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Friday, December 8, 2023

"Derek Chauvin Did Not Murder George Floyd"

The above headline is from a recent piece by Glenn Loury (a black man) with John McWhorter (a black man). The column makes much use of the recent documentary film, The Fall of Minneapolis, and like the film, is well worth your time. The video below is a discussion between Mr. Loury and Mr. McWhorter on how "New Evidence on George Floyd's Death Changes Everything." In the words of Mr. McWhorter, "Once again, we've been lied to...Derek Chauvin didn't kill that man." 

Don't be scared by YouTube's foolish and deceitful declaration that "This video is age-restricted and only available on YouTube." There's nothing here but a discussion between two very smart men on what really happened to George Floyd and Derek Chauvin. The only thing that could be deemed controversial in the video is the use of one "f-bomb." YouTube doesn't want this video widely seen because they don't want the prevailing narrative surrounding the death of George Floyd--namely, that Floyd was murdered by a racist white cop--to change. 

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