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Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Why Christianity--and Christians--Should Reject Same-Sex "Marriage" (Rev. Calvin Robinson)

Last month, in a meeting of the General Synod of the Church of England, the Rev. Calvin Robinson gave a clear and powerful response for why Christianity, and thus any faithful Christian, should reject any redefinition of marriage, including, and especially, same-sex "marriage." Some excellent pull-quotes: 

  • We are directly talking about undermining God's plan as He has revealed it to us. We are replacing His authority with our own. 
  • Yes, God is love, but He sets the terms, not us. 
  • The church should absolutely be inclusive. Christ spent time with tax collectors and prostitutes, but it is they who went away changed, not Christ. 
  • The church is open to sinners. Of course it is! That's the purpose of the church. But it should not be to encourage people to continue to sin. 
  • [Christianity] is inherently discriminatory. God is discriminatory. He sets conditions on us entering His heavenly kingdom. It is not a free-for-all. We must turn away from sin--repent--and follow Christ. 
  • [To those church leaders supporting same-sex "marriage"]: Stop teaching about diversity, inclusion, and equality. Get back to teaching about redemption and salvation. [To do otherwise] is spiritual neglect. 
  • [To those church leaders supporting same-sex "marriage"]: We are seeing the most rapid decline of Christianity in this country that we may have ever seen. Do not accelerate it with heresy. You do not have the authority to bless sin. 
  • When I hear the Bishop of London on record saying: "These new prayers will mean Priests can bless same-sex relationships (some of which may be sexual in nature)," I hear the Devil at work! 

This video clip is a condensed version of Rev. Robinson's talk (and contains all of the quotes above): 

Here is his full talk: 

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