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Thursday, January 18, 2018

If You're Warming Up Your Car, You Might be Breaking the Law

As we again break records for cold in the southern U.S., while sitting indoors trying to keep warm (and schooling my wife and kids in Trivial Pursuit), I stumbled across this on the AJC.com:

Warm up your car this morning? That could be illegal where you live.

According to the article, 31 states have laws against "idling." Some of these laws are rooted in some measure of common sense--to deter theft and the like--but many are the sad result of governments buying into the myth of man-made global warming. As the author of the AJC piece puts it,
Of course, there's logic behind putting such laws on the books. With scientists around the world regularly warning humanity about the dire and ballooning effects of climate change, cutting down on vehicle emissions is an important, albeit seemingly small, step to address the issue.
Heh: "logic." Actually the earth-worshipping warmists would prefer that you not drive at all. The AJC author continues:
Just last months (sic), a new scientific study revealed that the worst-case predictions regarding climate change are likely the most accurate. The results followed the November publication of an open letter to humanity from more than 15,000 international scientists urging society to address major environmental concerns before it's "too late."
Just "last months"--December 4, 2017 to be precise--an AJC headline read "Snow flurries possible this weekend after cool down." The piece included the following graphic:

December 4, 2017 was a Monday. The winter weather moved in Friday, December 8, during the afternoon. This was the final result:

So what just days earlier was predicted to be from "flurries" with "no accumulation" up to only a couple of inches of snow, turned into one of the largest snowfalls ever seen in Georgia. Several areas got more than 10 inches, including areas very near Atlanta. As it was a wet, heavy snow, hundreds of thousands lost power. It was perhaps the largest ever fall snowfall in Georgia's recorded history--certainly the case in my lifetime (48+ years). And only days earlier the forecast for this "weather event" was woefully inaccurate. 

The inaccuracy in the weather forecast is not what's troubling here. It happens all of the time. In other words, it is a difficult science to predict the weather only days in advance, yet we're supposed to believe climate forecasts that are a century out. As the study from the "15,000 international scientists" puts it, 
Our study indicates that if emissions follow a commonly used business-as-usual scenario, there is a 93 per cent chance that global warming will exceed 4°C by the end of this century.
Sadly, this type of forecast is typical as well. How many times has the man-made global movement predicted such? It's as if every six months or so they feel that the world must be reminded of how bad it's going to get unless we put them in charge. And remember when President Trump tweeted concerning the brutal cold along the eastern U.S. just after Christmas?

Of course, the warmists were totally triggered. Many of them took to reminding us of the difference between climate and weather, specifically how much more complicated is climate than "mere" weather. Given such, these earth-worshippers should be reminded: if a "simple" 5-day weather forecast is often wrong, then a 100-year climate forecast is almost certainly wrong.

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