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Friday, March 17, 2023

A Prophetic Word on Progressive Wokeness

Given that the idea of defining what is "woke" garnered so much attention this week, Pastor Mark Driscoll, in his recent sermon on "Progressive Wokeness"--(the first sermon in a new series: "New Days, Old Demons: A Study of Elijah")--does a good job defining "woke." This occurs early in the sermon. Here's the relevant quote: 

What is referred to as 'being woke' is a demonic counterfeit of being born again. Jesus said that we 'must be born again.' That means being awakened by the Spirit of God to our own sin. Being woke is the counterfeit of that. It's being awakened by demonic spirits so that you will understand that you are a good person and not a sinner, and you don't need Jesus you're your own savior.

Here's the full sermon: 

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