Francisco
NRA to blitz Obama
The Gun Debate Is Hardly Over
The Pen is Not Mightier than the Sword
Gingrich: Jindal's Revolution
Pelosi's Moratorium
Republican's Revolt
The Arrogance of Nancy Pelosi
Bailout Politics
Liberals Rethink Free Speech
Judge Obama by the Company He Keeps
Liberals Unhinged
The coming liberal thugocracy
Biden Grilled by Florida Interviewer
Obama audio on "redistribution of wealth."
Obama's Smoking Audio
The Reign of Lame...
Treatment of Bush Disgraceful
Historians: Obama is no Lincoln
Ignorance Reigns Supreme
Rush Blasts Colin Powell
'Obama's Holy Hell'
Time to 'Shut Down' Electoral College? (Click here for my column on the Electoral College.)

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