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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Election Update

About two days out and here is the significant news on the election:

Both parties see the campaign (in the pained words of The New York Times) "tilting towards the republicans."  As Rush pointed out Friday, democrats, and their mouth pieces in the mainstream media are in a panic, so I suppose "tilting towards the republicans" is all they can bring themselves to admit at this late stage. When all your hope lies in the forces of this world, it must be very difficult to see the political horizon loom dark.

The New York Times' "election-forecasting machine" gives the republicans a 69% chance of winning the Senate. The Washington Post's "Election Lab" puts the chances of a republican controlled Senate at 94% and a republican controlled House at 99%.

Republicans are much more excited about voting, and early voting reveals this. Republicans have taken a large lead in the early voting in Colorado. Additionally, late polls in Iowa show a large lead for GOP candidate Joni Ernst. The Obama administration is on the verge of congressional election losses that are historic--the worst in over six decades.

It's so bad for the democrats that they've taken to blaming their own constituents--Mary Landrieu implies that Louisianans are sexist and racist--and launching petitions calling for the ouster of Harry Reid. What's more, republicans have made gains among women and Hispanics.

This looks to be a another midterm romp for the GOP, what they do with it, of course, remains to be seen.

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