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Saturday, May 25, 2024

Failed Apocalyptic Climate Predictions From 42 Years Ago (Featuring (Who Else?!): Dan Rather and Al Gore)

Two of our lifetime's most notorious merchants of fake news--Dan Rather and Al Gore--were peddling their garbage climate alarmism 42 years ago! Watch:

Of course, the thing to note here is that NONE OF THIS HAPPENED! NONE. OF. IT! (Sea levels around the world are stable; Antarctic ice has not significantly melted; Florida has lost virtually none of its coastline; U.S. crop production hit record levels in 2023.) Yet Al Gore and his ilk are still treated as serious minds with serious opinions and informed facts when it comes to the climate change scam. Climate change is the perfect grift for Big Government apologists like Rather and Gore. This is because it is the world-changing "crisis" that is always just around the corner, requiring immediate government action! And Democrats like Rather and Gore can virtually "never let a crisis (even a repeatedly ever-looming one!) go to waste!" 

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