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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Forget the Facts in Ferguson--Libs Want an Indictment

The liberal media is already laying the groundwork for the next round of riots in Ferguson, Missouri, now that a grand jury has been convened. The game is to continue to perpetuate racial conflict in America, write stories, organize protests, and remind Americans why they need to vote for Democrats. But since the grand jury in Ferguson consists of nine whites and three blacks, many liberals have decided that true justice can’t possibly be served.

Case in point would be the recent musings of progressive commentator Sally Kohn. Her recent piece in the Daily Beast concludes that, given the racial make-up of the Ferguson grand jury, an “obvious question” has been raised: “Can whites empathize with Michael Brown and the larger grievances Ferguson’s black community has with police?” Because, you know, when weighing whether to change a man with murder, it’s always important that grand juries “empathize” with the community at large. After all, isn’t the word “empathy” prominently featured in the Fifth Amendment?

Given such progressive nonsense when it comes to our legal system, it’s no wonder that Texas liberals were able to indict Rick Perry. Such thinking is pervasive and long-standing with liberals when comes to the U.S. legal system. It’s one of the reasons why federal courts are falling all over themselves to legalize same-sex marriage. Since more Americans than ever are “empathetic” towards homosexuality, it’s only just that our courts find “rights” for homosexuals that have eluded us for well over 200 years.

Kohn also asks: “[C]an America more broadly value the experiences and concerns of black America enough to address them rather than dismiss them?” In other words, forget the facts; forget what grand juries are supposed to do; the Ferguson grand jury better indict or what we just witnessed in the St. Louis suburb will look like a bad weekend at Freaknik.

(See this post at American Thinker.)

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  1. Just can't stay away from that Ferguson story, can you Trevor? With all of this repetitive activity likely to cause localized blistering, I hope someone gets you a jar of theological vaseline...

    Frankly, I'm almost shocked you haven't blamed the Ferguson incident and rioting on ISIS infiltration of the American homeland.

    Meanwhile you jump all the way over to the Rick Perry story in Texas. Of course, there's a parallel here with Georgia's own Governor Nathan Deal trying to stymie an investigation by firing the investigator. Nixon proved it's usually not the initial crime itself, but the coverup attempt that does the political damage.

    To tie this back together, all the people in Ferguson Missouri and Texas and Georgia want is the whole, unvarnished truth.

    Speaking of the unvarnished truth, why is your web site background progressive democrat blue? -Shouldn't it be more like GOP red or demographic-mashup purple? What would Freud say?

  2. Coincidentally, here's another story being tried in the court of public opinion that you seem to have missed:

    -- 'Sons of Guns' reality TV show canceled after star William Hayden charged with child rape --


    What about it, Trevor? -No smug remarks on how conservative values paired with an endless supply of guns and testosterone make for a bad mix? Check your neocon talking-points memos and those dregs of internet misinformation you cite as news sources and tell us all about this man's family, his community, and his predisposition to criminal behavior which results from his political ideology. Be sure to mention names and lay blame by inference, which you are so very good at.

    -Or perhaps we should wait for the truth to be determined in a court of law? Gee... since you didn't wait or hesitate on that last story, it looks like you may have set a personal precedent for future behavior, -right?

    Look, I'll understand if you refuse to cover this story with one of your propaganda hit-pieces. After all, you never claimed to be fair and balanced, and to your credit you're not.

    So if you don't want to cover the sad story of what happened to "Sons Of Guns", maybe you can cover the equally sad story of the 9-year old girl with an Uzi who accidentally shot and killed her idiot shooting instructor. That'd make a nice alternative, dontya think? Wanna talk about the questionable ethics of teaching children to shoot targets that are silhouettes of people instead of a round "bulls-eye" target? Surely you can come up with some appropriate words for that...

    -- A 9-Year-Old at a Shooting Range, a Spraying Uzi and Outrage --


    This might be a good time to talk about moderation and sensible limits. Try it and you might accidentally find your real calling.

    Or you can keep quiet and the next time we hear this story, it will be a 5-year-old with an Uzi whose parents were shocked by the rather predictable outcome of fundamentally bad parenting choices.

  3. Great piece, Trevor. I always enjoy your thoughtful commentary. Keep up the good work!

  4. Attention K-Mart shoppers! Here's your quote of the day:
    From the movie "Night Of The Comet"
    (Samantha -shooting a crappy MAC-10 that jams) "Daddy Would Have Gotten Us Uzis!"

    Link to 43 second youtube video clip:

    And remember, We DO NOT cross against the light!

  5. Never watch "Sons-of-Guns." Of course, anecdotes prove nothing. Of course, the tragic statistics on the break-down of the black family is anything but anecdotal. As Walter E. Williams points out today, this breakdown has nothing to do with discrimination or white oppression. During the slave and Jim-Crow eras, the vast majority of black children lived in the home with both parents. In other words, during these eras, in spite of great oppression, the black family remained largely intact.

    The 9-year-old killing her instructor is a tragic story and reeks of stupidity. I've shot such guns before and given the recoil, there's no way I would put one (on full-auto) in the hands of a 9-year-old girl. My 10 and 12 year-old boys are shooting single-shot 22s and 410s. Given its recoil, the 410 is a little bit of a stretch.

  6. Geee Trevor... William Hayden from "Sons Of Guns" had a child out of wedlock with his girlfriend (now ex). He never married her. Previously he divorced the biological mother of his adult daughter Stephanie Hayden. Now he is married to a third woman and has been charged with raping his daughter by the ex-girlfriend. Why do I have the feeling if he was black or liberal you'd be ON this story like stink on crap...

    I'm right and you know it. My point here is your double standard, which is showing again. With the Ferguson story you didn't hesitate to smear by inference even though facts have not been determined in a court of law. The key was the story involves a black victim and a predominently black community.

    The other story I mentioned about Will Hayden matches the typical profile of your argument about disintegrastion of black families and having children out of wedlock, yet you don't give it the time of day because Hayden is white.

    By the way, if you haven't seen it, you might enjoy "Night Of The Comet" and likewise "American Beauty". One film is a campy sci-fi satire, the other a slow motion introspective on the train-wreck of an unwinding family.

    Or perhaps you've seen them already...