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Latest News/Commentary

Latest News/Commentary:

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News/Commentary/AND NOW: Trevor's Columns Archived:

Trevor's Column Archives by Topic (The only place on the internet--including on this site--where my columns are arranged by topic.)

My columns are arranged chronologically--beginning with the earliest--in each of the topics below. (This page is a current work in progress.)


Clarifying the Stem Cell Debate
The Gainesville Care Center
None So Blind...
Abortion and the Death Penalty
The Greatest Civil Rights Battle of All Time
Moral High-Ground Proves to be a Slippery Slope for Pro-Abortionists

America/American History:

The Faith of the Founders
The Constitution and the Commandments
Independence Day: July 2 or July 4?
Is America a Christian Nation?
Is America a Christian Nation? (A Response to Rick Bellows)
Founders Understood the Nature of Man


The True "Spirit of Christmas"
Prayers and Thanksgiving (Thanksgiving Column)
The Truth of Christmas
"Peace" Has Been Hijacked
The Resurrection
The Compelling Issue in the City of Man
A Christian Response to Whoever Wins the Presidency
Remember to Thank God (Thanksgiving Column)
Justified War
Good Tidings of Great Joy (Christmas Column)
Catholic Bishops' Tardy on FOCA Outrage
Nice People or a New Creation?
Politics, Science, and Faith
Adultery and the Christian Conservative
The Flood
Something About Christmas Time
Brit Hume Was Right
Are You a Grapefruit or Chocolate Milk Christian?
The Resurrection
Dealing with Imperfection
Whose Slave Are You?
The Fruit of Islam
Giving Thanks
His Peace


Supreme Politics
What if Sotomayor is Pro-Life?


Removing "Evolution" from Georgia's Curriculum
Clearly Creation
The Creation Museum
Which Came First, the T-Rex or the Chicken?
Scharnagel Response
Get Ready for "Evolution Weekend"
Let's Be Clear About Evolution
Darwinian Evolution is Not Compatible with Scripture


Sweet Land of Generosity
What You Own vs. What You Owe
Budgeting and Stewardship
Too Many Taxes
There's Nothing "Logical" About Continuing SPLOST
How Do We Fix This Financial Mess?
"All the Gold in California"
Feds Should Heed the Lessons of GM and Chrysler
Resetting Georgia's Budget Cycle
Living Debt Free
The Science of Couponing
The Fate of the Welfare State
How Much is Enough?


Michael Vick in Perspective
Where's the Outrage for Travis Henry?

Global Warming/Climate Change/Energy/Environment:

From Global Cooling to Global Warming
Global Warming Skeptics on the Increase
The Cost of Radical Environmentalism
Saving the Planet at the Expense of Mankind
The "New Religion of the First World Elites"
Blinded, Not by Science, but by Ideology
Predicting the Global Weather
The Man-Made Global Warming Faithful


Obama's Healthcare Hypocrisy
Obamacare's "Inevitable?"


The Truth About Homosexuality (Updated: 4/24/15)
What Angelina Jolie Teaches Us On Sexuality
The Dumbest Word in the English Language


Mahoney Scandal Reveals Media Bias


Marriage Under Fire
The Sad State of Marriage
Our Nation's Greatest Asset
Why Not Polygamy?
"California Dreamin'"
Same-Sex "Marriage" Meets Defeat Again
Tiger Woods: "Man-Caused Disaster"
Gay Marriage: The End Game


Abolish the Electoral College?
Bust the Filibustering
The Case for John McCain
The New York Times' Effect on McCain
Three Reasons to Vote for John McCain
Brief Presidential Resumes
2nd Amendment Victory
The Born Again Vote
Obama and the "Least of These"
When Liberals' Attack
McCain's Brilliant Choice
Obama Helps to Pass Prop 8
Cell Phone Ban Unnecessary
Stimulating What?
Obama's "Change" Doesn't Equal Progress
The TEA (Party) was "Sweet"
Liberal Hypocrisy is Nearly "Torture"
Michael Vick vs. Dante Stallworth (or Dog Killer vs. Man Killer)

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