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Friday, July 21, 2023

Matt Walsh Has the Right Take on "Try That in a Small Town" and Violence in Music

Jason Aldean's latest song, "Try That in a Small Town" has the left aghast. Supposedly Aldean's song is--of course--"raaaaacist!" and promotes violence. Of course, almost nothing is further from the truth. Along with lying about Aldean's song, the left also again demonstrates magnificent hypocrisy. The left has LONG looked the other way on a mountain of music that promotes, among many other evils, violence and sexual immorality. This especially includes "rap music." The hip-hop industry is littered with music and artists who promote violence, celebrate crime, degrade women, and attack police. Yet we're supposed to believe Aldean and his song are the problem. Again, the left is on the wrong side of the truth. Matt Walsh does an excellent job of explaining why:

For good measure, here's the full video of Aldean's song: 

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