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Saturday, August 8, 2020

7-Year-Old Boy in Georgia Died "from COVID-19"? Media Leaving Out Key Details

Update: The AJC is now reporting that, 

An initial investigation suggests that the 7-year-old Savannah boy listed as the youngest Georgian to die from coronavirus had a fever-fueled seizure while in the bathtub and drowned, a local official told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Chatham County Coroner Bill Wessinger confirmed previous reports from Savannah media regarding the boy’s death, which was included in the state’s daily coronavirus report on Thursday. ...

Wessinger cautioned that the full results of a Georgia Bureau of Investigation autopsy are still pending and may be a long time coming. But he said preliminary investigation suggests COVID-19 gave the boy a fever, which triggered a seizure that happened to occur while he was bathing.

Febrile seizures are not uncommon in young children and can be brought on by a number of illnesses and infections. 

In other words, though the left-wing AJC has gotten around to reporting more of the important details of this boys death, we still dont really know why he had a seizure. We do know that the combination of the seizure and the bath/shower is what caused his death. The fact that he tested positive for the Wuhan virus post-death may mean nothing at all. After all, false positives on these test have been widespread. And even if he had the Wuhan virus, it certainly doesn’t mean that he died “from” the Wuhan virus. 

The Savannah media story (see herementioned above again reveals (as if we needed another reminder) why the “seven year-old Georgia boy died from the coronavirus” meme is prevailing. Their story on this tragedy begins, 

After a 7-year-old Chatham County boy was reported as Georgia’s youngest COVID-19 casualty Thursday, local medical leaders and community members are appealing to the public to regard this loss as evidence of the pandemic’s ongoing threat.

No single death should be used as evidence for the ongoing threat” of a pandemic, and the death of a child should never be used for political purposes. Shame on the Trump-hating left for using this tragedy in an evil attempt to keep us in lockdown mode!

Original Post:

It has been widely reported in the last several days that, sometime within the past 10 days to two weeks, a seven year-old boy from Chatham County (the Savannah area), Georgia has died “from COVID-19.” If the media didn’t say that the child died “from COVID-19” they reported that he diedof COVID-19” or “of coronavirus.”

Even Fox News declared, “A 7-year-old old boy from Savannah, Ga., with no underlying conditions, became the youngest victim to die from the coronavirus…” (Emphasis mine.) Also, like Fox News, virtually all of the media also repeatedly reported that the child had “no underlying conditions.” Even my local radio station—repeating the deception every 30 minutes for hours on end—which, among other conservative programming, carries The Rush Limbaugh Show, helped perpetuate this latest example of Wuhan virus “fear porn.”

The AP—whose storied are often widely distributed in the media—did more accurately report that the boy died “with COVID-19.” However, the AP did go on to say, “The boy had no other chronic health conditions, according to data released by the state. …The boy’s death comes amid nationwide debate about the risks that children face in getting infected or spreading the coronavirus, particularly as the school year begins.”

Of course, the implication is that schools should not reopen, fall sports should not be played, and that America must remain in shutdown mode. If not for our own sakes, we must do it “for the children!” As is often the case with so many things when it comes to the Wuhan virus and the drive-by media, few things could be further from the truth.

As of late Friday evening, except for one Savannah TV station—whose more accurate account I first found via Facebook—I could find no drive-by media telling the whole story on this tragic episode. WTOC reporter Cyreia Sandlin provides some crucial details on the seven year-old’s death that the vast majority of the media has so far ignored:

So it seems that the boy died, not “from COVID-19,” but rather as the result of a seizure and a fall in the shower. It seems that, prior to his death, the child had zero Wuhan virus symptoms, and that after he was pronounced dead, “a rapid test showed evidence of COVID-19 positivity.”

I don’t know about you, but I’ve followed the news and the science on this virus as closely as most anyone, and I have yet to hear any reports of the Wuhan virus causing seizures. If this were the case—especially where children are concerned—it is a virtual guarantee that the media would have daily told us so. It would seem that fair and accurate reporting of this incident would include all of the circumstances surrounding this terrible tragedy, and that this is almost certainly another example of someone dying with the Wuhan virusif even thatand not from it.

All the media has done here is give us another reason not to trust them in this grave matter.

(See this piece at American Thinker.)

Copyright 2020, Trevor Grant Thomas
At the Intersection of Politics, Science, Faith, and Reason.
Trevor is the author of The Miracle and Magnificence of America

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