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Friday, December 4, 2015

Straining Out Christian Gnats & Swallowing Islamic Camels

The frightening news about the San Bernardino jihadists continues to pour in. In addition to the early news about their contact with known terrorists, and their online viewing of ISIS propaganda, various news outlets today are reporting that Tashfeen Malik, the wife and murderous partner of Syed Rizwan Farook, had pledged allegiance to Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdad.

Fox News is reporting that federal investigators are saying that there is a "very serious" possibility that Malik "radicalized" her husband. Also, disturbingly, but not surprisingly, CBS News is reporting that one of the San Bernardino terrorists passed the Department of Homeland Security’s "counterterrorism screening as part of her vetting" for a visa.

Given the perverse worldview of the current U.S. administration, no one should be surprised that Islamic terrorists are making their way through our borders and "security" checks. Just yesterday, no less than Loretta Lynch, President Obama's current Attorney General, vowed to prosecute those who use "anti-Muslim" rhetoric that "edges towards violence."

Obama himself has yet to call the San Bernardino massacre "terrorism." And when he does finally get around to uttering the word "terrorism," he almost certainly will not use the phrase "Islamic terrorism," or even "radical Islamic terrorism." His cohorts and enablers in the mainstream media will continue to parrot his silence on the role of Islam in terrorism. Contrast this with how quickly and lustfully many on the left rushed to label Robert Dear, who stormed a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood facility last Friday, shooting and killing three, a "white Christian terrorist."

Because they are so difficult (actually impossible) to find, the notion of "White Christian terrorists" keeps liberals across America busy. As I noted well over two years ago, there is a great deal of difference in "radical Christianity" and "radical Islam." Radical Christians build hospitals. Radical Muslims seek to fill them up. Radical Christians build schools. Radical Muslims hurl acid at the faces of young girls who merely want an education.

Radical Christians tell the truth about homosexuality so that those deceived might come to repentance. Radical Muslims execute homosexuals by throwing them from the rooftops of buildings (and leading Muslim clerics explain the justification). Radical Christians are the most generous people in the world. Nations where Islam dominate are some of the most impoverished in the world. In fact, much of the most desperate financial aid given out by the U.S. (private and government) is to counter the poverty produced by Islam.

These truths about Islam are clear and quantifiable. In spite of this, liberals--even (so-called) liberal Christians--are eager to equate Christian conservatives with violent radical Islamists. On Patheos, liberal Christian blogger Benjamin L. Corey declared that,
"Most of the anti-Sharia Christians are gross hypocrites….Conservative Christians often aren’t really anti-Sharia, they’re just anti-Islamic Sharia. They’re actually very pro-Sharia, highly engaged in trying to establish more Sharia, but instead are trying to establish Christian Sharia." (Emphasis mine.) 
To earn such slander, of course, Corey sites the "jihad" conservative Christians are waging against the homosexual agenda:
"We’ve seen this most notably in recent history with conservative Christians fighting against LGBTQ equality….Most recently, they went to the polls in Houston to vote down a bill that would have given transgender individuals the legal right to use the correct bathroom in public, instead of being forced into the humiliation of using the opposite gender bathroom. And, they won’t stop there. Between now and election day, Franklin Graham will be touring the country encouraging Christians to run for government office so they can 'turn America back to God.' Which, I can translate for you: he wants more Christians to run for office so we can make laws that reflect a very particular conservative Christian viewpoint. AKA, he wants more people to run for office so they’ll have the numbers to overturn their losses and expand Sharia law when it comes to LGBTQ individuals (and a host of other issues)….[T]hose who systematically fight agains [sic] the rights of LGBTQ citizens on the basis of their individual religious conviction, already support Sharia law. Just not that Sharia law, cause, you know, Muslims." (Emphasis mine.)
It should go without saying that, if Corey is so glaringly ignorant of his own faith, he would be ignorant of Islam as well. I wonder if he is willing to lecture Islamists so sternly on matters of "LGBTQ equality." Maybe he should plan a mission trip to the Middle East for just such a lecture.

And to top off their dangerous Islamic ignorance and Christian bias, after the San Bernardino attack, liberals mocked prayer and Christians calling for prayer, while foolishly declaring that "God's Not Fixing This." So while enabling a false religion that contains a significant number who would kill us all, liberals deride communication with the Author of truth, who, better than anyone else in the universe understands the only way to true peace.

Copyright 2015, Trevor Grant Thomas
At the Intersection of Politics, Science, Faith, and Reason.
Trevor and his wife Michelle are the authors of: Debt Free Living in a Debt Filled World

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