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Sunday, March 19, 2023

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Peddles Pro-Trans Propaganda

As numerous right-minded (note: those not led by Democrats!) states take legal steps—my home state of Georgia being one of those—to protect children from radical and irreversible medical “transgender” procedures, this past Friday (3/17/2023) the largest newspaper in Georgia, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC) published an article that is littered with pro-transgender propaganda.

Of course, this is completely unsurprising. Like almost every large newspaper across the U.S., the AJC has long been little more than a left-wing rag. However, it is noteworthy the steps the left across America is taking to further the evil transgender agenda.

The article is entitled, “Trans kids say they have target on their back with GOP initiative.” The authors spend many of their words detailing the lives of several “transgender” youths in Georgia, who supposedly would be harmed by legislation aimed at protecting vulnerable children. The article does rightly note that the Georgia bill “would ban health care professionals from giving hormones such as estrogen or testosterone to transgender minors. Doctors also would not be allowed to perform surgeries on children seeking to align with their gender identity.”

One of the biggest bits of propaganda that runs throughout the piece is the idea that giving hormone treatments and radical cosmetic surgery to children is “healthcare.” Few things are further from the truth. In other words, it is not “healthcare” to mutilate and disfigure children. It is child abuse and should be treated as such.

The article details children as young five years old whose foolish parents subjected them to a “gender transition.” The authors write:

Jen Slipakoff, a Kennesaw resident, said her daughter first started talking about being transgender when she was 5. Up until then she had been raised as a boy. She’s 15 now.

“We already knew exactly what was happening before she ever said anything,” Slipakoff said. “She has an older brother, so our house was full of traditional boys toys. And our daughter would play with those toys in a very different way than our son was. She would take her little soldiers shopping instead of putting them on the battlefield. She was always drawn to what we would consider traditional girls toys and traditional female clothing.”

When she turned 5, she asked her mother to change her name.

The article also reports on a family with two “transgender” children:

Someone who is nonbinary doesn’t identify as strictly male or female. Dare, a 16-year-old from Dacula who uses “they” as their pronoun, said they were about 10 when they started to think they may be nonbinary.

“I’ve always been gender neutral my whole life,” Dare said. “My mom talks about how, when I was really little, I would pick toys from the boys aisle and the girls aisle.”

Dare and their sibling, a 13-year-old transgender boy named Jay, told their parents about their gender identities about the same time in 2020. 

Imagine that! Two “transgender” kids from the same family! As historically rare as is “transgenderism,” this would be a near statistical impossibility. Unless, of course, something else is up, which of course the AJC completely ignores. On the occurrence of “transgenderism,” Kimberly Klacik recently asked an important question with a telling answer. She asked, “Why aren’t kids in the hood transitioning to the opposite sex? I know the answer, just wanted to see if you knew.”

Interestingly, an excellent answer came from Sara Higdon, a self-described “transexual, Catholic, Veteran, minarchist/voluntaryist” who also happens to be a contributor to “Gays Against Groomers.” Answering Mrs. Klacik, Higdon writes:

Well because the typical demographic is upper middle class white kids of progressive parents. for two reasons. They have time and money to worry about such things, and have been conditioned to believe through Critical Theory that they are an oppressor and there is no way they can ever escape that status, so they see this as a way to join an oppressed class for which they are celebrated for instead of condemned. It’s the relationship between CRT and Queer theory.

Want to guess in what demographic Jen Slipakoff resides? (This will give you some clues.) The transgender craze sweeping America and various other parts of the world is not a medical phenomena but rather a social contagion, fueled by the evil LGBT arm of the radical left, and aided and abetted by the likes of the AJC.

Of course, the biggest lie behind the transgender agenda is the notion that one can change one’s sex. Almost nothing is further from the truth than the grotesque lie that sex-change is merely a medical process. The facts on who is a male and who is a female is one of the oldest truths in the history of humanity. We shouldn’t need legislation to protect children from the wicked lie that sex change is possible, but the left has brought us to this point.

Lastly, as Mrs. Slipakoff spoke before the Georgia Senate regarding the legislation, the AJC reported her saying,  

“I’m happy to report, she has never been bullied by her classmates,” Slipakoff said. “That’s not to say she doesn’t have bullies. Here in this room right now, they sponsored this bill and they’re the ones that are going to vote for it. ... She doesn’t want and she doesn’t need your protection. She wants you to leave her alone.”

Likewise, in one of the comments on the AJC article—which was a response to another comment—someone identified as “Benjamin McKoon” wrote, “Ever thought, hmmm... I wonder if this is any of my business??? Nope? Then shut the f*ck [without the asterisk] up and leave the kids alone inbred idiot.”

As the evil LGBT agenda has progressed throughout the U.S. the last several decades, “Just leave us alone!” or something similar, has been a frequent cry from LGBT activists. However, as I’ve often pointed out, “live and let live” has never been a hallmark of the LGBT agenda. This is quite evident if we only look at what’s occurred recently on the issue of “transgenderism.”

“Just deal with it,” was how a deluded Massachusetts male who’s competing as a female—and helping his school win a state title this year—put it when asked about boys competing against girls in sanctioned competitions. To help paint “transgenders” as being “targeted” in Georgia, the AJC article makes mention of how GA law, and the Georgia High School Association, requires athletes “to compete based on their biological sex.” How do you think Atlanta LGBT activists would respond to being told to “just deal with it” when it comes to this policy?

As was recently reported at Twitchy, the American left is filled with LGBT “mind your own business” hypocrites:

The radical trans Left loves to tell anyone who raises moral and ethical questions about the movement to mind their own business. Meanwhile, it’s the radical trans Left that insists on making themselves a part of everyone’s business — literally:

Georgia’s legislators, and our Governor, Brian Kemp, need to stand strong in the face of the AJC’s transgender propaganda and protect children from the hideous lies of the transgender agenda.

(See this column at American Thinker.) 

Copyright 2023, Trevor Grant Thomas
At the Intersection of Politics, Science, Faith, and Reason.
Trevor is the author of the 
The Miracle and Magnificence of America


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