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Friday, April 26, 2024

Taking the "Alphabet Mafia" Seriously

This post is from a piece by David Strom at Hot Air. It was published this past Sunday (4/21/24) in their weekly "Sunday Smiles" section. Everything below is from Mr. Strom's piece:

Karen wrote about the Bill Maher speech that declared, among other things, that Ron DeSantis was right about kicking alphabet ideology out of schools.

It was a great rant, and I agreed with almost every word. Yet it left me angry as well as satisfied, and I will tell you why in a bit. (Language Warning!)

Maher hit all the right notes: the entertainment industry IS filled with pedophiles, adults are sexualizing kids, kids ARE being groomed to become Queer, and Drag Queen Story Hour is perverted.

And Ron Desantis was right, and the only reason why the liberals denied it is that he is a Republican. Yep. Spot on.

So why am I still angry?

That last point gives it away: it takes Bill Maher permitting liberals to admit the obvious to get anybody to take these issues seriously, and that just isn't good enough.

Countless children have been and will be sacrificed to the alphabet gods for no other reason than liberals don't want to admit conservatives are right about anything. ...

It is a FACT that liberals will approve of pedophiles being given access to children because to do otherwise would confirm what conservatives say.

Think about how f'**ked up that is. They will let children be fondled by kiddie diddlers because admitting a Republican is right about an issue is a bridge too far.

We saw EXACTLY this when Sound of Freedom came out. There was a massive campaign to discredit the film and the idea of child sex trafficking for no other reason than Christians liked the film. It was as simple as that. We got the "Q-Anon" accusations. Suddenly, anybody worried about child sex trafficking was called a kook, despite several child sex trafficking rings being broken up WHILE THE CONTROVERSY was ongoing. 

The movie WAS BASED ON A TRUE STORY! But since conservatives liked the movie and that kids were being saved from sexual exploitation, it had to be discredited. There was a massive campaign to destroy the movie that thankfully failed.

We are a long way from alphabet ideology being driven out of society--in Blue states the momentum for it has GROWN as the rest of the world recoils in horror. ...

I have been told I am too angry, to which I say: YOU ARE NOT ANGRY ENOUGH. Horrible evils have been done. Millions stood by and enabled it, even justified it. You listened to all the "right" people, and they lied to you. Don't be angry at me; be angry at them. They did this. I tried to stop it. Get on board or get out of the way. ...

The whole piece is a worthy read. See it here

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