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Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Skillet's John Cooper on Drag Queens at the Dove Awards and the Shameful Silence of Christians

I've been a fan of the Christian rock group Skillet for some time now. However, I have to confess that I had no idea that Christian rocker John Cooper--the lead singer of Skillet--was doing such an AMAZING job when it comes to speaking out on the significant moral issues of our time! In other words, John Cooper is not only an excellent musician, he's a powerful and welcomed voice within the church today! 

With a website, an X (Twitter) page (over 200k Followers), a YouTube channel (over 58k subscribers), and the like, Cooper has a significant online presence. This, combined with the reach of Skillet, gives Mr. Copper an amazing opportunity when it comes to communicating the truth to the world and the church. Unlike so many others Christians who are similarly blessed, he seems to be making the most of this opportunity. 

Mr. Cooper recently took issue with the disgusting and evil display that took place at this year's Dove Awards. The Dove Awards are presented by Gospel Music Association and have existed since 1969. The awards ceremony has been televised since 1984. This year, several heretics decided to attend the awards show "in drag." Copper was aghast and lambasted the display. Mr. Cooper also rightly blasted the deafening silence from most in the Christian community who directly witnessed the display, or, even worse, the downright complicitness of Christians who, in the name of "tolerance," encouraged or excused the display. NEWS FLASH, CHURCH: WE NEED MORE OF JOHN COOPER'S BOLDNESS!!!

Here's Mr. Cooper's full commentary on this important issue:

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