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Sunday, December 14, 2014


Recently, a Christian man--Theodore Shoebat, who runs the hypocrisy (and frequent vulgarites) of the militant homosexual agenda. Mr. Shoebat called 13 gay-owned bakeries and asked them to bake a pro-biblical marriage cake. All refused. Some used deviant vulgarities in their rebuff of Mr. Shoebat.

Recall that a Christian-owned bakery was successfully sued when they refused to provide a cake with the message "Support Gay Marriage" on it. I have well chronicled the wide variety of Christian businesses that have suffered the wrath of the homosexual agenda, and our foolish courts who have, for the most part, supported this perverse agenda.

Will these "intolerant" pro-homosexual businesses be held to the same standards as the Christian-owned businesses? Don't count on it. As is typical with the tenants of liberalism, it's never really about truth and justice. It's about furthering the liberal agenda, by whatever means necessary.

Observe Mr. Shoebat's experience with the pro-homosexual baker's below as he asked them to bake a cake with the message "Gay Marriage is Wrong." (Warning: explicit language.)

Part 1:

Part 2:


  1. Will he be suing them?

    1. Not sure. I doubt it. It seems that he's making a point, but it doesn't mean that someone else wouldn't take up the matter with the courts. However, I'm not sure that's the right approach.

  2. "Gay Marriage is Wrong." Ehhh... I've seen lots worse on a cake. Personally, I think they should go ahead, do the business and bake the cake. However, I also think if the school system were to require Trevor to teach a class that says there is no God, then he should to apply the very same biased, partisan logic to himself and TEACH THAT CLASS BECAUSE IT'S HIS JOB. What do you think, Trevor? Tell us how your religious double standard exempts you from the same situation you apply to these people.

    1. You miss my point. I DON"T think these bakers should be forced by law to bake the cake, just as the Christian bakers should not be forced to serve homosexuals. As usual, the double standard lies with the liberals.

  3. You have a point? Lessee... oh, okeee I guess it's the equal protection thing. You hold that discrimination should be legal and acceptable in business and in the workplace. Was that your point? As an example, you would say that christian pharmacists should not be forced to dispense any medication that violates their religious beliefs. Or that a KKK-managed restaurant should not be forced to serve blacks. Or that a christian bakery or a gay-oriented bakery should not have to bake a cake they don't like for a client they dissaprove of. Hummm... I don't know for certain if that is a conservative or a libertarian philosophy. Sounds like an anti-business philosophy. By the way, nice duck of my "teach that class" argument, -although it leave a logical hole you need to fill.

    1. More like, a Jewish baker shouldn't be forced to bake a Nazi cake, or a black baker shouldn't be forced to bake a KKK cake, or a pro-life baker shouldn't be forced to bake to cookies adorned with images of abortifacients for the local Planned Parenthood clinic.