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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Desperate Democrats (Again) Look to the Climate

When it snows, it pours. This is especially true if you're a Democrat fighting for political relevance and the best you have is, "We just saved the planet!" (from a threat that doesn't exist) and "We made a deal with communists! (which we cannot enforce)." For Democrats, winter has come in early--and brutally--in more ways than one. After the midterm disaster suffered by Democrats, the political winter that ensued for liberals has now been accompanied by literal wintertime weather, of the record-breaking sort.

Though the calendar only reads the middle of November, much of the U.S.--as most well know, because we can see it and feel it--is experiencing snowfall and cold never-before recorded at this time of the year. The recent cold in Denver broke records that stood for nearly a century. This past Monday, St. Cloud Minnesota broke a November snowfall record that stood for well over a century.
"But this is just weather," many liberals exclaim. "The climate is much more complicated, and, just like with healthcare, your too stupid to understand the difference. So just hand over the economy to smart people like us, and we'll fix it," or so they say.

Though, how smart can one be to try and make political hay out of a global warming climate deal with communists in the middle of a record-breaking cold snap? President Obama called the climate deal he just struck with the Chinese "historic." Desperate to try and prop up the politically crippled President, his enablers and confidants in the media more than agree. Grist considers it a "game changer." Eugene Robinson's piece on the deal is entitled, "An Accord the Planet Needed."

The New York Times called the deal a "landmark agreement" and implies that Democrats focus on the climate is a "winning cause in the 2016 presidential campaign."

Do you recall the climate being a winning issue for Democrats recently? Me neither. In fact, the only Democrat facing an election right now, the embattled and abandoned Mary Landrieu of Louisiana, is ready to completely defy her party when it comes to climate politics and fully support the building of the Keystone Pipeline. Several of her Democrat colleagues in the Senate seem ready to join her.

However, just like the climate deal with China, Landrieu's efforts won't matter. The time for political courage on the Keystone Pipeline, Obamacare, and other such matters has come and gone. Just as the climate doom-and-gloom preached by liberals doesn't pass the smell (or sight, or feel) test, Landrieu's actions will be seen for what they are: political desperation. And in spite of what liberals think, Louisiana voters are smart enough to figure this out.

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