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Thursday, April 24, 2014

More Out of Control Government!

From Channel 2 Action News: Poaching Investigation Under Fire

It appears as if Department of Natural Resource officials in Georgia and North Carolina significantly crossed the line, and perhaps even broke the law themselves, when they conducted the highly touted “Something Bruin” operation to catch bear poachers in the southern Appalachian Mountains.

I have intimate knowledge of this investigation as some of those closest to me (not directly mentioned in the story) were victimized by these (at least) heavy-handed tactics. The accused in North Carolina were the first to shine some light onto the problems with this sting operation. Channel 2 Action News has now begun to investigate the investigators.

There is even more to this story than Channel 2 is reporting. Trust me, there is indeed “Something Bruin” here, and it stinks to high-heaven. Stay tuned as I may be able to provide details that you can get nowhere else.

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