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For the most part, the articles/columns linked below appear in chronological order, beginning with the earliest, for each year listed. 


Trump Nominates Marriage Champion to the Federal Bench
SCOTUS Allows Mississippi Law Protecting Christians from the Same-Sex "Marriage" Mafia
"But Gorsuch" Is More Than a Slogan
Former Supreme Court Justice Wants to Abolish the 2nd Amendment
Lawless Judges Pervert the Law
SCOTUS Deals Blow to Planned Parenthood
Supreme Court Sides w/Christian Baker
Justices Push Back Against Anti-Religious Animus
On Homosexuals & Cakes, Anthony Kennedy is Still Making Up Law
Masterpiece Cakeshop a Setback for Liberty
We Must Clone Clarence Thomas
SCOTUS: Be Polite As You Violate Others' Rights


Sources: Trump Choosing Neil Gorsuch for Supreme Court Vacancy 
Official: Trump Picks Neil Gorsuch for Supreme Court
Conservatives Praise Gorsuch Pick
Neil Gorsuch: A Worthy Heir to Scalia's Seat
Wide Evangelical Support for Gorsuch Pick Gorsuch an "Intellectual Giant, and a Good Man"
LGBT Lobby Furious Over Trump's Nomination of Gorsuch
What Christians Can Expect From Neil Gorsuch
Does Neil Gorsuch's Liberal Church Matter?
The Ninth Circuit's Dangerous Ruling
Trump the 9th Circus
9th Circuit Ignores Precedent, Threatens Natl. Security
Washington State's Supreme Court Imposes Its Progressive Faith on a Christian Florist
Rush: Silent Coup Against Trump Includes the Courts
Judicial Tyranny Must End
Close Encounters With a "Living Constitution"
Democrats Have Votes to Filibuster
McConnell: Gorsuch Will be Confirmed
GOP Ready to "Go Nuclear" on Gorsuch
GOP-Lead Senate Clears the Way for Gorsuch
Karma, Precedent, and the Nuclear Option
Did the 7th Circuit Rule That Christians Are Bigots?
Robed Radicals
Liberal Judges and Fake Law
Of Note: Trump Appoints 10 Conservatives to Federal Judiciary
Liberal Nightmare: Trump Could Appoint Half of the Federal Judiciary
Constitution: Intention Trumps Text?
KY Court Rules in Favor of Christian Printer
The ACLU's Army of Ex-Cons
On Travel Ban, Judges Reach "Trump Only" Decision
Sharia Supremacism & Judicial Imperialism Threaten National Security
Partisan Judges Put U.S. in Danger
Supreme Court Ruling Pleases Redskins
Oh My: Justice Kennedy is Contemplating Retirement?
A Legal Win for Christian-Businesses in MS
SCOTUS Restores Majority of Trump's Travel Ban
SCOTUS Rules States Can't Discriminate Against Churches
Kennedy Retirement Rumors Fuel Liberal Angst
Did Sheriff Arpaio Receive a Fair Hearing from an Unbiased Judge?
Trump Hits Another Home Run on Judges
SCOTUS Reinstates Trump's Travel Ban
MN Court Tells Christian Couple: Must Film Homosexual "Weddings"
On Judicial Nominees, Trump is Winning
Judge Tells Christians to Make Same-Sex Wedding Invites
DC Judge Blocks Trump's Transgender Military Ban
Democrats Fume as Trump Remakes the Federal Judiciary
Oregon Courts Continue to Push Perverse LGBT Agenda


Justice Scalia Angry for All Good Reasons 
Judge Roy Moore: No Same-Sex "Marriage" in Alabama
Justice Scalia Dies
Senate Should Not Let Obama Fill Scalia's Seat
Justice Scalia: Conservative Legal Giant
Ample Precedent for Rejecting Lame Duck Nominees
In Supreme Court Battle, Use Dems Own Words Against Them
Block Obama's SCOTUS Nomination
Justices or Ayatollahs
Antonin Scalia: A Fool for Christ
Merrick Garland's "Moderation"
Sad: Americans Clueless About the Supreme Court
Where's Trump's Supreme Court Short List?
Conservatives & Libertarians Love Trump's Judicial List
What to Make of Trump's Judicial List
Trump & the Supreme Court
The Banality of Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Travesty of a Justice
What a Clinton Supreme Court Would Mean
Liberal Judges Control 70% of U.S. Appeals Courts
Trump Expands Supreme Court List
Conservative Take on Trump's List
The Crucifixion of Judge Roy Moore
Gavin Grimm is Not a Boy, and the Supreme Court Can't Change That
Ted Cruz for Supreme Court
Judge Bill Pryor Under Heavy Consideration for the Supreme Court
Supreme Court Freakout at the New York Times
The Trump Admn. Supports Christian Baker


SCOTUS to Rule on S.S. "Marriage?" 
SCOTUS to Rule on S.S. "Marriage"
Judge Mocks the Bible in S.S. "Marriage" Ruling
Judge Roy Moore to AL Governor: Defy Courts on Marriage
Court Victory for Canadian Christians
Is Same-Sex Marriage Constitutional?
Will the Children of Homosexuals Sway the Supreme Court?
AL's Judge Roy Moore Defiant on Same-Sex "Marriage"
NY Times Defends Judge Moore
Winning the Gay Wedding Cake Debate
AL Supreme Ct. Halts Same-Sex "Marriages"
Obamacare Saved? Not So Fast
The Law Means What it Says
Child of Homosexual Parents Writes to Justice Kennedy
Hundreds of Companies File a Brief in Support of S.S. "Marriage"
5 Reasons 14th Amendment Doesn't Demand S.S. "Marriage"
Religious Liberty's in the Constitution, Homosexuality Isn't
Man-Woman Marriage Laws are Constitutional
Confusion From SCOTUS Questions on Marriage
Liberals Struggle to Define Marriage
Justice Alito: Why Can't 4 Lawyers "Marry?"
(As I've Asked)
Justice Kennedy's America
Same-Sex "Marriage" Prediction
Ginsburg: Partial to Gay "Marriage"
Will the Courts Criminalize Christianity?
Supreme Court Upholds Obamacare
Scalia Scathingly Dissents
Full Ruling
John Roberts Abandoned Conservatives
Scalia: Words Have No Meaning
Twisted Logic of Robert's Ruling
U.S. Supreme Court Caves on Homosexuality
Supreme Court Chose "Fashion Over Law"
Will Pastor's Be Forced to "Marry" Gays?
Court's Folly Doesn't Change God's Wisdom
Same-Sex Marriage Dissents Offer Warnings
Best Scalia Quotes
Drop the Charade of a Non-Political Court
Threat to Religious Liberty Much Greater
Supreme Court Disasters
Supreme Court Ignores Children
10 Commandments Banned in OK
Ex-Lesbian Slams Marriage Ruling
SCOTUS Declared War on the Church
The Road to Ending Judicial Tyranny
What Justice Thomas Can Teach Ignorant Liberals
Judge Rules Against "Redskins"
Courts to Endure More Abortion Industry Hypocrisy
The Insidious Logic of the SCOUTUS's Marriage Ruling
TN Court Uses "Parent 1, and Parent 2"
NY Times Attacks Clarence Thomas
Oregon Judge Investigated for Refusing to Perform Same-Sex "Marriages"
Kim Davis vs. Judicial Tyranny
Mass. Court: Catholic School Must Hire a Homosexual
The Myth of Over-Incarceration


Free Speech Wins
Ohio Forced to Recognize Out-of-State Same-Sex Marriages
Supreme Court Refuses to Hear NM Photography Case
Scalia's Plain Truth
Prayer Wins at the Supreme Court

Hobby Lobby wins!!! (5 to 4 Ruling)
A Blow to Obamacare
Also 5 to 4: Employees Can't Be Required to Contribute to Unions
Hobby Lobby: 6 Dumb Arguments
Hobby Lobby Decision: A Revealing Divide on the Court
Federal Judge to IRS: Explain Yourself
Hobby Lobby Case Brings Out the Truth
How To Litigate Lost Emails
Judges Ignore Pro-Family Marriage Arguments
Judge Rules in Favor of OK Ten Commandments
What's Next on Same-Sex Marriage
Deciding Not to Decide on Same-Sex Marriage
Gay Rights vs. Religious Liberty, Again
The Lord and the Courts
Perform Gay Marriage, or Go to Jail
Biblical Marriage Wins in Court
Fed. Court Upholds Same-Sex "Marriage" Ban
Fed. Court: No Right to Same-Sex "Marriage"
Courts Trending Against Gay "Marriage?"
Court to Review Key Part of Obamacare
"Exceptional Depravity" in CA
Fed. Judge Orders Same-Sex Marriage in Florida
2014: Year Elitist Judges Attempted to Redefine Marriage






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