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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Why Mark Richt is Better than Nick Saban, Les Miles, and Steve Spurrier

I know it was only the first weekend of the 2014 college football season, but there was one distinct and noticeable difference among the coaches of several of the best teams in the best conference in college football. This difference, I believe, sets the University of Georgia's head coach Mark Richt apart from his excellent counterparts at Alabama, LSU, and South Carolina.

In many sports, sometimes it is the intangible things that make the difference. This is certainly true in college football. This distinctive difference just might be the reason that Georgia goes all the way this year. The photos below clearly reveal what I'm talking about:


As you can clearly see, unlike Nick Saban, Les Miles, and Steve Spurrier, Georgia's head coach Mark Richt does not color his hair. Richt is easily the youngest of these deans of the SEC. Saban is 62, Miles is 60, and those chestnut colored locks of Steve Spurrier are 69. Mark Richt is only 54 and has more gray than the other three combined!

Each of these men has made tens-of-millions of dollars coaching football and certainly can afford to do whatever they want with their hair. However, what kind of message does it send to young men playing the most physical sport in America that, once one starts experiencing a little adversity with one's manly mane, that it's time to go the way of Donald Trump?!

Who knows, maybe Richt's natural-do was the reason Georgia backs ran so hard against Clemson. However, there is one thing that the three other coaches have that Mark Richt is still chasing: a national championship. Now I don't know if the coloring preceded the championships or not, but I suppose us die-hard UGA fans now face a bit of a dilemma: do we want our "au naturale" head coach to go the way of these divas if it means a national championship? 

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At the Intersection of Politics, Science, Faith, and Reason.
Trevor and his wife Michelle are the authors of: Debt Free Living in a Debt Filled World


  1. I could understand an article about sports, but an article about hair color? Seriously? That's fluff, which I suppose makes you a fluffer.

    Deep down, I always knew you were that kinda guy...

  2. A little "fluff" never hurt anybody. :)

  3. Sooo... in your opinion, does fluffing to quote "keep the story hard" exploit America's sense of decency for cheap and tawdry political gains? Intended example: the "up your alley" festival story you cited previously.

    Obligatory wacky sci-fi political video reference:
    Series: LEXX
    Episode: Fluff Daddy

    -An acquired taste to be sure. If you've read Machiavelli, you'll recognize a character named Prince who uses the ATF to control America and thus the world. The character Prince frequently channels the Devil and seems to have power over reality and life or death. The episode has an interesting cameo by series producer Lex Gigeroff playing a twisted version of President Bill Clinton, -who apparently finds his true calling and becomes a porn film producer after leaving the White House. Of course, the porn scene being filmed is known as "pizza delivery guy".

    However none of this would make much sense unless you saw the whole series in sequence to put the episode in proper context, and sadly that's not likely to happen.

    Kai: "In the light universe, I have been darkness. -Perhaps in the Dark Zone..... I will be light."


  4. You have completely lost your mind. What kind of message does Richt send when he recruits a bunch of thugs.

    1. Did you read the piece? I'm not sure how many "thugs" Richt has on his team, but I would almost bet that it's fewer than the other coaches mentioned here. However, since that has nothing to do with my conclusion...

      Relax though, this is just a light-hearted jab.

  5. You would lose that bet! Since 2010 UGA has had 15 arrests...ALA.7...LSU 6 .....S.Carolina 5.Since 2005 Alabama 22 ....UGA 21....LSU 12.....South Carolina 9. My problem with your article is that you were trying to make Richt out as a better role model.

    1. As far as role models go, I do think that Richt is an excellent one, but again, that is not the point of this piece. (And yes, no denying here that GA has had its share of "thugs"--however, not that all "thugs" get arrested, and not all arrested are "thugs.")

      In this age of HD TV, during the games this past weekend, I just couldn't get past how fake (and somewhat silly) the hair of the above mentioned looked--especially Saban and Miles. I have great respect for the coaching abilities, and in many ways much admire, all of the coaches above.

    2. After reading your previous posts I see you don't practice what you preach.Why would you pull for a college team that has shown no character in the last few years.Why not pull for Navy,Army.BYU and Air Force to name a few.Those schools have an honor code and win and lose with class.

  6. Honor and integrity? Well then... I'd probably say BYU and maybe Air Force, -but Trevor's a Dawg and Dawg fans either love Richt or hate him. In fact, there's even a "Fire Mark Richt" facebook page.

    As for practicing what one preaches, I don't think Trevor actually believes any of that crap he writes. He's a propaganda artist engaged in manipulation of the public for the neoconservative cause.

  7. "Shown no character?" Richt (as well as Bobo) is widely known as one of the most high-character men in college football (or any sport for that matter). Of course, this is due to his Christian faith. Are all of his players of the same character? Hardly, but I am a fan of UGA and more so because of Richt and the type of program he runs.

    I also am a bit of fan of the armed services teams. My dad served in the U.S. Navy, so we favor the boys of Annapolis. We especially cheer for them against Notre Dame. I would have loved to have seen them beat Ohio State.

    As far as practicing what I preach, yes, like all human beings, I will disappoint. However, my chief aim is not to get anyone to follow me, but the One who made us.

    1. Lol....Richt has had so much trouble at UGA....multiple rules violations,arrests( he has thrown a few off) and has let his players act like idiots on the field. Just because he is a Christian dosn't make him a person of character. I guess he needs to practice what he preaches or maybe he sacrifices his beliefs for wins.